Monday, September 24, 2007

Brownshirts Go All Apoplectic On Cue

The Antichrist arrived in New York yesterday according to the ziofascists and their brownshirt henchmen. Iran President Ahmadinejad arrived to speak at the UN and at Columbia University who's president didn't cave in to squawks from dead-from-the-neck-up protesters that he should be banned from speaking there.

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It's pretty funny if it wasn't so tragic that the shrill propaganda in this run up to Operation Slaughter Iranian Babies and Grandmothers is believed by so many idiots. Demonization of the country began soon after Sockpuppet was installed in 2001 and is at fever pitch right now with the US continuing to lie about Iran and it's activities and intentions. Who was it that said “Repeat a lie often enough and the people will believe it"? Oh yeah - Goebbels, who's advice has been taken to heart by the zionists with their "wiped off the map" crap.

"Ahmadinejad has drawn criticism for his comments that the Holocaust was a myth and that Israel should be, "wiped off the map." - NY1

"Ahmadinejad has called the Holocaust "a myth" and called for Israel to be "wiped off the map." - apnews

Drudge took it upon himself to make it graphic for the mouth breathers who have a harder time reading than the rest of us by pairing these photos:

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It's true insanity when a small group of people can hijack reality and turn it on it's head, but that's what we get when we live in Bushzarro Land. Our Perpetual War president can kill a million Iraqis who ordinarily would have lived if america didn't invade and occupy Iraq but Ahmadinejad is the villain. By signing the nuclear non proliferation treaty Iran is completely in it's rights to develop nuclear energy and has repeatedly said it doesn't want to create nuclear weapons, but that country will be leveled in an upcoming slaughter while Israel who didn't sign said treaty and has nuclear weapons will get $30 billion more in US aid.

And one other thing, if Ahmadinejad is compared to Hitler in his hatred of jews, how do the brownshirts explain this little anomaly?

Iranian Jews refuse cash 'bribe' to move to Israel
"17 July, 2007
In Iran today, the country’s Jewish minority unanimously rejected cash offers from supporters of the state of Israel to leave Iran and move to Israel.
The Israeli government promised to provide a package of housing and jobs for the twenty-five-thousand Iranian Jews. A special fund created by Israel supporters promised a ten-thousand-dollar cash award for any Iranian Jew who moved to Israel.
The Society of Iranian Jews dismissed this move as a bribe. Iran's sole Jewish member of parliament, Morris Motamed, said the offer was insulting to Jewish Iranians.

Instead of taking the pro-Israel group up on its offer, the community of Iranian Jews instead took a loyalty pledge to their home country of Iran."


Blogger ericswan said...

You forgot to mention that Israel wants it's billions in euros as they don't think much of the American currency these days.

25/9/07 7:25 AM  
Blogger nolocontendere said...

Yes! I saw that and you've got to wonder at the breezy chutzpah of that vile pariah country.

25/9/07 7:49 PM  

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