Wednesday, April 12, 2006

Barrage of Propaganda

Coursing through the MSM propaganda, I'm finding that the lies and hype about Iran's enrichment are reaching fever pitch.
Karl Rove: Iranian President 'Not Rational'
Iran raises stakes in nuclear row
Warmonger Jerome Corsi is calling for nuclar war on Coast to Coast.
WAR! WAR! WAR! with Corsi at the odious World Net Daily
Rice on Iran: It's time for action at CNN
She wants "strong steps" (bombs away) at CBC
At the execrable Newsmax they'll teach you
Is Iran Next? How to nuke 'em back to the stone age
Drudge screams 16 Days - RUN!

I've been saying for a long time that the fascists really, really need another synthetic terror event to sweep what's been a truly awful year for them off the table. And the proposed oil bourse that Iran wants is a direct threat to the petrodollar. Israel has announced their intentions to stop what's going on. With all this froth at the mouth propaganda tossed into the mix, a really big fireworks display is all but a certainty.

The questions are where and when. Up until a couple of months ago when this fever pitch Iran smear got underway I thought the Big Party would commence with an attack in the Middle East. Maybe a false flag move by Israel against an aircraft carrier, or a missile into the green zone. Then I came across
this information which uses the reverse speech technique to get some clues.

"During the summer of 2005 it was decided go ahead with plans for America’s second 9/11.
The decision was not made in a torch-lit cave in Afghanistan, nor in a nondescript safe-house in Iraq. Implementing the plan would involve the highest officials of the United States government. The centerpiece of the plan is a portable nuclear weapon manufactured in the former Soviet Union. A tame “terrorist”, destined no doubt to be an eventual patsy, arranged for the bomb’s transport by sea, and the ship carrying it entered Galveston Bay on January 25, 2006. At this time the device remains hidden on board the ship that brought it, a freighter docked in or near the port of Texas City, about thirty minutes south of Houston, and only ten miles from the island city of Galveston."

This fellow named Ken Welch asserts he's found credible reverse speech fragments by all the war criminals that point to a nuclear weapon going off around Easter.
He lives there so I understand his concern. If this happens it would make sense from the point of view of a mass murderer/psychopath. What better way to accelerate a religious war AND let the nuclear genie out of the bottle. Feigning outrage, they'd send the nukes flying without all that messy negotiation and diplomatic posturing, and the Flaccid Puppet's popularity would spike back up, thereby getting rid of this little problem (seen at MSNBC):

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