Sunday, April 30, 2006

Interesting Comparison

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Saturday, April 29, 2006

The New Normal

From Chris Floyd :

Imagine growing up in a family where every day, father raped daughter, mother tortured son, brother abused brother, sister stole from sister, and the whole family murdered neighbors, friends and passing strangers. Imagine the underlying assumptions about life that you would adopt without question in such an atmosphere, how normal the most hideous depravity would seem. If some outsider chanced to ask you about your family's latest activities, you would spew out perversions as calmly and unthinkingly as a man giving directions to the post office.

This state of unwitting confession to monstrous crime has been the default mode of the American Establishment for many years now. Government officials routinely detail policies that in a healthy atmosphere would shake the nation to its core, stand out like a gaping wound, a rank betrayal of every hope, ideal and sacrifice of generations past. Yet in the degraded sensibility of these times, such confessions go unnoticed, their evil unrecognized – or even lauded as savvy ploys or noble endeavors. Inured to moral horror by half a century of outrages committed by the "National Security" complex, the Establishment – along with the media and vast swathes of the population – can no longer discern the poison in the air they breathe. It just seems normal.

And so it was again this week when the Washington Post outlined the Pentagon's plan to put dirty war – by death squad, by snatch squad, by secret armies, subversion, torture and terrorism– at the very heart of America's military philosophy. Not defense against declared enemies, not deterrence of potential foes, but conducting "continuous" covert military operations in countries "where the United States is not at war" is now the Pentagon's "highest priority," according to the new "campaign plan for the global war on terror" issued by Donald Rumsfeld.

Just business as usual. The topper for me in the last few months is the ho hum, off handed way that people discuss nuking Iran. I don't even feel that I'm living on the same planet as those people. On discussion boards there are always some idiots or young punks that toss the word "nuke" around. But this is being discussed at length with almost breathless anticipation in main stream media.
It's as if people are resigned to losing all their humanity, film at 11, pass the popcorn.

If you've got the stomach for it, go see our depleted uranium handiwork in Afghanistan.
Business as usual.

Neil Young's Album

I'm listening to it right now. It's available in streaming audio in it's entirety -

My reaction? Eh.
Apparently he and the musicians and the large chorus recorded it quite fast, and it sounds like it. Musically it's only fair, but it's impact will be from it's message. I don't recall any other big name musician going so far as calling for a president's impeachment.
The frothing fascists will tear it apart, of course.

Friday, April 28, 2006

Bet This Will be the Last Time?

I wouldn't.

And some people are really fast:

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Thursday, April 27, 2006

Net Neutrality

A good short primer on the subject can be found here.
I can see a real problem down the line if there aren't strict laws on the books that prohibit ISPs from filtering or redirecting internet content. The internet is the last bastion of democracy and free speech. It's no wonder that the PTB want to strangle it while handing a plum to their corporate cronies.

And my goodness, guess which side the dripping slime are on -
Republicans defeat Net neutrality proposal
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"Aw... he's so cute and tiny... I know... I'll call him 'Approval Rating.'"

seen at Needlenose

Wednesday, April 26, 2006


"The civil war storyline is intended to divert attention from the bloody subjugation of the Iraqi people by a foreign military. This is the real story of the Iraqi conflict. The current malaise in Iraq is reducible to three bullet-points; occupation, occupation, and occupation. Any departure from this essential narrative is simply false.
American Intelligence services are involved in every area of the present hostilities. Author Max Fuller (“Crying Wolf: Media disinformation and Deaths squads in Occupied Iraq”) has documented how CIA operatives have not only trained the Iraqi death squads operating in the Interior ministry, but created a high-tech facility with data banks of the names of potential targets for future attacks.
Does that sound like civil war or a pretty well-thought out scheme for plunging the country into chaos?
Slaughterhouse by Mike Whitney

All of the violence and chaos since the invasion began has been blamed on everyone and everything else ..... but the US military and their zionist string pullers. Let's see, there were the looters, Baathists, the dead - enders (whatever that meant), al queda, Zarqawi, foreign nationals and the current term insurgents. (As if there were a legitamate government to insurge against.) Did I forget anyone?

Who benefits from muslim on muslim violence? Not the muslims. Who benefits from a divided Iraq? Not the Iraqis. To what end is a marketplace or a mosque blown up and innocent people slaughtered? Qui bono?

The occupation is indeed the root of it all. These are some of the tricks they use to make you think it's not:
Make believe the looting was spontaneous.
Encourage sectarian violence by blowing each side up.
Erect a phoney potemkin satrapy and pretend legitimacy.
Pretend the opposition to it is un-iraqi.
Then pretend to be there to ensure it's viability.
Plant some vague stories about withdrawal. (while building massive bases)

Always blame the victim. Meanwhile the slaughter continues.


Seen at Blondesense

Just how fucked up is America?

