Saturday, April 22, 2006

Best Headline of the Day

Hilton to screw hundreds at Friday Night bash in DC

OK you nasty minded people, tell me this vapid creature wasn't the first thing that came to mind

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Actually it's a touching story about a restaurant in the lower level of the Washington DC Hilton.
Two guys have been providing free meals for wounded vets every week for almost 3 years. They must have to employ an army of help to do it. A lot of the guys are immobile so the restaurant sends it out to the hospitals, often preparing the food for special needs. The positive energy and morale boost must be astounding.
Talk about putting your money where your mouth is when you say you support the troops.

Pretty admirable, IMHO. Apparently the Hilton doesn't think so. It's served an eviction notice to the restaurant because it doesn't want to provide access for disabled people, you know, the wounded vets. They don't want to fix the elevator.

Something tells me that this situation is going to resolve itself and the soldiers are going to keep getting their chow.


I just watched "Brokeback Mountain" for the first time last night. I was blown away. (pun intended)
The movie just looks beautiful. Actually I think I read somewhere how the psychotic extian jeebus shitheads (known henceforth as the PXJS) were all huffy that the mountain scenery, running streams and achingly blue sky showed the purity of Jack and Ennis' relationship.
So what. The cinematography was stunningly crafted.
The movie is over two hours long but in my view there wasn't a superfluous scene to be found. Ang Lee is a masterful director and it shows.
The homosexual aspect is really only a vehicle to explore the complexity of relationships and shouldn't have been the catalyst for all the uproar amongst the PXJS. The themes involved are so universal and interesting that focussing on the juice swapping misses the point and cheapens the conversation. Not a rare occurrence with the jeebus wackos.
I used to live and work in Wyoming and I'd say the portrayal of the social ethos was stunningly accurate. Guys there do try to live an idealized cowboy exisrence and are taciturn, prone to violence and seldom talk about their emotions. Which probably gives the movie it's depth and power. Heath Ledger's got the chops to radiate his distress and conflict with fewer words rather than more, and richly deserved his nomination. Ang Lee had the confidence to hand him the the entire flick at the end and he carried it very well.
A magnificent film.


Blogger Lesley said...

I agree that the scenery was beautiful. The story was very good too, but I have to say that it drug on a bit, at least for me. I think I would have enjoyed it more if 15-30 minutes would have been cut.

22/4/06 4:51 AM  
Blogger nolocontendere said...

A valid observatio for sure. I can see why you'd say that, Lesley; for me what was unspoken in those (admittedly numerous) pregnant pauses said as much as the spoken dialogue.

Which was another remarkable thing about it which I actually wanted to mention. The test of a superior movie to me is how much you empathize with the characters and how much you anticipate the flow. I found myself during those quiet moments wondering what was going to happen next and what they were thinking. And just drinking in the scenery. I lived at 9000 feet in Wyoming for two summers, it brought back some fine memories. Sniff.

22/4/06 6:51 AM  
Blogger Lesley said...

Actually it was the part after they left the mountains, went home and married that I found to drag on the most.

24/4/06 5:40 AM  

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