Saturday, March 28, 2009

Imagine If You Did What This Guy Did

What do you think your punishment would be?

Buffalo police officer admits displaying loaded handgun in bar dispute

"Buffalo Police Officer Mitchell J. Thomas today admitted displaying a loaded handgun and swearing at bar security personnel at a Main Street bar last year.
He was granted a conditional discharge and ordered to stay away from the bar where the incident occurred last year.
Thomas, 38, a Northeast District officer pleaded guilty to a non-criminal harassment charge for the February 2008 incident at the Town Ballroom. He had been charged with menacing.
After prosecutor Susan H. Sadinsky told City Judge Patrick M. Carney that the non-criminal plea was acceptable, Thomas pleaded guilty.
The judge reminded the 10-year police veteran that being a police officer "is a career, not a job."
Thomas also has been suspended without pay for 22 days on a departmental plea."

Some citizens are more equal than others.


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