Tuesday, March 31, 2009

Catholic Weirdness

Vatican wants only virile, manly men priests.
Who still can't fuck.

Melbourne Catholic Church embraces testing to ID gay priests

"MELBOURNE'S Catholic Church has embraced a Vatican suggestion to test potential priests for sexual orientation. Those who "appear" gay will be banned.
The head of the Vatican committee that made the recommendations has made it clear celibate gays should also be banned because homosexuality is ‘‘a type of deviation’’."

Something In The Works?

Just a coincidence.

Strange "legal ruling" shuts off Big Brother cameras before G20

"The security operation at this week's G20 summit was thrown into chaos last night when it emerged that the entire network of central London's wireless CCTV cameras will have to be turned off because of a legal ruling.
The Department for Transport (DfT) has ruled that Westminster council's mobile road cameras - a third of the authority's CCTV network - "do not fully meet the resolution standards required" and must be switched off by midnight tomorrow.
The blackout begins on the eve of the summit, when world leaders arrive in the capital and protesters take to the streets."

Faux's Sharon Stone Tease

Something smells fishy about this.

Sorry About Financial Collapse, Please Don't Kill Yourself

Government website now offers 'suicide warning signs' for victims of recession

"When the government starts warning you not to commit suicide, you know things have gotten bad.

The US Department of Health and Human Services now has a webpage for the current recession, "Getting Through Tough Economic Times." Headlined under the Substance Abuse & Mental Health Services Administration (www.samhsa.gov/economy/), the guide offers tips on "how to deal with the effects financial difficulties can have on your physical and mental health." The site went public Tuesday.

Among the deleterious health effects the recession may spawn, the government says, is suicide."

the only growth market left

Americans Die For This?

Afghan leader accused of bid to legalize rape

"Afghanistan's President, Hamid Karzai, has signed a law which "legalises" rape, women's groups and the United Nations warn. Critics claim the president helped rush the bill through parliament in a bid to appease Islamic fundamentalists ahead of elections in August.
In a massive blow for women's rights, the new Shia Family Law negates the need for sexual consent between married couples, tacitly approves child marriage and restricts a woman's right to leave the home, according to UN papers seen by The Independent.
"It is one of the worst bills passed by the parliament this century," fumed Shinkai Karokhail, a woman MP who campaigned against the legislation. "It is totally against women's rights. This law makes women more vulnerable."

And this? - Afghan 2008 opium crop was second biggest: U.N. report

Johnny Appleweed

Do we need a Johnny Appleseed for marijuana?

"In parts of the United States, you can't go for a walk in the woods without bumping into apple trees. Could the debate over marijuana be settled by making marijuana plants as ubiquitous as apple trees -- so unavoidable that prosecuting people for growing and possessing the stuff becomes a preposterous proposition? More to the point, should Americans interested in easing some of the worst abuses of the drug war emulate Johnny Appleseed, the man who made apples so common, and plant marijuana seeds in every likely location?"

"Johnny Appleseed, born John Chapman (September 26, 1774 – February 18, 1845), was an American pioneer nurseryman who introduced apple trees to large parts of Ohio, Indiana, and Illinois. He became an American legend while still alive, largely because of his kind and generous ways, his great leadership in conservation, and the symbolic importance of apples."

I think that's a fantastic idea, because some of us did it years ago.
Back in the sixties and seventies pot was commonly low grade and full of stems and seeds. After cleaning it the seeds would be randomly planted in all sorts of interesting locations. If I remember correctly one enterprising fellow, at the county courthouse facing a posession charge, planted about a hundred seeds throughout the courthouse grounds.

Space Station Sewage Strife

'Toilet row' lowers space morale

"The International Space Station, once a place where astronauts would share food and facilities, is said to be embroiled in a Cold War-like stand-off.
A Russian cosmonaut has complained he is no longer allowed to use a US toilet as well as a US exercise bike."

The Intergalactic Laxative

Monday, March 30, 2009


The Logistical Nightmare In Iraq

283 Bases, 170,000 Pieces of Equipment, 140,000 Troops, and an Army of Mercenaries - Why you'll be paying for the occupation for years to come, withdrawal or not.

"With last week's announced escalation of the war in Afghanistan, including an Iraq-like "surge" replete with 4,000 more U.S. troops and a sizable increase in private contractors, President Barack Obama blew the lid off of any lingering perceptions that he somehow represents a significant change in how the U.S. conducts its foreign policy.
In the meantime, more reports have emerged that bolster suspicions that Obama's Iraq policy is but a downsized version of Bush's and that a total withdrawal of U.S. forces is not on the horizon.
In the latest episode of Occupation Rebranded, it was
revealed that the administration intends to reclassify some combat forces as "advisory and assistance brigades." While Obama's administration is officially shunning the use of the term "global war on terror," the labels du jour, unfortunately, seem to be the biggest changes we will see for some time."

The war party (both dems and reps) knew that the hardest part was lying their way in to occupy the country. After that it would be a piece of cake inventing ways to stay.

After Thorough Investigation Of His Actions In The Henhouse, Fox Declares Himself Blameless

Israeli Military Closes Probe - Allegations of Troop Misconduct in Gaza Called 'Hearsay'

"JERUSALEM, March 30 -- The Israeli military's top lawyer on Monday closed an investigation into alleged misconduct by soldiers who took part in Israel's recent three-week assault on the Gaza Strip, concluding that accusations made by graduates of a military preparatory school were "based on hearsay."
In a statement, the Israel Defense Forces said that Brig. Gen. Avichai Mendelblit, the IDF's advocate general, found no evidence to support the most serious accusations, including alleged instances in which civilians were shot without cause."

Mr Change To Chat A Bit Before Sending In The Killer Drones

Day after day, I'm seeing this president as a well spoken, well packaged con man.

Obama to ‘Consult’ Pakistan Before Hitting Militants

"President Barack Obama today promised that he would continue to launch strikes against extremists in Pakistan, but only after “consulting” with that nation’s government. He insisted that this was part of a broad strategy to stabilize the Pakistani government and improve their economy as a means of destroying al-Qaeda.
At the same time the president seemed to rule out,
at least in the near term, ground forces taking place inside Pakistan. He insisted that the current plan “does not change the recognition of Pakistan as a sovereign state,” while promising that the strategy will continue to be adjusted over time."
Blah, blah...

added - A Terrorist-Producing Machine

"With the possible exception of the war on drugs, it would be difficult to find a greater terrorist-producing machine than the U.S. government’s occupation of Afghanistan."

Earth VS The Flying Saucers

According to Sorcha Faal at What Does It Mean.

US Warplanes Repel ‘Mysterious’ Attack On Washington D.C.

"A most curious report from Russian Space Forces (VKS) circulating in the Kremlin today states that over 75 United States Air Force Warplanes engaged in a battle off the Eastern Coast of the US to repel 5 ‘unidentified’ aircraft said streaking towards their capital city of Washington D.C. at Mach 1 speeds and which saw the loss of 2 US Fighter Jets of as yet ‘unknown’ type."
"These reports state that this is second battle the US Air Force has engaged in this past week with the previous attack occurring along their Western Coastal Regions which resulted in the destruction of the American’s most feared F-22 Raptor stealth fighter jet, but which the US reported as having ‘crashed’, and an ‘incursion’ over the skies of North Carolina which witnesses, likewise, reported as being a loud and mysterious boom."

"A similar fleet of these mysterious aircraft were also reported to have over flown the Australian capital city of Sydney which resulted in a massive power outage lasting for nearly 3 hours. "

Haha, isn't that a laugh, a whole shooting match going on and we're not being told about it on the MSM. How likely is THAT scenario? Haha.

It may be a joke except for one thing we are being told. Whenever something odd occurs, whenever there are mysterious sightings that can't be explained otherwise, and believe me about this one because I'm too old not to have noticed this over the years, it's always blamed on Russian space junk. It's a phrase that automatically should pique your curiosity because I guarantee it's a catchall cover story:

"The mysterious boom and flash of light seen over parts of Virginia Sunday night was not a meteor, but actually exploding space junk from the second stage of a Russian Soyuz rocket falling back to Earth, according to an official with the U.S. Naval Observatory."

