Sunday, September 30, 2007

"I Hate All Iranians", US Aide Tells MPs

from the Sunday Mail

"Britsh MPs visiting the Pentagon to discuss America's stance on Iran and Iraq were shocked to be told by one of President Bush's senior women officials: "I hate all Iranians."
And she also accused Britain of "dismantling" the Anglo-US-led coalition in Iraq by pulling troops out of Basra too soon.
The all-party group of MPs say Debra Cagan, Deputy Assistant Secretary for Coalition Affairs to Defence Secretary Robert Gates, made the comments this month.

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Debra Cagan with fashionable Third Reich neckwear

The six MPs were taken aback by the hardline approach of the Pentagon and in particular Ms Cagan, one of Mr Bush's foreign policy advisers.
She made it clear that although the US had no plans to attack Iran, it did not rule out doing so if the Iranians ignored warnings not to develop a nuclear bomb.
It was her tone when they met her on September 11 that shocked them most.
The MPs say that at one point she said: "In any case, I hate all Iranians."
Another said: "She is very forceful and some of my colleagues were intimidated by her muscular style."

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Saturday, September 29, 2007

Just Another Day At The Office

CIA Jet Used for “Rendering” Suspects Crashes with Four Tons of Cocaine on Board

"U.S. authorities are assisting the Mexican government in the investigation of an American business jet that crashed near Cancun this week with four tons of cocaine on board, officials said Thursday.
Officials at the U.S. Embassy in Mexico had no information on any American citizens being killed or arrested in connection with the aircraft, a 1975 model Gulfstream II.
Some news reports have linked the plane to the transport of terrorist suspects to the U.S. detention center at Guantanamo Bay, Cuba, but those reports cite logs that indicate only that the plane flew twice between Washington, D.C., and Guantanamo and once between Oxford, Conn., and Guantanamo. No terrorist suspects are known to have been transferred to Guantanamo directly from the United States."

So this is how the spooks are doing things, at least for now. It appears that they have a network of privately owned planes with complex and murky histories that secretly ferry people, probably US citizens, out of the country to Guantanamo and hop over to Columbia to pick up a load of their favorite contraband to smuggle back north. Some things never change.

When America Went Fascist

from Signs O' The Times

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"It is a sad fact that americans are the only people in the developed world where citizens actively fear their own government."

War Is, And Has Always Been Intended For Iran

You can make a killing, literally and figuratively.
An excerpt fom the upcoming book "Treacherous Alliance: The Secret Dealings of Israel, Iran, and the United States". Rather than constructively engage Iran, the US had an agenda that precluded anything short of cruise missiles.

"In May 2003, the Iranian authorities sent a proposal through the Swiss ambassador in Tehran, Tim Guldimann, for negotiations on a package deal in which Iran would freeze its nuclear program in exchange for an end to US hostility. The Iranian paper offered "full transparency for security that there are no Iranian endeavors to develop or possess WMD [and] full cooperation with the IAEA based on Iranian adoption of all relevant instruments." The Iranians also offered support for "the establishment of democratic institutions and a non-religious government" in Iraq; full cooperation against terrorists (including "above all, al-Qaeda") [My note - Iran knows it's a CIA front] ; and an end to material support to Palestinian groups like Hamas. In return, the Iranians asked that their country not be on the terrorism list or designated part of the "axis of evil"; that all sanctions end; that the US support Iran's claims for reparations for the Iran–Iraq War as part of the overall settlement of the Iraqi debt; that they have access to peaceful nuclear technology; and that the US pursue anti-Iranian terrorists, including "above all" the MEK. MEK members should, the Iranians said, be repatriated to Iran.

Basking in the glory of "Mission Accomplished" in Iraq, the Bush administration dismissed the Iranian offer and criticized Guldimann for even presenting it. Several years later, the Bush administration's abrupt rejection of the Iranian offer began to look blatantly foolish and the administration moved to suppress the story."

added - It's a pattern that efforts to avoid war are ignored and/or sabotaged. Juan Cole relates in a devastating article that in the runup to the Iraq conquest Saddam made an offer to abdicate and leave the country, but was ignored. It seems one of the purposes for the invasion was to shred the evidence that US officials sanctioned his WMD development.

Oh That Fine Art Of Controlled Demolition

Friday, September 28, 2007

Larry's Lavatory Loses Lascivious Lure

Craig's commuter commode construction cancels casual copulation

"MINNEAPOLIS - The infamous airport men's room where Sen. Larry Craig was arrested is getting new stall dividers that drop nearly to the floor to make it a less inviting spot for sexual liaisons.
Web sites had touted that restroom as a popular site for sex with strangers, and police reports over the summer described several cases of men ducking their heads under the dividers into adjoining stalls, allegedly in search of sex."

AWW, there goes the rubberneck revenue.

Craig Arrest Makes MSP Bathroom Tourist Attraction

"(AP) Minneapolis "Where's the bathroom?
"That's the question camera-toting tourists in Minneapolis are asking as they visit the men's room where U.S. Sen. Larry Craig, R-Idaho, was arrested in a sex sting."It's become a tourist attraction," said Karen Evans, information specialist at the Minneapolis-St. Paul International Airport. "People are taking pictures."

Bubble Boy Invited To Iran

Iran Invites Bush to Speak at University

"TEHRAN, Iran (AP) — Iranian President Mahmoud Ahmadinejad invited President Bush to speak at an Iranian university if the American leader ever traveled to the Islamic Republic, state-run television reported Friday."

I'd pay top dollar to watch that.

The "War On Terror" - A Massive Putrid Lie

The Mega-Lie Called the "War on Terror": A Masterpiece of Propaganda - The fraudulence of the "War on Terror" is clearly revealed by looking at the pattern of actions that preceded and followed its launch.

"If you tell a lie big enough and keep repeating it, people will eventually come to believe it. The lie can be maintained only for such time as the state can shield the people from the political, economic and/or military consequences of the lie ... The truth is the mortal enemy of the lie, and thus by extension, the truth is the greatest enemy of the state." --Joseph Goebbels, minister of propaganda in Nazi Germany, 1933-1945

Since Sept. 11, 2001, the administration of George W. Bush has told and repeated a lie that is "big enough" to confirm Joseph Goebbels' testimony. It is a mega-lie, and the American people have come to believe it. It is the "War on Terror."
The Bush administration endlessly recites its mantra of deceit:
The War on Terror was launched in response to the terrorist attacks of Sept. 11, 2001. It is intended to enhance our national security at home and to spread democracy in the Middle East.
This is the struggle of our lifetime; we are defending our way of life from an enemy intent on destroying our freedoms. We must fight the enemy in the Middle East, or we will fight him in our cities.
This is classic propaganda. In Goebbels' terms, it is the "state" speaking its lie, but the political, economic, and military consequences of the Bush administration lie are coming into view, and they are all catastrophic. If truth is the enemy of both the lie and George Bush's "state," then the American people need to know the truth."

Anyone who was paying attention on Black Tuesday and the following days and weeks should have caught some peculiar, repeating propaganda. The phenomenon repeated itself a year later in Sept, 2002 when the fascists began their propaganda blitz against all things Saddam that led to the invasion of Iraq in the spring. As if on cue the entire criminal cabal started flapping in unison.

Of course on 9/11 we were blitzed with Osama's name immediately, actually within minutes on Faux Noise, and it was drilled into our vulnerable psyches as we were repeatedly shown the leaping bodies and the falling towers. Apparently it was the despicable MSM's job to link the patsy's name and bearded face to the crime, and they served it to us over and over again with relish.

No, while the lying MSM narrowed in on a visible face, the fascists' job was to feign the high road, declaring in lofty terms two very important strategies that would give them carte blanch to commit their vicious crimes against the constitution and humanity from that point forward. Without doubt it was scripted well in advance along with the rest of the filthy agenda and all the perpetrators were on the same page as they hammered their messages home. One, this was war, and two, no place on earth was safe from righteous retaliation. Actually the words they used were basically "we're gonna smoke those bastards and anybody who harbors them".