Quote of the Day: Robert Jenson’s analysis of America’s national character from ZNET:
”What if, for purposes of analysis, we treated the nation as a person? Scan the Diagnostic and Statistical Manual of the American Psychiatric Association (the bible of mental-health professionals, now in its fourth edition) and one category jumps out:
Narcissistic Personality Disorder.
DSM-IV describes the disorder as "a pervasive pattern of grandiosity (in fantasy or behavior), need for admiration, and lack of empathy" that can be diagnosed when any five of these nine criteria are met:
1. a grandiose sense of self-importance.
2. preoccupied with fantasies of unlimited success, power, brilliance, beauty, or ideal love.
3. believes he or she is special and unique.
4. requires excessive admiration.
5. sense of entitlement.
6. interpersonally exploitative, taking advantage of others to achieve his or her own ends.
7. lacks empathy.
8. often envious of others or believes that others are envious of him or her.
9. shows arrogant, haughty behaviors or attitudes.

Narcissistic tendencies to self-aggrandize are not unique to the United States, of course. But given the predominance of U.S. power in the world, we should worry most about the consequences of such narcissism here

Tuesday, April 25, 2006

Dueling Headlines

Levees not fully ready for hurricane season

"But even when the holes are plugged — a $2 billion endeavor — the entire 350-mile protection system remains flawed, the corps now admits. Flood walls are too weak in some places; earthen levees are too short in others. Locals say the only thing that will save the low-lying region from more flooding this summer is not getting hit with a strong storm."
"The levees won't be up to standard this year, but we just have to have faith."

Iraq war getting more expensive

"According to a recent report by the Congressional Research Service, the combined costs of war in Iraq and Afghanistan this year will hit $117.9 billion - about $9.8 billion a month - if Congress passes the White House's emergency money request, as is virtually certain.About 80 percent of the cash goes to Iraq, where costs have risen from $48 billion in 2003 to a projected $94 billion this year -for a total of $282 billion, according to the Center for Strategic and Budgetary Assessments, a think tank.
"The White House is planning to ask for an additional $50 billion next year..."

New Fuel To Halliburton Fraud Fire

"When it comes to logistical help for U.S. troops in Iraq, Halliburton is the biggest game in town. Under a wartime contract that's $7 billion and growing, it's serving the needs of 200,000 troops. But the Houston-based conglomerate once headed by Vice President Dick Cheney is neck-deep in allegations of waste and fraud involving millions of taxpayer dollars, reports CBS News Correspondent Sharyl Attkisson."
"It costs $110 to house one KBR employee per day at the Kempinski, while it costs the Army $1.39 per day to bunk a soldier in a leased tent,"
"At one site, taxpayers reportedly paid $100 for each 15-pound load of wash - $1 million a month in overcharges."

And the new hurricane season starts June 1.

Monday, April 24, 2006

Neil Young's New Album

Politicians are whores that are bought and sold many times over. Any hope that the political process will change things around and create a better world for us is is delusional. I've thought for a long time that the best catalyst for change would be found in pop culture, the entertainment medium that Average Americans find endlessly fascinating. So when Jay and Dave tear into Sockpuppet, the fascists seem a little less formidable. Charlie Sheen made it more acceptable to question the lies of 9/11. Now there's a new protest album by Neil Young that's going to hit the net first before being sold commercially.
Brad Blog has a review:

Neil Young wants to keep on rockin' the free world.

His new record, Living With War, makes very clear that if the Bush regime is allowed to continue, there may not be a free world to rock for much longer.

At 7:30 PM on Friday, April 21, 2006, Reprise Records’ Dan Rose ushered a small cadre of us into a Reprise's Burbank headquarters for an exclusive listen to Young’s new CD. For the next 50 minutes, listen we did.

Let's get one thing out of the way right now: this album rocks. It's post '80s electric Neil Young at his grunge best, and of the 10 cuts on Living With War, the first eight are mostly uptempo rockers. In fact, this may be the 60-year-old Young’s most crossover-worthy album yet, since many of the songs should appeal to fans of bands as diverse as Green Day and Pearl Jam and will likely be embraced on campuses across America.

But there's one other tiny thing that makes this record stand out: it is one mother%^&*#% of a protest album. In fact, Living With War may just be the Fahrenheit 9/11 of rock…

The Evidence Keeps Piling Up

Will Americans ever finally wake up and realize the truth about 9/11?
One of the amazing things about our collective understanding of that day is how most people believed what they were told rather than their own eyes. (With me though, I started smelling a rat about two hours into that morning after hearing the MSM say Osama's name for the thousandth time.) I mean, it's literally taken years to point to something that happened that day and see the truth that was there all along.

It's like we were hypnotized and are just waking up.

I think the collapsing skyscraper phenomena is going to bury the "official story". There was a lot of media attention and there are a lot of photos and videos. Building 7 is of course the real smoking gun with it's mysterious demise without being hit, and with Silverstein talking about pulling it. Three immense buildings coming down into their own footprints at free fall speed. Laws of physics being repealed.

Then there are the girders in the main structures that were blown hundreds of yards and impacted the surrounding structures. A lot of them seemed to be cut precisely to the best size for being hauled away in the cleanup. Here are two pictures I had never seen before, showing a possible reason how they were cut.

