Sunday, February 28, 2010

Leave The Names Alone

Americans redraw the map to erase 'offensive' names

"For more than a century, Negrohead Mountain has towered over the countryside north of Malibu, offering unrivalled views of the Pacific to generations of hikers. But this week, at the stroke of a bureaucrat's pen, the striking landmark's time-honoured name disappeared from local maps.
The 2,031ft summit will henceforth be known as Ballard Mountain, a name deemed to be more in keeping with the modern era. The new title honours a blacksmith and former slave called John Ballard, who was among the first men to settle in its foothills in 1880, after fleeing Los Angeles to escape persecution by segregationist police officers."

The problem is, aside from wiping out cultural and historical heritage, that what's convenient and inoffensive today might be awkward and offensive tomorrow and it will have to be done again and again. So, after delicate souls got the vapors over Jackson's Hole and it was changed to Jackson Hole, are the Grand Tétons, aka The Big Tits, next on the chopping block or is it OK because it's in french? See that slippery slope and how we should just relax, and how sometimes we could even need to be reminded of a past that makes us wince?
How about Squaw Valley, or Whiteville, NC? Should every place called Washington be rebranded because the first president owned slaves?
But a little later in the article we catch a glimpse at who would love to eventually change names like charming Intercourse, PA:

"In San Francisco, the county board of supervisors debated a bizarre-sounding proposal to change the name of the Mount Diablo State Park to Mount Reagan State Park. The move was eventually rejected, but not before a group of right-wing Christian activists had advanced a case to the effect that the park's historic name, which is Spanish for "devil", is profane and highly offensive to religious people.
"This is about the spiritual climate of our county. It begins a discussion," said one of their number, Arthur Mijares, whose argument for change partly rested on the contention that the Mount Diablo name was against state law because the devil is a "living" being. "Look at problems in Richmond, Oakland, Pittsburg. All that is driven by evil, demonic spirits."
More than 70,000 locals joined a Facebook group opposing the change, although Mr Mijares told the Contra Costa Times that the group's members were "communists"."

Entry Title Censored

Australia censorship debate censored on Communications minister’s website

"If you’re planning to censor free speech on the internet, what better approach to take than to, er, censor debate about how you’re planning to censor free speech on the internet? Brilliant.
That, according to one sharp-eyed Register reader, is the game being played by Australian Communications Minister Stephen Conroy, whose ministerial website is currently set up so as not to show searches on embarrassing terms such as “ISP filtering”.

Kennedy Assassination 2.0

added - video fixed

Saturday, February 27, 2010

Mission Successful

'Occupiers responsible for heroin surge in Russia'

"The head of Russia's federal drug control agency has lambasted the US-led forces for failing to stamp out drug production in Afghanistan. Victor Ivanov blamed US President Barack Obama's administration for not doing enough to destroy opium poppy crops and curb the production of heroin in Afghanistan, the BBC reported on Saturday.
At least 30,000 people die in Russia every year due to heroin, 90% of which comes from Afghanistan, Ivanov added. Senior officials in Moscow say the consequence has been a flood of cheap heroin in Russia and Central Asia.
Poppy production in Afghanistan has actually increased every year since the US-led invasion in 2001 and the country's poppy market produces 95 percent of the world's opium."

And why is there a glut of drugs in the colony?
flashback, the excuse:

UN wants 'flood of drugs' in Afghanistan to devalue opium May 2009

"United Nations officials in Afghanistan are attempting to create a "flood of drugs" in the country intended to destroy the value of opium and force poppy farmers to switch to legal crops such as wheat.
After the failure to destroy fields of the scarlet flowers in Afghanistan's volatile south, the United Nations Office on Drugs and Crime says the answer is to stop the drugs from leaving the country in the first place.
"Manual eradication is incompetent and inefficient," UNODC chief Antonio Maria Costa said during a visit to the western Afghan province of Herat. "So we want to see more efforts to stop the flow of drugs across Afghanistan's borders and the hitting of high-value targets to create a market disruption.
"We want to create a flood of drugs within Afghanistan. There will be so much opium inside Afghanistan unable to go out that the price will go down."

They never planned to stop any of it at the borders. They had to come up with some bizarre excuse as to why, after the Taliban had essentially eradicated opium poppy cultivation, the country has had record harvests year after year under western occupation. One of the overlapping reasons for keeping the bloodbath going in Afghanistan is to use heroin to cause instability in Russia.
The Russians know exactly how the game is being played, which is one of the reasons for enmity between them and this country:

Drug Trafficking to Russia Transits through Georgia

"The territory of Georgia has been turning into one of powerful ways of drug trafficking to Russia, leader of the Russian Federal Drug Control Service (FDCS) Viktor Ivanov said at a meeting of its collegium on Saturday. "

US Warship in Georgia for Joint Exercises

"Tbilisi -- A US warship arrived in Georgia's Black Sea waters Thursday for exercises with the country's coast guard, the US embassy said, in the latest of a series of such visits that have infuriated Russia."

Pak/Indian Border Guards Put On Daily "Behold My Penis" Display

"The daily theatrics, part rooster strut, part goose-stepping, part Monty Python Ministry of Silly Walks, start at 4:30 in India, 4:00 in Pakistan. (The two can't agree on the border crossing's name, officially known as Attari in India, so why should the time of day be any different?)
As the ceremony's kickoff approaches, thousands of Indian tourists, babies in tow, popcorn and balloons in hand, dash a quarter of a mile from the parking lot to tiered bleachers a few feet from the historic divide, as if flocking to a rock concert."
"Trumpets sound and several extremely tall soldiers simultaneously appear on their respective sides of the divide, essentially a 250-yard-long courtyard flanked by seating between twin arches. Each of the prancing units sports crisp uniforms: black and green for Pakistan, orange, red and khaki for India. They march about, epitomes of machismo. Both countries choose their finest, as tall, intimidating and, in Pakistan's mustachioed case, hirsute as possible. Their height is amplified by the large, fan-shaped coxcomb bits atop their helmets, evoking peacocks battling for a mate. Shifting into high gear, the dueling guard goliaths goose-step, stomp, spin, strut and salute crisply. With a flash of white spats, several then march triple-speed straight at the border, arms swinging like crazed metronomes, before halting just short of the line."

Get Set For A Few Shooting "Incidents"

Obama to Seek New Assault Weapons Ban

"The Obama administration will seek to reinstate the assault weapons ban that expired in 2004 during the Bush administration, Attorney General Eric Holder said today.
"As President Obama indicated during the campaign, there are just a few gun-related changes that we would like to make, and among them would be to reinstitute the ban on the sale of assault weapons," Holder told reporters.
Holder said that putting the ban back in place would not only be a positive move by the United States, it would help cut down on the flow of guns going across the border into Mexico, which is struggling with heavy violence among drug cartels along the border.
"I think that will have a positive impact in Mexico, at a minimum." Holder said at a news conference on the arrest of more than 700 people in a drug enforcement crackdown on Mexican drug cartels operating in the U.S."

