Thursday, September 27, 2007

Navy To Plant Bushes To Hide It's Swastika Building

As I pointed out back in May, a barracks for Seabees at the navy's Coronado, California installation doesn't just resemble a nazi insignia, it is a swastika. The arhitect is quoted as saying it was designed to look this way but just don't believe your lying eyes:

"Architect John Mock actually designed the buildings back in the late 1960s. Even now, he stands behind them, pointing out the buildings are not actually connected, and therefore not a swastika."We knew what it was going to look like, but it isn't that," Mock said. 'It's 4 "l" shaped buildings looking at it from the ground or the air, it still is."
No, no, it's not an occult nazi insignia, and has nothing to do with the second world war. But where is the place located?
"The collection of L-shaped buildings is at the corner of Tulagi and Bougainville roads, named after World War II battles."
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