By claiming ownership of those two concepts the ziofascists who caused 9/11 gave themselves a free ticket to force on us an unprecedented fraud of gargantuan proportions. Millions have died and suffered, vast areas of the planet are irradiated, trillions of dollars are disappearing into a black hole of corruption and they're just getting started.

The "wars" in Iraq and Afghanistan aren't wars, they are blood soaked invasions and occupations. The "war on terror" is fictitious cover for conquest abroad and jackboot tyranny at home. The real 9/11, the progenitor of this fascist madness is fading from memory while the fraudulent myths about that day are repeated endlessly. Even though more people wake up from slumber it's a glacial process and the scumbags are playing for time, considering every day they get away with what they perpetrated gives them more breathing room, and opportunity to jam more of their psychopathic warmongering down our collective throats.

Gitmo Prisoners Finally Get Legal Counsel

Key Guantanamo detainees to get access to lawyers

"WASHINGTON (AFP) — Fourteen detainees at the US base at Guantanamo Bay -- including Khalid Sheikh Mohammed, the alleged mastermind of the September 11 terror strikes -- have been formally offered the right to request attorneys, The Washington Post reported Friday.
The development "could allow them to join other detainees in challenging their status as enemy combatants in a US appellate court," the paper said."

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Khalid Sheikh Mohammed, 9/11 plotter

Thursday, September 27, 2007

Oil Doesn't Come From Squashed Dinos

It was in all the science books in school, wasn't it? Petroleum came from organic matter that over eons of time in a compressed state formed deep underground pools that are slowly running out as more republicans buy Hummers. Over the past few years, Peak Oil scammers aside, more people are wising up to the fact that the above fantasy is flat wrong and oil ain't what it was purported to be.

I first came across the alternate understanding of oil origin from the late, great Joe Vialls. (if zionists sink an american aircraft carrier to jumpstart a region-wide middle east war he was the first to say they'd do it) His essay "Russia Proves 'Peak Oil' is a Misleading Zionist Scam" is a fascinating read and convincingly exposes the lies we're being told about worldwide oil reserves. Two things about that. It really shouldn't surprise anyone that TPTB lie to our faces about oil since the pathological liars mislead us about everything else, and it would make sense since oil is the lifeblood of their endeavors. Also - Russia has proved beyond any shadow of a doubt over the last several years that this alternative understanding is a fact, not theory. It's enabled a re-emerging Russia to establish itself as the world's leading supplier of natural gas and oil.

Asia Times has a series examining the immense impact of this as the lies we're being told morph into conflict on the world stage.

"That Russian geophysics experience in finding oil and gas was tightly wrapped in the usual Soviet veil of state security during the Cold War era, and was largely unknown to Western geophysicists, who continued to teach fossil origins and, hence, the severe physical limits of petroleum. But slowly it begin to dawn on some strategists in and around the Pentagon well after the 2003 Iraq war that the Russian geophysicists might be on to something of profound strategic importance.

If Russia had the scientific know-how and Western geology did not, Russia possessed a strategic trump card of staggering geopolitical import. It was not surprising that Washington would go about erecting a "wall of steel" - a network of military bases and anti-missile shields around Russia to cut its pipeline and port links to western Europe, China and the rest of Eurasia. English geographer and geopolitician Halford Mackinder's worst nightmare - a cooperative convergence of mutual interests of the major states of Eurasia, born of necessity and need for oil to fuel economic growth - was emerging.
Ironically, it was the blatant US grab for the vast oil riches of Iraq and, potentially, of Iran that catalyzed closer cooperation between traditional Eurasian foes, China and Russia, and a growing realization in western Europe that their options too were narrowing."

Vialls wrote this several years ago:
"So these shills [peak oil alarmists] were carefully positioned to deflect your attention away from the obvious greed and incompetence of the United States Government and its Wall Street masters, and focus it elsewhere instead. Then, hopefully, a few years later down the track when prices start to bounce through the roof, and America has no Euros to buy crude oil, you will blame gasoline prices of $5.00+ per gallon at the pumps on an 'inevitable decline' in world oil production, rather than march furiously on Washington DC with locked and loaded firearms."

Oil is selling at record levels every day, currently trading for $82.88.

Answer To A Question I've Always Wondered About

How long would a human last in an outer space vacuum?
I remember back in the late sixties being amazed at Keir Dullea in 2001 desperately trying to get back into his spacecraft when Hal the demon computer denied him access back into the ship. I thought to myself, does this have any basis in reality? Could a person actually live for any amount of time in complete airlessness or would she blow up or something?

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Or how about Ahnold in the movie Total Recall being exposed to the near vacuum of Mars, getting all bugeyed and gasping. Would your eyes pop out and dangle? Just how gruesome is it to all of a sudden have to be in a no - pressure, airless environment?

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Fortunately through the magic of interconnected tubes there's Ask an Astrophysicist with a ready answer:

"The Answer

From the now extinct page http://medlib/
How long can a human live unprotected in space?

If you don't try to hold your breath, exposure to space for half a minute or so is unlikely to produce permanent injury. Holding your breath is likely to damage your lungs, something scuba divers have to watch out for when ascending, and you'll have eardrum trouble if your Eustachian tubes are badly plugged up, but theory predicts -- and animal experiments confirm -- that otherwise, exposure to vacuum causes no immediate injury. You do not explode. Your blood does not boil. You do not freeze. You do not instantly lose consciousness.
Various minor problems (sunburn, possibly "the bends", certainly some [mild, reversible, painless] swelling of skin and underlying tissue) start after ten seconds or so. At some point you lose consciousness from lack of oxygen. Injuries accumulate. After perhaps one or two minutes, you're dying. The limits are not really known.
You do not explode and your blood does not boil because of the containing effect of your skin and circulatory system. You do not instantly freeze because, although the space environment is typically very cold, heat does not transfer away from a body quickly. Loss of consciousness occurs only after the body has depleted the supply of oxygen in the blood. If your skin is exposed to direct sunlight without any protection from its intense ultraviolet radiation, you can get a very bad sunburn.
At NASA's Manned Spacecraft Center (now renamed Johnson Space Center) we had a test subject accidentally exposed to a near vacuum (less than 1 psi) in an incident involving a leaking space suit in a vacuum chamber back in '65. He remained conscious for about 14 seconds, which is about the time it takes for O2 deprived blood to go from the lungs to the brain. The suit probably did not reach a hard vacuum, and we began repressurizing the chamber within 15 seconds. The subject regained consciousness at around 15,000 feet equivalent altitude. The subject later reported that he could feel and hear the air leaking out, and his last conscious memory was of the water on his tongue beginning to boil."

So there we have it. You could actually look around and ponder the immensity of the universe, even do things like open the pod bay doors on your own or freak out and pee your pants while you simultaneously receive a nasty sunburn and get all frozen, but you wouldn't immediately die.

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Navy To Plant Bushes To Hide It's Swastika Building

As I pointed out back in May, a barracks for Seabees at the navy's Coronado, California installation doesn't just resemble a nazi insignia, it is a swastika. The arhitect is quoted as saying it was designed to look this way but just don't believe your lying eyes:

"Architect John Mock actually designed the buildings back in the late 1960s. Even now, he stands behind them, pointing out the buildings are not actually connected, and therefore not a swastika."We knew what it was going to look like, but it isn't that," Mock said. 'It's 4 "l" shaped buildings looking at it from the ground or the air, it still is."
No, no, it's not an occult nazi insignia, and has nothing to do with the second world war. But where is the place located?
"The collection of L-shaped buildings is at the corner of Tulagi and Bougainville roads, named after World War II battles."

Mr. Self Serving Opportunist Is Getting Tiresome

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Wednesday, September 26, 2007

Culmination Of The Zionist Plan For Iraq

You wouldn't have heard about it in the execrable MSM, but it's been the goal since before the invasion and occupation in 2003 - the break up of Iraq into smaller and controllable ethnic satrapies that aren't any threat to Israel. Around last year the zionazis didn't even bother to hide their brutal scheme; it was talked about quite openly. Now according to Monsters and Critics the US senate decided to weigh in on the issue and bring it a little closer to fruition:

"Washington - US lawmakers voted Wednesday to split Iraq into a loose federation of sectarian-based regions and urged President George W Bush to press Iraqi leaders to agree.
More than 20 Republicans joined Democrats to pass the non-binding measure in the Senate, 75-23, showing frustration in both parties about Bush's war policy and lagging national reconciliation in Iraq."