Russian "Space Junk" - Caught In The Act

Fireball over central B.C. was Russian space junk

Space Junk Blamed for Space Station Noise

Russia's big satellite becomes space junk

Mysterious lights blamed on Russian space junk

Blame space junk for those flashes and booms

"The flashes and booms that people heard prompted calls to 911 and the National Weather Service late Sunday night.
According to WVEC.com, the calls were numerous enough for the National Weather Service to release this statement late Sunday night:
"Numerous reports have been called in to this office and into local law enforcement concerning what appeared to be flashes of light in the sky over the Suffolk/Virginia Beach area. We are confident in saying that this was not lightning...and have been in contact with military and other government agencies to determine the cause. So far...we have not seen or heard of any damage from this and will continue to inquire as to the cause."

ADDED - Read the 3rd comment, then take a look at this google street view from East London from Sunday.

Cop Mentality Follies

A couple of very morbid stories.

Police held us back from death blaze as pregnant mother begged for help

"Police held back would-be rescuers as three people died in a house fire, angry neighbours said last night.
They said they could see heavily-pregnant Michelle Colley at an upstairs window, screaming 'please save my kids'.
But police said they had to wait for firemen to arrive.
By then, however, Mrs Colley, 25, her husband Mark, 29, and their three-year-old son Louis were dead."

Police give suicide rope to widow

"A police force has apologised to a widow after they returned to her the rope her husband used to hang himself."

Cutting More Than Costs

In troubled times, vasectomies snip and prosper

"(CNN) -- Dr. J. Stephen Jones had seven vasectomies to perform in a day.
The schedule for Jones, a Cleveland, Ohio, urologist, has become more crowded during a recent boom in vasectomies.
"My staff came to me and said, what's happening?" said Jones, the chairman of the Department of Regional Urology of Glickman Urological and Kidney Institute at the Cleveland Clinic. "Why are we suddenly having an explosion in guys asking for vasectomies?"
They looked at their statistics and realized the uptick started around November as the economic crisis deepened. October went down in the history books as one of Wall Street's worst months.
Since then, the Cleveland Clinic has seen a 50 percent increase in vasectomies, an outpatient surgery that is the cheapest form of permanent birth control. Vasectomies are less invasive and cheaper than tubal ligation, which involves blocking, tieing or cutting a woman's fallopian tubes to prevent pregnancy."
"Jones was told by patients that they were getting vasectomies because they were losing their jobs and health insurance, or concerned about being out of work soon."

The Shape Of Things To Come

Camp Arnie by Kurt Nimmo

"California Governor Arnold Schwarzenegger said a make-shift tent city for the homeless that sprang up in the capital city of Sacramento will be shut down and its residents allowed to stay at the state fairgrounds.
The homeless will be “allowed” to stay at Cal-Expo? More like they will be required to stay there, either that or hit the streets.
“Together with the local government and volunteers, we are taking a first step to ensure the people living in tent city have a safe place to stay, with fresh water, healthy conditions and access to the services they need,” said Herr Schwarzenegger, California’s Uber-gov."

Calexpo stockyards to be used by the homeless

"California, home to one of every eight Americans, has been particularly hard hit by the housing market collapse after many residents turned to exotic mortgages to afford homes. The tent city, which has long existed along the banks of the America River, gained national attention last month when some of its recently homeless residents were featured on the Oprah Winfrey Show"

"In other words, the homeless, usually out-of-sight and thus out-of-mind, are a public relations disaster for Arnie and officialdom in California. Now that they will be forced to live in the deteriorating Cal-Expo, media access can be micro-managed by the state. “Too much media attention can be a bad thing."

"In the months ahead, as the economy continues its engineered implosion, local governments around the country may resort to the Camp Arnie solution to homelessness. Camp Arnie will reportedly hold a few hundred people (who are described as “chronic homeless,” not victims of foreclosure and unemployment) but it will stretch beyond capacity as unemployment and foreclosure homelessness increase."

What about that other government response to newly minted homeless, the one after Katrina?

"FEMA’s ludicrously (and maybe prophetically) named toxic trailer camp — “Renaissance Village” — was in essence a concentration camp. “When you first drive up on the FEMA site you see a chain-link fenced in property with stark crowded trailers and no trespassing signs posted along the perimeter. When you drive up to the entrance you will see security guards at the front gate. It doesn’t take much of a closer look to notice that the security guards are armed. FEMA requires all residents to carry Renaissance Village ID badges at all times,” explains a blog on the subject.

You will have to show your ID’s, tell them who you are going to see and their trailer number and they will write down your license plate number on your vehicle when you come in. Mark Misczak, the agency’s human services director for Louisiana said it is“private, like a gated community”. It is unlike any gated community we have ever known of, except a prison. When the site opened FEMA had a ban on firearms.

“It is wrong to force citizens to give up their constitutional rights in order for them to get a needed federal benefit,” said NRA Executive Vice President Wayne LaPierre.

Dekotha Devall, whose New Orleans home was destroyed by the storm, was in her FEMA-provided trailer telling the Advocate reporter of the hardships of life in the camp when a security guard knocked on the door.
“You are not allowed to be here,” the guard is quoted as telling the reporter. “Get out right now.” The guard reportedly called police to force the journalist to leave the camp, and even prevented the reporter from giving the interview subject a business card. “You will not give her a business card,” the guard said. “She’s not allowed to have that.”
Later, at another FEMA camp in Plaquemines Parish, Louisiana, the reporter attempted to talk to camp resident Pansy Ardeneaux through a chain link fence when the same guard halted the interview. “You are not allowed to talk to these people,” the guard told Ardeneaux. “Return to your trailer now.” The reporter said she and an accompanying photographer were “ordered…not to talk to anyone or take pictures.”

In September, 2006, renowned journalist Greg Palast was charged with crimes against the state for filming a FEMA toxic trailer concentration camp, deemed a “critical national security structure,” described by Palast as an ” aluminum ghetto in the middle of nowhere.”

Not to worry. All those new KBR concentration camps are nice and clean and waiting for us.

Sunday, March 29, 2009

Pope Condoms

"Pope condoms were released to mock the pope after he rejected condoms as a weapon against AIDS during his African trip."

I want too see "pope on a rope".

Feeding The Beast

Thinking about the last post, and seeing that yet another possibly staged mass murder happened today, made me remember that we're coming up on yet another high unholy time period for our occult psychopathic overlords.

The stretch between the spring equinox and the ancient occult Beltaine observance has become pretty gruesome in the past few decades. As we approach 2012 the pace has really picked up but this time of year has always been important to the blood cults running the show. Somehow sacrifice rituals play a big part in how the fascist sickos maintain power, or acquire power to manipulate events successfully to their advantage. So we see more staged or exacerbated events happen during this time of year more than any other where people get sacrificed to Moloch or whatever other god the occultists revere.

But as usual the sickos get a laugh at our expense.
April is FEMA's disaster preparedness month.

Titanic - April 14, 1912

Oklahoma false flag bombing - April 19, 1995

US embassy in Lebanon - April 18, 1983

Texas ship explosion - April 16, 1947

Columbine massacre - April 20, 1999

Waco massacre - April 19, 1993

San Francisco fire - April 18, 1906

Virginia Tech massacre - April 16, 2007

Could A Massive "False-Flag" Cyberattack Be On The Horizon?

Articles posted this week by the mainstream media possibly indicate a pattern of doom across the Internet

"Since the attacks on September 11th, 2001, which many have called a "false-flag operation", meaning elements within the Federal Government carried out the attacks while blaming it on its enemies, there has yet to be a massive Internet attack which would, no doubt, cripple the global infrastructure, especially in these unstable times. But could one be in the works in order to usher in complete worldwide government control of the Internet?"