After the transparently ludicrous and staged crotchbomber on xmas day, voila, naked Xray scanners will soon be everywhere. So because of that, now we know the current criminals in Washington have shown just as much enthusiasm for pulling off these false flag stunts for political purposes as the Bush mob before them. Expect there to be some boffo mass shootings involving similar weapons to the ones they want to get out of our increasingly pissed off hands.

I have a bad feeling about the death cult's High Holy Days of mayhem this year, their favorite time to accelerate whatever sick message they want to send. As I wrote last year

"The stretch between the spring equinox and the ancient occult Beltaine observance has become pretty gruesome in the past few decades. As we approach 2012 the pace has really picked up but this time of year has always been important to the blood cults running the show. Somehow sacrifice rituals play a big part in how the fascist sickos maintain power, or acquire power to manipulate events successfully to their advantage. So we see more staged or exacerbated events happen during this time of year more than any other where people get sacrificed to Moloch or whatever other god the occultists revere.
But as usual the sickos get a laugh at our expense.
April is FEMA's disaster preparedness month."

There is No Means of Avoiding The Final Collapse

Sovereign Alchemy Will Fail

"When we look at the world economy today, wherever we turn we see a wall of risk. And sadly this is an insurmountable wall with risks that are totally unprecedented in history. There has never before been a potentially catastrophic combination of so many virtually bankrupt major sovereign states (US, UK, Spain, Italy Greece, Japan and many more) and a financial system which is bankrupt but is temporarily kept alive with phoney valuations and unlimited money printing. But governments will soon realise that they are not alchemists who can turn printed paper into gold. The consequences of the global financial crisis are potentially catastrophic.

As the Austrian economist von Mises said: “There is no means of avoiding the final collapse of a boom brought about by credit expansion. The alternative is only whether the crisis should come sooner as the result of a voluntary abandonment of further credit expansion or later as a final and total catastrophe of the currency involved.”

In our view, governments like the US and the UK and many others will not abandon further credit expansion. They are committed to printing increasing amounts of worthless paper money in order to finance the growing deficits and the rotten financial system. Therefore there is no chance of Quantitative Easing ending but instead it will accelerate in 2010 and after. The consequence of this will be a hyperinflationary depression in many countries due to many currencies becoming worthless. No economy in the world, including China, will avoid this severe economic downturn which is likely to have a major impact on the world economy for many, many years to come."

thnx to The Coming Economic Depression

also - The Fast Track to the End of the World as We Know It

Time To Defend Your Private Space At All Costs

Cops' seat-belt sting

"The FBI had Donnie Brasco, the undercover agent who infiltrated the mob. Maplewood police have "Homeless Harry" — my moniker for the undercover cop who last weekend bagged a completely different kind of outlaw. Let me explain.
Blake Elfstrom, 22, of Maplewood, was driving his girlfriend home late Sunday morning. He was the fourth car at a stop sign before turning onto westbound Minnesota 36 from northbound McKnight Road in North St. Paul.
That was when he spotted a shabbily dressed, middle-aged man wearing glasses that seemed too big for his face. The man, who turned out to be Maplewood cop Paul Bartz, was holding up a sign — "Will work for food" — as he approached and looked inside the line of waiting vehicles.
Elfstrom was pondering whether to roll down his window when he saw the cars moving ahead of him. He entered the on-ramp, only to be waved to the side of the road moments later by one of several uniformed cops standing near a line of patrol cars.
He asked the cop why he was being pulled over. The officer told him his girlfriend was in violation of a 9-month-old law that gives Minnesota law enforcement the authority to pull over drivers and occupants for not wearing seat belts.
"How in the world did you know?" Elfstrom asked the ticketing officer.
"That homeless guy back there? He's an officer," the cop replied.
"I saw about 10 other cars pulled over as he wrote out the (summons)," said Elfstrom, who recently graduated from college. "Yes, I was quite surprised by it."
Elfstrom's girlfriend was tagged for $108 — the state-mandated $25 fine for a first-time offender, plus the $75 the law allows as a petty-misdemeanor surcharge fee — repeat after me: this is not a tax, it's a fee — that goes into the state general fund. The remaining $8 — repeat again: it's not a tax, it's a fee — goes to fund law libraries.
Bartz, as well as "Homeless Harriet," his unidentified female North St. Paul police counterpart working the eastbound ramp of Minnesota 36 at McKnight Road, were prolific in nabbing unsuspecting violators.
Officers from Maplewood, North St. Paul, the Ramsey County sheriff's office and the State Patrol issued 122 citations during the 3 1/2-hour operation, according to Dave Kvam, Maplewood's deputy police chief.
The vast majority of tickets — 103 — were for not wearing seat belts. Two involved child-seat restraint violations. Three were for license revocation or suspension penalties. Six involved motorists with no proof of insurance and eight were for other traffic- or vehicle-related infractions."

We can't be passive in the face of this intrusive extortion. Apparently now we can't just enjoy our daily lives in freedom from monstrous abusive police state antics and bullying.
This is what I will do if anybody approaches my vehicle too closely to intrude into my personal space to peer into the interior. First thing would be to have the window rolled down and I would loudly tell the person to stop immediately at a distance. If the guy continues to advance the next step is to open the door fast enough to smash him in the face and knees. After that it depends on the situation but the most important thing is to warn him off and not allow him to get in close proximity. Bullies, whether they're gangbangers or stupid druggies or cops, know that most people will be passive enough to let them stick their faces in your window. I will not let them do it under any circumstances.

Friday, February 26, 2010

Prehistoric Humans May Have Had Writing

Cave symbols hint at 30,000-year-old origins of written communication

"A graphic code uncovered by researchers at the University of Victoria suggests that written communication may have started 30,000 years ago.
Compiling the cave signs of nearly 150 sites across Ice Age France, researchers found striking similarities that suggest human beings may have used a graphic language made up of simple lines and geometric shapes to communicate shortly after the first African civilizations arrived in Europe.
UVic graduate student Genevieve von Petzinger said in an interview yesterday that some patterns and symbols remained in use across the sites for 20,000 years, suggesting that the "creative explosion" occurred tens of thousands of years earlier than previously thought. Her findings were published last week by New Scientist.
Ms. von Petzinger said these geometric shapes had been described and noted by past scholars, but were deemed "unimportant" alongside images of horses and other animal shapes.
"The [signs] are pretty boring actually," she said. "They're just scraped into the rock with no embellishments, but over all they're transmitting information about abstract things we can't see in the real world, which makes it different from the meaning behind the animal shapes."
Further, 26 signs illustrated in a consistent style were found across the sites using images from a digital archive. While the illustrations may be rudimentary - composed of circles, straight lines and triangles - she said they suggest the seeds of a prehistoric mode of communication."

Wonderful revelations just keep on coming. Recently those stone tool discoveries on Crete rewrote the textbooks on human seafaring, pushing the accepted dates for navigation back perhaps hundreds of thousands of years. Funny how there are 26 letters in the english alphabet also.