Well hell yeah that's just a boy howdy solution to the problem of "Bush's war policy", as if what the US is doing to the country is a war - just forcibly relocate the population around which will be the end result of any partition along religious or ethnic lines. Any other country involved with this sort of activity would be accused of ethnic cleansing, but america of course always wears the white hat and can do no wrong, at least in the eyes of the warmongers and their mouth breathing sycophants. With the Iraqis I'm sure the justification will be that it will ease the sectarian hatred that spawned so much violence the last several years.

Oh yes, all that ethnic and religious hatred that led us to the occupiers' selfless act of balkanizing tough love. Time after time it's been proven that CIA/M16/Mossad agents provocateur pulled false flag attacks in order to stir the hornets nest and pit the various Iraqi factions against one another. Random slaughter of innocents and destruction of sacred places coupled with the total breakdown of the country's infrastructure was designed to make the country a hellish, blood soaked nightmare, and thus easier to control. Iraq was designed to utterly fail from the invasion onward to bring the Iraqis to their knees in order to slice up the country and rape it.

"The scheme to Balkanize the Middle East has its roots in proposals put forth by a number of prominent Israelis. In 1982, Oded Yinon, a senior advisor at the Israeli Ministry of Foreign Affairs and a journalist, articulated the Zionist plan to Balkanize the Middle East by breaking up the Arab states of Egypt, Syria, Iraq, Saudi Arabia and the Gulf States."

This is not a new idea, nor does it surface for the first time in Zionist strategic thinking,” writes Khalil Nakhleh."

Israel Shahak adds: “The idea that all the Arab states should be broken down, by Israel, into small units, occurs again and again in Israeli strategic thinking."

That the ziofascists deliberately slaughtered over a million Iraqis, displaced millions more, irradiated vast swaths of the country and all the rest of the horrendous results from the invasion has to be understood. Fragmenting the country was a long stated goal and since both "parties" in the US are beholden to AIPAC there won't be much in the way of opposition to this monstrous crime, just as we haven't heard boo from the spineless democrats about stopping the Iraq genocide or impeaching the bloodthirsty scumbags who are perpetuating it.
But don't think they'll be stopping anytime soon after dividing Iraq into Shiite, Sunni and Kurdish enclaves. No, sadly after partioning that country there's oh so much more to be accomplished for that shitty little 51st state.

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A Geek Protests

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Pelosi Is A Spineless War Whore

This shameful performance is what you get when the "opposition party" is made up of comfortable, well off posers who are content to watch america flushed down the toilet as long as they can blame it on those other criminals.

Tuesday, September 25, 2007

No One Wants To Take Credit For This Albatross

We've never seen anyone quite like this self promoting clown and his cheesy, smarmy dreck.

Giuliani fundraiser costs $9.11 per person

"WASHINGTON (AP) -- A spokeswoman for Rudy Giuliani says it is unfortunate that a supporter throwing a party that aims to raise $9.11 per person for the Republican's presidential campaign is asking for that amount.
Abraham Sofaer is having a fundraiser at his Palo Alto, California, home on Wednesday, when Giuliani backers across the country are participating in the campaign's national house party night.
But Sofaer said he had nothing to do with the "$9.11 for Rudy" theme.
"There are some young people who came up with it," Sofaer said when reached by telephone Monday evening. He referred other questions to Giuliani's campaign.

Giuliani spokeswoman Maria Comella said: "These are two volunteers who acted independently of and without the knowledge of the campaign. Their decision to ask individuals for that amount was an unfortunate choice."

The Still-Unreported Story Of 'Top Gun' George Bush

by Greg Palast

"NEW YORK -- Newly-unearthed records reveal that, in 2004, when Americans were in the midst of a brutal electoral battle over whether to reelect a president posing as a war hero, a commanding US reporter, Dan Rather, went AWOL.

Just three months before the election, Rather had a story that might have changed the outcome of that razor-close race. We now know that Dan cut a back-room deal to shut his mouth, grab his ankles, and let his network retract a story he knew to be absolutely true.
In September 2004 when Rather cowered, Bush was riding high in the polls. Now, with Bush's approval ratings are below smallpox, Rather has come out of hiding to shoot at the lame duck. Thanks, Dan."

Sockpuppet was AWOL in his champagne unit of the national guard to snort his coke and party. That was swept under the rug; all that mattered to his enablers was that he landed on that aircraft carrier in his codpiece and posed as a flyboy.

Monday, September 24, 2007

October Maclean's Magazine Cover

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Fire Alarm: Feeding the Flames at Traitor's Gate

by the indomitable Chris Floyd

"The nation is sick. Trouble is in the land. Confusion all around." – Martin Luther King Jr., April 3, 1968.

"We are told that in the weeks before 9/11, then CIA chief George Tenet and his colleagues across the intelligence community were so alarmed by the flood of reports about an impending major terrorist attack that they felt their "hair was on fire." God only knows what the truth of this self-serving, after-the-fact assertion might be, but it is indeed an apt term for a sense of imminent doom in the public sphere. And given the headlong rush to a new war against Iran, and the G-force acceleration into the tyranny of a lawless, all-encompassing surveillance state that is unfolding before our eyes -- not to mention the Democratic Party's complete abandonment of even the pretense of carrying out the people's mandate and opposing the Administration's maniacal, murderous, criminal policies -- anyone whose hair isn't on fire today is either brain-dead, bought-off, or an active, eager, conniving traitor to the American people, and the human race.

That latter designation covers all those who now willingly serve the interests of the Bush Administration: not only the scuttling worker ants of the Bush-controlled Republican Party, but also every so-called "conservative" commentator toting water for the Bushist agenda; every so-called "libertarian" lining up for war, tyranny, torture and corruption; every star-spangled general whoring himself with propaganda exercises on Fox News and deceitful testimony before Congress; every so-called "centrist" wringing their hands over the need for "bipartisan compromise" with the blood-soaked thugs and rapers of liberty who have seized the Republic. Call them out by name: Bill Kristol, Sean Hannity, Bill O'Reilly, Michael Leeden, David Petraeus, Fred Kagan, Glenn ("More Rubble, Less Trouble") Reynolds, Joe Leiberman, Jon Kyl, Gasbag Limbaugh, and on and on, straight down the line. Call them by name, and call them what they are: traitors, and yes, betrayers, leading the nation -- knowingly, gleefully -- into ignominy and ruin."

Real Men Stand Up to Fascists

George Washington's Blog

"The fascists' view of masculinity is that -- to be a real American man -- you have to rally around the "strong leader", you have to talk tough about the "war on terror", you have to get pleasure out of watching "our team" (the sole superpower) beat the stuffing out of a bunch of third-rate armies like Iraq and Afghanistan.

Are they right? Well, psychologists tell us that rallying around the authoritarian leader is actually a very infantile way to affirm one's masculinity.

Okay, listen up guys. Real men don't bluster like George W. Bush or Bill O'Reilly. Real men stand up to fascists.

Our forefathers stood up to the British king and fought for our freedom. Our forefathers stood up to tyrants and won their liberty and freedom.

THAT's what masculinity really means. That's where the pedal hits the metal and the rubber meets the road. It is the dictators running our country who are the danger, who are stealing the future from us, and our kids, and our grandkids.

Come on, buddy . . . stop posing. And start acting like a real man.

"If you're really a patriot, you will defend the constitution. If you're a coward, you'll defend the elite who want to subvert it. Real men stand up to fascism. Cowardly men become boot lickers."- Chris D

"Most Americans aren't the sort of citizens the Founding Fathers expected; they are contented serfs. Far from being active critics of government, they assume that its might makes it right."- Joseph Sobran

Of course, real women stand up to fascists, also."

