Wednesday, September 26, 2007

Culmination Of The Zionist Plan For Iraq

You wouldn't have heard about it in the execrable MSM, but it's been the goal since before the invasion and occupation in 2003 - the break up of Iraq into smaller and controllable ethnic satrapies that aren't any threat to Israel. Around last year the zionazis didn't even bother to hide their brutal scheme; it was talked about quite openly. Now according to Monsters and Critics the US senate decided to weigh in on the issue and bring it a little closer to fruition:

"Washington - US lawmakers voted Wednesday to split Iraq into a loose federation of sectarian-based regions and urged President George W Bush to press Iraqi leaders to agree.
More than 20 Republicans joined Democrats to pass the non-binding measure in the Senate, 75-23, showing frustration in both parties about Bush's war policy and lagging national reconciliation in Iraq."

Well hell yeah that's just a boy howdy solution to the problem of "Bush's war policy", as if what the US is doing to the country is a war - just forcibly relocate the population around which will be the end result of any partition along religious or ethnic lines. Any other country involved with this sort of activity would be accused of ethnic cleansing, but america of course always wears the white hat and can do no wrong, at least in the eyes of the warmongers and their mouth breathing sycophants. With the Iraqis I'm sure the justification will be that it will ease the sectarian hatred that spawned so much violence the last several years.

Oh yes, all that ethnic and religious hatred that led us to the occupiers' selfless act of balkanizing tough love. Time after time it's been proven that CIA/M16/Mossad agents provocateur pulled false flag attacks in order to stir the hornets nest and pit the various Iraqi factions against one another. Random slaughter of innocents and destruction of sacred places coupled with the total breakdown of the country's infrastructure was designed to make the country a hellish, blood soaked nightmare, and thus easier to control. Iraq was designed to utterly fail from the invasion onward to bring the Iraqis to their knees in order to slice up the country and rape it.

"The scheme to Balkanize the Middle East has its roots in proposals put forth by a number of prominent Israelis. In 1982, Oded Yinon, a senior advisor at the Israeli Ministry of Foreign Affairs and a journalist, articulated the Zionist plan to Balkanize the Middle East by breaking up the Arab states of Egypt, Syria, Iraq, Saudi Arabia and the Gulf States."

This is not a new idea, nor does it surface for the first time in Zionist strategic thinking,” writes Khalil Nakhleh."

Israel Shahak adds: “The idea that all the Arab states should be broken down, by Israel, into small units, occurs again and again in Israeli strategic thinking."

That the ziofascists deliberately slaughtered over a million Iraqis, displaced millions more, irradiated vast swaths of the country and all the rest of the horrendous results from the invasion has to be understood. Fragmenting the country was a long stated goal and since both "parties" in the US are beholden to AIPAC there won't be much in the way of opposition to this monstrous crime, just as we haven't heard boo from the spineless democrats about stopping the Iraq genocide or impeaching the bloodthirsty scumbags who are perpetuating it.
But don't think they'll be stopping anytime soon after dividing Iraq into Shiite, Sunni and Kurdish enclaves. No, sadly after partioning that country there's oh so much more to be accomplished for that shitty little 51st state.

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