Saturday, April 08, 2006

Phoney War and Fake Soldiers

9/11 was an inside job, a filthy act of terror and a murder of American citizens. The planned invasion and occupation of two countries soon followed with all the death , destruction and misery that it entails. Cover ups and lies abound; the scumbags need to pay "journalists" to spin the nightmares and lie about the magnitude of the crimes. Now here come the fake soldiers.

"Lisa Jane Phillips was not just a prize-winning honours student. She was also a captain and heroic United States Air Force pilot. In her honour, the college waived $42,178 (£24,000) of tuition fees and invited her into tutorials to talk to other students about "what it's really like over there".

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There was a prize for her "interest in solving the problems of humankind" and "attitude to life that demonstrates the virtues of courage and self-giving". The young woman shone out as the very definition of the best an American woman could be.
Except that she wasn't. In fact, "Captain" Phillips's tales of derring-do were an elaborate fraud. Far from being an American hero, she was a military fake."

The tip off for me is that statement "what it's really like over there". Bootlickers and chumps for the fascists go on about the media reporting the carnage but not the "good deeds" in America's newest colonies. In matter of fact the situations are more dire than reported.
This fraud paraded as a soldier, not just for self gratification, but to fool the people that the stinking mess we've created in Afghanistan and Iraq is really a glorious achievement.
The question is, how many more are there?


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