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Note the smoke trailing the tips of the girders.

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Note the charred tip of the beam above the fireman. Some say a thermite reaction would leave that trail of aluminum oxide smoke and cause exactly that burned look of the girder.

Saturday, April 22, 2006

Best Headline of the Day

Hilton to screw hundreds at Friday Night bash in DC

OK you nasty minded people, tell me this vapid creature wasn't the first thing that came to mind

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Actually it's a touching story about a restaurant in the lower level of the Washington DC Hilton.
Two guys have been providing free meals for wounded vets every week for almost 3 years. They must have to employ an army of help to do it. A lot of the guys are immobile so the restaurant sends it out to the hospitals, often preparing the food for special needs. The positive energy and morale boost must be astounding.
Talk about putting your money where your mouth is when you say you support the troops.

Pretty admirable, IMHO. Apparently the Hilton doesn't think so. It's served an eviction notice to the restaurant because it doesn't want to provide access for disabled people, you know, the wounded vets. They don't want to fix the elevator.

Something tells me that this situation is going to resolve itself and the soldiers are going to keep getting their chow.


I just watched "Brokeback Mountain" for the first time last night. I was blown away. (pun intended)
The movie just looks beautiful. Actually I think I read somewhere how the psychotic extian jeebus shitheads (known henceforth as the PXJS) were all huffy that the mountain scenery, running streams and achingly blue sky showed the purity of Jack and Ennis' relationship.
So what. The cinematography was stunningly crafted.
The movie is over two hours long but in my view there wasn't a superfluous scene to be found. Ang Lee is a masterful director and it shows.
The homosexual aspect is really only a vehicle to explore the complexity of relationships and shouldn't have been the catalyst for all the uproar amongst the PXJS. The themes involved are so universal and interesting that focussing on the juice swapping misses the point and cheapens the conversation. Not a rare occurrence with the jeebus wackos.
I used to live and work in Wyoming and I'd say the portrayal of the social ethos was stunningly accurate. Guys there do try to live an idealized cowboy exisrence and are taciturn, prone to violence and seldom talk about their emotions. Which probably gives the movie it's depth and power. Heath Ledger's got the chops to radiate his distress and conflict with fewer words rather than more, and richly deserved his nomination. Ang Lee had the confidence to hand him the the entire flick at the end and he carried it very well.
A magnificent film.

Friday, April 21, 2006

Chips Down, Bush Prepares a Hail Mary Bet

by Mark Morford

It's just like playing blackjack in Vegas.

Invariably, sitting right next to you is some guy, eyes shifty and body twitchy and making weird sounds with his mouth and smelling vaguely of sawdust and horse manure and dead dreams, with a huge pile of chips he is quickly turning into a very small pile of chips.

He is suffering. He is playing terribly, grumbling, sneering at the dealer, talking to the cards like they were his personal slutty harem, complaining to his very angry God who is apparently no longer coming through for him. He is getting desperate. He is sweating, glancing around, wondering where all his drunken fraternity friends scurried off to.
Soon he is down to his last chips. He makes one final stab, but his final bet tanks. He is out, the pile is gone.

He then does what every miserable, lunkheaded gambler does at this point: In a fit of alcoholic rage and demonic encouragement, he says, "Screw it" -- and digs into his pocket, pulls out his last remaining crumpled $1,000 bill and slaps it down on the table in one big final gesture meant to turn his fortunes around all at once, damn the wife at home and forget a decent meal and forget every ironclad rule of gambling because damn it the gods owe him and he's long overdue for a change in fortune. Yes. Right. Sure he is.

Sure enough, the lug loses his big Hail Mary bet. He is broke. He cannot believe it. He curses the table, curses the whore cards, swears at the dealer for not treating him better, slams the rest of his drink and his face contorts and his hands shake and he stumbles off into the night, railing against his lousy luck, the gods, all of humanity. Same ol' situation, happening all over Vegas. And, of course, Washington, D.C.

Now, here he is, sitting right next to all the other countries at the Big Table, representing America, it's little Dubya Bush, stewing in his own juices, his poll numbers hovering right near Nixon levels, mumbling to himself, smelling vaguely of sawdust and horse manure and dead Social Security overhaul plans.

He is pockmarked by scandal, buffeted by storms of disapproval and infighting and nascent impeachment. He authorized the leak of classified security information merely to smear an Iraq war critic, he lied about WMD and lied about Saddam and lied about making the United States safer and lied about, well, just about everything, on top of launching the worst and most violent and most expensive, unwinnable war since Vietnam.

His pile of betting capital is down to a tiny lump, nothing like back when he had the table rigged and all the pit bosses worked for him and the pile was as big as a roomful of Texas cow pies. But now, fortune is frowning. In fact, fortune is white-hot furious at being so viciously molested, spit upon, raped lo these many years. The truth is coming out: Bush has now lost far, far more bets than he ever won.

