Thursday, January 31, 2008

McCain Channels Dr. Strangelove

Jeebus Shaves

At the BuzzFlash store you can pick up a coffee mug where your favorite savior performs his absolutions ablutions right along with you in the morning.


And whaddya know - without his heavenly hirsuteness it's Jon Stewart.


that's it, you're coming with me.
you don't have a right to remain
silent and as a matter of fact
we prefer that you scream like hell

"Life" In Israel's Prison Ghetto

(GlobalResearch has become one of the most important resources for in depth commentary on the net)

by Stephen Lendman

"Life in occupied Gaza was never easy, but conditions worsened markedly after Hamas' surprise January 2006 electoral victory. Israel refused recognition along with the US and the West. All outside aid was cut off, an economic embargo and sanctions were imposed, and the legitimate government was isolated. Stepped up repression followed along with repeated IDF incursions, attacks and arrests. Gaza's people have been imprisoned in their own land and traumatized for months. No one outside the Territories cares or offers enough aid. Things then got worse."

Soldier Suicides At Record Level

The sub headline reads "Increase Linked to Long Wars, Lack of Army Resources"

Bullshit. The soldiers feel more outrage than we can ever possibly imagine at having to waste their time and lives doing filthy work at the behest of monstrous psychopaths. They know full well this isn't war but brutal occupation and enforced subservience. It isn't just the length of time torn away from their lives and fuckups with supply lines. It's the moral anguish at having to follow sick orders from despicable criminals, against their better judgement.

Think about this propaganda. Do you really believe soldiers raise a gun to their temples and scatter their brains because they 'lack resources'?

Gas Prices Seen Spiking Again In Spring

"NEW YORK -- Get ready for another surge in gasoline prices.
Experts are predicting pump prices, which jumped by almost a dollar a gallon in each of the last two springs in many parts of the United States, will spike again this year as refiners and gas stations switch from winter- to summer-blended fuels."

Daily Mail
Shell's 'obscene' £13.9billion profit is biggest ever by British company

Chevron 4Q Earnings to Rise
Exxon Mobil 4Q Earnings to Rise

BP 4Q Earnings to Rise

Bush IS A Uniter

Joint South American military alliance to oppose US intervention

"Venezuelan President Hugo Chavez and Nicaraguan President Daniel Ortega proposed the formation of a joint military force among Latin American countries to defend against outside intervention yesterday. On his Sunday TV and radio show Aló Presidente, Chavez also promised to dramatically increase food production in Venezuela during the inauguration of a "socialist" corn-processing plant.
The Nicaraguan president, in Caracas for the ALBA (Bolivarian Alternative for the Americas) Summit on Saturday, joined President Chavez on his TV and radio show on Sunday. The two leaders discussed the possibility of creating a joint military force among the member-nations of the ALBA block.
"The countries of Nicaragua, Bolivia, Cuba, Venezuela, and now Dominica should work to form a joint defense strategy and start joining our armed forces, air forces, armies, navies, National Guards, and intelligence forces," said Chavez. "Because the enemy is the same, the empire."

Smart move, considering the extensive history of US "intervention" in Latin America. And since Brazil is also on board, considering it's future as an energy powerhouse alongside Venezuela's reserves, this organization will have some teeth.

Wednesday, January 30, 2008

"Evil Never Runs It's Course"

Traffic Jam on the Highway to Hell by Sheila Samples

"When once a republic is corrupted, there is no possibility of remedying any of the growing evils but by removing the corruption and restoring its lost principles; every other correction is either useless or a new evil."~~- Thomas Jefferson

"Each new year ushers in a myriad of "Top Ten" lists -- 10 best things, 10 worst things, things we need to do, things we did but shouldn't have -- and this year, even a hilarious list of WTF? things popped up. I'll admit I'm not as well organized as those who progress in 10-step increments. My problem is narrowing the atrocities down to 10 -- and then narrowing those 10 down to a single year. I'm confident I could compile a really neat list if I could decide which in the tangle of loathsome assaults should be Number One.

It can't be done. Everything that happened in 2007 is a direct result of events in 2006, a continuation of 2005 crimes, the bloody mess of 2004, the shock and awe of 2003 and the vicious, ruthless lies of 2001 that led us to where we are today. It's impossible to appraise the malignant nature of this administration in any intelligible way. From the outset, it came at us -- at the world -- on all fours with fangs bared. Whether ripping the humanity from our Constitution or drowning the innocent in a sea of blood, its appetite is insatiable. It rises from each feast hungrier than before.

I used to think Americans had been whipped by 9-11 terror confusion into some sort of national stupor. That's not so. We're trapped in a massive spiritual paralysis. Normal people are simply not equipped to deal with remorseless psychopaths. We were not prepared to come face to face with evil, nor to be manipulated by lies and controlled through stark fear. Our refusal to address the mounting list of Bush-Cheney war crimes could be because we cannot force ourselves to admit our "one nation under God" spies upon its citizens, imprisons them without due process, engages in grotesque acts of torture and delights in mass murder. And so we stand here on the precipice of our own destruction, waiting for evil to run its course."

Faux Stuck To It's Script

Too bad the instructions changed at the last minute.

Looks Like The Rudester Is Gone

And good riddance.

And I was wrong about him being installed. The way I look at this presidential personality parade is that voters decide very little besides local politics. Our overlords don't take any chances with democracy and have totally corrupted the election processes. Elections in the US have always been tampered with but since 2000 have been completely rigged to the point of comical carelessness.

A year ago Giuliani was touted as the repug front runner for no reason other than name recognition and tireless self promotion. That he was getting so much play and such a free ride in the impure MSM with their front runner designation told me volumes about who we were supposed to pay attention to. 9/11 was the bedrock where the fascists built their house of horror - everything started with their "terrorist" lollapalooza. As mayor of NY at the time Giuliani made sure to take good care of the crime scene and was allowed to profit enormously from his obedience to the ziofascist agenda of endless war abroad and police state at home. Another local guy who acted as loyal enabler to the agenda was Bill Clinton who made sure his end of the cocaine/Contra pipeline in the mid 80s went smoothly. He was groomed and polished up and emerged from obscurity to be handed the presidency for his loyalty. A year ago the process looked like it was going to be repeated.

After all the Rudester was more than acceptable to Israel firsters, an essential requirement to hold high office in america. He was deemed the most Israel-friendly candidate right from the start. Also his, um, draconian views on freedom and authoritarian excess would have been a fine segue from the current constitution shred-happy cabal. He was a steady cheerleader for the carnage overseas, perfect for continuing the filthy but oh so lucrative WOT facade. The polling data we were supposed to believe had G ahead with double digits most of last year.

But something changed behind the scenes, something pretty drastic that made the decision makers pull the plug on a Giuliani presidency. We can only speculate what that was. His campaigning was endlessly irritating. Some point to his shamelessly criminal cohorts, although that smear can be used on any number of would be gladhanders. Tabloid ready personal turmoil? Not likely. We have to keep in mind the fact that what the public perceives is totally manipulated so any foibles or merits can be either magnified or eliminated in the media. Viable candidates with popular platforms can be erased at will - just look at what was done to Ron Paul and Dennis Kucinich. The most important factor for an aspiring applicant is how well he/she will serve the fascist agenda.

The one other scenario that appealed to me last year as being a possibility is the favorite authoritarian ploy of police stations everywhere - the good cop/bad cop act. First the biggest, meanest looking cop comes in to scare the shit out of you, threatening to tear your head off and piss in the tubes, then a kinder, more gentle cop comes on the scene to gain your trust and in your desperation you glom onto him (or her). The Bushista maladministration is now so universally loathed that the manipulators may install what the country perceives as the good cop, a welcome relief. Touting change this good cop will throw some crumbs but will in essence continue the same fascist bullshit, not rocking the boat in the slightest.

