Wednesday, January 16, 2008

Unfortunate Side Effects Of Medication


Cracked has a list of disturbing physical responses to drugs that, um, may make you think twice about taking them.

added 1/23/08 - I found an email in my inbox alerting me that a picture I copied from that Cracked site was infringing on copyright status. The picture should have been where you see that red square above. Cracked is supposed to be a humor site, but apparently has no humor when it comes to fucking advertising their existence.
Oh well, the picture was a side shot of a guy with man tits acquired as a side effect from taking Propecia, which Cracked describes thusly:
"Thankfully, science stumbled upon an answer in Propecia, a drug invented to treat prostate problems that messes with the testosterone in your body enough to help you hang on to your hair. What could possibly go wrong?"
Maybe something like this then:

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