Saturday, September 29, 2007

War Is, And Has Always Been Intended For Iran

You can make a killing, literally and figuratively.
An excerpt fom the upcoming book "Treacherous Alliance: The Secret Dealings of Israel, Iran, and the United States". Rather than constructively engage Iran, the US had an agenda that precluded anything short of cruise missiles.

"In May 2003, the Iranian authorities sent a proposal through the Swiss ambassador in Tehran, Tim Guldimann, for negotiations on a package deal in which Iran would freeze its nuclear program in exchange for an end to US hostility. The Iranian paper offered "full transparency for security that there are no Iranian endeavors to develop or possess WMD [and] full cooperation with the IAEA based on Iranian adoption of all relevant instruments." The Iranians also offered support for "the establishment of democratic institutions and a non-religious government" in Iraq; full cooperation against terrorists (including "above all, al-Qaeda") [My note - Iran knows it's a CIA front] ; and an end to material support to Palestinian groups like Hamas. In return, the Iranians asked that their country not be on the terrorism list or designated part of the "axis of evil"; that all sanctions end; that the US support Iran's claims for reparations for the Iran–Iraq War as part of the overall settlement of the Iraqi debt; that they have access to peaceful nuclear technology; and that the US pursue anti-Iranian terrorists, including "above all" the MEK. MEK members should, the Iranians said, be repatriated to Iran.

Basking in the glory of "Mission Accomplished" in Iraq, the Bush administration dismissed the Iranian offer and criticized Guldimann for even presenting it. Several years later, the Bush administration's abrupt rejection of the Iranian offer began to look blatantly foolish and the administration moved to suppress the story."

added - It's a pattern that efforts to avoid war are ignored and/or sabotaged. Juan Cole relates in a devastating article that in the runup to the Iraq conquest Saddam made an offer to abdicate and leave the country, but was ignored. It seems one of the purposes for the invasion was to shred the evidence that US officials sanctioned his WMD development.


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