So Hizzoner's lights are out and he'll endorse McCain but it won't mean a thing, really. The filthy scam will go on and the media will be all atwitter about the little nothings in a thoroughly corrupt circus. At least this repulsive 9/11 bagman is out of our faces.

Tuesday, January 29, 2008

"Terror" States Offer Diplomacy, Aid To Hurting People

Isn't it strange how the designated "rogue" nations and "terror" states and so called enemies of america and democracy and all that's righteous offer aid in times of crisis? Doesn't it strike anyone as odd that the people you're supposed to distrust if not outright hate because the government and vile MSM tells you to actually reach out to offer succor in times of need? Wouldn't you think that sworn enemies would gloat that you are suffering and do everything in their power to make you suffer more and exacerbate your dilemma?
Maybe what we've been told is a load of horseshit.

Iran offers aid to Egypt over Gaza crisis
"CAIRO: Iran on Sunday offered to help Egypt deal with growing chaos on its breached border with Gaza, Egypt's Foreign Ministry said. The offer came during a rare visit to Cairo by a top Iranian diplomat, Ali Asghar Mohammadi, who serves as the Iranian Foreign Ministry's director-general for Arab, Middle East and North African affairs. He met on Sunday with Egyptian Foreign Minister Ahmed Aboul Gheit.
Mohammadi offered Iran's "cooperation with Egypt to provide help to the Palestinians," said Egyptian Foreign Ministry spokesman Hossam Zaki. He did not give details of the Iranian offer, but said Egypt welcomes cooperation between the two countries through their Red Crescent branches."

"Oh, that's just a propaganda ploy to smuggle weapons to fellow arabs. We all know muslims hate our freedoms."

Venezuela offers cheap heating oil to tens of thousands of americans during brutal weather
"Officials from Venezuela and Massachusetts have signed a deal to provide cheap heating oil to low-income homes in the US state.
The fuel will be sold at about 40% below market prices to thousands of homes over the winter months.
Local congressman William Delahunt described the deal as "an expression of humanitarianism at its very best".

"Oh, that's just a propaganda ploy to make us think Chavez is anything other than a brutal dictator."

US ignores Katrina help frm Cuba
"HAVANA, Cuba (CNN) -- Cuban President Fidel Castro told more than 1,500 doctors Sunday night that American officials had made "absolutely no response" to his offer to send them to the U.S. Gulf Coast to help victims of Hurricane Katrina.
Castro, a longtime adversary of the United States, initially offered to send 1,100 doctors and at least 26 tons of supplies and equipment, but the Communist leader announced Sunday during a televised speech that he had increased the number of physicians to 1,586. Each doctor would carry about 27 pounds of medicine.
"You could all be there right now lending your services, but 48 hours have passed since we made this offer, and we have received absolutely no response," Castro said at Havana's Palace of the Revolution.
"We continue to wait patiently for a response

"Oh, that's just a propaganda ploy. New Orleans residents don't need any help from anyone".

Will This Story Slip Between The Cracks?

Ever think advertised numbers don't add up?
Mr. Whipple wasn't all he seemed.
This guy wants manufacturers to come clean.

Consumer Hero Investigates Toilet Paper "Sheet Shorting" Conspiracy


Spearheading Sojourns Serve Stripped Sightseers

Fly naked on Germany's first nudist holiday flight

"FRANKFURT (Reuters) - German nudists will be able to start their holidays early by stripping off on the plane if they take up a new offer from an eastern German travel firm.
Travel agency said it would start taking bookings from Friday for a trial nudist day trip from the eastern German town of Erfurt to the popular Baltic Sea resort of Usedom, planned for July 5 and costing 499 euros ($735)."

Much easier and a lot more fun for the security goons.


ich bin ein butt bumping berliner

Blackwater Protesters Given Secret Trial And Criminal Conviction

Stage a massacre in Iraq, kill and wound 40 civilians and go unpunished. Stage a protest about it and get convicted of crimes.

"A month after the Nisour Square massacre, on Oct. 20, a group of about 50 activists gathered outside Blackwater's gates in Moyock, N.C. There, they reenacted the Nisour Square shooting and staged a "die-in," involving a vehicle painted with bullet marks and blood. The activists stained their clothing with fake blood and dramatized the deadly shooting spree. Some of the demonstrators marked Blackwater's large welcome sign -- with the company's bear claw in a sniper scope logo -- with red hand prints. The demonstrators believed these "would be a much more appropriate logo for Blackwater," according to Baggarly. "We're all responsible for what is happening in Iraq. We all have bloody hands." It took only moments for the local police to respond to the protest, the first ever at Blackwater's headquarters. In the end, seven were arrested."

In court the protesters wanted to put Blackwater on trial.

"But District Court Judge Edgar Barnes would have none of it. So outraged was he at Baggarly, the first of the defendants to appear before him that day, that the judge cleared the court following his conviction. No spectators, no family members, no journalists, no defense witnesses remained. The other six activists were tried in total secrecy -- well, secret to everyone except the prosecutors, sheriffs, government witnesses and one Blackwater official. Judge Barnes swiftly tried the remaining six activists behind closed doors and convicted them all. It was as though Currituck, N.C., became Gitmo for a day."

Shadow Government Picks New Orleans For Scheming In '08

Bush to announce trilateral meeting to be held in New Orleans

"WASHINGTON - The next trilateral meeting of leaders from Canada, the United States and Mexico will be held in New Orleans in April, the White House said Monday.
Ed Gillespie, counsellor for President George W. Bush, said the announcement would be part of the president's annual state of the union speech. Holding a high-profile meeting there will "demonstrate how this great American city ... is rebounding," he said."

So the ruling elite will cloister themselves in swank accomodations to plot out economic paths that keep them filthy rich while tens of thousands of NOLA residents are still scattered to the wind and sickened in FEMA's toxic trailers.
This is rebounding, Bush style.

Meanwhile, stock markets tank while Wall Street hands out billions in bonuses

Meet Locals In The Coldest Place On Earth


Just don't count on any nightlife


Monday, January 28, 2008

Egypt On High Alert For Israeli False Flag

Israelis Plan A Terror Attack On Egypt - source
This page was translated from Arabic using Google translator. View original web page

"Al «statement» sources said that the Egyptian authorities are looking for a group of five individuals of Arab and Palestinian believed to be belonging to the Israeli intelligence planning to carry out terrorist acts in Sinai and they may target some foreigners and the headquarters of international forces to create an atmosphere of tension forced Egypt to take decisions would proceed with a plan to isolate the Gaza.
According to the sources, Israel will launch a campaign in some of the media to warn of the dangers of terrorism in the Sinai in the coming period.
The diplomatic sources reported that European and Israeli embassies in London, Paris and Washington have instructions to start leaking some information that indicates that al-Qaida and some Palestinian groups prepare for some terrorist acts in Sinai and Tel Aviv asked some of its diplomats in the West leaking some information for campaign against Egypt.

The Egyptian source hinted that the early arrest of a person with some equipment that is available only to the major intelligence agencies, including the Israeli bodies and that Egyptian security bodies looking for a group of five or six individuals received orders reference from within Israel to carry some private business and people who talk But the Arabic-Egyptian understanding that the goal of which the implementation of some offensive actions against Western interests and graphics reaches one way or another."

The palestinians were getting too much sympathy for their plight and the Israelis were getting too much bad press for their atrocities. Time for a few bombs to be set off.

