Wednesday, September 19, 2007

Another Portent For Giuliani?

By nominating former Manhattan federal Judge Michael [Bernard] Mukasey to replace Alberto Gonzales as attorney general, the Bushistas are killing three birds with one stone.

Mukasey is a radical zionist and as such will get a speedy confirmation with gushing support from the democrats, with Leahy, the Vermont Democrat who heads the Senate Judiciary Committee calling Mukasey's nod "a chance for a fresh start''. Anything after the stench from Gonzales could conceivably be called that but this guy is an obvious choice for several things all at once.

As noted he's an orthodox jew with intimate relations with the Kehilath Jeshurun Synagogue which is tied at the hip with the nation of Israel. When he's confirmed as attorney general he'll join the long list of fascist operatives who pledge unwavering support of policies that place Israel first and this country second.

His resume is being touted as an indication that he's very familiar with the fraudulent War On A Noun, and he'll be counted on to continue the 9/11 coverup. Mukasey was involved with Larry Silverstein's insurance claims about the demolished twin towers. As a judge in New York he sentenced the "blind sheik" over a conviction in the first trade center bombing. I couldn't find any evidence that he wanted to include the complicit FBI activities in that incident, however. He was the presiding judge in the Jose Padilla case where even though he challenged the ongoing presidential power grab he ruled american citizens can be detained without charge on american soil. His ardent support for the despicable "Patriot Act" means that he'll be a valuable tool for future repression.

But it's his long relationship with Adolph Giuliani that caught my eye. I still suspect that G will be selected as the next president, with his nefarious past being covered up by the MSM and his poll numbers artificially inflated to make him a first tier candidate. The fascists owe him a debt of gratitude for making sure their 9/11 crime scene was dealt with successfully and will probably make sure the rigged voting machines will flip his way.
Mukasey and Giuliani go way back to the early '70s while working in the Manhattan U.S. Attorney's Office. They've had plenty of dealings since them and Mukasey swore G in twice as Mayor of New York. It would then seem that Mukasey was a logical pick for attorney general if the fascists wanted a smooth transition and an unbroken agenda from a Bush regime to a Giuliani regime, making sure that all the police state horrors stay fully implemented and in our face.

"Mukasey and Giuliani "are two people who are extremely close -- extremely, extremely close -- and everybody knows that," said New York Assemblyman Dov Hikind, a Brooklyn Democrat. "This is a wonderful thing for Rudy Giuliani."


Anonymous Anonymous said...

The implications suggest that the 9/11 truthers should do everything possible to prevent Guiliani from getting what he wants.

Maybe then, he'll act like a spoiled brat and spill the beans.

Nick Z.

19/9/07 11:50 PM  
Blogger nolocontendere said...

Giuliani is an amazing piece of work, which is why I'm fascinated with him I guess. All indications are that he'll be rewarded with the presidency for his splendid job of making sure the fascist fingerprints were wiped off the 9/11 crime scene. He's put tremendous effort into PR as a terror-fightin' dude and has profitted enormously from it since black tuesday.
He's the Duracell bunny of self promotion and a consummate ego driven shitbag who will turn on his enemies with a vengeance. If he's not given what he thinks he's due he just may squeal on the real perps if he thinks he'll benefit from it.

20/9/07 6:56 AM  

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