What's to be done? Why, do what any grumbling, furious, confused, underqualified alcoholic gambler does: reach down deep and say, "To hell with the nation and to hell with the odds and to hell with the rest of the planet," and pull out one more desperate, crumpled war from deep in your pants, slap it on the table and hear the world moan.

But this time, try to make it serious. Do not rule out the use of tactical nuclear weapons. Do not rule out another massive air strike, ground troops, special forces, a strategy so intense it makes Iraq look like a jog in the park. Think of yourself as creating a masterful legacy, going down in history as the guy who "saved" the world from Iran's nukes while protecting American oil interests. Yes? Can you smell the oily sanctimony in the air? Is God speaking to you again, telling you to damn the torpedoes and kill more Muslims? You are the chosen one, after all.

Sound far-fetched? Don't think even Bush could be capable of using nukes to slap Iran? Perish the thought. All reports from underground White House sources -- most notably by way of Sy Hersh's horrifying report in a recent New Yorker -- indicate that Dubya and his remaining team of war-happy flying monkeys have been secretly laying out plans to attack Iran for months, possibly including the use of tactical nuclear weapons to get at those deep Iranian bunkers, all because Iran just celebrated its entrance into the world's "nuclear club" by finally enriching some uranium for the first time. Cookies all around!

No matter that most analysts say that Iran is far from being a true threat, that a nuclear Iran is at least a good decade away, if not longer. No matter that 10 years is a good long time to work on ways to force Iran out of the game -- via negotiation, diplomacy, sanctions -- without unleashing another river of never-ending violence.

With Bush in power, there is no waiting. There is no thought of avoiding another hideous war at all costs. To the Bush hawks, diplomacy is a failed joke. Negotiation is for intellectuals and tofu pacifists. In the Dubya worldview, the planet is a roiling cauldron of nasty threats, crammed with terrorists and hateful Muslims and foreign demons suddenly growling on our doorstep when, curiously, they really weren't there before he stumbled into power. Amazing how that works.

It is now seven months before what could be a radically influential congressional election, a vote that could very well give power back to the Democrats, who will (with any luck) waste no time launching a number of long-overdue investigations into Bush's failed war and the various scandals and lies and fiscal abuses that led us all here.

For Dubya, now is the time. One last, desperate gamble. Slam that last drink, scrunch up your face, screw the rules and let the bombs fly. What, you don't think he could do it? Don't think a nuclear attack on Iran is possible? You haven't looked into the tiny, ink-black eyes of Dick Cheney lately. You haven't seen Rumsfeld's arrogant sneer, seen Bush looking confused and lost, wondering where all his "capital" went, desperately hunting for a legacy and finding only irresponsibility and self-righteousness and death.

But hell, as we already know, that's good enough for him.

Thursday, April 20, 2006

Where To Go To Avoid the Religious

This map shows the concentrations of people who fervently believe in some invisible sky dude or another, with the lighter areas being less infected. I was thinking of moving to southern Utah, but damn...

Wednesday, April 19, 2006

9/11 - The Comic Book

Apparently all the propaganda, fantasy, stagecrafting and lies just weren't enough to convince some people that 19 arabs pulled off black tuesday. Or perhaps someone thought that it's never too early to indoctrinate children. But here comes the comic book version of the 9/11 commission.

"Publisher Thomas LeBien of Hill and Wang, a division of Farrar, Straus, Giroux, said to the New York Post, "I think we have taken a terribly important document, which I wish every American would read, and done it in a way that makes it far easier for people to grasp."

Jeebus, how insulting.

Surprise! "Officials" Knowingly Lied About 9/11 Pollution

EPA press release 9/13/01: "EPA's primary concern is to ensure that rescue workers and the public are not exposed to elevated levels of asbestos, acidic gases or other contaminants from the debris. . Sampling of ambient air quality found either no asbestos or very low levels of asbestos. Sampling of bulk materials and dust found generally low levels of asbestos. documented lying

And again on 9/18 and 9/21 - “We are very encouraged that the results from ourmonitoring of air quality and drinking water conditions in both New York and near the Pentagon show that the public in these areas is not being exposed to excessive levels of asbestos or other harmful substances . . . I am glad to reassure the people of New York and W ashington, D.C. that their air is safe to breathe and their water is safe to drink”. (more bullshit)

Not only did they lie but also put pressure on others monitoring the situation to remove their findings. A company called HP Environmental found huge amounts of asbestos and posted the findings at a site called American Industrial Hygiene Association, which became something of a clearinghouse for information related to the cleanup efforts. It was removed a few hours later.

Does it come as a shock to know that when a rescue worker who saved his shirt from that day and recently had it analyzed, found unbelievably high concentrates of asbestos - "93,000 times higher than the average typically found in the environment in U.S. cities."guy saved his shirt "In early April, the Centers for Disease Control reported that 62% of the individuals caught in the dust cloud of the fallen towers were suffering respiratory problems. In addition, 46% of those who lived or worked in the area (but avoided the dust cloud) also reported consistent respiratory illnesses.
Though these numbers are staggering, they are sure to worsen as many asbestos-related diseases, such as mesothelioma, take 10-40 years to surface. That means, in the next 5 to 10 years, New York City could be facing a serious health crisis."

