Saturday, April 01, 2006

War Against Iran

Physics professor Jorge Hirsch has a well written article at the Information Clearing House. He agrees with me and a lot of people that plans were made a long time ago to reshape the middle east.

"A small group of thugs is about to lead America across a line of no return. On the other side of this line there is no nuclear taboo, no restraint on preemptive nuclear attacks on non-nuclear nations, and no incentive for non-nuclear nations to remain non-nuclear. A global nuclear war and the destruction of humanity will be a distinct possibility."

The stage is set for much wider war. It was planned to erase some countries from the face of the earth, remove nationalism from being in the way of global subjugation and to steal and secure all the known natural resources. The thugs can't stop now because if they do their plans will fail. They're going to go for it all and it will change our lives forever. The only variable is the timing.

also - The War Drums Are Getting Louder and Sounding a Clear Message


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