The Empire State Building Car Zap Mystery

"In the shadow of the Empire State Building lies an “automotive Bermuda Triangle” - a five-block radius where vehicles mysteriously die.
No one is sure what’s causing it, but all roads appear to lead to the looming giant in our midst - specifically, its Art Deco mast and 203-foot-long, antenna-laden spire.

“We get about 10 to 15 cars stuck near there every day,” said Isaac Leviev, manager of Citywide Towing, the AAA’s exclusive roadside assistance provider from 42nd St. to the Battery. “You pull the car four or five blocks to the west or east and the car starts right up.”


looming car killer of doom

Since the 9/11 attacks destroyed the twin towers, the building has regained its status as the leading transmission site for commercial broadcast outfits, with 13 TV and 19 FM stations mounting antennas on its spire.
The Empire State Building Co., which refused to provide the Daily News a list of its antennas, denied it has created any “adverse impact” on automobiles.
“If the claim were indeed true, the streets in the vicinity of the building would be constantly littered with disabled vehicles,” the building’s owner said.

According to many doormen in the area, they often are."

Bush Has Met The Enemy, And It's The US Government

Bush orders NSA to snoop on US agencies

"Not content with spying on other countries, the NSA (National Security Agency) will now turn on the US's own government agencies thanks to a fresh directive from president George Bush.
The new program will - of course - drains billions of dollars out of US coffers and be part of Bush's 2009 budget.
During Bush's presidency, US citizens have come under an unprecedented spying regime. In addition to upping its focus on suspected criminals, the administration permitted a system for wiretapping the phone calls of Average Joes and Janes. The government is also funding specialized computers from companies such as Cray that can search through enormous databases at incredible speed. Ah, if only Stalin could see us now."

All of this maladministration's efforts to snoop on citizens has had nothing to do with fighting terror. The only "terror" we've seen has been perpetrated by the fascists themselves. The vast authoritarian police state apparatus that's been set up since 9/11 was meant for only one thing - to control us and protect them from dissension and possible insurrection once we found out what filth they were up to.
This new Stasi-like wrinkle seems to suggest there is also opposition to this takeover within other spy agencies that the Bushista regime needs to root out and purge. The cyber attack business is just a smokescreen, more of the phony booga booga strategy that they wield so relentlessly.

Sunday, January 27, 2008

Warning, Do Not Swallow Your Chewing Gum

Speculative Money Games Gone Wild

We may be in a deeper pile of shit than we realize.

"Behind the recent bad news lurks a much deeper concern: The world economy is now being driven by a vast, secretive web of investments that might be out of anyone's control."

The black box economy

The drumbeat of bad news over the past year, they say, is only a symptom of something new and unsettling - a deeper change in the financial system that may leave regulators, and even Congress, powerless when they try to wield their usual tools.
That something is the immense shadow economy of novel and poorly understood financial instruments created by hedge funds and investment banks over the past decade - a web of extraordinarily complex securities and wagers that has made the world's financial system so opaque and entangled that even many experts confess that they no longer understand how it works."

Also - The great fiscal stimulus package ... of 1929

Vermonters Take The Constitution Seriously

Brattleboro to vote on arresting Bush, Cheney

"Brattleboro residents will vote at town meeting on whether President George Bush and Vice President Dick Cheney should be indicted and arrested for war crimes, perjury or obstruction of justice if they ever step foot in Vermont.
The Brattleboro Select Board voted 3-2 Friday to put the controversial item on the Town Meeting Day warning.
According to Town Clerk Annette Cappy, organizers of the Bush-Cheney issue gathered enough signatures, and it was up to the Select Board whether Brattleboro voters would consider the issue in March.
Cappy said residents will get to vote on the matter by paper balloting March 4.
Kurt Daims, 54, of Brattleboro, the organizer of the petition drive, said Friday the debate to get the issue on the ballot was a good one. Opposition to the vote focused on whether the town had any power to endorse the matter.
"Everybody I talked to wanted Bush to go," he said, noting that even members of the local police department supported the drive.
Daims had no compunction in comparing Bush and Cheney with one of the most notorious people in history."If Hitler were still alive and walked through Brattleboro, I think the local police would arrest him for war crimes," Daims said."

Notice that opposition to this didn't dispute that the fascists were guilty as charged, but was centered on whether they had jurisdiction. This is exactly what every town, city, county and state should be debating. The criminals should be frightened to death to step foot outside of their Washington bubble.

It's A Corporate World, We Only Live In It

British businesses want McQualifications to rival university degrees

"Ministers believe that the move will show the value of company training, amid concerns that further education colleges are not offering the kind of skills that many employers say they need."


Saturday, January 26, 2008

Possibly Coming To A living Room Near You

Defunct Spy Satellite Falling From Orbit

"A large U.S. spy satellite has lost power and propulsion and could hit the Earth in late February or March, government officials said Saturday.
The satellite, which no longer be controlled, could contain hazardous materials, and it is unknown where on the planet it might come down, they said. The officials spoke on condition of anonymity because the information is classified as secret

That "hazardous material" probably is radioactive, but we won't be told because government secrecy trumps human health and safety every time. But don't you worry, you silly disposable thing you, because:

"Appropriate government agencies are monitoring the situation," said Gordon Johndroe, a spokesman for the National Security Council."

Also - Big space chunk will come within a whisker of earth on Tuesday

Friday, January 25, 2008

Savior In A Spud

Jeebus in a jojo.

"A Florida pastor discovered food for the soul, and a sign from God, in an unlikely place — a potato.
Pastor Renee Brewster reluctantly started making potato salad for church but was not entirely comfortable doing it, as Sister Frankie normally makes the dish. So she asked God for a sign, reports.
"I was hesitant about making the potato salad because Sister Frankie makes the potato salad at church and I said, 'Lord, if it’s not for me to make potato salad then send me a sign.'"
Next she cut in half a potato and discovered it looked rotten. She only took a second look after her 10-year-old granddaughter said she saw an image of Jesus Christ on the Cross in the split potato."


"Said Brewster: "I just want people to know God is still as real today as he was back then and he can show up anytime he gets ready."

Bonus - Martian - Danish connection?

Double Bonus - Adopt a zygote

The Mittster Has A Whispering Little Coach

It's not as sophisticated as Dim Son's approach to public speaking.


The Government Is Changing It's Emblem


Thursday, January 24, 2008

"If Gaza Is The Biggest Prison On The Planet, This Is The Biggest Jailbreak"

Up to the minute blogging from the border - Rafah Today

"Update: Mid night - Rafah time [8pm EST]: 25 of January in Rafah, while more than 350,000 people are crossing through through to Egypt an Israeli air strike on a car killed at least two Palestinian Rafah. Both bodies were transfered into Abu Yousef Al Najjar hospital in Rafah. No injured were reported, but it beleived that both members are Hamas members are were patrolling on the borderline according to Palestinian sources. Shooting can be heard from time to time, while Israeli warplanes are hovering, but Gazans are still flooding even 24 hours towards Egypt to get food, medicine and all they need from Egyptian Rafah and Al Arish."

Fuel And Electricity MIA In Bush's 'Mission Accomplished'

"I would rather live in Saddam Hussein's hell than the paradise of these new leaders."

It's a funny thing when criminals get hold of supply lines. What usually happens is that all of a sudden the things you need are in short supply and can only be gotten through clandestine methods and for an exorbitant price. Think "war on some drugs" and all those CIA cocaine planes that somehow don't get much play in the corrupt MSM.

"Little kerosene is available on the state-run market at the subsidized price of $0.52 a gallon. But the fuel can be found on the black market, where it goes for more than $3.79 a gallon."

Wednesday, January 23, 2008

Wall Comes Down, But Why Was There A Siege In The First Place?