That Hidden Truth About Iran And The Jews

Endless vile rhetoric and lies from warmongering ziofascists directed at Iran is all propaganda meant to demonize the muslim country, it's to make you think bloodthirsty Iranians can't wait to kill jews.
The lies never stop because they don't want you to know that reality is quite a bit different.

Zionists attack NYT for telling the truth with their usual anti semitic charges

"America's revered newspaper, the New York Times, faces allegations of anti-Semitism after breaking Western stereotypes about Iranian Jews. In a string of recent articles, venerated NYT columnist Roger Cohen roundly dismissed Western contentions that the Iranian government mistreats and abuses the Jewish minority in the country.
Iran has the second largest Jewish community in the Middle East after Israel.
Cohen, who paid a visit to Iran last month to report on the issue, asserted that Jews enjoy comfortable living conditions in Iran and are treated with healthy respect. He described rhetoric leveled at Iran as "inflammatory" and declared the country to be one of the most tolerant, democratic and sophisticated states in the Middle East."

Every time the execrable MSM repeats that supposed "wipe off the map"
Ahmenidijad quote they're repeating a lie.
And let's remember Israeli coercion to get Iranian jews to migrate to Israel, whereupon they told the zionists to go to hell.
So who was really trying to wipe who off the map?

"The incentives - ranging from £5,000 a person to £30,000 for families - were offered from a special fund established by wealthy expatriate Jews in an effort to prompt a mass migration to Israel among Iran's 25,000-strong Jewish community. The offers were made with Israel's official blessing and were additional to the usual state packages it provides to Jews emigrating from the diaspora.
However, the Society of Iranian Jews dismissed them as "immature political enticements" and said their national identity was not for sale.
"The identity of Iranian Jews is not tradable for any amount of money," the society said in a statement. "Iranian Jews are among the most ancient Iranians. Iran's Jews love their Iranian identity and their culture, so threats and this immature political enticement will not achieve their aim of wiping out the identity of Iranian Jews."

Saturday, March 28, 2009

Imagine If You Did What This Guy Did

What do you think your punishment would be?

Buffalo police officer admits displaying loaded handgun in bar dispute

"Buffalo Police Officer Mitchell J. Thomas today admitted displaying a loaded handgun and swearing at bar security personnel at a Main Street bar last year.
He was granted a conditional discharge and ordered to stay away from the bar where the incident occurred last year.
Thomas, 38, a Northeast District officer pleaded guilty to a non-criminal harassment charge for the February 2008 incident at the Town Ballroom. He had been charged with menacing.
After prosecutor Susan H. Sadinsky told City Judge Patrick M. Carney that the non-criminal plea was acceptable, Thomas pleaded guilty.
The judge reminded the 10-year police veteran that being a police officer "is a career, not a job."
Thomas also has been suspended without pay for 22 days on a departmental plea."

Some citizens are more equal than others.

NASA's Best Anomalous Footage

What We All Suspected

Experts On Third World Banana Republics:
The US Has Become A Third World Banana Republic

"Who are the leading experts on third world banana republics?Probably those at the International Monetary Fund with years of experience lending money to corrupt regimes after their excess became so out of hand that they needed emergency assistance.
Today, two top IMF officials said that the U.S. has become a third world banana republic."

14 Year Old Faces Child Porn Charges For Posting Nude Pictures Of HERSELF

"A 14-year-old girl will go before a court on child pornography charges after she put nude pictures of herself online.
The teenager, who has not been identified, allegedly posted 30 indecent images on social networking site MySpace.
After being arrested, she reportedly claimed to have posted the pictures for her boyfriend's pleasure."

Blogger 'nolocontendere' was arrested today for public nuisance after posting ugly pictures of himself online.

Tied With Bosnia And Herzegovina

Friday, March 27, 2009

Apocalypse Soon

super duper secret launchpad of doom

Japan, South Korea and of course the US are acting like mad, screaming chimps over this launch. Again and again it appears that fascism needs it's enemies so every incident or suspicion is blown way out of proportion. One of these days such grandstanding over reaction is going to go horribly wrong.

Neighbors anxiously watch as NKorea readies rocket

"Never before have North Korea's neighbors been so ready for the unpredictable communist nation to test its rocket technology.
Two Japanese navy destroyers armed with interceptor missiles are soon to be in the Sea of Japan, along with South Korean and U.S. warships. Batteries of Patriot air defense missiles are being moved to the northern Japan coast. The latest in tracking radar is manned round the clock by U.S. troops, ready to respond with yet more ship-based interceptors and land-based missiles as far away as California and Alaska."

Cop Mentality Follies

Seems to be a rash of this unnecessary shit lately.
In a case like this, tell the braindead idiot to follow you to the hospital and take off.

Woman Left Fighting to Breathe During Traffic Stop, Dies En Route to Hospital

"Wayne Ables was driving his 83-year-old mother, a woman with Chronic Obstructive Pulmonary Disease, to a hospital in Memphis just after 1 A.M. on March 12th when a police officer pulled him over for having expired license plates on his car. By the time Ables was able to reach the hospital, Vernice Ables was dead.

Ables does not deny that the license plates on the car he was driving had expired, giving the police officer who pulled him over legitimate cause to do so, but he argues that the officer's conduct led directly to the death of his mother. He alleges the deputy, who the Shelby County Sheriff Department has declined to name, refused to allow Ables clearance to continue to the hospital after Vernice stopped breathing. Instead, the deputy called an ambulance and forced Ables to stay in place, citing departmental regulations, even while his mother's "head had fallen over and was resting on her walking stick on her hand" and she was struggling to breathe.

There is less than a mile separating the place Ables was pulled over and the hospital that was his destination."

Don't Forget Your One Finger Salute

Get the Feeling You're Being Watched? If You're Driving, You Just Might Be

"The village of Schaumburg, Ill., installed a camera at Woodfield Mall last November to film cars that were running red lights, then used the footage to issue citations. Results were astonishing. The town issued $1 million in fines in just three months."

I'll say it again - if I was ever sent a ticket because a camera took a picture of me doing something, I 'd send them a picture of the money they demand.

The Smell of Soup and the Sound of Money

A beggar was given a piece of bread, but nothing to put on it. Hoping to get something to go with his bread, he went to a nearby inn and asked for a handout. The innkeeper turned him away with nothing, but the beggar sneaked into the kitchen where he saw a large pot of soup cooking over the fire. He held his piece of bread over the steaming pot, hoping to thus capture a bit of flavor from the good-smelling vapor.
Suddenly the innkeeper seized him by the arm and accused him of stealing soup.
"I took no soup," said the beggar. "I was only smelling the vapor."
"Then you must pay for the smell," answered the innkeeper.
The poor beggar had no money, so the angry innkeeper dragged him before the qadi.
Now Nasreddin Hodja was at that time serving as qadi, and he heard the innkeeper's complaint and the beggar's explanation.
"So you demand payment for the smell of your soup?" summarized the Hodja after the hearing.
"Yes!" insisted the innkeeper.
"Then I myself will pay you," said the Hodja, "and I will pay for the smell of your soup with the sound of money."
Thus saying, the Hodja drew two coins from his pocket, rang them together loudly, put them back into his pocket, and sent the beggar and the innkeeper each on his own way.

Translation: Lawless Terror State Murders With Smug Impunity

Olmert hints: Israel operates everywhere against terror

"Israel operates wherever it is possible to harm terror infrastructure in a way that increases our deterrence," outgoing Prime Minister Ehud Olmert said Thursday amid reports that in January, a weapons convoy in Sudan that was carrying weapons intended for Hamas was struck by the Israeli Air Force.
Earlier in the day Sudanese officials confirmed the reports of the attack, but stopped short of saying who carried it out.

Speaking at a political marketing conference at the Interdisciplinary Center in Herzliya, Olmert said "there is no point in going into details, and everyone can use their imagination. Those who need to know – know."

'War On Drugs' Morphing Into 'War On Guns'

Who Is Arming the Mexican Drug Cartels?