Mayor Vaughn: I'm only trying to say that Amity is a summer town. We need summer dollars. Now, if the people can't swim here, they'll be glad to swim at the beaches of Cape Cod, the Hamptons, Long Island...
(Jaws, 1975)

Tuesday, April 18, 2006

Don't Try This at Home

The biggest wave you've ever seen ridden.

I think this is somewhere in the south pacific, pretty far from land actually, and the currents produce the largest standing waves in the world with regularity.

Monday, April 17, 2006

Interior Secretary Claims Golf Traps are "Wetlands"


Thursday (March 30), Interior Secretary Gale Norton called a press conference to claim our long nightmare of wetlands loss had finally come to an end due to unprecedented gains since 1997 (click hear to read the report she cites). However, she then admitted much of that gain has been in artificially created ponds, such as golf course water hazards and farm impoundments.

The sporting community--from Ducks Unlimited to the Theodore Roosevelt Conservation Partnership--reacted quickly, and not favorably."

Field and Stream

In related news the lumber sections of all Home Depots are now woodlands and ketchup remains a vegetable in our nation's schools.

Sunday, April 16, 2006

Asleep all over America

"If it's 10:AM in Casablanca what time is it in New York? ...They're sleeping in New York... They're asleep all over America."
Humphrey Bogart, in Casablanca

by Helen & Harry Highwater, UnknownNews

"Are you awake yet, America? I'm wide awake, and worried. Are you worried with me, wondering what's next? Are you terrified?If you're not scared silly, that frightens me even more.
Some people are seriously suggesting that the Constitution should be ignored, because it puts people's rights above Presidential power. Can Americans truly be this stupid?
Do you know what it means when a government promises liberty and justice for all, and seriously tries to follow through on that goal? It means everything.
Do you know what government looks like, when people's rights are deemed un-important? That's the USSR. Communist China. North Korea. Are you ready to see that, to live that, right here in America?
The United States of America is not magically immune to totalitarianism, and we're flirting with it. It can happen here, and we're approaching the brink."

Cue Entry of the Gladiators!

Two consecutive stolen presidential elections; back-to-back wars, both of them unprovoked and brazenly illegal, with more on the horizon; the deaths of well over two thousand of your sons and daughters in Central Asia and the Middle East, and the maiming and disfiguring of thousands more; the ongoing slaughter of tens of thousands of Afghans and Iraqis; countless corporate/political scandals directly tied to the Bush mob; passage of the Patriot Act, and various other attacks on your civil, privacy, and due process rights; the entirely preventable deaths of an unknown number of people in New Orleans; military occupation of southern Louisiana; sanctioning of secret military tribunals; revelations of the widespread use of, and official sanction of, various forms of torture; getting slapped in the face with the Abu Ghraib photos; indefinite, warrantless detentions without access to legal counsel; illegal domestic surveillance; open witch-hunting of ‘liberal’ members of academia (though it is perfectly acceptable for a former Phoenix Program assassin and torturer to educate your children); gross invasions of your privacy – at airports, at sporting events, when entering many public buildings, even when sitting at home on your computer; massive cuts in social spending, even while hundreds of billions of dollars are spent waging war and militarizing domestic law enforcement; massive tax cuts that primarily benefit corporate America; the steady erosion of the nation’s education and healthcare systems; trashing of the environment and environmental protections; the accumulation of an almost unfathomable level of debt; and the act of grand theft masquerading as Medicare ‘reform.'

And oh yeah, 9/11.

Saturday, April 15, 2006

Ave Eostre

Image hosting by Photobucket
just one of these is worth more than you, peasant

Image hosting by Photobucket

Thursday, April 13, 2006

Take Your Pick






The above "news" comes courtesy of MSM. It's obvious there's an agenda at work here to scare and confuse us all. The plans to go to war with first one country in the middle east and then another have been a part of the agenda for some time, but it wasn't always so scary that Iran wanted to go nuclear:

"The first thing - of what we do know, and it's amazing how many Americans seem to skate over this - the first nuclear reactor given to Iran was given by the United States in 1967 - a five-megawatt trigger reactor, research reactor, under the Eisenhower Atoms for Peace Program. Still operated ... The other thing that Americans forget is that in 1974, the shah announced a policy of 23,000 megawatts of nuclear energy in Iraq. The US reaction? [Former US national security adviser and secretary of state] Henry Kissinger beat down the door to be sure that two US constructors, General Electric and Westinghouse, had a preferred position in selling those reactors. We did not say, "it's a stupid idea, why would you want to do that when you are flaring gas and you have immense oil reserves?" We said, "That is very interesting; it's an example of how the Iranian economy is moving and becoming modern." Imagine in Iranian ears how it sounds now when we denigrate that capacity. They remember. We were sellers of nuclear reactors and wanted to be sellers of nuclear reactors to the shah."