It was nice to see some good news for once - hundreds of thousands of palestinians taking advantage of that border wall breach. Hamas had worked on that wall for months, cutting away at the foundations so it would be destroyed more easily and waited for the best time to blow it wide open. It must have been dizzying for those people to taste freedom after living in a prison camp.

But why did Israel close the borders and inflict such massive hardships with collective punishment, something they've turned into a grotesque art form? The zionists say it's because of rocket attacks from Gaza, but those little rockets invariably wind up exploding harmlessly in vacant places, if those are qassam rockets being fired in the first place.


Or perhaps this is the reason Israel turned the screws on Gaza

"Israel claims its recent moves are retaliation for continued rocket attacks originating in Gaza that despite their consistency cause scant damage and few actual casualties. But the reasons may include motivations with roots back in 2000, when the British firm British Gas Group (BG) discovered proven natural gas reserves of at least 1.3 trillion cubic meters beneath Gazan territorial waters worth nearly $4 billion."

Israel is desperate for this gas, as it's costly supplies had dried up over the years. The problem as they see it is that the majority of it is palestinian controlled. When BG pulled the plug on negotiations with Israel for this resource on January 8 They decided to get medieval on Gaza to put intense pressure on Hamas, seen as the main stumbling block for Israel to get what it wants.

"Since the announcement, Israel has radically expanded its sanctions, cut fuel shipments entirely and stepped up its military campaign. Increased air strikes and use of internationally proscribed tank shell ammunition has led to a drastic increase in civilian deaths and injuries in hopes of eroding support for Hamas in Gaza. Combined with dangerous shortages of food, water and basic supplies, the coastal region has fallen into catastrophe."

So to get it's hands on some natural gas, the ziofascists make life a miserable nightmare for over a million people in the hopes of them getting rid of duly elected leadership. Apparently it's just fine to make sick arabs die at checkpoints because the borders are sealed, and hell, if the war crime of collective punishment won't work to change palestinian officials the vile scumbags can just blow them up or something.

935 Reasons For Prison

Why are they still in office?

"Have you ever wondered how many times the Bush administration lied to the American public, and the world, during the run-up to the invasion of Iraq?
At least, 935 times and counting, according to the Center for Public Integrity, which cataloged the lies in a searchable database. It's really a staggering amount of lies."

Bushista Scum Retroactively Pardon Themselves For Torture And Murder

"At least president Nixon had Gerald Ford to do his dirty work".

Tuesday, January 22, 2008

Financial Propaganda Council Created By Executive Order

Seems the Bushistas are worried that you might pin the blame on them for the economy's unholy mess. Another imperial decree, creating yet more bureaucracy to lie about the way this country is being bled dry by design. The part I like best is this clause, where the lying thugs are targeting kids:

(i) improve financial education efforts for youth in school and for adults in the workplace;

Hey Pantload, have your stooges explain this to the kiddies while their parents get laid off and they get evicted from their home:

Wall St execs collect $US33b bonuses
"The Wall Street gurus who presided over the subprime mortgage crisis currently shredding global sharemarkets have awarded themselves bonuses totalling $US33.2 billion ($38 billion)."

Candidates Court Calorie Consuming Constituency

Monday, January 21, 2008

Maybe It's The Jim Beam Breath

"US President George W. Bush leans over to talk with a girl after Bush participated in a lesson for young children on the importance of Martin Luther King, Jr. Day during a tour of the Martin Luther King, Jr. Memorial Library in Washington, DC, 21 January 2008. By Saul Loeb/AFP/Getty."

Song For The Coming Week In The Financial World

Live in France, 1999

By the way, a thought occured to me. The last time the Bushista maladministration sprinkled money to the peasants, the "advance refund check" in the summer of 2001, we got treated to their shock and awe lollapalooza a couple of months later.

NATO Told To Use Nuclear Weapons To Prevent The Use Of Nuclear Weapons

Against muslims, of course.

Pre-emptive nuclear strike a key option, Nato told

"The west must be ready to resort to a pre-emptive nuclear attack to try to halt the "imminent" spread of nuclear and other weapons of mass destruction, according to a radical manifesto for a new Nato by five of the west's most senior military officers and strategists.
Calling for root-and-branch reform of Nato and a new pact drawing the US, Nato and the European Union together in a "grand strategy" to tackle the challenges of an increasingly brutal world, the former armed forces chiefs from the US, Britain, Germany, France and the Netherlands insist that a "first strike" nuclear option remains an "indispensable instrument" since there is "simply no realistic prospect of a nuclear-free world

The authors of this filth would be laughed out of the room in a saner world. Unfortunately we have insane psychopaths at the helm who think they should heed those voices in their heads.

Metal Detector Owner's Dream

I spent several decades in the xmas tree bidness, contracting out to take care of yuletide flora all the way from planting seedlings through peddling them during the holiday season in tree lots. People in Oregon are used to seeing fields of trees grown in neat rows like crowded orchards; the weather in the NW makes it one of the top places in the country for pumping out xmas greenery.

Because of the rain the growers have to be mindfull of weeds and especially blackberries which will grow like gangbusters and eventually choke the trees if nothing is done. Unfortunately the current practice is to drench the ground with herbicide which leaves only the firs with bare earth between them. (I could go on for hours about this but it ain't germane to my point)

So you wind up with acres upon acres of soil with no cover which erode after several years. Any rocks slowly pop up to the surface. Any rocks and Indian artifacts pop up to the surface. After a while it was apparent that with a little effort one could find an amazing number of points and scrapers and mortars and pestles dating back to probably thousands of years of activity. A lot of the artifacts are obsidian from the volcanic Cascades nearby, so the best time to walk around was after a little rain which made them glisten which meant basically any time you cared to look. It's a whole lotta fun to pick up a little bit of ancient history.


So I can very much appreciate this little find in Britain:


Bus driver unearths £80,000 hoard of Bronze Age axe heads with metal detector

"Bus driver and metal detector fanatic Tom Peirce is in for a bumper pay day after unearthing 500 Bronze Age artefacts - one of the largest ever ancient finds."

China Prepares Not To Lose Face


Beijing goes after the poor
"Officers will patrol the city 24 hours a day, looking not just for beggars, but also peddlers, pamphlet distributors and tricycle taxi drivers who ply their trades without licences, the Beijing Morning Post reported."

China hushes up Olympic deaths
"CHINA has systematically covered up the accidental deaths of at least 10 workers, and perhaps many more, in a rush to construct the futuristic ”bird’s nest” stadium in Beijing for this summer’s Olympic Games."

Tough luck peasants, these secret olympic pigs are just for foreigners
"The news of "Olympic pigs" has stirred anger among Chinese citizens. Many have criticized this act as a superficial tactic to boost the regime's image, at the cost of the common people living in China. Some even remarked that pigs are now ranked higher than people."

China Olympic abuse claims probed
"A global trade union group has accused factories of using child labour, forced overtime and low wages to boost profit."

Round up those activists
"A group of Chinese dissidents has signed an open letter condemning the arrest of an AIDS and environmental activist on subversion charges and urged the government to improve human rights ahead of this year's Olympics."

Here comes some of the most massive censorship the world has ever seen
"The games themselves will be exciting, lavish and hotly contested. But the main event will be the clash between the Chinese Communist Party, which will use biometrics, surveillance, censorship and an army of goons to suppress information about China's many problems, versus journalists and tourists, who will use digital cameras, wireless gadgets, and the Internet to show China's dirty laundry to the world."

