Saturday, September 08, 2007

N Korea Opens Up To Nuclear Inspection

Nation that doesn't pose a threat to Israel may be out of the Axle of Weasels
"North Korea has invited nuclear experts from the US, China and Russia to survey its nuclear facilities next week, increasing momentum behind efforts to dismantle an atomic weapons programme that has bedevilled north-east Asia for 15 years."

in a related story - Captured spy ship huge draw for commie crowds
Navy vessel seized in 1968 now a major tourist attraction in communist nation
"PYONGYANG, North Korea — North Korea’s greatest propaganda trophy, a captured U.S. Navy spy ship, floats along the banks of the Taedong River, beckoning visitors aboard to see how this country once humiliated the United States.
It’s the USS Pueblo, whose captain surrendered without firing a shot to North Korea in 1968.
Now a major tourist attraction, the vessel has become a floating symbol of anti-Americanism and the Cold War era. It draws nearly 1,000 people a day in organized tours designed to drum up patriotism.
“It was a great victory for the Korean people to capture this ship,” said Li Gyong-il, a tour guide dressed in a crisp taupe military uniform."

There's an interesting aspect to this incident from almost 40 years ago which involved 83 american sailors. At the time it was a real humiliation for the US to have a spy ship captured by people who were at war with this country just fifteen years earlier. The Koreans extracted confessions of violating territorial waters and spying through torture and beatings, and the crew was forced to cooporate for the most part and posed for pictures. But they fooled their captors and conveyed their disgust with the propaganda by posing with one fingered salutes. When the Koreans questioned the sailors about that the prisoners responded that it was just a "Hawaiian Good Luck Sign."
It worked for a little while.

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