Call me a wacko, but as I look around at life I see cyclic phenomena everywhere, in essence, vibration. I have to assume human consciousness also operates in cycles much like the Vedic Yugas. So civilizations have risen and fallen repeatedly with most knowledge and advances lost during the dark periods. It wouldn't surprise me in the slightest if this process has been ongoing for millions upon millions of years as Cremo suggests in "Forbidden Archeology", a compendium of most interesting OOPARTS, out of place artifacts. These are tools, skeletons, artwork and fossils that were found in the most improbable of places which don't conform to science dogma, but there they are, studiously ignored by the textbooks. I'm not taken by surprise with these finds, only that they sometimes get reported in media.

Cleric Had Secret Life As Layperson

Priest offered sex for sale on internet

"A PARISH priest has been sacked amid claims he offered sex for sale over the internet.
Samuel Martin, 27, posed in his underpants in an advert offering €120-an- hour services for women and couples, reports say. The revelations have caused a scandal in Catholic Spain, after pictures of Martin in his grey briefs were published in newspapers. The Spaniard also allegedly stole €17,000 from Church donations and spent it on phone sex lines and internet porn. In the advert, which has since been removed, Martin, calling himself Hector, wrote: "Heterosexual man for women and couples. Real photos. Well hung (15cm) for your pleasure and happiness. "I am open to everything except sadism. Hotels and private addresses. 24 hours. You won’t regret it, I will give you pleasure like never before."
Martin, who has since gone into hiding, offered 15 minutes for €50, 30 minutes for €75 or an hour for €120. On Tuesday the Archbishop of Toledo, Braulio Rodriguez Plaza, confirmed Martin had been dismissed for "financial irregularities detected in the parish".
The archbishop launched an investigation and said he sacked Martin following "these lamentable incidents". The priest confessed during a Mass that he had taken money from his parishioners in the villages of Noez and Totanes, in the central province of Toledo. Martin was a parish priest in the area since last spring."

Slow Death By Rubber Duck

"Inspired by Morgan Spurlock's fast-food gluttony in the movie Super Size Me, two environmental activists from Canada devised their own experiment. Instead of fast food, Rick Smith and Bruce Lourie absorbed themselves in everyday products like shampoos, soaps and cleaners to find out what kind of damage might be done to their health.
Their book about the adventure is called Slow Death by Rubber Duck: The Secret Danger of Everyday Things. Smith tells Guy Raz that writing the book was like conducting an adult science fair project — with one cardinal rule.
"Our experiments had to mimic everyday life," Smith says. "Obviously it would be very easy to dramatically increase your Teflon levels if you were willing to drink some Teflon, but nobody does that, so it wouldn't have any applicability to daily life."
But Smith and Lourie didn't need to take baths in mercury or eat tuna for a whole year to see the chemical levels in their bodies skyrocket. After just two days of eating only canned food microwaved in plastic containers and drinking from one of his son's old baby bottles, Smith saw a major rise in the levels of BPA in his body.
"My levels increased over eight times," he says. "You can only imagine what the levels in an infant would look like if after two or three years of their sole source of nutrition being a BPA baby bottle. Their levels would just be through the roof."
Smith says children are especially vulnerable to chemicals such as BPA.
"As the bodies of children are developing, their cells are dividing. Their brains and their organs are growing. All of these processes in childhood and development are hormonally driven, and so the introduction of even a very small amount of a hormonally active chemical into the body of a child can have very large effects, disproportionate to the actual amount of chemical we're talking about," he says.
To take stock of the chemical threat for his kids, Smith looked at a typical day at home to see what types of chemicals they were exposed to. In just about every room he came across phthalates, which is a chemical usually used in flame retardants, but also one Smith found in his kid's pajamas, shampoos, soaps and even their rubber duck."

Interesting audio at NPR

Fascists Hate Your Thoughtcrimes

Indian law would make criticizing GM crops an imprisonable offense

"Criticising Genetically Modified (GM) products could land you in jail."

Making remembering the Nakba a thought crime

"The Nakba law is coming up again for consideration in the Knesset Constitution, Law and Justice Committee, in a more moderate version than before but with the same motivation: to frighten everyone who wishes to commemorate the human and political tragedy that occurred in 1948, in which the Zionists expelled most of the Palestinian inhabitants of the country and the state of Israel destroyed most of the localities in which they lived."

Hungary criminalises holocaust denial

"Hungary's parliament approved a bill making Holocaust denial punishable by up to three years in prison, but the measure may be unconstitutional."

Moscow to make it a crime to criticize Soviet military in Second World War

"Russia is to outlaw criticism of Soviet military tactics during the Second World War.
The plan was announced after a television documentary exposed the scale of human losses during one of the conflict's bloodiest battles."

Criticizing Israel may be deemed a crime

"...the Zionists, who took over Judaism and “changed” it to a neocon rightwing violent nationalist movement akin to Al-Qaeda, are now attempting to include criticism of both the State of Israel and Zionism as the “new” Anti-Semitism."

Woman, 61, arrested for asking ‘why’

"Four women, two of them well into middle age, were discussing funeral plans for a friend when an Atlanta police officer told them to move.
Three did but one asked “why.” In answer to her question, Minnie Carey, then 61, was handcuffed, put into a police wagon and taken to jail, where she was held for nine hours."

"We expect every american to support our military and if they can't do that, to shut up."

"And you'll find nothing better to respond with than a lamblike bleat: "Me? What for?"
Gulag Archipelago

Operation "GM And Ford Bottom Line" Expands

Three more Japanese firms recall half a million cars

"Nissan, Suzuki and Daihatsu have issued significant vehicle recalls because of problems with their electronics — the area that some believe to be the unresolved fault with Toyota cars.
Industry insiders said that the trio of carmakers was responding to both public and behind-the-scenes pressure from within the Japanese Government to make the image of Japan Inc “squeaky clean” in the wake of the Toyota crisis.
A total of more than half a million vehicles have been affected by the three recalls, which apply mainly to cars and vans that have been on the road for some years. Significantly, the recalls have been issued to deal with minor problems that have caused no injuries — but after Toyota, Japan is taking no chances.
The new atmosphere of fear was intensified by a warning to Toyota from Yukio Hatoyama, the Japanese Prime Minister. After the grilling of Toyota’s top executives by American legislators, Mr Hatoyama said that while it was good for the Toyota president to appear in person at a congressional hearing “I don’t think this has put an end [to the issue”.

Japan Rethinks US Relationship

Watch your step, says the US

They Don't Want To Blow It At The Olympics

Emergency shipment of condoms headed to Olympic athletes

"That's right. As you read this, an emergency shipment of condoms is desperately making its way across Canada to the West Coast city.
Health officials in Vancouver have already provided 100,000 free condoms to the roughly 7,000 ahtletes and officials at the Games. That's about 14 condoms per person. But as of Wednesday, those supplies started running dangerously low.
So naturally, the Canadian Foundation for AIDS research decided to step and make sure there were no hitches in Olympic action.
"When we heard about the condom shortage in Vancouver, we felt it important to respond immediately," said Kerry Whiteside, CANFAR's Executive Director. The organization assembled three large boxes of about 8,500 condoms, much to the relief of libidos at the Olympic Village. They're expected to arrive on Thursday.
Free condoms first started to be distributed at the Olympics in Barcelona at the 1992 Games. This appears to be the first time that a shortage has struck the Games."