Brownshirts Go All Apoplectic On Cue

The Antichrist arrived in New York yesterday according to the ziofascists and their brownshirt henchmen. Iran President Ahmadinejad arrived to speak at the UN and at Columbia University who's president didn't cave in to squawks from dead-from-the-neck-up protesters that he should be banned from speaking there.

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It's pretty funny if it wasn't so tragic that the shrill propaganda in this run up to Operation Slaughter Iranian Babies and Grandmothers is believed by so many idiots. Demonization of the country began soon after Sockpuppet was installed in 2001 and is at fever pitch right now with the US continuing to lie about Iran and it's activities and intentions. Who was it that said “Repeat a lie often enough and the people will believe it"? Oh yeah - Goebbels, who's advice has been taken to heart by the zionists with their "wiped off the map" crap.

"Ahmadinejad has drawn criticism for his comments that the Holocaust was a myth and that Israel should be, "wiped off the map." - NY1

"Ahmadinejad has called the Holocaust "a myth" and called for Israel to be "wiped off the map." - apnews

Drudge took it upon himself to make it graphic for the mouth breathers who have a harder time reading than the rest of us by pairing these photos:

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It's true insanity when a small group of people can hijack reality and turn it on it's head, but that's what we get when we live in Bushzarro Land. Our Perpetual War president can kill a million Iraqis who ordinarily would have lived if america didn't invade and occupy Iraq but Ahmadinejad is the villain. By signing the nuclear non proliferation treaty Iran is completely in it's rights to develop nuclear energy and has repeatedly said it doesn't want to create nuclear weapons, but that country will be leveled in an upcoming slaughter while Israel who didn't sign said treaty and has nuclear weapons will get $30 billion more in US aid.

And one other thing, if Ahmadinejad is compared to Hitler in his hatred of jews, how do the brownshirts explain this little anomaly?

Iranian Jews refuse cash 'bribe' to move to Israel
"17 July, 2007
In Iran today, the country’s Jewish minority unanimously rejected cash offers from supporters of the state of Israel to leave Iran and move to Israel.
The Israeli government promised to provide a package of housing and jobs for the twenty-five-thousand Iranian Jews. A special fund created by Israel supporters promised a ten-thousand-dollar cash award for any Iranian Jew who moved to Israel.
The Society of Iranian Jews dismissed this move as a bribe. Iran's sole Jewish member of parliament, Morris Motamed, said the offer was insulting to Jewish Iranians.

Instead of taking the pro-Israel group up on its offer, the community of Iranian Jews instead took a loyalty pledge to their home country of Iran."

Sunday, September 23, 2007

Adolph's Phony Attempts To Look Like A Happily Married Man

How Chinese Military Hackers Took Over A Nuclear-Armed B52

by William Thomas

"Within hours, an airplane with a wingspan longer than the Wright Brothers’ first flight was safely loaded with avgas, sandwiches, and six nuclear weapons. Uploaded to the bomber using an accordion cradle on each missile trolley, each Advanced Cruise Missile was fueled once it was secured to a hard point under the aircraft’s wings. Because the ACMs were not inside a bomb bay, where they could be armed in flight, each underslung missile had to be fully armed before takeoff. “Wing walker” is not a B-52 job description. The plates connecting the firing circuits of each warhead to the cockpit were then activated, and the safeties were pulled from each clearly marked “nuclear weapon”-rendering it “live”. For the Explosive Ordnance Disposal detail who performed the loadout, there could be no doubt they were activating six nuclear weapons.

Alarms on the flight line should have sounded as soon as they sniffed hot ions leaking from the pulled pile rods in six slowly fissioning warheads. But the alarms remain silenced. That order, Hank insisted, could only have come under the properly coded signature of the National Command Authority-Commander-in-Chief G.W. Bush or Secretary of Defense, Robert Gates.

The ensuing takeoff was an event branded on the central nervous system of every creature in auditory range as eight jet engines at maximum takeoff thrust levitated six missiles, up to 46,000 gallons of fuel, and an airplane the length of a 150-foot ship into a blue yonder that had just become much wilder. Everyone within miles knew that a B-52 had come into Minot and taken off again. But only God and the devil knew where it was going.

And they weren’t saying.

In the silence left by this momentous departure, if there were questions, nobody voiced them. Perhaps there were a few quietly delivered high-fives instead. Despite the high stress that runs counter to every human instinct, everyone involved had carried out their assigned duties with complete attention to the details required to launch a half-dozen live nuclear weapons “safely”. The professionally conducted operation was carried off in complete secrecy, without a hitch, only after the loadout and launch order had been digitally confirmed as coming from the NCA. There was only one problem regarding the originators of those orders, Hank emailed me:


Once the B-52 was airborne, it flew into an electronic black hole. No electromagnetic emissions came from the bomber. There were no radio calls to home base asking, “Are you guys sure you really want to do this?” Even more startling, no coded IFF squawks identified the BUFF (Big Ugly Fat Fucker) as friendly to prowling post-9/11 fighters. And no transponder beeps identified the airplane and its mission."

added 9/23 - The main thing that I take away from this essay is the fact of strict protocols and procedures every step of the way in the transport of weapons of mass destruction. Tests and retests, redundancy of checkpoints, verifications and monitors and all the rest of the stifling conduct the military is famous for would be strictly adhered to. Orders would be rigorously followed.

With an incident so egregious, so frightening, we should expect the fraudulent cover stories to commence, and the WaPost doesn't disappoint us. In an insulting piece of garbage that came out today called Missteps in the Bunker, we're supposed to believe that oopsie, some small goof happened and by golly those nuclear bombs were somehow just overlooked:

" After eyeballing the missiles on the right side, a flight officer signed a manifest that listed a dozen unarmed AGM-129 missiles. The officer did not notice that the six on the left contained nuclear warheads, each with the destructive power of up to 10 Hiroshima bombs."
A simple error in a missile storage room led to missteps at every turn, as ground crews failed to notice the warheads, and as security teams and flight crew members failed to provide adequate oversight and check the cargo thoroughly."

Total bullshit. This is the cover story we're handed whenever we confront Real Bad News. "By cracky we never would have expected Iraq to turn out this way!" "Katrina took us all by surprise, donchaknow!" "Those Abu Ghraib guards, how could such a few bad apples do that stuff?"
It's pure propaganda to protect serial scumbags who couldn't face up to their responsibilities and the consequences of their actions if their lives depended on it. Nothing was ignored or disregarded that day, that's impossible to do with strict protocols and security requirements in place. The Post fabrication unwittingly alerts us to this fact when it later admits:

"The news, when it did leak, provoked a reaction within the defense and national security communities that bordered on disbelief."

added 9/25 - It looks like I'm not the only one thinking the Post article was smoke and mirrors.
Missteps in the Bunker - DAMAGE CONTROL?
"The Washington Post article is one big dis-information piece and rates as perhaps the worst piece of propaganda I've ever read in years. I'd like to think for now that Warrick and Pincus aren't part of such a blatant attempt at damage control. In fact, the innumerable inaccuracies are a total insult to any reader with even half a brain still working."

Saturday, September 22, 2007

That Bionic Woman, Paranoia Inducing "Device"

"Star Simpson, a 19-year-old MIT student, was arrested at gunpoint Friday morning at Boston's Logan Airport when officers suspected that a circuit board and battery she had pinned to her sweatshirt was a bomb. Indeed, every news outlet is now referring to the thing as a "fake bomb," and Simpson has been charged with possessing a "hoax device."

Photo Sharing and Video Hosting at Photobucket

Photo Sharing and Video Hosting at Photobucket

"She's extremely lucky she followed the instructions or deadly force would have been used," Pare told The Associated Press. "And she's lucky to be in a cell as opposed to the morgue."

Better watch out when you wear those lit up Xmas ties this holiday season.

Photo Sharing and Video Hosting at Photobucket

But here's one sidebar to this asinine story that I noticed yet one more time. It's getting sickening how purveyors of fear are dredging up the memory of the people who were killed on 9/11 and hitting others over the head with it. And notice something very important - the people who are admonished are people who won't buy into the fearmongering. Here's the money quote from this incident:

"Added East Boston City Councilor Sal LaMattina, “It’s a slap in the face to all of the victims of the 9/11 terror attacks.”

