Thursday, March 09, 2006

Fashion Police

Mr. Blackwell's real losers: Wear a Cheap Watch, Go to Gitmo

Is there any more proof that anyone needs that this phoney war-on-nouns is a complete and utter farce? Desperate to find any excuse to create enemies, simply wearing a watch get's you indefinate imprisonment.

"Wearing a Casio is cited among the unclassified evidence against at least eight of the detainees whose transcripts were released by the Pentagon after a Freedom of Information Act lawsuit by The Associated Press.
Millions and millions of people have these types of Casio watches," Mazin Salih Musaid, a Saudi detainee, told his military tribunal.
Even guards at Guantanamo wear Casios, noted Usama Hassan Ahmend Abu Kabir."


Blogger Lesley said...

Stupidity knows no bounds.

12/3/06 2:41 AM  

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