Thursday, September 20, 2007

Get Tasered, Land A Job

Greg Palast Offers Job to Tasered Journalism Student - his book was alluded to when the student asked Kerry questions.

"Palast says he is offering the journalism student a job as a paid intern. Meyer had described Palast, in his question to Sen. John Kerry, asking why he conceded the 2004 Presidential Election so early, as "the top investigate journalist in America."
"Did you notice he never let the book touch the ground?," an impressed Palast wryly noted."

There's something strange, though, about that whole episode. As a lot of people have noted, the cops were positioned right behind this guy as if they anticipated manhandling him. On one video a plainclothes dude gives a nonverbal sign to take him down. And yeah, Kerry keeps droning on as the student gets wrestled to the ground and screams. The audience just sits there passively. The story got enormous media coverage.

Some think it was a government psyop.

Hard to say, but getting people to accept the fact that uniformed goons can taser you at will is a fascist wet dream, a highly desirable outcome that will keep people fearful and quiet.
Government agencies seem to think torture devices are the Next Big Thing -
United States Forest Service Purchases 700 TASER X26 Electronic Control Devices


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