Friday, September 21, 2007

The Police State Is Right Here, Right Now

by Carolyn Baker

As nightfall does not come all at once, neither does oppression. In both instances, there is a twilight when everything remains seemingly unchanged. And it is in such a twilight that we all must be aware of change in the air-however slight-lest we become unwilling victims of the darkness.

~Justice William O. Douglas~


"As for political parties, I prefer the definition offered by Mike Ruppert in "America: From Freedom To Fascism" in which he explains that the two major parties are like two crime families-the Genoveses and the Gambinos. They function like players in a crap game that feign opposition to each other, but when the chips are down, they will always unite to serve their common interests. (If the Iraq occupation is not a case in point, then I don't know what is.) When we vote in presidential elections for corporately-owned candidates or "the lesser evil", we are merely choosing between the two crime families, and even if one candidate were not a crime family member, our votes in the past two presidential elections, as Bev Harris has so astutely demonstrated, have been hacked. In the throes of the current, and I might add, rapidly-accelerating fascist shift, what evidence do we have for assuming that if there is an election in 2008, anything will be different? Tell me again, what's the definition of insanity?"

Terror Mastermind Sends Coded Message

Repugs Blurt Out The Darndest Things

You can't accuse my favorite candidate, Adolph Giuliani, of being a shrinking violet.

Giuliani: I'm Among Best Known Americans
"LONDON (AP) — Republican presidential candidate Rudy Giuliani bragged about his international celebrity Wednesday on a trans-Atlantic campaign trip in which he schmoozed with conservative idol Margaret Thatcher.
"I'm probably one of the four or five best known Americans in the world."

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me, yes me

Meanwhile, Giuliani adviser and Real Important Homeland Security Dude

Rep. Peter King: Too many goddam mosques, if you ask me
"(AP) A homeland security adviser to Rudy Giuliani came under fire Thursday for claiming there were “too many mosques” in the United States - and defended himself by saying his point was that not enough Muslim leaders cooperate with law enforcement."

As if that makes any sense at all.

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get off my lawn

And a golden oldie...

Hmmm, uhh, hah -- ummm -- I, the answer is -- I haven't really thought of it that way, heh, heh. Heh. Here's how I think of it. Ummm -- heh heh. First I've heard of that, by the way, I, ah -- uhh -- the, uhh -- I, I guess I'm more of a practical fella. Uhh. I vowed after September the 11th that I would do everything I could to protect the American people. And, uhh -- my attitude, of course, was affected by the attacks.ha ha ...ummm Let me see... I knew we were at a war. I knew that the enemy, obviously, had to be sophisticated, and lethal, to fly hijacked airplanes, uhh, into -- facilities that would, we would, killing thousands of people, innocent people, doin' nothing, just sittin' there goin' to work."--
Bubble Boy, eloquently explaining how Iraq and terrorism may be signs of the Apocalpse.

McCain Calls For Physical Violence Against Ahmadinejad

With tasers?

"Iranian President Mahmoud Ahmadinejad should be physically prevented from visiting Ground Zero should he attempt to go to the "sacred" site where the World Trade Center once stood, Arizona Sen. John McCain joked Thursday.
"We all know that unfortunately because the United Nations is located in New York City, he can come there just as (Cuban leader Fidel) Castro comes and some other jerks," McCain said. But allowing Ahmadinejad to visit the site "would be an affront not only to America but to the families of our loved ones who perished there in an unprecedented act of terror."

The idiocy continues. Pathetic jerks like McCain are getting on the "let's just make shit up" campaign to compound the lies about 9/11 and demonize the current villain du jour to score points with the rubes. What was in all probability a harmless good will gesture on the Iranians' part was instantly turned into a photo op ploy by the ziofascists, because that's how they play the game.
Also very convenient of them to have such selective memories.

Iran mourns America's dead
"September 18, 2001: Iranian people light candles in Tehran's Mohseni Square in memory of the victims of the terror attacks on the World Trade Center in New York and the Pentagon in Washington DC. The reaction to the attack among people in pizza places and coffee shops, was mostly sympathetic. "Why should Americans deserve this? That's a sick thought. They are just ordinary people like us.."

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Thursday, September 20, 2007

Get Tasered, Land A Job

Greg Palast Offers Job to Tasered Journalism Student - his book was alluded to when the student asked Kerry questions.

"Palast says he is offering the journalism student a job as a paid intern. Meyer had described Palast, in his question to Sen. John Kerry, asking why he conceded the 2004 Presidential Election so early, as "the top investigate journalist in America."
"Did you notice he never let the book touch the ground?," an impressed Palast wryly noted."

There's something strange, though, about that whole episode. As a lot of people have noted, the cops were positioned right behind this guy as if they anticipated manhandling him. On one video a plainclothes dude gives a nonverbal sign to take him down. And yeah, Kerry keeps droning on as the student gets wrestled to the ground and screams. The audience just sits there passively. The story got enormous media coverage.

Some think it was a government psyop.

Hard to say, but getting people to accept the fact that uniformed goons can taser you at will is a fascist wet dream, a highly desirable outcome that will keep people fearful and quiet.
Government agencies seem to think torture devices are the Next Big Thing -
United States Forest Service Purchases 700 TASER X26 Electronic Control Devices

Crashed Meteorite, Or Something Else?

Hundreds of people have now gotten sick from visiting the site where an object crashed to the ground in Peru. Reports have it that over 600 people are sick from contact with the crater or from "toxic gasses" at the site and the Peruvian Regional Health Directorate is setting up medical clinics. The symptoms include nausea, respiratory distress, heat burns and dizziness.

"According to Peru's La Republica newspaper, due to the high number of illnesses, district authorities are considering placing the town of Carancas, Puno, Peru in a state of emergency. It has been reported that at least 600 people have been affected by the meteorite."

All symptoms of radiation poisoning.

In fact, Pravda is reporting that the object is a downed US spy craft, most probably a KH13 thermal imaging reconnaissance satellite.

"Western media reports are stating that the US spy satellite debris hitting Peru was caused by a meteor, but which, according to these reports, would be 'impossible' as the size of 30-meter crater, if caused by a meteorite, would have hit the ground with about as much energy as 1 kiloton tactical nuclear weapon, and which would have been recorded by the seismic stations around the World.
Most astonishing about these reports, however, are that they state that it was the Americans themselves who destroyed their own spy satellite with the attack upon it being made by the United States Air Forces' 30th Space Wing located at Vandenberg Air Force Base in California. This incident further fuels the intrigue involving the United States War Leaders plans to attack Iran in their attempt to engulf the entire Middle East in Total War, but, against which, according to Russian Military Intelligence Analysts, a 'high ranking and significant' faction of the American Military Establishment is opposed to

Now I don't quite grasp what Pravda is saying about the crater. Whatever hit the earth was sizable enough to blast out a big hole and should have registered on seismographs. The fact that a drastic health emergency is underway points to something other than a space rock, as chondritic meteorites aren't radioactive and don't release gasses. Not much is known about those spy satellites other than they weigh about 20 tons and are powered by Pu238, which can get you mighty damn sick from exposure. If it was a crashed satellite, and if government factions are at war with each other, prepare for bullshit cover stories.

Oh wait, they're already starting - Could mass hysteria play a role?
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Wednesday, September 19, 2007

Ground Zero Off Limits To President Of Next Military Target

Iran Leader Denied on WTC Wreath Request

"NEW YORK (AP) — Iranian President Mahmoud Ahmadinejad asked permission to lay a wreath at the World Trade Center site when he comes to New York City next week, but the request was denied, a police official said Wednesday.
The U.S. ambassador to the United Nations, Zalmay Khalilzad, told reporters Wednesday that the United States would not support Iran's attempt to use the site for a "photo op."

