Wednesday, September 19, 2007

About Those Supposed Planes

This video series takes a critical look at the anomalies surrounding the planes on 9/11.

911 Flatline - #2 < com/watch? v=BxKJxFArD- o>

911 Flatline - #3 < com/watch? v=Lf-adnwEIQU>

911 Flatline - #4 < com/watch? v=aMiVjSpoMHI>

My take on the planes is this - the supposed story about flight 93 crashing into that field in PA is so demonstrably fake, so provably and laughably false that it automatically brings everything about the planes in the offical story into serious question.

And every time I watch news segments from that day I'm struck by how important it was to the real perpetrators that the news anchors would deliver the correct narrative for the eventual lie. It took all of several minutes for them to intone Osama over and over again, just like "jet hits building" and "jet fuel caused collapse".


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