Easily Amused

His closest advisors came to visit Flaccid Puppet at the White House one evening and found him slamming down beers and whooping it up. They were astonished, since he had given up drinking years ago. When asked why he was off the wagon, Game Boy replied that he was celebrating finishing a jigsaw puzzle. They smiled and told him that wasn't much of an accomplishment. "Ah, but you're wrong. I did it in record time!" When asked what that record was, he replied that he had finished it after only 6 months. Again, they told him that wasn't that great. "Oh yeah?" said the commander in chief, "Well, the box says 3-5 YEARS!"


Take the Poll

If the U.S. military determined they would not support illegal orders (as determined by JAG's), would you support them?

Wednesday, April 12, 2006

Barrage of Propaganda

Coursing through the MSM propaganda, I'm finding that the lies and hype about Iran's enrichment are reaching fever pitch.
Karl Rove: Iranian President 'Not Rational'
Iran raises stakes in nuclear row
Warmonger Jerome Corsi is calling for nuclar war on Coast to Coast.
WAR! WAR! WAR! with Corsi at the odious World Net Daily
Rice on Iran: It's time for action at CNN
She wants "strong steps" (bombs away) at CBC
At the execrable Newsmax they'll teach you
Is Iran Next? How to nuke 'em back to the stone age
Drudge screams 16 Days - RUN!

I've been saying for a long time that the fascists really, really need another synthetic terror event to sweep what's been a truly awful year for them off the table. And the proposed oil bourse that Iran wants is a direct threat to the petrodollar. Israel has announced their intentions to stop what's going on. With all this froth at the mouth propaganda tossed into the mix, a really big fireworks display is all but a certainty.

The questions are where and when. Up until a couple of months ago when this fever pitch Iran smear got underway I thought the Big Party would commence with an attack in the Middle East. Maybe a false flag move by Israel against an aircraft carrier, or a missile into the green zone. Then I came across
this information which uses the reverse speech technique to get some clues.

"During the summer of 2005 it was decided go ahead with plans for America’s second 9/11.
The decision was not made in a torch-lit cave in Afghanistan, nor in a nondescript safe-house in Iraq. Implementing the plan would involve the highest officials of the United States government. The centerpiece of the plan is a portable nuclear weapon manufactured in the former Soviet Union. A tame “terrorist”, destined no doubt to be an eventual patsy, arranged for the bomb’s transport by sea, and the ship carrying it entered Galveston Bay on January 25, 2006. At this time the device remains hidden on board the ship that brought it, a freighter docked in or near the port of Texas City, about thirty minutes south of Houston, and only ten miles from the island city of Galveston."

This fellow named Ken Welch asserts he's found credible reverse speech fragments by all the war criminals that point to a nuclear weapon going off around Easter.
He lives there so I understand his concern. If this happens it would make sense from the point of view of a mass murderer/psychopath. What better way to accelerate a religious war AND let the nuclear genie out of the bottle. Feigning outrage, they'd send the nukes flying without all that messy negotiation and diplomatic posturing, and the Flaccid Puppet's popularity would spike back up, thereby getting rid of this little problem (seen at MSNBC):

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Monday, April 10, 2006

100 Years Ago on April 18

The Great Quake in San Francisco happened.

Image hosting by Photobucket

The above picture was taken from Telegraph Hill.
Below, same view today.

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Voice of the Faceless

Mainstream media will never put a face on or give a voice to current villains du jour. Intended targets, patsies and scapegoats have to be anonymous, faceless, voiceless and threatening. Allowing them to be heard and recognized as human is bad for the war effort dontcha know.
In the spirit of listening to the people our tax dollars are oppressing, this is the statement of the real resistance to the Iraqi occupation on the 3rd anniversary of the invasion, translated from this
source, and found at Cytations:

"Oh, great Iraqi people, three years ago, on April 9, 2003, the American invaders and their Zionist allies, along with groups of sectists, separatists and thieves, dirtied the ground of our beloved Baghdad.

The armies of the new barbarians under the leadership of America launched an aggression unprecedented in today's world that blatantly violated all international laws. It was preceded by a malicious propaganda campaign of forgery, lying and misleading that was used to market the pretexts of war and aggression on Iraq in order to occupy it and terminate its sovereign state.

But the invaders have never enjoyed the realization of their evil dreams of controlling the Land of the Two Rivers. The angry response came immediately and violently at the hands of our front line fighters who unleashed heroic resistance (jihad) since the very first hours of the occupation. This vigor of the resistance stunned the invaders and frustrated their dreams. It caused the masterminds in the American administration of evil to curse the hour in which they decided to get embroiled with Iraq and its people....."

Saturday, April 08, 2006

Phoney War and Fake Soldiers

9/11 was an inside job, a filthy act of terror and a murder of American citizens. The planned invasion and occupation of two countries soon followed with all the death , destruction and misery that it entails. Cover ups and lies abound; the scumbags need to pay "journalists" to spin the nightmares and lie about the magnitude of the crimes. Now here come the fake soldiers.