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Child Molester Coverup Artist Refused To Meet With War Criminal

Pope refuses to meet Rice

"ROME (AFP) — Pope Benedict XVI refused to meet US Secretary of State Condoleezza Rice in August, saying he was on holiday, an Italian newspaper reported Wednesday.
Rice "made it known to the Vatican that she absolutely had to meet the pope" to boost her diplomatic "credit" ahead of a trip to the Middle East, the Corriere della Sera daily reported without citing its sources.
She was hoping to meet the pontiff at his summer residence of Castel Gandolfo at the beginning of August, it said.
"'The pope is on holiday' was the official response," the paper said."

Another Portent For Giuliani?

By nominating former Manhattan federal Judge Michael [Bernard] Mukasey to replace Alberto Gonzales as attorney general, the Bushistas are killing three birds with one stone.

Mukasey is a radical zionist and as such will get a speedy confirmation with gushing support from the democrats, with Leahy, the Vermont Democrat who heads the Senate Judiciary Committee calling Mukasey's nod "a chance for a fresh start''. Anything after the stench from Gonzales could conceivably be called that but this guy is an obvious choice for several things all at once.

As noted he's an orthodox jew with intimate relations with the Kehilath Jeshurun Synagogue which is tied at the hip with the nation of Israel. When he's confirmed as attorney general he'll join the long list of fascist operatives who pledge unwavering support of policies that place Israel first and this country second.

His resume is being touted as an indication that he's very familiar with the fraudulent War On A Noun, and he'll be counted on to continue the 9/11 coverup. Mukasey was involved with Larry Silverstein's insurance claims about the demolished twin towers. As a judge in New York he sentenced the "blind sheik" over a conviction in the first trade center bombing. I couldn't find any evidence that he wanted to include the complicit FBI activities in that incident, however. He was the presiding judge in the Jose Padilla case where even though he challenged the ongoing presidential power grab he ruled american citizens can be detained without charge on american soil. His ardent support for the despicable "Patriot Act" means that he'll be a valuable tool for future repression.

But it's his long relationship with Adolph Giuliani that caught my eye. I still suspect that G will be selected as the next president, with his nefarious past being covered up by the MSM and his poll numbers artificially inflated to make him a first tier candidate. The fascists owe him a debt of gratitude for making sure their 9/11 crime scene was dealt with successfully and will probably make sure the rigged voting machines will flip his way.
Mukasey and Giuliani go way back to the early '70s while working in the Manhattan U.S. Attorney's Office. They've had plenty of dealings since them and Mukasey swore G in twice as Mayor of New York. It would then seem that Mukasey was a logical pick for attorney general if the fascists wanted a smooth transition and an unbroken agenda from a Bush regime to a Giuliani regime, making sure that all the police state horrors stay fully implemented and in our face.

"Mukasey and Giuliani "are two people who are extremely close -- extremely, extremely close -- and everybody knows that," said New York Assemblyman Dov Hikind, a Brooklyn Democrat. "This is a wonderful thing for Rudy Giuliani."

About Those Supposed Planes

This video series takes a critical look at the anomalies surrounding the planes on 9/11.

911 Flatline - #2 < com/watch? v=BxKJxFArD- o>

911 Flatline - #3 < com/watch? v=Lf-adnwEIQU>

911 Flatline - #4 < com/watch? v=aMiVjSpoMHI>

My take on the planes is this - the supposed story about flight 93 crashing into that field in PA is so demonstrably fake, so provably and laughably false that it automatically brings everything about the planes in the offical story into serious question.

And every time I watch news segments from that day I'm struck by how important it was to the real perpetrators that the news anchors would deliver the correct narrative for the eventual lie. It took all of several minutes for them to intone Osama over and over again, just like "jet hits building" and "jet fuel caused collapse".

Tuesday, September 18, 2007

Here's Some Dough, Now Don't Shoot Us

After turning Iraq into a bloody hellhole where the occupiers are now restricted to cowering inside their 'green zone' fortress, and even in there they had to resort to wearing body armor, the Bushistas have decided to buy off enraged Iraqis who would otherwise slit their throats:

"It's an easy way to produce immediate statistical successes on the ground, a decrease in attacks on American soldiers. And this is a long-term strategy."

Yeah, it may be a long term strategy for the pathetically hypocritical war criminals who think they can hand out unending piles of our money to bribe Iraqis from attacking, but the Iraqis are playing them for the chumps they are. Not only will they blow american troops up at the first opportunity after being paid off, these new good buddies are responsible for some of the worst sectarian violence since the invasion and occupation.
But then they think wasting gobs of money fixes all problems.
After all it worked great when they lavished cash on that phony sheik to pretend to be america's newest best friend. Go see the film that shows this new desperate attempt to buy allegiance.

Friday, September 14, 2007

Leave General Petraeus Alone

The Awful Truth

How people get rich in America, you wage slaves.

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Thursday, September 13, 2007

Why All The Confusion And Secrecy About That Mexican Truck Blast?

This much is known - a lot of people were killed and wounded when a truck collided with a car near the town of Nadadores in the northern state of Coahuila in Mexico.
Most of the news stories have it that about an hour after the initial wreck a tremendous explosion occurred during the traffic jam that ensued. The confusion began immediately with the truck carrying dynamite, or mining chemicals, or ammonium nitrate. The death toll is put at anywhere from 28 on up, with around 100 to 150 injured.

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The explosion was massive - "More than 60 buildings and 50 vehicles were damaged in the explosion." The initial accident can never be investigated - "Police said they had not established the cause of the initial collision as everyone who had witnessed the accident had died."

What caught my eye about this was that the initial reports of TNT were replaced fairly soon with reports of a completely different type of explosive - ANFO, or ammonium nitrate fuel oil mix. That supposedly was the expolosive used in the cover story lie about the Oklahoma City bombing, but that's a whole 'nuther story.

ANFO is widely used as a mining explosive but almost always is cooked up on site:
"Most mines prepare ANFO on-site using the same No. 2 diesel fuel that powers their vehicles." By all accounts this truck was supposed to be carrying 25 tons. Here's the problem with that - the reason the stuff is combined and then quickly used is because it degrades soon after mixing the N H4N O3 with the oil. It settles, and is no longer useful as an explosive.

Another problem - "ANFO is highly hygroscopic; that is, it readily absorbs water from air. Care must be taken with its storage in humid environments, as any absorbed water interferes with its explosive function. ANFO is also water soluble." Most reports had fire trucks at the scene spraying down the accident.

My guess is that this truck actually was carrying dynamite. Some reports had it that the driver ran, screaming the truck could blow, and other stories had it that house windows blew out up to 1/4 mile away, tangential evidence that something other than ANFO was used because of it's low explosive efficiency. But because of the sensitivity about allowing Mexican truckers to haul deep into the US, a cover story was hurriedly put into place using the old Murrah building stand in, the fertilizer bomb, to try to make it seem less ugly and more, you know, mundane. Too bad NAFTA boosters, didn't work.

The senate voted 74 to 24 the next day to ban Mexican trucks from hauling cargo on American highways.

Wednesday, September 12, 2007

New Middle East Map On The Way?

Jeebus you really do need a scorecard while watching things develop in the middle east. Events are at warp speed and power alignments are changing quickly. In preperation for a region wide blowup? Who knows, but it seems the precarious allegiances of years past are evaporating and all sides are readying for something, and it won't take much to light the bonfire.

Turkey's relationship with the US has been tenuous for a number of years now, and it took a sharp turn south when Iraq was invaded and occupied in 2003. Much to the dismay of the war planners Turkey refused to be a staging area for the conquest and the american military had to shift to a Kuwaiti based plan of attack and supply. Turkey had chafed under the decade long embargo against Iraq in the 90s as it saw it's trade between countries drop by 2/3 and knew a new war would only make things worse. Polls there have shown a big jump in numbers of people with negative opinions of americans.

But the biggest sore spot between the two countries is the Kurdish seperatist problem. America seemed to be doing a balancing act between the Kurds, the one group in Iraq that hasn't found sport in blowing up americans, and it's NATO partner. But now it 's obvious the US chose which side it wants to be on, and a clue as to why that policy was picked might be found in stories like these:

Dallas Oil Company Signs Deal With Kurds - 4 days ago
HOUSTON (AP) — Texas' Hunt Oil Co. and Kurdistan's regional government said Saturday they've signed a production-sharing contract for petroleum exploration in northern Iraq, the first such deal since the Kurds passed their own oil and gas law in August.

