Thursday, March 26, 2009

You Will Constantly Remember And Revile The German Fascists

And support the newer versions.

Rare Hitler paintings to go on sale

"A collection of rare paintings by the Nazi dictator Adolf Hitler are to go under the hammer after they were found, forgotten in a collector's garage."

Holocaust Legacy Written in Letter

"VIRGINIA BEACH, Va. - Barry Friedman heard about the postcard in January, just a few weeks before his mother died.
His grandfather had written it in January 1944, when he and his wife were on a train headed to the infamous Auschwitz concentration camp. He was worried about his children -- 14-year-old Anne, who became Barry Friedman's mother, and her younger sister. When he finished writing, Izak Altenhaus tossed the note out of the train window, hoping someone would find it and deliver it.
Izak and Pepi Altenhaus arrived at Auschwitz, where they and 417 others on the train were fatally gassed by the Nazis.
But someone found his note along the tracks, put it in an envelope and addressed it. Anne Altenhaus got it, packed it away, and immigrated with her sister to America in 1946."

Swastikas, swastikas, swastikas

Linked to in light of that hate crime hoax down in Venezuela, where the rabbi's bodyguard and several synagogue security guards spray painted swastikas and anti jewish sentiments on the synagogue's walls.

US group re-creates Nazi death camp orchestra

"NEW YORK (AP) — When Gustav Mahler's niece greeted new arrivals at a Nazi death camp, she knew that any woman who stepped off the train with a musical instrument had a chance to live. Women in Alma Rose's orchestra were forced to entertain SS officers at the Birkenau concentration camp. All the women survived — except Rose.
Now, an American chorus and orchestra is paying tribute to those musicians with concerts in the U.S. and Germany titled "Music in Desperate Times: Remembering The Women's Orchestra of Birkenau."

Congress prepares to pass another "I'm-a-Proud-Whore-for-Israel"-Bill
Cost of the War in Iraq
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