Monday, January 28, 2008

Egypt On High Alert For Israeli False Flag

Israelis Plan A Terror Attack On Egypt - source
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"Al «statement» sources said that the Egyptian authorities are looking for a group of five individuals of Arab and Palestinian believed to be belonging to the Israeli intelligence planning to carry out terrorist acts in Sinai and they may target some foreigners and the headquarters of international forces to create an atmosphere of tension forced Egypt to take decisions would proceed with a plan to isolate the Gaza.
According to the sources, Israel will launch a campaign in some of the media to warn of the dangers of terrorism in the Sinai in the coming period.
The diplomatic sources reported that European and Israeli embassies in London, Paris and Washington have instructions to start leaking some information that indicates that al-Qaida and some Palestinian groups prepare for some terrorist acts in Sinai and Tel Aviv asked some of its diplomats in the West leaking some information for campaign against Egypt.

The Egyptian source hinted that the early arrest of a person with some equipment that is available only to the major intelligence agencies, including the Israeli bodies and that Egyptian security bodies looking for a group of five or six individuals received orders reference from within Israel to carry some private business and people who talk But the Arabic-Egyptian understanding that the goal of which the implementation of some offensive actions against Western interests and graphics reaches one way or another."

The palestinians were getting too much sympathy for their plight and the Israelis were getting too much bad press for their atrocities. Time for a few bombs to be set off.


Anonymous nick z. said...

There's just no reformin those bad Pals. If just one is a terrorist, all are terrorists. Better rebuild that wall and restore the Palestinian Penal Colony before they kill us all.
Meanwhile, the innocent Israeli victims can own the world.

28/1/08 11:40 AM  
Blogger nolocontendere said...

Israel better find a way to plug that breach if they want get back to collective punishment, something they've lifted to a sick art form.

29/1/08 8:57 AM  

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