Thursday, February 25, 2010

Hebron Protest Sparks Clashes

from Al Jazeera

"Clashes have erupted in the West Bank city of Hebron where Palestinian protesters gathered to mark the sixteenth anniversary of a mosque attack in which 29 people were killed."

So why are the palestinins in Hebron upset, aside from the fact that sxteen years ago a zionist fanatic slaughtered muslims at prayer?
Maybe it's the callous disregard Netanyahu shows by wanting to designate the place a national jewish heritage site:

"On 21 February 2010, Israeli Prime Minister Binyamin Netanyahu announced the Israeli government's intention to designate as Jewish heritage sites Rachel's Tomb in Bethlehem and the Ibrahimi Mosque in Al-Khalil (Hebron). Netanyahu’s statement has led to considerable concern and outrage in the Palestinian community. The Ibrahimi Mosque is one of the most important Muslim sites, and is the one most accessible to West Bank Palestinians. The prospect of these sites becoming closed to Muslim worshippers has aroused special fear and anger in Al-Khalil (Hebron) where the Ibrahimi Mosque because it draws large numbers of Muslim worshippers and because it was the site of the 25 February 1994 massacre of twenty-nine Muslim worshippers by Israeli settler Baruch Goldstein."

from Wikipedia:

"On February 25, 1994, that year's Purim day, Goldstein entered a room in the Cave of the Patriarchs serving as a mosque, wearing "his army uniform with the insignia of rank, creating the image of a reserve officer on active duty" (Shamgar report). He then opened fire, killing 29 people and wounding 150."
"Mosque guard Mohammad Suleiman Abu Saleh said he thought that Goldstein was trying to kill as many people as possible and described how there were "bodies and blood everywhere."

from the Boca Raton News March 4, 1994

It follows a despicable, snitty pattern of provocative and insulting behavior.

Tormenting the dead

"As if all the persecution and brutalisation meted out to the Palestinians were not enough, Israeli authorities are finalising preparations for the construction of a museum on top of an ancient Muslim cemetery in West Jerusalem.
The cemetery, known as Maamanullah (Sanctuary of God), contains the remains of over 70,000 Muslims."

Media "Experts" Are Lying Sacks

Mainstream Media Refuses to Disclose that “Independent” Pundits Are Actually Lobbyists

"As reporter Sebastian Jones points out (see this and this), former Congressman Richard Gephardt runs a lobbying firm representing giant insurance and pharmaceutical companies.
Retired General Barry McCaffrey sits on the board of a giant defense contractor, DynCorp, and lobbies for war.
And many other “pundits” interviewed by the mainstream news are really high-level lobbyists for giant companies, pushing their agendas.
And yet they are treated as “independent experts” by the media.
Indeed – 2 years after Jones asked the large networks why they don’t have a disclaimer on the screen beneath the pundits’ names saying who they really work for – nothing has been done.
The corporate media are acting like virtual “escort services” for the powerful, selling access – for a price – to viewers and to powerful government officials, instead of actually investigating and reporting on what those in power are actually doing."

5 reasons that corporate media coverage is pro war

It's Their World, We Just Live In It

Oakland parking ticket policy called 'not fair'

"Oakland parking officers were ordered to avoid enforcing neighborhood parking violations in two of the city's wealthier neighborhoods but told to continue enforcing the same violations in the rest of the city, according to a city memo obtained by The Chronicle.
The July order is corroborated by interviews with three parking officers, who said they and their colleagues had complained about what they deemed a discriminatory practice since it began last summer - to no avail.
"It's not fair," said Shirnell Smith, 44, a parking officer for 22 years who has lived in Oakland for 24 years. Smith and the union representing parking officers said the policy has resulted in tickets being issued disproportionately to poor, black and Latino people."

Simplicity Itself

3 2x8x10', cut one in half, nail 'em
dig down 6 or 8 inches
fill with compost/soil/buffalo chips, mix as you go
shove 6" rebar in halfway (39 cents each at HomeDepot)
4 pieces of 8' PVC

not shown, but good for wind support:
pound stake at each end, wrap/attach to PVC with old rag
stretch string across top PVC to PVC, I do three, a foot apart, to keep plastic taut

throw 10' by 25' clear plastic sheet over it
secure along sides with rocks/buffalo parts
roll plastic at ends up or down for temp control
extend growing season substantially, I grow 9 months a year

Why Even Pay Taxes?

New FEE Based Sheriff's Office

"The Salt Lake Valley Law Enforcement Service Area has instituted a fee for those in unincorporated Salt Lake County. The first bill will arrive March 1, 2010, and it will be due on April 1, 2010.
The recession has created a significant shortfall in Salt Lake County’s Municipal Services Fund, which pays for law enforcement services in the unincorporated County. $13 million in new revenue is needed to fill the funding gap. Significant budget cuts were not enough to overcome this shortfall without laying off many police officers. The Salt Lake County Council unanimously endorsed the fee approach, and the SLVLESA implemented the new fee to preserve the safety of our neighborhoods."

The Seattle Public Library Closes Due to Budget Cuts

Second largest city in the US on brink of abyss

City removes trash cans, streetlights to save cash

"If you come to a neighborhood park in Colorado Springs, plan on bringing your own trash bags.
To save money, the city has removed the trash cans.
Need to catch a bus? Don't try on evenings or weekends. The city has cut that service, too.
And when the sun goes down, Colorado Springs is going to look a little bit dimmer. Crews are removing a third of the city's streetlight to save money on electricity and light bulbs."

Paying For 911 Calls

"Tracy, CA - Tracy residents will now have to pay every time they call 9-1-1 for a medical emergency.But there are a couple of options. Residents can pay a $48 voluntary fee for the year which allows them to call 9-1-1 as many times as necessary.Or, there's the option of not signing up for the annual fee. Instead, they will be charged $300 if they make a call for help."

Gravel roads make a comeback with no money for pavement

Fire Departments Charge for Service

"It came in the mail less than a month after Darline Fairchild watched her family's home go up in flames -- a bill for the nearly $28,000 it cost the fire department to extinguish the blaze."

Here come tolls for every highway you drive on

Cost Of Bailout Hits A Whopping $24 Trillion Dollars

Wednesday, February 24, 2010

Nakba - Commemoration Forbidden By Law, Holocaust - Mandatory Commemoration

"The Nakba law is coming up again for consideration in the Knesset Constitution, Law and Justice Committee, in a more moderate version than before but with the same motivation: to frighten everyone who wishes to commemorate the human and political tragedy that occurred in 1948, in which the Zionists expelled most of the Palestinian inhabitants of the country and the state of Israel destroyed most of the localities in which they lived. Those proposing the law hope to mobilize Zionist patriotism by threatening to forbid commemorating Independence Day as a day of mourning. They are blind, of course, to the historical context, and the development of that tradition among the displaced Palestinians who remained in Israeli territory. Let us not forget that Arab localities in Israel were ruled by a military government until 1966. Palestinian citizens were forbidden to travel “beyond the pale” without a permit from the military governor. On Independence Day all the residents had a vacation, even the Arabs! The most important place for them to visit was the one where they had lived, to which they were forbidden to return. As the years went by, and they understood that the Jewish state would never allow them to return home, this event took on a national-political aspect, and in recent years it is celebrated with a “March home” to the remains of one of the localities captured during the nakba. “Their independence; our Nakba,” became the main slogan of these events."

