Monday, April 10, 2006

Voice of the Faceless

Mainstream media will never put a face on or give a voice to current villains du jour. Intended targets, patsies and scapegoats have to be anonymous, faceless, voiceless and threatening. Allowing them to be heard and recognized as human is bad for the war effort dontcha know.
In the spirit of listening to the people our tax dollars are oppressing, this is the statement of the real resistance to the Iraqi occupation on the 3rd anniversary of the invasion, translated from this
source, and found at Cytations:

"Oh, great Iraqi people, three years ago, on April 9, 2003, the American invaders and their Zionist allies, along with groups of sectists, separatists and thieves, dirtied the ground of our beloved Baghdad.

The armies of the new barbarians under the leadership of America launched an aggression unprecedented in today's world that blatantly violated all international laws. It was preceded by a malicious propaganda campaign of forgery, lying and misleading that was used to market the pretexts of war and aggression on Iraq in order to occupy it and terminate its sovereign state.

But the invaders have never enjoyed the realization of their evil dreams of controlling the Land of the Two Rivers. The angry response came immediately and violently at the hands of our front line fighters who unleashed heroic resistance (jihad) since the very first hours of the occupation. This vigor of the resistance stunned the invaders and frustrated their dreams. It caused the masterminds in the American administration of evil to curse the hour in which they decided to get embroiled with Iraq and its people....."


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