Sunday, January 20, 2008

The Incredible Threat Alert Jesus

This incredible invention receives signals directly from the Dept. of Homeland Security anywhere within the continental US and changes color the moment the national threat is updated.
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Saturday, January 19, 2008

What Will You Do With Your Slice Of The Election Year Confetti Bomb?

The Bushistas think we'll forget stolen elections, costitution shredding, heinous war crimes and the fact the dollar will be worth something like a peso later this year by printing more dollars and handing us a few hundred of them. I'm even wondering if this shamefully stupid contrivance will end up being another "advanced refund check" as they gamed it in 2001. As a matter of fact, one poll shows that 58% will use it to pay off debt, 25% will save it and 17% will spend it. Big shot in the economy's arm there. Me? Bills. Yawn. Dave Lindorff tells us how stupid the whole thing is.

A Tax Rebate Won't Fix This Mess

"I don't know about you, but my wife and I spend basically every penny we earn each year, in order to make ends meet. Now some of that is for stuff like mortgage payments, tuition payments, etc., but I'd guess that, counting oil and energy bills, probably half our income goes to buy things that are imported, and that's probably roughly true for most American families. After all, almost nothing is actually made in the US anymore, and we even buy a lot of raw materials-iron, oil, etc.-from overseas. So if for sake of argument and easy math, we're making $100,000, that's $50,000 being spent on imported stuff. Now here's where things get a little speculative. But suppose that having the government add another $145 billion in red ink to the federal budget leads to an extra 3 percent decline in the value of the dollar against foreign currencies-a not unreasonable scenario. Why, that would mean that the $50,000 I spend on foreign goods in a year would cost me an extra $1500-just about the same amount as that $1600 Bush is proposing to lay on me.
Butthat weakened dollar will continue into next year and beyond, while the $1600 rebate is a one-time thing.
So what do we get out of this rebate thing?
Worse than nothing."

Trembling Toy Titillater Terrorizes Tactical Team

Bomb squad disarms vibrator

"A bomb disposal squad was called out in Sweden to deal with a vibrating package - which turned out to be a sex toy.
A janitor alerted police after he found the package in the garage of an apartment building in Goteborg, reports Metro.
The package was humming and vibrating suspiciously, so police took no chances and sent out a team of explosives experts.
After cordoning off the area, they opened the package with bomb disposal equipment, only to find the battery-operated device inside.
"The package was vibrating when the janitor found it, but I think it had sort of died out by the time it was disarmed," police spokesman Jan Strannegard said.
He said police did not know who it belonged to: "We don't really expect anybody to come asking for it." he added."

"In The Name Of Jesus, Stop It!"

An Xtian has too much cappuccino and doesn't like how people are looking at her.

Crazy christian lady goes nuts at a coffee shop - Watch more great videos

bonus - modest clothing for jeebus

Fear Bombs

You gotta hand it to the warmongers' mad scientists - they're such busy little beavers earning their paychecks. Must be hard work coming up with innovative weapons to overcome all those enemies running around in their heads. They seem to be churning out new and adventurous ways of conducting warfare all the time.

Remember the "gay bomb", among other formidable and menacing contrivances?

"Most bizarre among the plans was one for the development of an "aphrodisiac" chemical weapon that would make enemy soldiers sexually irresistible to each other. Provoking widespread homosexual behaviour among troops would cause a "distasteful but completely non-lethal" blow to morale, the proposal says.
Other ideas included chemical weapons that attract swarms of enraged wasps or angry rats to troop positions, making them uninhabitable. Another was to develop a chemical that caused "severe and lasting halitosis", making it easy to identify guerrillas trying to blend in with civilians. There was also the idea of making troops' skin unbearably sensitive to sunlight

Fun project: try to imagine them all deployed at the same time.

Now a new project is supposedly in the works to develop a way to scare the enemy into submission:

"American military researchers are working to uncover and harness the most terrifying chemical imaginable: that most primal odor, the scent of fear.
Pheromones are chemicals released by animals as signals to their own kind: for sex, for territorial marking, and more. They're often detected in the olfactory membranes. But there's more to pheromones than attraction. Many animals have an alarm pheromone which is used to signal danger; aphids, for example, use it to cause their fellow lice to flee.
Now, the US Army is trying to track down and harness people's smell of fear. The military has backed a study on the "
Identification and Isolation of Human Alarm Pheromones," which "focused on the Preliminary Identification of Steroids of Interest in Human Fear Sweat." The so-called "skydiving protocol" was the researchers' method of choice."


Of course militaries have always tried to inject fear into the equation along with slicing up the enemy with swords or ripping them to shreds with shrapnel. From Extian crusaders catapulting Muslim heads over besieged city walls to buzz bombs to Wagner the point was to incapacitate the other guys so they would be overcome by your mighty prowess.

But this could just be make-work fun project time for pentagon professors, because I recall a strange phenomenon that occured during the first Gulf slaughter, Operation Desert Storm, that may have shown an already perfected terror ray.
Ferocious aerial bombardment began January 17, 1991. Even after massive pin-point air attacks, the Iraqis were still alive and well protected in their bunkers. They had electricity, entertainment and enough food and water to last for about six months. They also had equipment to tunnel out if prime entrances were blocked.
Yet so many thousands of Iraqi soldiers meekly surrendered that they overwhelmed the coalition's ability to handle them. They poured out of their fortifications, disoriented and hysterical.

"Four men came out of a bunker, weeping. One kissed the hand of his Marine captor, who was trying to reassure him, “It’s alright. You’re okay.”

A lot of people suggest that this was the first big test of HAARP - the High Frequency Active Auroral Research Program. If you haven't heard of it, it's an over-the-horizon Alaska based antenna array that uses the ionosphere to enhance communication and surveillance abilities, but with a lot more shadowy, sinister applications including weather modification and mind control.

If it was used to zap an army into frightened, shivering submission it wasn't the only time Iraqis were treated to electronic warfare. It seems the fascists love to use those poor civilians as lab rats, much in the same manner as, say, dropping atomic bombs on pristine Japanese cities. At the battle of Fallujah 2.0, the pentagon experimented with all kinds of filthy ways to to collectively punish the people living there for not realizing they had been conquered. Aside from white phosphorous bombs, poison gases, and exotic chemical weapons, there's plenty of evidence to show a concerted attempt to fry Iraqi grey matter into submission:

"The grunts call the plastic devices "poppers" or "domes". Once activated, each hidden transmitter emits a widening circle of invisible energy capable of passing through metal, concrete and human skulls up to half a mile away. "They are saturating the area with ULF, VLF and UHF freqs," Hanks says, with equipment derived from US Navy undersea sonar and communications.
But its not being used to locate and talk to submarines under Baghdad.
After powering up the unit, the grunts quickly exit the area. It is their commanders, fervent hope that any male survivors enraged by brutal American bombardments that damaged virtually every building in this once thriving "City of Mosques", displacing a quarter-million residents while murdering thousands of children, women and elders in their homes -- will lose all incentive for further resistance and revenge."

So all the attention grabbing stories of quixotic and fanciful weapons that we periodically are presented with may be just be red herrings. The reality is probably that the empire's electromagnetic arsenal is much more advanced and applications are far more sinister than we could ever imagine.

Friday, January 18, 2008

Another Taser Murder

This time a strapping, healthy, 29 year old guy in the prime of his life with no history of heart trouble, seemingly killed for not being properly submissive.


Mark Backlund was en route to get his parents at the airport when he was "uncooperative" after an accident.