"The state, Mexican authorities and their US propaganda arm, known in most circles as the Mainstream Media, have recently embarked on a huge disinformation campaign to demonize the American gun owner as the supplier of weapons to the Mexican drug cartels. Everyone in the media, with the possible exception of Lou Dobbs, has joined in the campaign of lies.
Shown here, on a CBS special, is video proof of the lies and disinformation by CBS, US and Mexican authorities. Anderson Cooper and Janet Napolitano are either ignorant or complicit in the myth that M-203s, RPGs and hand grenades are readily available to the American gun consumer. Most intelligent folks, and those without a state sponsored agenda, realize these weapons are usually only available to the military."

"Napolitano stated, "70% of the weapons in the hands of the drug cartels are coming from the US." The implication is obvious she is referring to private gun owners. The MSM sucks up this propaganda like a large-mouth bass takes a worm, and regurgitates it to Boobus without ever questioning the truthfulness behind the claim. Neither Mexican, nor US officials, has ever produced an ounce of proof to back up these wild accusations."

"The fact is: the Mexican authorities have refused to release the serial numbers of weapons confiscated from drug cartel members. Releasing the serial numbers would implicate the corrupt governments of the US and Mexico and their involvement in arming the drug cartels.
Considering the above, it is my belief the Mexican drug cartels are procuring a large percentage of weapons from the world’s largest supplier of these weapons: the United States government!
The type of weapons confiscated and the unwillingness of those involved to supply weapon serial numbers is a clear indicator."

Thursday, March 26, 2009

You Will Constantly Remember And Revile The German Fascists

And support the newer versions.

Rare Hitler paintings to go on sale

"A collection of rare paintings by the Nazi dictator Adolf Hitler are to go under the hammer after they were found, forgotten in a collector's garage."

Holocaust Legacy Written in Letter

"VIRGINIA BEACH, Va. - Barry Friedman heard about the postcard in January, just a few weeks before his mother died.
His grandfather had written it in January 1944, when he and his wife were on a train headed to the infamous Auschwitz concentration camp. He was worried about his children -- 14-year-old Anne, who became Barry Friedman's mother, and her younger sister. When he finished writing, Izak Altenhaus tossed the note out of the train window, hoping someone would find it and deliver it.
Izak and Pepi Altenhaus arrived at Auschwitz, where they and 417 others on the train were fatally gassed by the Nazis.
But someone found his note along the tracks, put it in an envelope and addressed it. Anne Altenhaus got it, packed it away, and immigrated with her sister to America in 1946."

Swastikas, swastikas, swastikas

Linked to in light of that hate crime hoax down in Venezuela, where the rabbi's bodyguard and several synagogue security guards spray painted swastikas and anti jewish sentiments on the synagogue's walls.

US group re-creates Nazi death camp orchestra

"NEW YORK (AP) — When Gustav Mahler's niece greeted new arrivals at a Nazi death camp, she knew that any woman who stepped off the train with a musical instrument had a chance to live. Women in Alma Rose's orchestra were forced to entertain SS officers at the Birkenau concentration camp. All the women survived — except Rose.
Now, an American chorus and orchestra is paying tribute to those musicians with concerts in the U.S. and Germany titled "Music in Desperate Times: Remembering The Women's Orchestra of Birkenau."

Congress prepares to pass another "I'm-a-Proud-Whore-for-Israel"-Bill

London Big Brother Posters Get Tweaked

ADL Outraged At Truthful Characterization

Oliphant didn't even include the white phosphorus.

ADL Calls Oliphant Cartoon 'Hideously Anti-Semitic'

"New York, NY, March 25, 2009 … The Anti-Defamation League (ADL) labeled a syndicated cartoon by Pat Oliphant appearing today in newspapers across the country and on the Internet as "hideously anti-Semitic" because of its use of Nazi-like imagery and hateful evocation of the Jewish Star of David.
cartoon portrays a headless, jack-booted figure marching in a goose step with a sword in one hand and pushing a Star of David on a wheel with the other. The Jewish Star has fangs and is chasing after a woman carrying a child, labeled "Gaza."
Abraham H. Foxman, ADL National Director, issued the following statement:
'Pat Oliphant's outlandish and offensive use of the Star of David in combination with Nazi-like imagery is hideously anti-Semitic. It employs Nazi imagery by portraying Israel as a jack-booted, goose-stepping headless apparition. The implication is of an Israeli policy without a head or a heart.'"

Fuck you Foxman, you zionist puke. Israelis wouldn't be compared to Nazis if they didn't act like murderous, heartless butchers.

It's Not Like The Cannon Fodder Didn't Have Advanced Warning

Injured GIs Prefer Combat to Bragg Care

"FORT BRAGG, N.C. - Soldiers in a recovery unit for wounded troops at Fort Bragg told the Secretary of the Army that they feel forgotten by the military and that combat duty would be better than the treatment they get now, according to a memo obtained by the Associated Press."

"Some of the Soldiers told Geren they have "feelings of worthlessness and abandonment," the memo states. They told Geren that low morale and suicides in the base's Warrior Transition battalion are "pushed by (a) negative command climate" that is enforced by the unit's squad leaders.
"If I had been in the (unit) after I was wounded the first time, I would not have fought so hard to stay in," one Soldier told Geren, according to the memo. "It is very demoralizing and a very different experience from my previous recuperation."

Two years ago - Soldiers Face Neglect, Frustration At Army's Top Medical Facility

"Behind the door of Army Spec. Jeremy Duncan's room, part of the wall is torn and hangs in the air, weighted down with black mold. When the wounded combat engineer stands in his shower and looks up, he can see the bathtub on the floor above through a rotted hole. The entire building, constructed between the world wars, often smells like greasy carry-out. Signs of neglect are everywhere: mouse droppings, belly-up cockroaches, stained carpets, cheap mattresses.
This is the world of Building 18, not the kind of place where Duncan expected to recover when he was evacuated to Walter Reed Army Medical Center..."

Wednesday, March 25, 2009

Not - War On Terror (WOT)

Hot - Overseas Contingency Operation - OCO

"The leaked memo sent from the Defense Department's office of security notes: 'This administration prefers to avoid using the term "Long War" or"Global War on Terror".
'Please use 'Overseas Contingency Operation.'"

Considering the mindless fear propaganda which started this phony scam:
Mine - Battling Our Overseas Opponents! - BOOO!

Communication Breakdown Could Cost Trillions

Obama dismisses idea of single global currency

"WASHINGTON, March 24 (Reuters) - U.S. President Barack Obama and his top two economic officials on Tuesday dismissed suggestions by emerging economic powers that the world move away from using the dollar as the world's main reserve currency.
"I don't believe that there's a need for a global currency," Obama told a prime-time televised news conference, adding that the dollar is "extraordinarily strong right now".

US backing for world currency stuns markets

"US Treasury Secretary Tim Geithner shocked global markets by revealing that Washington is "quite open" to Chinese proposals for the gradual development of a global reserve currency run by the International Monetary Fund.
The dollar plunged instantly against the euro, yen, and sterling as the comments flashed across trading screens. David Bloom, currency chief at HSBC, said the apparent policy shift amounts to an earthquake in geo-finance.
"The mere fact that the US Treasury Secretary is even entertaining thoughts that the dollar may cease being the anchor of the global monetary system has caused consternation," he said."

Privatization Gone Insane

Chicago gives badges to mercenaries. Not content with giving cops free rein to act as thugs, municipalities are giving hired thugs free rein to act as cops.
You just know how this will turn out.

Can Private Security Guards Act As Cops?

"They're private security guards, already on patrol, but they may soon have the powers of Chicago Police officers."

"No traffic violations such as moving violations – such as moving violations. Small things – illegally parked, blocking the parking," said Ald. Anthony Beale (9th).
That wasn't exactly what Mayor Daley thought when he was asked about it on Saturday. He said the security force would have the power to enforce "moving violations and citations including loitering, littering and graffiti."
This means they're still working on it."

Tuesday, March 24, 2009

Slight Rear End Damage


Monday, March 23, 2009

After The Big Looting Spree

The dollar moves to Pesoville.

