Friday, March 27, 2009

Cop Mentality Follies

Seems to be a rash of this unnecessary shit lately.
In a case like this, tell the braindead idiot to follow you to the hospital and take off.

Woman Left Fighting to Breathe During Traffic Stop, Dies En Route to Hospital

"Wayne Ables was driving his 83-year-old mother, a woman with Chronic Obstructive Pulmonary Disease, to a hospital in Memphis just after 1 A.M. on March 12th when a police officer pulled him over for having expired license plates on his car. By the time Ables was able to reach the hospital, Vernice Ables was dead.

Ables does not deny that the license plates on the car he was driving had expired, giving the police officer who pulled him over legitimate cause to do so, but he argues that the officer's conduct led directly to the death of his mother. He alleges the deputy, who the Shelby County Sheriff Department has declined to name, refused to allow Ables clearance to continue to the hospital after Vernice stopped breathing. Instead, the deputy called an ambulance and forced Ables to stay in place, citing departmental regulations, even while his mother's "head had fallen over and was resting on her walking stick on her hand" and she was struggling to breathe.

There is less than a mile separating the place Ables was pulled over and the hospital that was his destination."


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