Thursday, March 19, 2009

The Truth Drip By Drip

Pictures of 'liquid water' increase possibility of life on Mars

"Pictures beamed back from Mars appear to provide the first photographic evidence of water existing in its liquid state on the planet.
Shots of Nasa's Mars Phoenix Lander’s leg struts appear to show droplets of water forming and then vanishing as if they have dripped on to the ground."

Oh spare us the drama. Pictures taken by Mariner 4 launched in 1964 showed running streams and pockets of standing water on the planet. Subsequent high res photos taken by orbiting spacecraft show millions of seeps and springs. Areas are covered in vegetation. They keep dribbling this "wait for it!" shit year after year because they think the truth that Mars is teeming with life is too startling for us to handle.
Here's a fun thought. I came across a whistleblower's testimony some years ago where he let it be known that every probe sent to the surface of Mars gets covered with what he termed "turtles". Slow moving, hard shelled life forms that converge on the landing sites creating all sorts of problems.
Again, here's a picture of a lake on the planet taken by Mariner 4.
No wait a minute. I guess it's "swamp gas" or something.



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