Why the End of America is Closer than You Think

"But the real story starts to unfold when you realize the Federal Reserve is now hell bent on multiplying the U.S. money supply by a whopping fifteen times in 2009! This excellent article explains how this number is derived: http://www.marketskeptics.com/2009/...
Now think about this: If the Federal Reserve increases the U.S. money supply by a factor of fifteen, that means your dollars will be worth only 1/15th the value they represent right now. So a loaf of bread that costs a dollar right now could cost $15 when all this extra money ripples through the system. (Which will obviously take a couple of years, but 2009 will be the beginning of it.)
This is called "hyperinflation." We're talking about a loss of over 93% of the purchasing power of the dollar. That, my friends, is called a collapse of the currency.
And once it starts, the floodgates will be opened and the tsunami of investors and nations offloading dollars will be catastrophic and irreversible. By the time it's all done, the dollar might end up losing 99.9% of its value, and you can use greenbacks to light a fire or wipe your back side, as they will be useless for anything else."

Wussy Nation Headline Of The Day

School evacuated after chlorine-like smell found near pool

"A North Side high school has been evacuated as a precaution after a chemical was found in the school Monday morning.
A Level 1 HazMat situation was called about 10:45 a.m. at Senn High School at 5900 N. Glenwood Ave., according to Fire Media Affairs spokesman Quention Curtis.
The school was evacuated as a precaution after a chemical believed to be chlorine was found near the pool, Curtis said. No injuries have been reported but crews remain on the scene as of 11:05 a.m."

Campaign To Weaken And Starve Palestinians Succeeding Admirably

War on Gaza ghetto enters new phase - The Israeli campaign to deny the 1.5 million residents of Gaza their basic right to food has in recent days been showing signs of success.

"Israel has enforced a 20-month blockade on the Gaza Strip and has managed to cripple the economy with its recent war that inflicted over $1.6 billion of harm on the Gazans.

Abu Omar Abu Karsh, a chicken salesperson who now sits idly at once the busiest shop in the Remal neighborhood of Gaza City, said that the price of a living chicken had been 10 to 12 shekels (around 2.6 dollars) per kilogram (2.2 pounds) before the war. The military operations on Gaza, however, pushed chicken prices through the roof "and during the war we sold it for 55 shekels", he said.

Israel has bulldozed three of the eleven chicken hatcheries in the strip and severely damaged two of the others. With the lack of production power in the Palestinian ghetto, even relative calm has been unable to influence prices. Chicken meat is now sold at 35 shekels (9 dollars) a kilogram. "Chicken is the only meat that the poor can afford but the increase of the prices forced the people to turn away from buying and my sales decreased by 90 percent," Abu Karsh told Xinhua.

"Living in Gaza is really becoming so difficult, and day-by-day living is becoming so hard. We really don't know where to go and we really don't know how long this will last, and we really get very tired," said Mattar."

"While Tel Aviv has already hinted at its willingness to open another war on the densely-populated territory, Egyptian crackdowns on the entry of sheep into Gaza and Israeli attacks on fishing boats add to the suffering of the Palestinians."

The Visionary Rising Republican Star

February 26 - Jindal blasts Obama's stimulus bill for 'volcano monitoring'

"The Governor of Louisiana, Bobby Jindal, has weighed in on Obama’s speech to Congress. Jindal criticized the stimulus bill for wasting millions on “volcano monitoring.”
Bobby Jindal is widely considered to be a front-runner in the future of Republican Party, and he may even run for Presidency along with Sarah Palin, Governor of Alaska in the next U.S. election."

March 24 - Volcanic ash snarls air traffic in Alaska

"Mt. Redoubt erupts, spewing ash up to 60,000 feet, canceling flights, stranding hikers and putting residents in the affected areas in a holding pattern."

Buy Ammunition, Get A Little Visit

Gun sales going ballistic

Run of the mill ~increase in guns 'n ammo sales~ story from a New York site except for this little tidbit near the bottom:

"Everyone interviewed by The Post-Star for this story agreed ammunition of all calibers has gotten tougher to find, as gun owners stock up. Prices skyrocketed in recent years as metal prices went up, which caused many gun owners to stock up in anticipation of rising ammunition prices.
There are also concerns that some larger calibers, or those used by military-type weapons, could be banned, restricted or taxed more heavily.
One northern Warren County resident found out recently the government is paying attention to such ammunition sales.
West said a customer of his recently stocked up on .223-caliber rounds, a caliber often used in assault-style weapons. The customer bought 1,000 rounds a few months ago through a mail order company.
Shortly after the purchase, he received a visit from the U.S. Department of Homeland Security, whose interest was apparently piqued by a large-scale purchase of that caliber

"His wife was home. He was at church," West said."

related - Rahm Emanuel wants to decide who can exercise his rights

Rise Of The Machines

US Military Set to Release "BigDog"

"Dubbed "the most advanced quadruped robot on Earth," BigDog is the alpha male of the Boston Dynamics family of robots. It is a quadruped robot that walks, runs, and climbs on rough terrain and carries heavy loads."

you know it's coming

Shocking New Study

98% Of Babies Manic-Depressive

"NEW YORK—A new study published in The Journal Of Pediatric Medicine found that a shocking 98 percent of all infants suffer from bipolar disorder. "The majority of our subjects, regardless of size, sex, or race, exhibited extreme mood swings, often crying one minute and then giggling playfully the next," the study's author Dr. Steven Gregory told reporters. "Additionally we found that most babies had trouble concentrating during the day, often struggled to sleep at night, and could not be counted on to take care of themselves—all classic symptoms of manic depression." Gregory added that nearly 100 percent of infants appear to suffer from the poor motor skills and impaired speech associated with Parkinson's disease."

Yes, Our Best Buddy And Treasured Ally

Parents of critically injured US peace activist demand justice from Israel

"The parents of an American peace activist who was severely injured by Israeli forces at a demonstration in the occupied West Bank called on the Israeli government today to take "full responsibility" for the shooting."

Israel then proceeds to take full responsibility.

Israeli troops shut down press conference with injured American's parents; beat activists

"Jerusalem – Ma’an – A woman and journalist were among those beaten by Israeli troops during a press conference held by the parents of critically wounded American peace activist Tristan Anderson Monday afternoon."

Never Ending FUBAR

B-2 Bomber Radar Spectrum Accidentally Sold, Adds to Military Bandwidth Woes

"Last year during the bandwidth auction, the portion of the spectrum used by the B-2 bomber's Raytheon APQ-181 radar was accidentally sold to an obscure multinational organization according to Military.com. As a result, U.S. taxpayers will be footing the over $1B USD bill to replace the radar in the 20 remaining jets."

Sunday, March 22, 2009

Our Shattered Handiwork

Iraq: A forgotten humanitarian disaster

"The sixth anniversary of the invasion of Iraq is a sad occasion for the balance sheet: during six years of occupation 1.2 million citizens were killed, 2,000 doctors killed, and 5,500 academics and intellectuals assassinated or imprisoned. There are 4.7 million refugees: 2.7 million inside the country and two million have fled to neighbouring countries, among which are 20,000 medical doctors. According to the Red Cross, Iraq is now a country of widows and orphans: two million widows as a consequence of war, embargo, war again and occupation, and five million orphans, many of whom are homeless (estimated at 500,000). Almost a third of Iraq’s children suffer from malnutrition. Some 70 per cent of Iraqi girls no longer go to school. Medical services, not so long ago the best in the region, have totally collapsed: 75 per cent of medical staff have left their jobs, half of them have fled the country, and after six years of "reconstruction" health services in Iraq still do not meet minimum standards."

Tubes To God

Computers will recite prayers for the busy

"The concept is simple. Users have to click on their religion of choice on the home page, which leads them to a list of prayers such as the “Our Father” for Christians and the "Fajr" for Muslims.