"Thou shalt not question the holocaust"

"Holocaust denier Ernst Zundel is to be freed from prison on March 1, after serving out his five-year sentence, according to an Internet message from his wife.
Zundel, 69, was jailed in Germany for five years in 2007 for inciting racial hatred. He was extradited in 2005 from Canada, where he had lived for decades.
Two years spent behind bars before his trial were counted as part of his sentence."

Empire's Demigod Cops Shall Not Be Pictured Enforcing Empire

UK to introduce "photograph a cop, 10 years in jail" law

"Britain's set to introduce a law that can send you to jail for a decade for taking a picture of a cop:
The new set of rules, under section 76 of the 2008 Act and section 58A of the 2000 Act, will target anyone who 'elicits or attempts to elicit information about (members of armed forces) ... which is of a kind likely to be useful to a person committing or preparing an act of terrorism'.
A person found guilty of this offence could be liable to imprisonment for up to 10 years, and to a fine.
The law is expected to increase the anti-terrorism powers used today by police officers to stop photographers, including press photographers, from taking pictures in public places. 'Who is to say that police officers won't abuse these powers,' asks freelance photographer Justin Tallis, who was threatened by an officer last week.
Tallis, a London-based photographer, was covering the anti-BBC protest on Saturday 24 January when he was approached by a police officer. Tallis had just taken a picture of the officer, who then asked to see the picture. The photographer refused, arguing that, as a press photographer, he had a right to take pictures of police officers.
According to Tallis, the officer then tried to take the camera away. Before giving up, the officer said that Tallis 'shouldn't have taken that photo, you were intimidating me'. The incident was caught on camera by photojournalist Marc Vallee."

The Quilted Northern Bathroom Tissue Conspiracy

Northern on left, Costco's Kirkland brand handful on the right

Marketing's not so secret secret gimmick. Quietly and slowly reduce the size/quantity of what the assholes buy but keep the price the same. Hope the rubes don't notice and reap the benefits of eliminating excess outlay.
All of a sudden what I used to think was a fairly good deal - the large package of Northern buttwipe in double thickness - is now a cheap gimmick that disintegrates in comparison to what Costco has to offer. A backdoor cost cutting consumer squeeze that's a stain on the company.

Similar to, but not directly related to the Perplexing Diminished Cat Food Bag Phenomena

4 pounds
some indecipherable metric number
3.5 pounds

Calling All Chumps!

It's America Saves Week - Put your money in the banks!

"As families across the country are struggling to cope with rising unemployment, tighter credit and strained budgets, financial security is more important than ever. This is a critical time to encourage your employees, members, customers and others to reduce consumer debt and save money. You may be doing this already; we invite you to do even more by joining the America Saves campaign as a partner and participating in America Saves Week, February 21 - 28, 2010"

Citibank Disclosure Says Customers Must Provide 7 Days Notice to Make Withdrawal

"Imagine that you drive up to your bank’s ATM machine hoping to take out some cash, only for it to provide you an error telling you to come back in a week because you must give 7 days’ notice to make a withdrawal. Although the scenario sounds unrealistic, that’s exactly what Citibank’s (NYSE: C) account disclosure allows the bank to do."

Bank Run - from Wikipedia - "A bank run (also known as a run on the bank) occurs when a large number of bank customers withdraw their deposits because they believe the bank is, or might become, insolvent."

Our Overlords Love Their Imperial Palaces

US diplomats add a moat to their expenses at $1bn London embassy

model of the US Embassy in Battersea, complete with moat 30m wide and rolling parkland

"The United States has unveiled plans for its new $1 billion high-security embassy in London — the most expensive it has ever built."

The new embassy, on a former industrial site behind Battersea power station known for its gay clubs, will be designed by Kieran Timberlake, the Philadelphia architect."

And they're not relying on a bake sale to pay for this.

Single Payer Health Care For Our Overlords, Aspirin For Us

Sarah Palin's 2008 State of the State Address to 25th Alaska Legislature Jan 15, 2008:
"So when government provides education and job training, every able-bodied Alaskan is expected to work and not simply rely on government to provide. Let’s take personal responsibility in all areas of life--including health."

Court documents reveal Palin’s grandson uses socialized medicine

"For someone who once generated a national hysteria by claiming socialized medicine would bring about government-run "death panels" that would kill the elderly and children with mental defects, Sarah Palin seems remarkably calm, what with her grandson now facing the very same allegedly tyrannical construct, that is.
Yes, that's right: Sarah Palin, Alaska's former governor and
a millionaire thanks to sales of her book, has a grandson whose health care is paid for by the federal government, according to newly released court documents."

"Welcome To The Fish Bowl"

This ruling had to happen to coincde with the fascists putting their intrusive naked body Xray machines anywhere they pleased.

Judge Alex Kozinski: The Fourth Amendment is Gone

"Last week the 9th Circuit Court of Appeals denied an en banc rehearing of the case United States v. Lemus, which dealt with a warrantless police search of a suspect’s home after he was arrested outside of it. As a result of the 9th Circuit’s denial, the search will stand, which has left Chief Judge Alex Kozinski none too happy. In dissent, Kozinksi basically accused his colleagues of abandoning the Fourth Amendment:

This is an extraordinary case: Our court approves, without blinking, a police sweep of a person’s home without a warrant, without probable cause, without reasonable suspicion and without exigency—in other words, with nothing at all to support the entry except the curiosity police always have about what they might find if they go rummaging around a suspect’s home. Once inside, the police managed to turn up a gun “in plain view”—stuck between two cushions of the living room couch—and we reward them by upholding the search.
Did I mention that this was an entry into somebody’s home, the place where the protections of the Fourth Amendment are supposedly at their zenith?...
The opinion misapplies Supreme Court precedent, conflicts with our own case law and is contrary to the great weight of authority in the other circuits. It is also the only case I know of, in any jurisdiction covered by the Fourth Amendment, where invasion of the home has been approved based on no showing whatsoever. Nada. Gar nichts. Rien du tout. Bupkes.
Whatever may have been left of the Fourth Amendment after [United States v. Black] is now gone. The evisceration of this crucial constitutional protector of the sanctity and privacy of what Americans consider their castles is pretty much complete. Welcome to the fish bowl."

