Tuesday, April 25, 2006

Dueling Headlines

Levees not fully ready for hurricane season

"But even when the holes are plugged — a $2 billion endeavor — the entire 350-mile protection system remains flawed, the corps now admits. Flood walls are too weak in some places; earthen levees are too short in others. Locals say the only thing that will save the low-lying region from more flooding this summer is not getting hit with a strong storm."
"The levees won't be up to standard this year, but we just have to have faith."

Iraq war getting more expensive

"According to a recent report by the Congressional Research Service, the combined costs of war in Iraq and Afghanistan this year will hit $117.9 billion - about $9.8 billion a month - if Congress passes the White House's emergency money request, as is virtually certain.About 80 percent of the cash goes to Iraq, where costs have risen from $48 billion in 2003 to a projected $94 billion this year -for a total of $282 billion, according to the Center for Strategic and Budgetary Assessments, a think tank.
"The White House is planning to ask for an additional $50 billion next year..."

New Fuel To Halliburton Fraud Fire

"When it comes to logistical help for U.S. troops in Iraq, Halliburton is the biggest game in town. Under a wartime contract that's $7 billion and growing, it's serving the needs of 200,000 troops. But the Houston-based conglomerate once headed by Vice President Dick Cheney is neck-deep in allegations of waste and fraud involving millions of taxpayer dollars, reports CBS News Correspondent Sharyl Attkisson."
"It costs $110 to house one KBR employee per day at the Kempinski, while it costs the Army $1.39 per day to bunk a soldier in a leased tent,"
"At one site, taxpayers reportedly paid $100 for each 15-pound load of wash - $1 million a month in overcharges."

And the new hurricane season starts June 1.


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