Friday, January 18, 2008

Terror Is As Terror Does

Bringing Death and Destruction to Muslims

"Layla Anwar, an Iraqi Internet blogger, describes what terror is like. Terror is families attending a wedding being blown to pieces by an American missile or bomb and the survivors being blown to pieces at the funeral of the newlyweds. Terror is troops breaking down your door in the middle of the night, putting guns to your heads, and carrying off brothers, sons, and husbands with bags over their heads and returning to rape the unprotected women. Terror is being waterboarded in one of America's torture dungeons. Terror is "when you run from hospital ward to hospital ward, from prison to prison, from militia to militia looking for your loved one only to recognize them from their teeth fillings in some morgue.
The Israeli assault from the air on Beirut apartment houses is not terror. But when a Palestinian puts on a suicide belt and blows himself up in an Israeli cafe, that's terror. When Clinton bombs a Serbian passenger train, that's not terror, but when a buried explosive takes out an American tank somewhere in Iraq, that's terror.
Aggressors always have excuses for their aggression. Hitler was an expert at this. So are the US and Israel."


Blogger spooked said...

I think it is pretty clear that by all measurements, Bush has literally terrorized more people than Osama.

REAL terrorism, that is. Not the fake bullshit the administration keeps trotting out.

18/1/08 2:33 PM  
Blogger spooked said...

Of course, as you point out, Bush is not unique in this evil.

18/1/08 4:41 PM  

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