Tuesday, February 23, 2010

Don't Worry Be Happy

MSM: Pretending We Are Not in a Depression

"(MarketTicker) – I’m going to write today about a very somber subject. It will be, as it usually is here in one form or another, about math.
First, some background. If you believe that we have “escaped” from the mess that gripped this nation in 2008 and 2009, or that said mess “suddenly appeared” and “nobody saw it coming”, stop reading now and have your Thorazine dosage checked. It’s way off.
Assuming you accept the truth – that this mess was 20 year or more in the making, that it involved creating credit (that is, debt) which the debtor could never pay, and that it still exists because our government policy has been to extend, pretend and allow lies that should be considered accounting fraud and result in prison sentences, then you’re on the right page to understand the rest of this missive. Again, if not, go check your Thorazine dosage.
Yes, I know all about the stock market rally from last March. I know all about the claimed GDP “improvement.” But I also know that we got both by adding more than $2 trillion in debt to the United States – or roughly 14% of GDP – over the space of the last 18 months. That’s about 10% of GDP annualized, and incidentally, a 10% GDP contraction is the common economist’s definition of an Economic Depression.
So let’s cut the crap – we are in a Depression right now. We are pretending we are not, just like you can pretend you didn’t really lose your job so long as your credit card does not reach its limit. We have been in that depression for about 18 months and there is no evidence that we will exit it, as we have yet to find a way to pull back the deficit spending without an instantaneous collapse in the economy.
Yet at some point we must and will stop. We will either do so of our own volition, or we will do so when the cost of borrowing skyrockets, as others get tired of funding our profligacy. If we attempt to “print” our way out of it the cost of petroleum products will shoot the moon and destroy our economy anyway.
You haven’t seen the half of what happened though – not yet."

Bob McFarrin - Don't Worry Be Happy .mp3
Found at bee mp3 search engine

Fascist Crotchbomber Scheme Worked Like A Charm

2 U.S. Airports Getting Full-Body Scanners

"The first of 150 full-body scanners planned for U.S. airports will be installed in Boston next week, officials said Tuesday.
The plan is to install three machines at Logan International Airport, according to a homeland security official who spoke on condition of anonymity because the announcement has not yet been made. In the next two weeks, officials plan to install another machine at Chicago's O'Hare International.
The rest of the 150 machines that were purchased with $25 million from President Barack Obama's 2009 stimulus plan are expected to be installed in airports by the end of June, another homeland security official, spokeswoman Amy Kudwa, said. The use of the scanners in airports is key to the Obama administration's plans to improve airport security because of their ability to show objects hidden on the body. Body scanners have been available for years, but their deployment has been slowed by objections from privacy advocates."

And be prepared to see these naked scanners everywhere, not just in airports, because it's part of the plan to monitor you every minute of every hour of every day, whatever you do.

"After a Nigerian man allegedly attempted to blow up a Detroit-bound airliner last Christmas, Obama called for purchasing hundreds more of the machines on top of 150 already announced last year."

War Is Peace

Gates Calls Europe Anti-War Mood Danger to Peace

"Defense Secretary Robert M. Gates, who has long called European contributions to NATO inadequate, said Tuesday that public and political opposition to the military had grown so great in Europe that it was directly affecting operations in Afghanistan and impeding the alliance’s broader security goals.
“The demilitarization of Europe — where large swaths of the general public and political class are averse to military force and the risks that go with it — has gone from a blessing in the 20th century to an impediment to achieving real security and lasting peace in the 21st,” he told NATO officers and officials in a speech at the National Defense University, the Defense Department-financed graduate school for military officers and diplomats.
A perception of European weakness, he warned, could provide a “temptation to miscalculation and aggression” by hostile powers."

Translation - "You pussy eurofaggots had your anti-war love ins a few years ago but now we call the goddamn shots, and you'll do what you're told or we'll put a false flag nuke up your pansy ass collective butt."

Monday, February 22, 2010

I Was Wrong, This Isn't Bush's Third Term

Obama tops Bush at ducking reporters

"President Obama, who pledged to establish the most open and transparent administration in history, on Monday surpasses his predecessor's record for avoiding a full-fledged question-and-answer session with White House reporters in a formal press conference.
President George W. Bush's longest stretch between prime-time, nationally televised press conferences was 214 days, from April 4 to Nov. 4, 2004. Mr. Obama tops that record on Monday, going 215 days - stretching back to July 22, according to records kept by CBS Radio's veteran reporter Mark Knoller.
The president has seemingly shunned formal, prime-time sessions since his last disastrous presser, when he said police in Cambridge, Mass., "acted stupidly" by arresting a Harvard professor who broke into a home that turned out to be his own. The off-the-cuff comment took over the news cycle for a week, overshadowing his push for health care reform, and culminated in a White House "Beer Summit," where the president hosted white police officer James Crowley and the black Harvard professor, Henry Louis Gates Jr."

President Barack Obama has ordered more drone attacks since taking office than George W. Bush did during his entire two terms October 10

More public records litigation under Obama than Bush

"Despite the Obama administration’s directive that agencies presume openness unless the law mandates otherwise, there have been more lawsuits against the government for failing to release federal records during the first year of this administration than during previous years under the Bush administration, The Washington Post reported."

Obama Is Wasting More on Defense Than Bush

Obama Protecting Fewer Endangered Species than Bush

"President Bush was certainly not known for his dedication for protecting endangered species--his delisting of gray wolves, for example, caused a furor among environmentalists, and he notoriously dragged his feet in adding threatened species to the protected list. In contrast, George H.W. Bush added an average of 58 species to the endangered list every year during his presidency. Clinton added an average of 61. Bush added only 11. But Obama is doing even worse--so far, with only two species added, Obama is coming up last."

Obama invokes Jesus more than Bush

Little Prick Of A Nation Pretends It's Utopia

added - Well, apparently the propagandists have been laughed off that particular site. Too bad for them their "spot of worship" is on Youtube.

SIZE DOESN'T MATTER - BIG PARADISE from Size Doesnt Matter on Vimeo.

Jenin Jenin

From Wikipedia:

"During Operation Defensive Shield in April 2002, the Israeli Defense Forces (IDF) invaded a Palestinian refugee camp in Jenin. The Israeli military refused to allow journalists and human rights organizations into the camp for "safety reasons" during the fighting, leading to a rapid cycle of rumors that a massacre had occurred. Jenin remained sealed for days after the invasion. Stories of civilians being buried alive in their homes as they were demolished, and of smoldering buildings covering crushed bodies, spread throughout the Arab world. Various casualty figures circulated, according to official Israeli figures, later some human rights organizations accused Israel of war crimes, but cleared on alleged 'massacre', 9% of the camp was leveled and over 50 people were killed, a senior Palestinian official accused Israel of massacring more than 500 people in the camp. UN fact-finding mission was not allowed by Israeli to enter Jenin.

Bakri participated in a nonviolent demonstration at a checkpoint during Israel’s 2002 invasion of Jenin and was shocked when Israeli soldiers shot at the crowd, wounding a fellow actor standing next to him. He tells audiences that this experience inspired him to sneak into Jenin with a camera and ask residents, “What happened?” The result was the documentary Jenin Jenin, featuring a range of testimonies which suggested that a massacre had indeed occurred. Bakri gave voice to the perspective of Palestinians which would not reach the media due to the sealing of the city; as a result he chose not to interview Israeli officials for the film.

The documentary can be seen in it's entirety here.