"The victim was identified by his father as Mark C. Backlund. Gordon Backlund said his son was on his way to pick up his parents at the airport after they had taken a short trip to Florida.
According to the State Patrol, he was involved in a rush-hour crash on Interstate Hwy. 694 near Silver Lake Road in New Brighton. The State Patrol said troopers shot him with the Taser because he was uncooperative. He was breathing but unconscious when paramedics arrived, according to Allina Medical Transportation spokesman Tim Burke but was pronounced dead at Unity Hospital in Fridley.
Gordon Backlund said he was told his son's heart stopped. A 1996 graduate of Fridley High School, he had no heart conditions, his father said."

The Essence Of Metaphor

Excerpt from The Bush Tragedy, a new book by Slate's Jacob Weisberg.

"In an April 1995 memo, Bush invited his staff to come to his office to look at a painting. … The picture is a Western scene of a cowboy riding up a craggy hill, with two other riders following behind him. Bush told visitors—who often noted his resemblance to the rider in front—that it was called A Charge To Keep and that it was based on his favorite Methodist hymn of that title, written in the eighteenth century by Charles Wesley. As Bush noted in the memo, which he quoted in his autobiography of the same title: "I thought I would share with you a recent bit of Texas history which epitomizes our mission. When you come into my office, please take a look at the beautiful painting of a horseman determinedly charging up what appears to be a steep and rough trail. This is us. What adds complete life to the painting for me is the message of Charles Wesley that we serve One greater than ourselves." Bush identified with the lead rider, whom he took to be a kind of Christian cowboy, an embodiment of indomitable vigor, courage, and moral clarity."


He took the painting to the white house and hung it in the oval office, pointing it out to visitors and added some stuff to his narrative:

"He came to believe that the picture depicted the circuit-riders who spread Methodism across the Alleghenies in the nineteenth century. In other words, the cowboy who looked like Bush was a missionary of his own denomination."

But the reality of his favorite painting is somewhat different:

"Only that is not the title, message, or meaning of the painting. The artist, W.H.D. Koerner, executed it to illustrate a Western short story entitled "The Slipper Tongue," published in The Saturday Evening Post in 1916. The story is about a smooth-talking horse thief who is caught, and then escapes a lynch mob in the Sand Hills of Nebraska. The illustration depicts the thief fleeing his captors. In the magazine, the illustration bears the caption: "Had His Start Been Fifteen Minutes Longer He Would Not Have Been Caught."

Title of Pantload's autobiography?


Terror Is As Terror Does

Bringing Death and Destruction to Muslims

"Layla Anwar, an Iraqi Internet blogger, describes what terror is like. Terror is families attending a wedding being blown to pieces by an American missile or bomb and the survivors being blown to pieces at the funeral of the newlyweds. Terror is troops breaking down your door in the middle of the night, putting guns to your heads, and carrying off brothers, sons, and husbands with bags over their heads and returning to rape the unprotected women. Terror is being waterboarded in one of America's torture dungeons. Terror is "when you run from hospital ward to hospital ward, from prison to prison, from militia to militia looking for your loved one only to recognize them from their teeth fillings in some morgue.
The Israeli assault from the air on Beirut apartment houses is not terror. But when a Palestinian puts on a suicide belt and blows himself up in an Israeli cafe, that's terror. When Clinton bombs a Serbian passenger train, that's not terror, but when a buried explosive takes out an American tank somewhere in Iraq, that's terror.
Aggressors always have excuses for their aggression. Hitler was an expert at this. So are the US and Israel."

Trepidation Nation

Thursday, January 17, 2008

Corporate Avarice Ahoy

Time Warner to test Internet billing based on usage

"NEW YORK (Reuters) - Time Warner Cable Inc said on Wednesday it is planning a trial to bill high-speed Internet subscribers based on their amount of usage rather than a flat fee, the standard industry practice.
The second largest U.S. cable operator said it will test consumption-based billing with subscribers in Beaumont, Texas later this year as a part of a strategy to help reduce congestion of its network by a minority of consumers who pay the same monthly fee as light users.
The company believes the billing system will impact only heavy users, who account for around 5 percent of all customers but typically use more than half of the total network bandwidth, according to a company spokesman."

Corporate fascism knows they can't stuff the internet cat back into the bag, the genie back into the bottle. Internet usage has exploded over the past few years to the point where soon you'll surf with your toaster. Who the hell do they think they're kidding with their 'bandwith' crap?

They're trying to force you to use their bundled services to see your movies rather than download them from the tubes. Just like the RIAA going after file sharers, the internet poses a threat to corporate mega profits.
And it's not just serial volume downloaders who'll be hit with this scam. A lot of people leave their net connection open all the time. Programs update and transfer data automatically. They want to penalize SETI At Home participants? Stock traders? Data backups and photo archiving? Also don't think for a second that ISPs like Time Warner will cut light users a break with this.

Another honking roadblock to this scam will be the companies like Netflix who'll butt head to head with ISPs who charge by sliding scale. They won't like the fact their customers will have to pay through the nose to download movies.

For years people in this country have been used to a flat fee and they think a drastic change like this is an OK thing to do? One good sign is that even though this experiment's been leaked they've been silent on the pricing.

Sonic Weaponry Now Used To Pull You Over

Oklahoma Police Unveil Siren Impossible to Ignore

"It's a police siren that cannot be ignored.
Officers in Oklahoma are excited over a new piece of equipment called the "Rumbler," which is a very loud siren.
It is so noisy, in fact, that drivers will be able to feel their seats vibrate from the sound.

Some in the community debate if the Rumbler could pose a health risk.
Area doctors report they didn't know enough about the Rumbler to make a comment, but Tulsa Police say it's like any high tech sound system where the woofer and amplifier make you feel a slight tremor in your body

Yeah, sure. Just like "Stairway To Heaven" in the dorm.

"...Should Not Be Used For Voting In South Carolina"

No Free Speech At The Liberty Bell

The guy was some xtian ranting against abortion, but who cares? Free speech means the right to express yourself, or it doesn't, period. No ordinances, no petty whims, no bullying cops, no "free speech zones". Tad ironic that the Liberty Bell means nothing more to the authorities than a tourist draw to peddle trinkets and baubles.

"Congress shall make no law respecting an establishment of religion, or prohibiting the free exercise thereof; or abridging the freedom of speech, or of the press; or the right of the people peaceably to assemble, and to petition for a redress of grievances."
First Amendment to the U.S. Constitution

“Due to policy changes freedom of religion and speech are now prohibited anywhere on the public park grounds without a permit, and only then if in the designated ‘free speech zone.’”
Michael Marcavage, describing park policy as explained to him over the telephone by the chief of park rangers at the Liberty Bell Center

Wednesday, January 16, 2008

Arabs United On Stench That Pantload Left Behind

Bad Reviews for Bush in the Mideast
"Iran's foreign minister claimed it was designed to give Israel a green light "to perpetrate new crimes" against Palestinians. Lebanon's most senior Shi'ite cleric accused Bush of "war crimes." A prominent jihadist web site called the President "this criminal, butcher and murderer of our blood."
Seldom has an American President's visit left the region so underwhelmed, confirming Bush's huge unpopularity on the street and his sagging credibility among Arab leaders he counts as allies."

Egypt-US Relations Appear Cooler

Many miles, no breakthroughs
"For all the bullish talk, President Bush will end his whirlwind Middle East tour in little doubt that US policies in the region are failing"

Abdullah rejects Bush's Iran 'terror' label

Bush: Everything failed because of the Arabs

Tom Carries A Heavy Load

See the creepy video that the Scientologists had pulled from You Tube before the lawyers nail this site.