Prices are based on the length of the texts and therefore vary. For Catholics, for example, the monthly fee for a daily prayer ranges from 70 cents for the “Hail Mary” to $49.97 for the rosary. And for the hesitant ones ($50 dollars, it’s a lump sum), the button offers a reminder: "Show God you’re serious - Get the complete Rosary Package." It’s an offer that’s hard to resist.

Once the payment is done, a computer belonging to the site's host will recite the requested prayer, every day, using the software, "The Last Cry." For Muslims, the site specifies that the computer speakers are turned towards Mecca."

"Information Age Prayer"

US To Appoint A More Compliant Stooge In It's Satrapy

U.S. Will Appoint Afghanistan Prime Minister To Bypass Karzai

"The U.S. and its European allies are ­preparing to plant a high-profile figure in the heart of the Kabul government in a direct challenge to the Afghan president, Hamid Karzai, according to a report in Sunday's Guardian newspaper."

Will You Live With Your Actions?

The Raid on Mayor Cheye Calvo's Home

"Berwyn Heights Mayor Cheye Calvo’s mother-in-law, Georgia Porter, was stirring her spaghetti sauce when suddenly she saw armed, masked men in black swarming across their backyard. One of the men saw her and pointed his high-powered assault weapon directly at her through the window. She screamed. Suddenly the front door shattered, and men in black burst into the house.
Payton, one of the family’s two black Labrador Retrievers, was lying stretched out on the living room floor. As he turned his head towards the door, the terrified Georgia watched as the men shot him in the face multiple times. The other family dog, Chase, ran into the dining room in an attempt to escape from the screaming men, but they rushed the dining room from all directions and shot him also.

Someone pushed Georgia face-down on the ground and put a gun to her head. They bound her hands behind her and started screaming “Where are they?” She had no idea what they were talking about, and shut her eyes, thinking they were going to shoot her next.
Upstairs, 37-year-old Cheye Calvo was getting dressed for a community meeting when he heard the shouting and gunfire. He fell to his bedroom floor. When he heard the men ordered to come upstairs, he called out ”I’m up here. Please don’t shoot. Please don’t shoot!”
They told him to come downstairs. He looked down the staircase into the barrels of two shotguns pointed at him. Gingerly, he walked slowly down his staircase backwards, clad only in his boxer shorts. When he neared the bottom, someone led him the rest of the way down, pulled his hands behind his back, and bound his wrists very tightly.
Cheye saw Georgia on the kitchen floor with a man holding a gun against her head. Then he saw his beloved dog, Payton, slumped on the living room floor in a huge puddle of blood. As he knelt on the floor, he could hear his house being ransacked top to bottom. And he struggled to try to figure out what they could possibly own that was worth stealing."

"The Prince George’s County Police Department had intercepted a package addressed to Trinity containing 32 pounds of marijuana and delivered it to the house earlier that evening. But despite it being common knowledge among narcotics officers that criminals were sending drugs to innocent people in the hopes of grabbing the packages before they got home, nobody bothered to do even the most basic background research into the Calvo’s before invading their house."

This is going on all the time now. No one really knows how often because the people responsible don't want oversight of their activities. They want to be able to do this with impunity because they are sick individuals engaged in sick activities that give them a rush. And just like all sick people who realize their behavior is reprehensible, they want to get away with it without saner people knowing about it and stopping them from doing it.

This is raw jackbooted fascist terror, pure and simple. It's a disease that will fester and spread if it's not opposed, because that's it's nature. And in a dumbed down, passive and unquestioning society such as we're living in, just like a growth medium on a petri dish, this behavior will spread with impunity. No one is going to come riding over the hill to save you. Legislators won't save you. The thugs won't stop on their own. Cops won't save you because for fuck's sake, these are the cops.

The time's come to think long and hard about quality of life, for you and your loved ones and friends. If you're reading this thinks that this only happens rarely and to someone else and you're exempt from experiencing the terror and shame and helplessness and regret that will be with you all the rest of your life, then turn on Happy Days and be secure and cozy as long as you can in your fools' paradise.

It just might be time to make some tough decisions. Forget for now that a few instances of successfully fighting back will probably nip this shit in the bud because bullying thugs are afraid of people who won't accept their sick behavior and fight back. They very much prefer to prey on passive individuals but the big picture doesn't matter to you if you're on the receiving end of this fascist nightmare. No, the only thing of importance is your self esteem.

If you think that a few hours of humiliation isn't worth resisting and that it will all smooth over once it's done, than so be it. But read the above story in it's entirety. Those two loving pets that were blown apart could just as easily have been your pets, wife, husband, kids. That trashed house could be your trashed house. Those shattered lives could be your family's. That cold official indifference could be what you have to deal with after they have their way with you. The above situation is only one possible scenario, but meekly obeying raw fascism will give you all that and much, much more.

But then of course, you can always "Simply Submit".

The Shitty Little Terror State's Continuing Petty Snitfest

Palestinian cultural events disrupted

"JERUSALEM - Israeli authorities broke up a series of Palestinian cultural events in Jerusalem yesterday, disrupting a children's march and bursting balloons at a schoolyard celebration in a crackdown that underscored the emotional battle over control of the disputed holy city."

Israel unleashes sonic booms on Gaza

"At least two sonic booms hit Gaza City and northern areas of the strip earlier on Sunday, Xinhua cited witnesses as saying. Tel Aviv has previously resorted to sonic boom attacks on the Gazans for weeks on end, causing psychological disorders for thousands of Gazans -- mainly children. "Around 50 percent of the children in Gaza are in need of mental health interventions," Gaza-based psychologist El Sarraj told Fars News Agency in a previous interview. Israeli gunboats also opened fire on Palestinian fishing boats near the coast of Rafah city south of the territory. A number of the boats were reportedly damaged."

The War Party Has No Political Affiliation

This week marks ten years from when the US and NATO bombed, rocketed and contaminated Serbia justified by, you guessed it, fabrications and lies.
Bill Clinton was president.

Humanitarian War Crimes

"More than 80 % of NATO’s bombardments were directed at civilian targets, residential areas, work places, clinics and schools. More then 50,000 rounds with depleted uranium are creating long-term contamination of the environment, with the bombing of chemical production facilities, both the population and the environment were contaminated, cluster bombs and mines are continuing to kill even today .
NATO violated its own founding charter, the Helsinki Final Act of the OSCE and the Charter of the United Nations in launching this war of aggression. The sovereignty and territorial integrity guaranteed by the UN Charter was ignored and blatantly bombed away in the case of one of the United Nations’ founding member states, one of the victorious powers in World War II.
In spite of all the pretexts used to justify the war, on the occasion of its 50 th anniversary, NATO used this war to proclaim its intention to carry out global militarily interventions. Ten years ago, war opponents warned that the aggression against Yugoslavia served as a precedent for obliterating international law. In the meantime, this warning has been confirmed through the aggressions against Iraq and Afghanistan and the global “war on terror."

Looking back on the destruction and murder, it seems the whole exercise had several ulterior motives.
The Serbs were the most fiercely nationalistic people in europe. Their drive to remain independent from the globalist agenda had to be crushed.
It was the culmination of Yugoslavia's dismantling which began some years earlier.
Russia was a close ally of Serbia and the bombing campaign served as a contrived humiliation.
It paved the way for Kosovo Albanians, the CIA's buddies, to corner the heroin market in europe, something that would come in handy a few years later after the invasion of Afghanistan and the resumption of it's huge poppy production.

Saturday, March 21, 2009

Brinksmanship Never Went Away

Russian planes again fly over U.S. Navy ships

"WASHINGTON (CNN) -- Russian military aircraft flew just 500 feet over two U.S. Navy ships this week as the ships participated in a joint military exercise with South Korea in the Sea of Japan, according to U.S. military officials.
On Monday, two Russian Ilyushin IL-38 maritime patrol aircraft, known as "Mays," overflew the U.S. aircraft carrier Stennis while it was in international waters in the Sea of Japan.
The Russian aircraft flew about 500 feet over the ship, lower than other flights the Russians have made over U.S. ships in the past year.
The USS Stennis was about 80 miles east of Pohang, South Korea, participating in the joint military exercise when the flyover occurred.
On Tuesday, the USS Blue Ridge, a lead command and control ship, and the Stennis were overflown by two Russian "Bear" long-range bombers multiple times, according to U.S. military officials.
The Bears overflew the ships at about 2,000 feet."