Jeebus With A Hummer

Pic of Boozin', Smokin' Jesus Stirs India

"Authorities in a Christian-majority state in India's remote northeast have confiscated all copies of a school textbook that carried a picture of Jesus Christ holding a can of beer and a cigarette, an official said Saturday.
The primary school textbook, which teaches cursive handwriting, used the picture of Jesus on the page for the letter 'I' - to represent Idol.
Ampareen Lyngdoh, education minister of Meghalaya state, strongly criticized the illustration.
"I am appalled and condemn the violent pictorial presentation of Christ. The children for whom the textbook was meant look up to Christ with reverence, and they are shocked beyond words," Lyngdoh said.
The government has seized all copies of the textbook from schools and bookshops in Meghalaya for offending public sentiment, she said.
The book, published by a New Delhi-based company that specializes in textbooks, was being used by a chain of privately run primary schools in Meghalaya.
More than 70 percent of the state's 2.32 million people are Christian.
Copies of the textbook were ready for distribution in at least 10 more schools in Meghalaya before the picture was brought to the notice of authorities. "We have directed the district magistrate to go ahead with legal proceedings against the publisher," Lyngdoh said. She did not say what legal proceedings the government planned to pursue.
Christians leaders in Meghalaya were outraged by the book and called on federal Education Minister Kapil Sibal to take action against the publisher. "We are shocked to say the least. How can anyone think of publishing such a picture?" said Dominic Jala, the archbishop of Shillong, the state capital.
"This has been done deliberately with malicious intent," Jala said."

Rock on, Idol Dude!

You Can Surmise Much From A Little News

A breaking news story this morning in MSM:

Police say family of 8 killed in Iraq

"The Associated Press Monday, February 22, 2010; 7:18 AM
BAGHDAD -- Police say a terror group has killed eight members of a family in a village outside Baghdad, shooting some and beheading others.
In a statement Monday, Baghdad police said a gang using silencers attacked the victims in Wahda, a mixed Shiite-Sunni village 20 miles (30 kilometers) south of Baghdad. It was not known how many were beheaded and how many were shot.
A Baghdad police officer and witnesses said the family was Shiite. They all spoke on condition of anonymity due to the sensitivity of the incident.
The statement did not indicate who might be behind the incident. But such attacks on civilians - especially those involving beheadings - are often the work of insurgents seeking to re-ignite sectarian killings.

The attack comes as Iraq prepares for elections March 7."

The one above is from the Washington Post but a number of slightly different versions are other places.
We can assume since a family was targeted that there were children, or at least by claiming "family" the news wants us to think that.
Seemingly random slaughter in Iraq has been exposed enough times as false flag terror that one should immediately suspect it, and the giveaway here is the beheading aspect. This was a Mossad invention soon after the invasion and occupation in 2003, when spooks and agents flooded the country, and we were given the Boffo Nick Berg Beheading. Nothing like visions of severed necks, eh?
Some versions claim this is hallmark work of "Al Qaeda", which would actually make sense when you consider AQ is a CIA/Mossad/Mi6 front and seemingly everybody except american mouthbreathers know this.
Just like when archeologists find some artifact they can't explain and the default description is it's a religious object, so too the MSM immediately describes random violence in terms of upcoming elections of some sort. As if savagery like this is ho hum standard Arab behavior.

Even before empire invaded and occupied Iraq the propaganda wars began. The battlefield is our minds. Reality and our preconceptions needed to be replaced with a constructed fantasy that would allow our psychotic would-be masters to get away with their criminal rape and murder. They constantly have overlapping intentions so their job was to make us believe certain things.
9/11 gave us the Al Qaeda Brand so they needed to convince enough trusting idiots of the bogeyman/Iraq connection. Since the effort was aimed at slow minds they came up with this inventively named group - "Al Qaeda In Iraq".
Divide and conquer has worked for ages. Pitting Sunni vs Shiite served several purposes, namely keeping Iraqis at each others' throats instead of the occupiers, giving justification for continued occupation and convincing american dullards that muslims are savage wogs addicted to random slaughter.
People should as themselves this - what "insurgent" group would want to be seen as enemies of the Iraqi people by killing them?

Fascists have never been shy about mass murder. Open pages and gaze in wonder at their handiwork every single day. Before 2003 car bombings, indiscriminate butchery and mosque destruction were unheard of. When the true axis of filth showed up it became all too commonplace. They use fear as a political weapon, always. The brutish sadism in the story above fits them like a glove.

Sunday, February 21, 2010

Pringles* Solves Crop Circles

Yes indeed, Pringles has a new TV advertisement catching kids out in a field with ropes and boards making a crop circle, all the while gorging themselves on tube chips. At last we know. I don't think a digital version is available just yet but here's a picture from their website showing a circle with suspicious product placement.

*Not to be confused with Lucy Pringle, noted crop circle researcher, although I'm sure she enjoys the tie in.

When The Government Deliberately Poisoned American Citizens

The little-told story of how the U.S. government poisoned alcohol during Prohibition with deadly consequences.

"It was Christmas Eve 1926, the streets aglitter with snow and lights, when the man afraid of Santa Claus stumbled into the emergency room at New York City's Bellevue Hospital. He was flushed, gasping with fear: Santa Claus, he kept telling the nurses, was just behind him, wielding a baseball bat.
Before hospital staff realized how sick he was—the alcohol-induced hallucination was just a symptom—the man died. So did another holiday partygoer. And another. As dusk fell on Christmas, the hospital staff tallied up more than 60 people made desperately ill by alcohol and eight dead from it. Within the next two days, yet another 23 people died in the city from celebrating the season.
Doctors were accustomed to alcohol poisoning by then, the routine of life in the Prohibition era. The bootlegged whiskies and so-called gins often made people sick. The liquor produced in hidden stills frequently came tainted with metals and other impurities. But this outbreak was bizarrely different. The deaths, as investigators would shortly realize, came courtesy of the U.S. government.
Frustrated that people continued to consume so much alcohol even after it was banned, federal officials had decided to try a different kind of enforcement. They ordered the poisoning of industrial alcohols manufactured in the United States, products regularly stolen by bootleggers and resold as drinkable spirits. The idea was to scare people into giving up illicit drinking. Instead, by the time Prohibition ended in 1933, the federal poisoning program, by some estimates, had killed at least 10,000 people."

The federal government never has had many compunctions about poisoning and killing americans. Apparently they kept at it for years even as people died so that the corpses would serve as examples to others, and they justified the poisoning by saying, after all, the drinkers brought it on themselves with their illegal behavior. Nice.
Also during the 1970s the feds had a program to spray marijuana fields in Mexico with paraquat, a fast acting and deadly herbicide. This chemical is extremely poisonous to humans if taken internally but the government ghouls insisted the substance was harmless when the drenched pot leaves were smoked.
This history of a government deliberately poisoning people by tampering with recreational drugs is more than interesting in light of recent deaths in Europe:

Anthrax-contaminated heroin kills drug user

"A drug user has become the first person to die in England from a batch of anthrax-contaminated heroin which has now killed 11 addicts in the UK and Germany."
"The surge of cases – the most serious anthrax outbreak in the UK in recent times – has puzzled police and health experts, who remain uncertain how or where the heroin became infected. The frequently lethal bacteria is mostly found in animals in Asia and Africa, and very rarely occurs in Europe.
They are investigating whether the heroin was contaminated at its likely source in Afghanistan, perhaps from contaminated soils or contact with infected animal skins, or was infected by a cutting agent used by drugs dealers or traffickers closer to Europe."