Unfortunate Side Effects Of Medication


Cracked has a list of disturbing physical responses to drugs that, um, may make you think twice about taking them.

added 1/23/08 - I found an email in my inbox alerting me that a picture I copied from that Cracked site was infringing on copyright status. The picture should have been where you see that red square above. Cracked is supposed to be a humor site, but apparently has no humor when it comes to fucking advertising their existence.
Oh well, the picture was a side shot of a guy with man tits acquired as a side effect from taking Propecia, which Cracked describes thusly:
"Thankfully, science stumbled upon an answer in Propecia, a drug invented to treat prostate problems that messes with the testosterone in your body enough to help you hang on to your hair. What could possibly go wrong?"
Maybe something like this then:


The Soviet Collapse Has A Lot To Teach The US.

I came across this essay early last month. Dmitry Orlov is an insightful author who experienced the collapse of the Soviet system. He has a unique perspective when he compares that incredible event to our system, which appears to be in self destruct mode right now. His writings could be described as a "How To" field manual when we shortly face gas lines, bare grocery shelves and social chaos. He has a book called "Reinventing Collapse: The Soviet Example and American Prospects" coming out sometime this year.

"An economic collapse is amazing to observe, and very interesting if described accurately and in detail. A general description tends to fall short of the mark, but let me try. An economic arrangement can continue for quite some time after it becomes untenable, through sheer inertia. But at some point a tide of broken promises and invalidated assumptions sweeps it all out to sea.
Expect widespread shortages, outages and breakdowns.

We should certainly expect shortages of fuel, food, medicine, and countless consumer items, outages of electricity, gas, and water, breakdowns in transportation systems and other infrastructure, hyperinflation, widespread shutdowns and mass layoffs, along with a lot of despair, confusion, violence, and lawlessness. We definitely should not expect any grand rescue plans, innovative technology programs, or miracles of social cohesion.

When faced with such developments, some people are quick to realize what it is they have to do to survive, and start doing these things, generally without anyone’s permission. A sort of economy emerges, completely informal, and often semi-criminal. It revolves around liquidating, and recycling, the remains of the old economy. It is based on direct access to resources, and the threat of force, rather than ownership or legal authority.

People who have a problem with this way of doing things, quickly find themselves out of the game."

Lying Pentagon Stooge Fingered For Iranian "Provocation" Lie


"Porter identifies Bryan Whitman, the Pentagon's top spokesman, as the culprit for the spurious account. Most of Whitman's remarks that formed the basis for Starr's and other stories were drawn from an off the record press briefing that was held on the condition he not be identified as a source.
But, "in an apparent slip-up, however, an Associated Press story that morning cited Whitman as the source for the statement that US ships were about to fire when the Iranian boats turned and moved away - a part of the story that other correspondents had attributed to an unnamed Pentagon official," he writes."

prevaricating pentagon punk

What seems to have happened is that after this lying flack was outed as making shit up, the pentagon honchos whipped up it's "Filipino Monkey" garbage to cover his ass. Too bad for them the naval commanders refused to be a part of the lie.

"The decision to treat the January 6 incident as evidence of an Iranian threat reveals a chasm between the interests of political officials in Washington and navy officials in the Gulf. Asked whether the navy's reporting of the episode was distorted by Pentagon officials, Lydia Robertson of Fifth Fleet Public Affairs would not comment directly. But she said, "There is a different perspective over there."

Morphing Enemies

Europe is newest obsession for paranoid psychopaths

"One of the biggest threats to US security may now come from within Europe, US Homeland Security head Michael Chertoff has told the BBC.
He said militant attacks and plots in Europe over recent years had made the US aware of the "real risk that Europe will become a platform for terrorists".
Mr Chertoff said it was likely security checks on travellers from Europe would be increased

You can see where this is going, correct? This manufactured "war on terror" is a phony scam to give the fascists a blank check to create an empire with endless war abroad and tyranny at home. The enemies are created to justify all this and are waved in our faces to scare us into submission.

But the "enemy" has always been us, the american people, who might be somewhat pissed about hijackers stealing our country, wealth and freedom and fomenting global conflict. The fascists know this and you can see them slowly turning those of us who don't go along with their shit into terrorists.

They had this planned out well before they pulled off 9/11 because they knew we were the only real obstacle to their takeover. Of course it couldn't be done right away as there would have been too much opposition. They first needed to fan the flames of outrage to justify invading and occupying Afghanistan and Iraq, then get us softened up with increasingly egregious acts of domestic repression. But with hostility to fascist filth reaching the boiling point in this country, now the scum need to turn americans into terrorists. Hey, any color skin is suspect donchaknow. And now anybody of any nationality is a potential threat. And with spiffy new STASI like tactics they are going to sort out the american terrorist threats, who by sheer coincidence are going to be americans who oppose this country being turned into a fascist police state.

You, yes you.
Stand still laddie!

Tuesday, January 15, 2008

January 16

People who blog know how it is, you get the itch to write a blog entry but you cruise the tubes and there's nothing going down. Oh, the usual shit is happening - we're in uncharted waters as we face financial meltdown, the most despised person on the planet and his massive posse are embarrassing themselves and our country in the middle east, vote fraud becomes more obvious day by day, war crimes continue - the same old stuff. The holiday insanity is thankfully over and we're in that part of the calendar where all we're doing is muddling through the doldrums, looking forward to better weather in the spring. So I decided to take a look at the 16th of January and see what kind of a day it is.

It's the 16th day of the year, 369 days to go before Pantload can't play president anymore.

Pretending to be King is exciting for Bubble Boy cuz he gets to issue proclamations and toss off signing statements galore to the peasants on any old subject. He thereby declares the 16th to be Religious Freedom Day, 2008, granting us permission to revere any old cloud being we choose.

1947 - hypocritical harpy Dr. Laura Schlessinger was born.


"On January 16, 1896, Henry F. Kallenberg, an instructor of physical education at the University of Iowa, welcomed Amos Alonzo Stagg, athletic director at the recently founded University of Chicago, to Iowa City for an experimental game in a new sport. The contest, refereed by Kallenberg, was the first unofficial college basketball game played with five players on each side. The University of Chicago won by a score of 15 to 12."
They used a soccer ball and peach baskets.

That great humanitarian Cristóbal Colón returned to Spain from his first voyage to the New World. So began the slave trade. Coincidently on this day in 1988, Jimmy "The Greek" Snyder was fired as a CBS sports commentator one day after telling a TV station in Washington, DC, that, during the era of slavery, blacks had been bred to produce stronger offspring.

Director John Carpenter was born in 1948. He went on to direct a documentary of the bushista era called "They Live".


One of the darkest days in history, this 16th of January. The 18th amendment, better known as prohibition, began in 1919.

Petroleum Plutocrats Pamper Pusillanimous Prevaricator

While Dim Son flits about the middle east on his desperate-for-my-nonexistent-legacy tour, anxiously trying to sow the fear of invisible Iranian nukes, despotic monarchs really know how to lay it on thick for their fellow would be tyrant:

"Think of a suite the size of a basketball court, with the ceiling high enough to permit a 3-point jump shot. In the more plebeian rooms, it would be tough to get off a shorter foul shot. But you do get a bathroom floor -- marble, of course -- decorated with red and yellow rose petals arranged on a towel.
Even before the president arrived at Hotel Bling, Khalifa presented Bush with genuine bling: a necklace with a medallion of 18-karat gold featuring a hand-enameled U.S. flag, set with rubies, emeralds and diamonds."

Meanwhile, arabs on the street have other feelings about the visiting mass murderer:

"Saudi Arabia's warm official welcome for President Bush, the scion of a family with close ties to the kingdom's ruling family, masks his deep unpopularity among ordinary Saudis."

wishing he had worn his hipboots

"White Al Qaeda Army" Coming To Kill You

Faux Noise continually strives for new lows. Screeching video can be found at Raw Story.


