Sunday, March 29, 2009

Feeding The Beast

Thinking about the last post, and seeing that yet another possibly staged mass murder happened today, made me remember that we're coming up on yet another high unholy time period for our occult psychopathic overlords.

The stretch between the spring equinox and the ancient occult Beltaine observance has become pretty gruesome in the past few decades. As we approach 2012 the pace has really picked up but this time of year has always been important to the blood cults running the show. Somehow sacrifice rituals play a big part in how the fascist sickos maintain power, or acquire power to manipulate events successfully to their advantage. So we see more staged or exacerbated events happen during this time of year more than any other where people get sacrificed to Moloch or whatever other god the occultists revere.

But as usual the sickos get a laugh at our expense.
April is FEMA's disaster preparedness month.

Titanic - April 14, 1912

Oklahoma false flag bombing - April 19, 1995

US embassy in Lebanon - April 18, 1983

Texas ship explosion - April 16, 1947

Columbine massacre - April 20, 1999

Waco massacre - April 19, 1993

San Francisco fire - April 18, 1906

Virginia Tech massacre - April 16, 2007


Blogger Nina said...

i heard some talking babblehead say the internet was full of disinformation and non-legitimate reporting unlike the MSM. this latest shooting in NC shines the b.s. lighter on such a statement. one reporter said "it's a mystery. the shooter didn't know anyone on site. he had never been a previous employee." godddd makes me want to grab the mic and say "ok now for some REAL journalism--the brand i was taught in college. isn't it rather ODD we have yet another "mysterious" shooting? and why the month of April yet again? no obvious agenda, no apparent motive, hence that could suggest the possibility of something else behind this incident and others like it. it's worth examining. bob, back to you." of course then i arrive back at the studio to accept my pink slip. : )

30/3/09 12:44 PM  
Blogger nolocontendere said...

Here's what I see as the conundrum, neener.
Too many time for coincidence the shooter is male, heavily armed, calm, and intent on killing indiscriminately. Usually he's only stopped by being killed or killing himself.
But it's the witnesses' statements about the methodical and deliberate manner in which the horror is played out that gets my bullshit antenna quivering. People engaged in activity like that will be frantic, blood pounding, wild eyed and at the limit, unless they're mind controlled or drugged, which even a cursory internet search will find to be the case.

30/3/09 5:07 PM  

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