Tuesday, September 18, 2007

Here's Some Dough, Now Don't Shoot Us

After turning Iraq into a bloody hellhole where the occupiers are now restricted to cowering inside their 'green zone' fortress, and even in there they had to resort to wearing body armor, the Bushistas have decided to buy off enraged Iraqis who would otherwise slit their throats:

"It's an easy way to produce immediate statistical successes on the ground, a decrease in attacks on American soldiers. And this is a long-term strategy."

Yeah, it may be a long term strategy for the pathetically hypocritical war criminals who think they can hand out unending piles of our money to bribe Iraqis from attacking, but the Iraqis are playing them for the chumps they are. Not only will they blow american troops up at the first opportunity after being paid off, these new good buddies are responsible for some of the worst sectarian violence since the invasion and occupation.
But then they think wasting gobs of money fixes all problems.
After all it worked great when they lavished cash on that phony sheik to pretend to be america's newest best friend. Go see the film that shows this new desperate attempt to buy allegiance.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

This follows along the neocon propaganda that Muslims and Arabs are all a bunch of dishonorable crooks and thieves without any real respect for their spiritual beliefs.

It also follows that the neocons that devised this plan are probably some of the biggest sell-outs in the business. They look in the mirror and think, "It's all about wealth. Everybody has their price, including the enemy."

Not too hard to imagine how these creeps have been selling out the US now for the past couple of decades.

Nick Z.

19/9/07 11:47 PM  
Blogger nolocontendere said...

Just lowlife scum who think they can buy a little short term reprieve. Worked like a charm with that newfound con man sheik, didn't it?

20/9/07 7:01 AM  

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