Monday, January 14, 2008

Media Did Pentagon's Bidding In Fake Naval 'Provocation' With Iran

Military propagandists played the obedient and worthless media like a cheap violin

"Gareth Porter: Well, this alleged crisis or confrontation on the high seas is really much less than what met the eyes of the American public as it was reported by news media. And the story really began from leaks from the Pentagon. I mean, there were Pentagon officials apparently calling reporters and telling them that something had happened in the Strait of Hormuz, which represented a threat to American ships and that there was a near battle on the high seas. The way it was described to reporters, it was made to appear to be a major threat to the ships and a major threat of war. And that's the way it was covered by CNN, by CBS and other networks, as well as by print media.
So I think that the major thing to really keep in mind about this is that it was blown up into a semi-crisis by the Pentagon and that the media followed along very supinely. And I must say this is perhaps the worst -- the most egregious case of sensationalist journalism in the service of the interests of the Pentagon, the Bush administration, that I have seen so far."

Conspiracy Posting

Three Queens Leave, Ceremony Might Mean Money Manipulators Moving Operations Out Of Country

Probably to Dubai. Could be a ceremony showing the people "in the know" around the planet that they're about to pull the plug on america while they move to their next business hub. I would have thought somewhere in europe but Dubai just happens to be where Bush is right now and is the next and final destination of the Queen Elizabeth 2.
Time to batten down the hatches.

"Deborah D’Ambrosi can recite with ease the weight of each of the Queens — Elizabeth 2, Mary 2 and Victoria, which are among the world’s most luxurious ocean liners. And she came all the way from her landlocked hometown, Olney, Ill., on Sunday just to see “the three girls,” as she called them.
She watched as the liners sailed side by side through New York Harbor and past the Statue of Liberty, under a cascade of fireworks.
“It might be freezing tonight, but I get lots of warmth from this historic experience,” Ms. D’Ambrosi, 48, said as she stood in Battery Park City, a camera dangling from her wrist.
In the annals of maritime history, the Queens’ sailing was momentous. It was the first time in the 168-year history of the Cunard Line, the owner of the liners, that it had three ships named after British queens in the same port at the same time. The company arranged the ships’ schedules so that they departed from New York City ports simultaneously.
The Queens’ meeting, witnessed by thousands on shore and on board, will also be their last, company officials said.
“They are not programmed to meet in any other port,” Cunard’s president, Carol Marlow, said during an afternoon news conference at Pier 88 in Manhattan, with the docked Queen Victoria visible in background. “This is a spine-tingling time.”

Bushistas About To Get All Anti Gun Ownership

They've conned a lot of americans into thinking they were republican and conservative, where the reality is they are out of control revolutionaries, overturning precedent and trying mightily to eliminate the constitution as law.
They successfully fooled many gun owners that they were pro second amendment. I've tried again and again to tell those blockheaded dupes that the fascists were playing with them and when they felt the time was right that they'd come for our firearms with a Blackwater vengeance. The final steps in the agenda to completely change this country into a third world police state were to crash the economy and sieze guns.
I think that time is fast approaching. Ammunition prices have doubled recently along with severe shortages, as in a backdoor ban. Now along with a recently signed bill that significantly broadens restrictions , comes this from a Bushista flack:

"Since "unrestricted' private ownership of guns clearly threatens the public safety, the 2nd Amendment can be interpreted to allow a variety of gun restrictions, according to the Bush administration.
The argument was delivered by
U.S. Solicitor General Paul D. Clement in a brief filed with the U.S. Supreme Court in the ongoing arguments over the legality of a District of Columbia ban on handguns in homes, according to a report from the Los Angeles Times."

To make sure that you understand that "clearly threatens the public safety" phrasing, get set for a lot more of those curious and deadly shootings to drive the point home, as they pass laws for our "safety". And I mean that in all seriousness.

Sunday, January 13, 2008

When The Aliens Show Themselves, How Will We Know Their Real Intentions?

Overlooked Aspects of the Alien Presence, or Just Who's Behind the Bushistas Anyway

"Positive vs. Impostor AliensWhether aliens are benevolent or hostile depends on whether they foster an expansion in our freewill and awareness or if they seek to undermine these. It is not enough to judge alien intentions according to transient social, political, religious, or scientific standards. Covertly hostile aliens could easily pander to our insecurities and wishful thinking by offering stunning scientific knowledge, religious answers, political unity, and the promise of global peace and prosperity in exchange for our unquestioning obedience. Thorough investigation of the alien presence reveals that preparations for just such a scenario are currently underway. In times of desperation, people tend to sacrifice liberty for security. Should mankind accept such a Faustian bargain the end result would be complete assimilation and enslavement. To prevent this possibility, we must ask the most important question of all: how can one distinguish between positive aliens and cunning impostors? Mankind has everything to gain in exercising its discernment this way, and doubt is cast on the sincerity and wisdom of anyone who persistently refuses to explore the full depth of this question.

False Dichotomies
Offering two false choices is the surest way of manipulating someone into making a bad decision. We must be on guard for false dichotomies, opposites that only appear to be so on the surface."

Sort of like "you're either with us or against us".

Sometimes The Fireman Turns Out To Be The Arsonist

Unraveling the Myth of Al Qaida

"The myth of "al Qaida" is built on an expansive foundation of many half-truths and hidden facts. It is a CIA creation. It was shaped by the agency to serve as a substitute "enemy" for America, replacing the Soviets whom the Islamist forces had driven from Afghanistan. Unknown American officials, at an indeterminate point in time, made the decision to fabricate the tale of a mythical worldwide network of Islamic terrorists from the exploits of the Afghan Mujahedeen. The CIA already had their own network of Islamic militant "freedom fighters," all that was needed were a few scattered terrorist attacks against US targets and a credible heroic figurehead, to serve as the "great leader."

New Hampshire 'Voting Irregularities' Just The Tip Of A Rotten Iceberg

"The real crime is that US voters are led to believe—-and gladly do so-—that their system is not only the best in the world but is above reproach. Such asinine and self-delusional fantasies help to shore up a whole host of other crimes, as delusions of grandeur tend to do. Manifest Destiny made it okay to slaughter indigenous people from coast to coast, just as taming a new continent justified the enslavement of Africans. Saving The World for Democracy made the firebombing of Dresden and Tokyo, and the nuking of Nagasaki and Hiroshima into historical footnotes for generations of students. Our moral superiority over the Soviets not only justified, but necessitated, the militarization of global jihad, not to mention the creeping, nearly complete and unprecedented tyranny of the Military Industrial Complex. And so on. Why would voting be any different when cooked up in this same self-righteous stew?"


It Was Inevitable

Dutiful MSM Reports Disturbed Man's Gibberish As News

CBS - Bush: Iran Threatens The World's Security

ABC - No Nukes? Iran Still a Menace, Bush Says
Blames Iran for Sponsoring Terror and Other Roots of Instability - "Roots of Instability"? What backroom psy op group came up with that one?

CNN - Bush: Iran threatens world security

MSNBC - Bush: Iran threatens global security

Brand New Baghdad Super Duper Embassy Declared A Fire Hazard

'Serious' Problems Were Ignored, Says State Dept. Official

"The firefighting system in the massive $736 million embassy complex in Baghdad has potential safety problems that top U.S. officials dismissed in their rush to declare construction largely completed by the end of last year, according to internal State Department documents, e-mails and interviews.
Some officials assert that in the push to complete the long-delayed project, potentially life-threatening problems have been left untouched. "This is serious enough to get someone killed," said a State Department official, who spoke on the condition of anonymity because he feared retaliation."

Saturday, January 12, 2008

It's Who's On Top That Counts









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