I had mistakenly thought that the US would screw the Kurds over yet again just like in the aftermath of the first gulf slaughter but it always comes down to the oil, doesn't it? The US also seems to be embracing the widely acknowledged PPK terrorist group, the separatist guerrillas who Turkey almost invaded Iraq to crush. The same Kurdish group that's been killing Turkish military almost on a daily basis.

"British Daily Telegraph claimed that the US officers have regular meetings with the PKK terrorists in Northern Iraq. Damien McElroy in his report mentioned “US army helicopters are reportedly used to shuttle officers to regular meetings with Kurdish fighters”.
The US’ strange policies regarding the PKK terrorism nourishes anti-Americanism in Turkey. The US lost at least 30 years in Turkey."

Well that's going to sit well with our good NATO buddy.

And just as Turkey has been distancing itself from The Great Satan, it's been cozying up to it's neighbor Iran. They have common cause in fighting Kurdish seperatists and have entered into trade deals like dam construction and oil and gas pipelines. It didn't hurt relations with Iran either that a moderate islamist government was just elected.
Speaking of the new Turkish government, things are pretty tense between it and the country's secular military, so much so that the military boycotted the inauguration last week. The military overthrew governments it hasn't liked three times in the past 50 years, the only reason it won't now is that the economy is doing good.

But something might have happened a couple of days ago that would have exacerbated all these situations.

"ANKARA — Turkey has been on high alert after the discovery of an apparent Al Qaida attempt to kill the nation's political leadership.
Turkish sources said a 300-kilogram bomb was found under a mini-bus in Ankara's commercial district on Sept. 10, Middle East Newsline reported. Security agents assumed it was intended for a convoy that included Prime Minister Recep Erdogan.

The sources said the bomb, located several hundred meters from the government complex, was the biggest seen in Turkey in years. They said Erdogan was moved from his office to his home under heavy security."

The above article mentions 'Al Qaeda' while other sources claim the Kurdish PPK. The fact is that had the new government been blown up all hell would have busted loose, and the secular military would have ended the resurgent muslim sentiments that voted them in. Considering that 'Al Qaeda' is a CIA front organization, and considering america's newfound relations with the PPK, I wonder just who might have planted the bomb to get that sort of outcome?

added - Turkey/Israel relations seem to be going south as well

Can't Stop Thinking Bout Them Longhorns

Illuminati stooges are possessed by the University of Texas Longhorns, so much so that they'll even dream about an upcoming match with the UCF Knights in Orlando this Saturday and unconsciously make the infamous hook 'em horns hand sign...
during a moment of silence at the 9/11 memorial.

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Even in the midst of a first inaugural.

Photo Sharing and Video Hosting at Photobucket

Or jubilation at the Katrina triumph.

Photo Sharing and Video Hosting at Photobucket

How 'bout them Longhorns?

Photo Sharing and Video Hosting at Photobucket

Laura spies a fellow fan.

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Yessir, the season's right on schedule.

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The Pentecostal Church and The Holy Ghost Want You To Wear Pig Panties

Wackier it is = bigger chunk o' Jeebus

"Life doesn’t get more exciting for a 10 year old kid than attending a service in a Pentecostal Church. We went to Church every Monday, Wednesday, and Friday night. On Sundays, we would be in Sunday school. On Saturday, we’d attend Church picnics or other related events. It got to the point where we were at Church more often than we were at home and we didn’t mind one fucking bit. Not only were we surrounded by friends, but at any second, there was a distinct possibility that someone would become possessed by the good ol’ Holy Ghost and feel compelled to shout at the ceiling, “GABBA GABBA GOOOOO!”
The Holy Ghost was so fucking cool. It made the adults look like idiots!
At one point, my Mother decided that I needed to be baptized. At first I was a little nervous, but the other kids who had been previously baptized assured me that it was no big deal. According to them, everyone would just go down into the basement where they had this big bathtub/pool sort of thing set up. Then Reverend Bud and I would go out into the middle of it, pray a little, and then he’d duck me under real quick. When I came up out of the water, I was supposed to hold my hands up and pray some more. Afterwards, everyone would come over to hug me and congratulate me. Piece of cake.
The day of my baptismal went almost exactly like this, except the kids had forgotten to relay to me one very pertinent piece of information: the water in the tub was fucking freezing. When I came up out of the water, hands obediently raised in the air, my teeth were chattering from the cold. The tub was also under a vent and the air conditioning was on full blast, so when the breeze hit me, my entire body started shivering uncontrollably.
“Look!” someone finally yelled, “V has got the Holy Ghost!”

Tuesday, September 11, 2007

Yet Another Step Towards A No Border Corporate Paradise

Bush administration allocates $66M to 'NAFTA highways'

"The Bush administration announced Monday it is granting $66.2 million to reduce congestion and improve freight flow on several so-called NAFTA highways.
The U.S. Department of Transportation is allocating the money so it can work with state and local governments and the private sector on six interstate highways, with projects including the addition of bypasses and trucks-only lanes.

Five of those highways connect to or run near the Mexican or Canadian borders."

Iwonder when they'll announce how that rebuilt I35 bridge in Minneapolis will be upgraded to NAFTA superhighway specifications, now that it's been conveniently demolished.

A little digging found this - it won't be just an ordinary bridge repair, it'll be a whoppingly expensive project:

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Monday, September 10, 2007

So Mexican Trucks Started Deliveries A Few Days Ago

From Arizona's KTAR on September 6

"The first of up to 150 Mexican trucks is ready to deliver cargo throughout the United States today.
Some say it will allow dangerous trucks driven by poor drivers to roll on American highways.
Others warn it could increase human and drug smuggling.
The Bush administration had planned on beginning a pilot program today, but folks like Arizona Congressman John Shadegg still have concerns.
"Obviously there are concerns about the safety of the trucks," Shadegg said."

September 10

"PIEDRAS NEGRAS, Mexico (AP) - A dynamite-laden truck exploded after colliding with another vehicle on a busy highway in northern Mexico's coal country, killing at least 34 people, including three reporters at the scene, state and federal officials said.
Authorities said the two vehicles crashed into each other Sunday evening, drawing a crowd of curious onlookers as well as a small army of police, soldiers, emergency officials and journalists.
Shortly after the crowd arrived, the wreckage caught fire, and the dynamite exploded, sending a ball of fire into the sky that consumed nearby cars and left a 10-by-40 foot crater in the concrete, said Maximo Alberto Neri Lopez, a federal police official."

A lot of Dees brilliance at

More Batshit Crazy Von Rumsfeld

Rumsfeld calls Afghanistan 'big success'

"NEW YORK - In an interview billed as his first since leaving the top Pentagon post, Donald Rumsfeld calls Afghanistan "a big success," but says U.S. efforts in Iraq are hampered by the failure of Iraq's government to establish a foundation for democracy."

Maybe by this war criminal's standards a record crop of opium to make billions in the heroin trade is a roaring success, after the Taliban virtually ended opium cultivation in the country.

"Afghanistan's opium production has reached a new record high this year, according to the latest UN assessment."

Or maybe his measure of success is how isolated and powerless Karzai, the dapper former Unocal consultant and hand picked occupation puppet, is in his own country. Rather than president of Afghanistan he's so insignificant that he's derided as the "Mayor of Kabul." Speaking of the Taliban, instead than disappearing they've roared back in the last several years to control most of the country (aside from the poppy fields, apparently). Perhaps some indication of their influence can be gleaned from an incident at a stadium yesterday. Karzai was trying to give a speech that was cut short by gunfire:

"KABUL (AFP) — Afghan President Hamid Karzai cut short a speech to thousands of people in Kabul on Sunday after what one official said was a commotion outside the venue caused by thousands of people trying to enter."

After scurrying away in fear that this was yet another assassination attempt, the first thing he nervously did was to wave a white flag:

"KABUL (Reuters) - Afghan President Hamid Karzai renewed a call for talks with Taliban insurgents on Sunday, shortly after a security scare forced him to cut short a commemoration speech when gunshots were fired outside the venue. Karzai was whisked straight back to his palace, where he was due to meet visiting Latvian President Valdis Zatlers. After the meeting the pair held a joint news conference, at which Karzai called for talks with his Taliban foes."

