Monday, March 30, 2009

The Logistical Nightmare In Iraq

283 Bases, 170,000 Pieces of Equipment, 140,000 Troops, and an Army of Mercenaries - Why you'll be paying for the occupation for years to come, withdrawal or not.

"With last week's announced escalation of the war in Afghanistan, including an Iraq-like "surge" replete with 4,000 more U.S. troops and a sizable increase in private contractors, President Barack Obama blew the lid off of any lingering perceptions that he somehow represents a significant change in how the U.S. conducts its foreign policy.
In the meantime, more reports have emerged that bolster suspicions that Obama's Iraq policy is but a downsized version of Bush's and that a total withdrawal of U.S. forces is not on the horizon.
In the latest episode of Occupation Rebranded, it was
revealed that the administration intends to reclassify some combat forces as "advisory and assistance brigades." While Obama's administration is officially shunning the use of the term "global war on terror," the labels du jour, unfortunately, seem to be the biggest changes we will see for some time."

The war party (both dems and reps) knew that the hardest part was lying their way in to occupy the country. After that it would be a piece of cake inventing ways to stay.


Anonymous abi said...

That's exactly right. They can and will find a dozen ways to justify staying in Iraq without breaking a sweat.

The only way we'll leave Iraq is if the Iraqis push us out by force, like the Vietnamese did. I don't see that happening.

31/3/09 6:10 AM  
Blogger nolocontendere said...

I don't either abi because the military and their black ops are very good at divide and conquer and keeping factions at each others' throats, with bribery and false flag bombings.
Their cleverness as occupiers may rapidly be taken over by events that they pretend to themselves that they can handle, however. If Israel ignites the region the Green Zone and all the major bases may be reduced to rubble and over 100,000 could possibly be cut off. And of course any major conflict will shortly go nuclear in the worst case scenario. Their best laid plans along with all this phony rebranding will at that point evaporate, literally.

31/3/09 6:54 AM  

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