"Lisa Jane Phillips was not just a prize-winning honours student. She was also a captain and heroic United States Air Force pilot. In her honour, the college waived $42,178 (£24,000) of tuition fees and invited her into tutorials to talk to other students about "what it's really like over there".

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There was a prize for her "interest in solving the problems of humankind" and "attitude to life that demonstrates the virtues of courage and self-giving". The young woman shone out as the very definition of the best an American woman could be.
Except that she wasn't. In fact, "Captain" Phillips's tales of derring-do were an elaborate fraud. Far from being an American hero, she was a military fake."

The tip off for me is that statement "what it's really like over there". Bootlickers and chumps for the fascists go on about the media reporting the carnage but not the "good deeds" in America's newest colonies. In matter of fact the situations are more dire than reported.
This fraud paraded as a soldier, not just for self gratification, but to fool the people that the stinking mess we've created in Afghanistan and Iraq is really a glorious achievement.
The question is, how many more are there?

If Faux© News Covered the Revolution

THIS is some inventive stuff, spoofing Fox.

'Liberals Issue "Declaration" of "Independence"
10 Things You Need to Know About the Treasonous Document

Is The Capitol Building Next?

I've been thinking for some time that the walking stench in Washington have to pull another 9/11. They have to re-inject the fear to be able to move their control agenda forward.

Signs of the Times

In light of the 'insider' fingerprints left all over the 9/11 attacks, a few recent stories made us sit up and take notice.
On Monday, the U.S. Capitol building (seat of the great American Democracy inaction) experienced a 'power out' that caused an evacuation for about an hour. Strangely enough, a spokeswoman for Potomac Electric Power Co., said the electricity shut off automatically after there was "a momentary drop in voltage due to customer operations up the lines" away from the Capitol.
"The protective equipment sensed the significant change in voltage and tripped," she said.
U.S. Capitol police however said a power spike that affected much of the metropolitan area "knocked out power to the Capitol building and caused lights and cable TV reception to flicker throughout the Capitol complex." In response, police evacuated the building and investigated, along with architect of the Capitol and fire officials.
Normally, this apparently innocuous event would not be interesting, except for the fact that, on the weekend prior to the 9/11 attacks, power to the WTC complex was also shut off, allowing, as is now expected, the conspirators to enter the complex and 'prep' the buildings for the very obvious demolition that occured just a few days later.
Added to that, we have the following very interesting story from "The Hill", a newspaper "for and about the U.S. Congress":
Some officers are trained to patrol tunnels, police say
A select group of U.S. Capitol Police have undergone special training to access the miles of utility tunnels underneath the Capitol complex, according to a police spokeswoman.
The spokeswoman, however, would not provide further detail about how the tunnels are protected because of national-security concerns.
"Specific information regarding our capabilities in this area cannot be discussed, as this is a security-related matter," said the spokeswoman, Sgt. Kimberly Schneider.
The Washington, D.C., fire department, which serves the Capitol campus, also says it is equipped to respond to any emergency involving the tunnels. Alan Etter, a spokesman for the department, said firefighters possess the training and equipment necessary should they need to enter the tunnel system.
"We have just completed training involving the large underground steam tunnels that run throughout the city," he said. "We have had limited exposure to the tunnels under the Capitol; however, they are the same as the [General Services Administration] tunnels."
The comments came in response to questions about what the U.S. Capitol Police are doing to secure the tunnels.
Ten Architect of the Capitol employees who work in the Capitol Power Plant tunnels asserted that there is no police presence in the underground tunnels in a letter sent to four members of Congress nearly two weeks ago.
The tunnels provide steam to heat and cool the Capitol campus and run from the Capitol Power Plant to the House and Senate office buildings, the Capitol and other, surrounding buildings.
The letter contends that the police are not permitted to patrol the tunnels because of their dangerous conditions, which include crumbling concrete that could fall at any time and large amounts of carcinogenic asbestos.
"The United States Capitol Police has made the entire tunnel system off limits to their staff because of the safety conditions as well as the lack of communication because phones and radios do not work in the tunnels," the workers wrote.
When asked about the concerns raised in the letter, the police spokeswoman said only that some members of the force have undergone special training and that the training allows them to access the tunnel system. Rank-and-file officers, however, are forbidden from entering utility tunnels because of the hazardous conditions.
In the letter, the workers said that the police policy presents a security problem.
"This should be a real concern to the Congress and Senate as all buildings on the complex can be entered through the steam tunnels," they wrote. "Realize that it is on a regular basis [that] we see people in the tunnels that we don’t know why they are down there."
Citing documents received from the police, the letter adds: "The Capitol police not only won’t go down there [but] they stated ‘We won’t let our dogs down.’"
Safety precautions regarding the tunnels have been taken in the past for special events, according to Eva Malecki, a spokeswoman for the Architect of the Capitol (AoC), the office responsible for managing the buildings and utilities on the Capitol campus. To prepare for inaugurations or State of the Union speeches, manholes are sealed to prevent unauthorized entry.
"After Sept. 11, 2001, there was more emphasis on securing [the tunnels] for security purposes," Malecki said. "The AoC has started replacing the old hatches with new ones that have emergency-release features that secure the hatches from the outside, but allow egress from inside the tunnels in an emergency."
D.C. firefighters already use self-contained breathing apparatuses, or breathing masks, that protect them from asbestos and other particles.