Or maybe the warmongering lunatic Rumsfeld thinks that poisoning the people of Afghanistan with chemical weapons and "depleted" uranium is a smashing success, or perhaps an exponential rise in the number of suicide bombs is cause for celebration along with the rising number of dead and wounded trying to maintain a failed occupation.

Rumsfeld isn't a stupid man, he's just a sick psychopath and a congenital liar who for some reason decided to open his piehole and add his garbage to the ongoing WOT propaganda. As a psychopath he'll have the singular ability to ignore the real world and press forward with his own twisted version of reality regardless of it's devastating effects on those around him. The more power sick puppies like Von Rumsfeld grasp for the more horrendous damage the world around them has to endure. But no matter - psychopaths like him automatically disregard consequences and are absolutely guilt free, in their diseased world they can never, ever do wrong. Which is why you'll always come across amazing lines like this one in the article:

"Rumsfeld said the Department of Defense and the U.S. military are not responsible for any failures there or in Afghanistan."

No, of course not.

Sunday, September 09, 2007

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Sort Of Like A Certain Senator We Know

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Confusing Jews With Zionists Again

Police: Israeli Neo-Nazi Ring Busted
from The Associated Press at ABC News
"In a case that would seem unthinkable in the Jewish state, police said Sunday they have cracked a cell of young Israeli neo-Nazis accused in a string of attacks on foreign workers, religious Jews, drug addicts and gays.
Eight immigrants from the former Soviet Union have been arrested in recent days in connection with at least 15 attacks, and a ninth fled the country, police spokesman Micky Rosenfeld said, in the first such known cell to be discovered in Israel.

All the suspects are in their late teens or early 20s and have Israeli citizenship, Rosenfeld said."
(my emphasis)

ABC should know better, but we really shouldn't expect much better from the putrid MSM as a whole, which is more concerned with subtle manipulation and propaganda than disseminating truth. The fact is that the Israeli nation is a zionist state, which is a racist political movement hiding behind the jewish faith and seeks to dominate the middle east not just at the expense of the palestinians but everybody else.

Contrary to the propaganda put out by Israel's supporters, Israel is NOT supported by the majority of the world's Jewish people.

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Zionism goes way back to the late 1800s and was a driving force behind the establishment of Israel. It existed quite openly in nazi Germany, as a matter of fact the zionist flag was the only other flag besides the swastica that was allowed by law to be flown in that country. Zionists and nazis had many things in common then as they do now, not the least of which "because both groups fundamentally saw race as an important dividing line-and, moreover, were determined to keep it that way."

"While the vast majority of European Jews (approaching ninety-five percent) were opposed to both the Nazis and the Zionists, it is generally not realized that the Zionists were themselves national socialists. The prime difference between them lay only in this: the nation the socialist Zionists supported was the state of Israel. Even this, however, was not an impediment, as both the Nazis and the Jews agreed that all German Jews should be moved to Israel, whether they wanted to or not. Thus, the Zionist flag was the only flag other than the swastika that was permitted to fly in Nazi Germany."

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That ABC is shocked, shocked to find racist skinheads in Israel is quite disingenuous, but that's the way they work. All the establishment news orgs go this same route - you must think jews = zionists so you can't criticize Israel's policies or you'll be branded an antisemitic racist. This is how the ziofascists hide behind the jewish faith, just like the wacked out religionists with a political agenda hide behind christian faith in america.
The sad fact is that as a racist nazi-like entity, Israel sponsors hatred so it's no wonder skinhead groups pop up there, and it's been going on for some time, contrary to ABC.

added - Israel Is A FundamentallyRacist, Apartheid State

Saturday, September 08, 2007

N Korea Opens Up To Nuclear Inspection

Nation that doesn't pose a threat to Israel may be out of the Axle of Weasels
"North Korea has invited nuclear experts from the US, China and Russia to survey its nuclear facilities next week, increasing momentum behind efforts to dismantle an atomic weapons programme that has bedevilled north-east Asia for 15 years."

in a related story - Captured spy ship huge draw for commie crowds
Navy vessel seized in 1968 now a major tourist attraction in communist nation
"PYONGYANG, North Korea — North Korea’s greatest propaganda trophy, a captured U.S. Navy spy ship, floats along the banks of the Taedong River, beckoning visitors aboard to see how this country once humiliated the United States.
It’s the USS Pueblo, whose captain surrendered without firing a shot to North Korea in 1968.
Now a major tourist attraction, the vessel has become a floating symbol of anti-Americanism and the Cold War era. It draws nearly 1,000 people a day in organized tours designed to drum up patriotism.
“It was a great victory for the Korean people to capture this ship,” said Li Gyong-il, a tour guide dressed in a crisp taupe military uniform."

There's an interesting aspect to this incident from almost 40 years ago which involved 83 american sailors. At the time it was a real humiliation for the US to have a spy ship captured by people who were at war with this country just fifteen years earlier. The Koreans extracted confessions of violating territorial waters and spying through torture and beatings, and the crew was forced to cooporate for the most part and posed for pictures. But they fooled their captors and conveyed their disgust with the propaganda by posing with one fingered salutes. When the Koreans questioned the sailors about that the prisoners responded that it was just a "Hawaiian Good Luck Sign."
It worked for a little while.

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Wheelbarrows Of Money

Fed printing money like crazy to avoid collapse

"This afternoon's money supply release showed seasonally-adjusted M2 for the week-ended August 27th up by $64.9 billion to $7.400 trillion. M2 now has risen by $111.1 billion for the last two weeks, rising at an annualized fortnight growth rate of 48.2%."

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"one loaf of bread, please"

Numerous Fascist Wannabees Admit They're Failed Liars And Thieves

Here's the problem for our real enemy, those who's job #1 is to protect the american people, the traitorous scum in "government" who commit murder against american citizens and then blame it on muslims. Who conspire to enslave us and lie to us that it's for our own good. They want it all. They want to posture that the trillions we spend and all the fascism we're handed will keep us safe but have to constantly warn us that it all won't work.
The next so called "terrorist" act that they pull on us will prove that everything they've done has been a lie.

Al Qaeda planning fresh attacks on US: CIA chief Hayden
"New York: CIA director Michael Hayden warned on Saturday that al Qaeda was plotting fresh attacks on the United States aimed at sowing death and destruction on a massive scale."

Chertoff gets a 'gut feeling' we'll be attacked
"On Tuesday, Homeland Security Secretary Michael Chertoff told the editorial board of The Chicago Tribune that he had a "gut feeling'' about a new period of increased risk."

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Next attacks will change everything, says little Ricky Santorum
"In an alarming display of fearmongering, former Republican Senator Rick Santorum has suggested that a series of “unfortunate events,” namely terrorist attacks, will occur within the next year and change American citizen’s perception of the war."

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Upcoming attacks "will be much bigger than 9/11" - former CIA sub-chief
"This prediction of a nightmarish terror attack comes from Michael Scheuer, the retired CIA veteran who headed the agency's secret unit dedicated to capturing Osama bin Laden."

Fascist poser claims new dead Osama tape means we're all about to die, maybe
"President Bush said Osama bin Laden's mention of the Iraq war in his video message is a reminder of al-Qaida's long-term objectives in Iraq and of the "dangerous world in which we live."

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Stop It. You're Killing Me!

"After an unexplained absence of nearly three years, the al-Qaeda leader, Osama Bin Laden, has appeared once more on a 30-minute video posted on an Islamist website.
Now this latest video message, released just before the sixth anniversary of the 9/11 attacks, will dispel the growing rumours that he has been dead for some time and remind both his followers and his enemies that the man with a $50m bounty on his head is still at large."

Perhaps the FBI doesn't want to incriminate itself in the conspiracy to commit 9/11 because the dead Osama doesn't appear on the FBI Ten Most Wanted for 9/11.

Yet More Bad Ad Placement

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