Thursday, September 20, 2007

Crashed Meteorite, Or Something Else?

Hundreds of people have now gotten sick from visiting the site where an object crashed to the ground in Peru. Reports have it that over 600 people are sick from contact with the crater or from "toxic gasses" at the site and the Peruvian Regional Health Directorate is setting up medical clinics. The symptoms include nausea, respiratory distress, heat burns and dizziness.

"According to Peru's La Republica newspaper, due to the high number of illnesses, district authorities are considering placing the town of Carancas, Puno, Peru in a state of emergency. It has been reported that at least 600 people have been affected by the meteorite."

All symptoms of radiation poisoning.

In fact, Pravda is reporting that the object is a downed US spy craft, most probably a KH13 thermal imaging reconnaissance satellite.

"Western media reports are stating that the US spy satellite debris hitting Peru was caused by a meteor, but which, according to these reports, would be 'impossible' as the size of 30-meter crater, if caused by a meteorite, would have hit the ground with about as much energy as 1 kiloton tactical nuclear weapon, and which would have been recorded by the seismic stations around the World.
Most astonishing about these reports, however, are that they state that it was the Americans themselves who destroyed their own spy satellite with the attack upon it being made by the United States Air Forces' 30th Space Wing located at Vandenberg Air Force Base in California. This incident further fuels the intrigue involving the United States War Leaders plans to attack Iran in their attempt to engulf the entire Middle East in Total War, but, against which, according to Russian Military Intelligence Analysts, a 'high ranking and significant' faction of the American Military Establishment is opposed to

Now I don't quite grasp what Pravda is saying about the crater. Whatever hit the earth was sizable enough to blast out a big hole and should have registered on seismographs. The fact that a drastic health emergency is underway points to something other than a space rock, as chondritic meteorites aren't radioactive and don't release gasses. Not much is known about those spy satellites other than they weigh about 20 tons and are powered by Pu238, which can get you mighty damn sick from exposure. If it was a crashed satellite, and if government factions are at war with each other, prepare for bullshit cover stories.

Oh wait, they're already starting - Could mass hysteria play a role?


Anonymous Nick Z. said...

The USAF could have simply been conducting star wars target practice with an old satellite and simply don't give a dang whose air-space they are over when they do it.

After all, it's the Imperial USAF now, isn't it?

21/9/07 1:05 PM  
Blogger nolocontendere said...

It's a possibility, there's so much going on behind the curtain that anything's conceivable.
It's a health crisis there in Peru, so the meteorite explanation sure isn't viable.

21/9/07 6:18 PM  

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