Of course we're never told how many times US planes harass other navies or land installations, a la it's best 'lil buddy Israel. But what's interesting is how many times the US navy gets caught unaware when foreign planes and ships do it to them. Unless the ship commanders were told to stand down until the provocation occurred, nothing was in preperation until it happened, when planes took off after the fact and caught up dozens of miles away. Incidents like these make you wonder just what we're getting for the trillions we throw at the military.
And let's not forget that uninvited guest a year and a half ago:

Chinese sub pops up in middle of U.S. Navy exercise, leaving military chiefs red-faced

"American military chiefs have been left dumbstruck by an undetected Chinese submarine popping up at the heart of a recent Pacific exercise and close to the vast U.S.S. Kitty Hawk - a 1,000ft supercarrier with 4,500 personnel on board.
By the time it surfaced the 160ft Song Class diesel-electric attack submarine is understood to have sailed within viable range for launching torpedoes or missiles at the carrier.

One Nato figure said the effect was "as big a shock as the Russians launching Sputnik".

Taxes Are For Little People

CA & NY Congressmen Say They Live in Maryland to Claim Property Tax Break on Million Dollar Vacation Homes

"In yet another amazing case of tax chutzpah: California congressman Pete Stark has improperly claimed a Maryland lakefront home (assessed at $1.7 million) as his primary residence in order to qualify for a special real estate tax break:
A senior member of the House's tax-writing Ways and Means Committee, Stark said he was unaware that he might not be eligible for the tax break. Asked whether it was questionable for him to receive it, he said, "I guess it is."
To qualify, a property must be the owner's principal residence: He or she must live there at least six months of the year, use the address for voter registration and driver's license purposes, and file Maryland income taxes. Stark is registered to vote at his wife's parents' address in San Lorenzo and has a California driver's license.
ABA Journal
Associated Press
Contra Costa Times
L.A. Times
Tax Policy Blog
Earlier this month, Congressmen Eliot Engel, a lifelong resident of the Bronx, was outed for claiming the Maryland real estate tax break on his Maryland home (formerly owned by ABC's Ted Koppel and Wonder Woman Lynda Carter) assessed at $938,000.
New York Daily News
New York Times
Tom Daschle claimed a similar homestead exemption for his $1.9 million Washington, D.C. home while he represented South Dakota as Senate Minority Leader, and this was an issue in his losing 2004 re-election campaign."

Friday, March 20, 2009

The Most Hated Woman In America

Rosa DeLauro - Monsanto Whore

Seems that Congresswoman Rosa De Lauro, the sponsor of HR 875, the (so called) Food Safety Modernization Act, has a husband employed by Monsanto, a company that would directly benefit from the provisions in her bill that threaten to destroy organic farmers and even backyard gardiners via threats of gigantic fines and massive red tape....

They Just Can't Help Their Motherfucking Selves

Citigroup May Spend $10 Million of your tax money for Executive Suite

"March 19 (Bloomberg) -- Citigroup Inc. plans to spend about $10 million on new offices for Chief Executive Officer Vikram Pandit and his lieutenants, after the U.S. government injected $45 billion of cash into the bank.
Affidavits filed with New York’s Department of Buildings show Citigroup expects to pay at least $3.2 million for basic construction such as wall removal, plumbing and fire safety. By the time architect’s fees and expenses such as furniture are added, the tally for the offices at the bank’s Park Avenue headquarters will be at least three times as high, according to a person familiar with the project who declined to be identified because he’s not authorized to comment. Citigroup said the project will help it save money over time."

Propaganda Case Against Gun Store Falls Apart

It was supposed to be the new reason to close gun shops, doncha know.
Somehow the globalists got ahead of themselves and thought that pointing at gun stores in the US as the source of drug violence in Mexico was a good reason for stricter gun laws here.
This case didn't work. It seems to have been a complete fabrication by the prosecution to demonize gun shops - to eventually close them and keep you from buying firearms. They'll try again, rest asured.

Case Against Gun-Store Owner Dismissed

"An Arizona court on Wednesday dismissed the case against a gun-store owner accused of looking the other way while front men purchased weapons to deliver to Mexico's drug cartels.
The trial, which began earlier this month, had been heralded as an example of U.S. authorities working to stanch the flow of weapons to Mexico, where a recent war among drug gangs is believed to have killed more than 6,000 people."

""The state's case is based upon testimony of individuals who [alleged]...that they were the actual purchaser of the firearms when they were not," Judge Gottsfield wrote. He then indicated that such testimony, by itself, failed to establish that any additional unlawful conduct transpired.
"There is no proof whatsoever that any prohibited possessor ended up with the firearm," the judge said."

This Means Sending In The Tractors Because Of Bad Publicity

California "tent city" for homeless to be closed

"SACRAMENTO, California (Reuters) - The mayor of California's state capital unveiled plans on Thursday to shut down a sprawling "tent city" of the homeless that has drawn worldwide media attention as a symbol of U.S. economic decline.
Sacramento Mayor Kevin Johnson promised to first make alternative shelter space available for the estimated 150 men and women who inhabit the squalid encampment near the American River, at the edge of the city's downtown.
Johnson, who toured the area with California Governor Arnold Schwarzenegger a day earlier, said he hoped to have the ramshackle settlement cleared of tents and debris in the next two to three weeks."

Our Bestest 'Lil Buddies In The Whole World

Israeli soldiers admit to deliberate killing of Gaza civilians

"The Israeli army has been forced to open an investigation into the conduct of its troops in Gaza after damning testimony from its own front line soldiers revealed the killing of civilians and rules of engagement so lax that one combatant said that they amounted on occasion to “cold-blooded murder”. "
“That’s the beauty of Gaza. You see a man walking, he doesn’t have to have a weapon, and you can shoot him,” one soldier told Danny Zamir, the head of the Rabin pre-military academy, who asked him why a company commander ordered an elderly woman to be shot."

Nothing new and revelatory here. IOF soldiers have a long history of murdering children for sport.

Gaza commemorative Tee - pregnant woman in crosshairs -


It Hurts When You Realize You've Become The Bad Guys

"In 2004, the U.S. Army reported 12 suicides; last year, 143. At this point in 2009, more soldiers have lost their lives to suicide than have been killed in combat."
That we know of.

Army responds to record number of suicides

"The U.S. Army recently made suicide prevention training mandatory for every single person in the service. This initiative comes on the heels of news that the Army suicide rate has reached its highest level since the Pentagon began keeping records in 1980"

It Says A Lot When The Russians Set A Good Example For The US

From Pravda - USA has two options to save its economy: declare default or trigger off war

"The United States is the largest borrower in the world. The US national debt has already exceeded the level of 11 trillion dollars as of the beginning of 2009 and continues to grow like an avalanche. Experts say that the USA has only two ways to solve the problem: to either declare default or trigger off a war."

Putin Warns Against Printing Money to Cover Deficit

"March 19 (Bloomberg) -- Russia won’t resort to printing money to cover budget deficits that Prime Minister Vladimir Putin said are likely to continue for the “next few years.”
The government should tackle the deficit “by using the reserves that have been accumulated in recent years, or if necessary by borrowing under market conditions,” Putin told the Cabinet in Moscow today, adding that Russia doesn’t yet need to borrow and won’t seek loans abroad. “Resorting to a printing press would be unwise and extremely dangerous.”

Thursday, March 19, 2009

I'll See Your Warships And Raise A Fleet

Beijing to deploy more ships to the South China Sea

"China plans to boost patrols in the South China Sea, converting retired naval ships and possibly even drafting in fishing boats to protect its interests in the disputed area.
The announcement comes weeks after the United States said that one of its unarmed maritime surveillance ships had been harassed by five Chinese naval boats in waters about 75 miles (120km) off the southern Chinese island of Hainan. China said that the US ship was engaged in spying. The Pentagon then sent in a destroyer to protect the USNS Impeccable as it carried out its surveys in the region.
Wu Zhuang, director of the Administration of Fishery and Fishing Harbour Supervision of the South China Sea, said: “China will make the best use of its naval ships and may also build more fishery patrol ships, depending on the need.”

