Sunday, March 22, 2009

Our Shattered Handiwork

Iraq: A forgotten humanitarian disaster

"The sixth anniversary of the invasion of Iraq is a sad occasion for the balance sheet: during six years of occupation 1.2 million citizens were killed, 2,000 doctors killed, and 5,500 academics and intellectuals assassinated or imprisoned. There are 4.7 million refugees: 2.7 million inside the country and two million have fled to neighbouring countries, among which are 20,000 medical doctors. According to the Red Cross, Iraq is now a country of widows and orphans: two million widows as a consequence of war, embargo, war again and occupation, and five million orphans, many of whom are homeless (estimated at 500,000). Almost a third of Iraq’s children suffer from malnutrition. Some 70 per cent of Iraqi girls no longer go to school. Medical services, not so long ago the best in the region, have totally collapsed: 75 per cent of medical staff have left their jobs, half of them have fled the country, and after six years of "reconstruction" health services in Iraq still do not meet minimum standards."


Anonymous abi said...

These are stunning statistics.

It always amazes me how Americans can so easily wipe evidence of our own cruelty completely out of our minds.

Take the example of Iraq again - and the hundreds of thousands of kids who died as a result of US-led sanctions in the 90s.

What we've done to that country is, to put it mildly, criminal. But we've learned nothing and have long since moved on.

23/3/09 9:52 AM  
Blogger nolocontendere said...

We have become the bad guys despite our self delusions. If we don't wake up and change it's going to destroy us very shortly.

23/3/09 6:16 PM  

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