Did you know that there are miles of tunnels underneath the Capitol complex?
Is it really believable that these tunnels have been left in such a poor state of repair that they could collapse at any minute?
Is it really believable that the Washington Police Department cannot obtain phones or walkie talkies that would work in these tunnels?
Is the claim that only select teams of officers can patrol these tunnels because of the health threats really believable when D.C. firefighters already have self-contained breathing masks that protect them from asbestos and other particles?
After this news report, we tend to conclude that if there ever was a plan to detonate a nuke in these tunnels and take out all of Congress and lots of DC citizens and open the path to an overt political coup by way of the Continuity of Government group , then these plans have now been shelved. What is perhaps even more interesting is the other possible reasons why no one is allowed to go down into these tunnels.
After all, it's not like the U.S. is a stranger to burrowing into other people's business.
And just in case you are dismissing all of this as "secret government conspiracy nonsense", then understand that to hold such a view you will also have to accept the fact that the mainstream press and government is in on this little plot along with us, which brings you to the startling conclusion that it's all one big conspiracy to try and make you, the ordinary person, think that conspiracies exist! How's that for conspiratorial?

Wednesday, April 05, 2006

The New McCarthyism

Going to watch "Goodnight and Good Luck" tonight. I have high hopes for this one, not only because I've admired David Strathairn's work for a number of years but because we're in the midst of a new round of censorship and paranoia. Only this time we've managed to internalize it, to "watch what we say" like that walking piece of filth Ashcroft admonished everybody.

Whatever happened to the bold American spirit? The ability to be independent minded, to look at something and figure it out and speak strongly and fearlessly? Apparently gone missing, that American spirit. Replaced by fearful timidity and slavish groupthink. People today are actually startled to hear some iconoclast speak his or her mind about our rush to fascism. And sometimes they get angry, but not because of what that iconoclast is saying, but because they're bold enough to do it.

The Guardian has a story about this new McCarthyism in our schools and universities, places that have always been seen as hideous bastions of free thinking by the fascist goon squads - Silence In Class
"University professors denounced for anti-Americanism; schoolteachers suspended for their politics; students encouraged to report on their tutors."

Now for that movie.

Homeland Security Made Easy

The US government has a new website, It's another attempt at scare mongering in the style of the old "duck and cover" advice after WWII. They use confusing images for advice in case of emergency, so let me help you understand what they really mean.

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If you have set yourself on fire, do not run

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If you spot a terrorist arrow, pin it against the wall with your shoulder

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Use your flashlight to lift the walls right off of you

Image hosting by Photobucket
Hurricanes, animal corpses and the biohazard symbol have a lot in common. Think about it.

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If a door is closed, karate chop it open

Image hosting by Photobucket
Do not drive a station wagon if a power pole is protruding from the hood

Image hosting by Photobucket
If you are trapped under falling debris, conserve oxygen by not farting

Image hosting by Photobucket
If your building collapses, give yourself a blowjob while waiting to be rescued

Hope that helps!

Monday, April 03, 2006

Flaccid Puppet in Cancun

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(swiped from Needlenose)

Sunday, April 02, 2006

George Bush's Civil War Victory Dance

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The Flaccid Puppet's agenda is a tad bit more vicious than we think.

"The reality clearly shows that Bush had three primary objectives in launching the invasion. First and foremost was the transfer of large portions of the national wealth of Iraq – and the United States – into the coffers of his political cronies, corporate backers and family members. (Also here.) Second was the frantic acceleration of the long-running, bipartisan militarization of America, which is now almost wholly dependent on war and rumors of war to keep its heavily-mortgaged economy afloat. Third was planting a permanent military presence in Iraq to "project dominance" over the strategic oil lands and serve as staging areas for further operations in regime change and political extortion as needed."

Saturday, April 01, 2006

War Against Iran

Physics professor Jorge Hirsch has a well written article at the Information Clearing House. He agrees with me and a lot of people that plans were made a long time ago to reshape the middle east.

"A small group of thugs is about to lead America across a line of no return. On the other side of this line there is no nuclear taboo, no restraint on preemptive nuclear attacks on non-nuclear nations, and no incentive for non-nuclear nations to remain non-nuclear. A global nuclear war and the destruction of humanity will be a distinct possibility."

The stage is set for much wider war. It was planned to erase some countries from the face of the earth, remove nationalism from being in the way of global subjugation and to steal and secure all the known natural resources. The thugs can't stop now because if they do their plans will fail. They're going to go for it all and it will change our lives forever. The only variable is the timing.

also - The War Drums Are Getting Louder and Sounding a Clear Message


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