The Truth Drip By Drip

Pictures of 'liquid water' increase possibility of life on Mars

"Pictures beamed back from Mars appear to provide the first photographic evidence of water existing in its liquid state on the planet.
Shots of Nasa's Mars Phoenix Lander’s leg struts appear to show droplets of water forming and then vanishing as if they have dripped on to the ground."

Oh spare us the drama. Pictures taken by Mariner 4 launched in 1964 showed running streams and pockets of standing water on the planet. Subsequent high res photos taken by orbiting spacecraft show millions of seeps and springs. Areas are covered in vegetation. They keep dribbling this "wait for it!" shit year after year because they think the truth that Mars is teeming with life is too startling for us to handle.
Here's a fun thought. I came across a whistleblower's testimony some years ago where he let it be known that every probe sent to the surface of Mars gets covered with what he termed "turtles". Slow moving, hard shelled life forms that converge on the landing sites creating all sorts of problems.
Again, here's a picture of a lake on the planet taken by Mariner 4.
No wait a minute. I guess it's "swamp gas" or something.


Audits Next For All Tax Protesters

Police Spray Water Cannons at World Water Forum Protesters

"The police said that the water cannons were the most “cost effective” way to respond to these protesters."

Those Murderous Ski Slopes

1/1/98 - Michael Kennedy Dies in Accident on Aspen Slopes

"The Pitkin County Sheriff's Office released a statement saying Kennedy's death came at the end of a clear, mild day and "appears to be accidental."

1/6/98 - Sonny Bono killed in skiing accident

"Sonny Bono, who first stepped into the spotlight as half of the singing duo Sonny and Cher, was killed Monday in a skiing accident, authorities said early Tuesday. He was 62.
Bono, an avid skier, was reported missing about 4:30 p.m. at Heavenly Ski Resort in South Lake Tahoe, California. The resort is about 55 miles (88 km) southwest of Reno, Nevada, on the California-Nevada state line. A ski patrol searched the Nevada side of the mountain and found the body some two hours later."

US representative Bono assassinated, clubbed to death for what he was about to reveal.

Redgrave's 'Zionist Hoodlums' Speech Shocks Hollywood - 3/29/78

"On accepting academy award for "Julia" - "And I salute you and I pay tribute to you and I think you should be very proud that in the last few weeks you've stood firm and you have refused to be intimidated by the threats of a small bunch of Zionist hoodlums [gasps from the audience followed by a smattering of boos and clapping] whose behavior is an insult to the stature of Jews all over the world and their great and heroic record of struggle against fascism and oppression."
"After the show, Jack Nicholson deadpanned (we hope) the following when asked about the speech, "I'm not a well-read person, you can see that. What are these Zionists? Are they reds? There've been threats? I've been skiing."

Natasha Richardson is Vanessa Redgraves' daughter.

March 18, 2009 -- Actress Natasha Richardson, 45, has died in the wake of head injuries she sustained in a fall at a Canadian ski resort.

Dump The Toilet Paper

U.N. panel says world should ditch dollar

"LUXEMBOURG (Reuters) - A U.N. panel will next week recommend that the world ditch the dollar as its reserve currency in favor of a shared basket of currencies, a member of the panel said on Wednesday, adding to pressure on the dollar."

Again - rice, beans, shotguns and water filters.

Wednesday, March 18, 2009

Obama Administration Paid Blackwater Xe $70 Million To Stay In Iraq Illegally

The Obama Administration’s New Deal for Blackwater

"Days after the Baghdad government decided it no longer wanted the company then known as Blackwater in Iraq, the State Department signed a $22.2 million deal in February to keep the embattled contractor working there through most of the summer, contract records show.
The decision keeps Blackwater - since renamed Xe - in Iraq months longer than anyone has suggested publicly, while raising questions about why the U.S. would pay a contractor for work in Iraq if it may not be able to operate there legally."

Successful High Criminality Is Always Complicated

And usually leads back to Israelis.


"The Madoff investigation is very similar to the 9-11 investigation in that evidence of a larger conspiracy is being avoided and ignored. It is possible that the billions that Madoff stole, and is still unaccounted for, was being used to finance Israel’s vast global spy and sabotage network Mossad with connections to both AIG and quite possibly 9/11 itself."
"Russian intelligence has weighed in on the Madoff scandal and reported today that ~ " Madoff was the chief financier for a vast Israeli spy and sabotage network ( Mossad ) set up by former Israeli Security Agency (Shin Bet) director Jacob Perry (Yaakov Peri) who ‘transformed’ himself into one of America’s most powerful businessman and led what FSB sources call the ñìåðòîíîñíàÿ øàòèÿ 7 ( English translation roughly means “Murderous/Fatal Gang of 7 ) which references the leaders of this American-Israeli cabal who besides Madoff and Perry include:

Henry Taub
Maurice Greenberg
Larry Silverstein
Mort Zuckerman
Edouard de Rothschild

"These reports further state that Madoff was ‘convicted’ in a ‘one of a kind’ designed trial in which his guilty plea kept all evidence against Israel’s betrayal of the United States from being entered into official American records as it was deemed by the Obama administration as ‘too incendiary’ for the American people to know about and would, most certainly, unleash an Israeli backlash many Russian Military Analysts state would leave ‘many US cities in ruin’. "

Cop Mentality Follies

Cop walks as kid nearly dies

"Someone stomped that boy nearly half to death.
And that is the thing with last week's trial of Charles Porter, which triggered an event that should not pass from our consciousness without noting its very, very rare occurrence.
Charles Porter is a 13-year veteran of the Denver Police Department who one night last spring, on a gang- unit detail, believed he'd seen Juan Vasquez, a 16-year-old boy, swigging an alcoholic beverage in northwest Denver. When he flipped on his flashing lights, the boy ran.
The chase was a short one. In the end, the boy lay prone and handcuffed on the ground with several of his ribs smashed, his kidneys half- pulverized and his liver lacerated.
The cops, a month later, came for one of their own and arrested Porter on a felony charge of second-degree assault. He went to trial a little more than a week ago. A jury acquitted him Thursday.
Of course it did.
I would have fallen straight over had the verdict gone the other way.
Juries simply do not convict cops for the things they do on the streets, even when the misconduct is captured on videotape."
"Back in their squad car, Rivera said he questioned Porter as to why he jumped on the kid. "Officer Porter said, 'I don't know why I do that. It's just something I do lately. I guess I just like the way they sound.' "

New Met chief leads officers in raid on home of burglar and finds... he's already been arrested

"With the Met's helicopter hovering, Sir Paul's team smashed through one front door at 6.30am yesterday.
Unfortunately for the commissioner, and the reporters and photographers invited to witness the operation, the suspect was nowhere to be found - because he had been arrested several hours earlier."
"'This was all about catching villains and making people feel safer in their homes. The operation was very professional. The suspect was not there but that's the nature of police work.'

Covering your eyes when a cop shines a flashlight in them gets you a bullet

"A 20-year-old university student in Michigan is hospitalized and in serious condition after police shot the man Wednesday while serving a drug warrant. He was unarmed, investigators said.Coming through an apartment's back door, an Ottawa County deputy allegedly shined a flashlight into the student's face, causing him to raise his right hand in front of his eyes.
The officer, whose name was not released, fired a single bullet into Derek Copp's chest. The 20-year-old Grand Valley State University student, who survived the shooting, said he had no idea the man was an officer."

Cop Cleared in Shooting - Anaheim
Cop Cleared in Slaying - Dayton
Cop Cleared in Fatal Shooting - Denver
Cop Cleared in Shooting - San Diego
Cop Won't Face Jail for Shooting
Cost of the War in Iraq
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