Empire's Slow, Inexorable State Destruction

Trillions for banks, Israel and war.

Arizona's projected budget shortfall rises to $1.6 billion

So long state parks, we hardly knew you.

N.C. faces a $500 million gap

"Top lawmakers say North Carolina will come up $500million short of its $19billion budget by the end of June.
"It would not surprise me if it hit $600[million] or $700million," said Sen. David Hoyle, a Gaston County Democrat and co-chairman of the Senate Finance Committee. "But $500million seems like a given."

Rail line shutdown looming in northern Maine

"The collapse of the nation's housing market is being blamed for a railway's plans to abandon hundreds of miles of track in far-flung northern Maine that have served the region for more than a century."

California braces for repeat of last fiscal crisis

Gravel roads make a comeback with no money for pavement

Michigan has at least $51.5 billion in unfunded liabilities

Bad economies in states to worsen: governors

"What we're finding out from a fiscal standpoint is that the worst is yet to come."

46 Of 50 States Could File Bankruptcy In 2010

CBO: Afghanistan surge (alone) will cost $36 billion

"Let Us Prey"

All Haitian 'orphans' with Baptists had parents

"PORT-AU-PRINCE, Haiti – There is not one orphan among the 33 children that a U.S. Baptist group tried to take from Haiti in a do-it-yourself rescue mission following a devastating earthquake, The Associated Press has determined.
In the rubble-riddled Citron slum where 13 of the children lived, parents who gave their children away confirmed Saturday that each one of the youngsters had living parents.
Their testimony echoed that of parents in the mountain town of Callabas, outside of Port-au-Prince, who told the AP on Feb. 3 that desperation and blind faith led them to hand over 20 children to the religious Americans who promised them a better life.
Now the Citron parents worry they may never see their children again.
One Citron mother who gave up all four of her children, including a 3-month-old, is locked in a trance-like state but sometimes erupts into fits of hysteria.
Her husband and other parents said they relinquished their children to the U.S. missionaries because they were promised safekeeping across the border in a newly established orphanage in the Dominican Republic.
Their stories contradict the missionaries' still-jailed leader, Laura Silsby, who told the AP the day after her arrest that the children were either orphans or came from distant relatives."

Moms To Be, Don't Get Sick, Fall Down Stairs Or Get Beat Up In Utah

Utah Bill Equates Miscarriages With Criminal Homicide

"A bill in the Utah state legislature that has passed both the House and Senate this week now awaits Governor Gary Herbert's signature- and will make it a crime for a woman to have a miscarriage, as well as make induced abortions a crime in some instances.
The penalty? Up to and including life in prison.

'The Senate on Thursday approved HB12 on a vote of 24-4,
criminalizing a woman's "intentional, knowing, or reckless act"
leading to a pregnancy's illegal termination.'

"This creates a law that makes any pregnant woman who has a miscarriage potentially criminally liable for murder," says Missy Bird, executive direct of Planned Parenthood Action Fund of Utah.
Bird says there are no exemptions in the bill for victims of domestic violence or for those who are substance abusers.
The standard is so broad, Bird says, "there nothing in the bill to exempt a woman for not wearing her seatbelt who got into a car accident."

And years later in this capitalist, extian paradise:

No country for old women

"I had lunch a while ago with some elderly ladies at a senior centre in Manhattan. Their lively conversation and bawdy personalities made it feel like an episode of the Golden Girls. But as I listened to them bemoan the cost of the meal ($2 a piece) and watched as they stood in line for the take home goody bag, which contained little more than bread and milk, it became apparent that the reality of the golden years for these women is vastly different than their fictional counterparts.
In fact older women, many of whom find themselves single either because a husband died, divorced them or failed to materialise in the first place, are one of the most vulnerable demographic groups in the country and the recession is not helping their plight. Those already in retirement have seen their assets diminish as health costs soar.
One such lady, an 89 year old bombshell called Joy (all the women I spoke with asked me not to disclose their last names) warned me to think twice before I buy that pair of boots I don't need as "someday you'll wish you had that money".
For women on the cusp of retirement, particularly those with only their own income to rely on, the situation is no better. Since 2007 the unemployment rate among women over 55 has almost doubled and their chances of finding new jobs are as minimalist as the social security checks that await them.
Yvonne who is now 67 lost her job in 2006. She was 62 then so eligible to claim social security but her monthly payments are approximately 32% less than she would have received had she been able to hold out until the normal retirement age of 66. She is scraping by at the moment with the help of food stamps and intermittent unemployment checks but lives in fear of losing her apartment. A reasonable fear considering her monthly social security payment of $898 leaves her $75 short on her rent.
Cassandra who is 62 knows all about not being able to make rent. Her husband died in 2004. Two years later she was injured in a car accident and lost her job. For seven months she had no income whatsoever. She was evicted and spent most of last year living in a homeless shelter. Now Cassandra receives disability payments of $750 a month and has trouble affording basic essentials like toiletries (and I'm not talking expensive anti-wrinkle creams.)
Sadly these women are not outliers. According to the census bureau 17% of all single women over the age of 60 have incomes below the federal poverty level (a ridiculously low figure of $10,830 per year). An additional 19.9% are living on less than $16,000 a year (ie between 100 and 150% of the federal poverty level.) All told, approximately 37% of single women over 60 are poor."

Saturday, February 20, 2010

Exceptionally Enlightened Entrepreneurial Endowment

"MILWAUKIE, Ore. — Scores of employees gathered to help Bob Moore celebrate his 81st birthday this week at the company that bears his name, Bob's Red Mill Natural Foods.
Moore, whose mutual love of healthful eating and old-world technologies spawned an internationally distributed line of products, responded with a gift of his own — the whole company. The Employee Stock Ownership Plan that Moore unveiled means that his 209 employees now own the place and its 400 offerings of stone-ground flours, cereals and bread mixes."

I have sacks of whole wheat berries from this establishment that I grind for cereal and bread flour.

♫♪ Baanks For The Memories ♪♫♪

Citigroup Warns Customers It May Refuse To Allow Withdrawals

"Effective April 1, 2010, we reserve the right to require (7) days advance notice before permitting a withdrawal from all checking accounts. While we do not currently exercise this right and have not exercised it in the past, we are required by law to notify you of this change," Citigroup said on statements received by customers all over the country."

♫♪Now since our breakup I wake up
Alone on a gray morning-after.
I long for the sound of your laughter,
And then I see the laugh's on me. ♫♪

Discovery On Crete Shatters Science Dogma

Here's the usual, often repeated paradigm, unless you're a raving xtian lunatic that traces the bible begets back only 6,000 years.
Human history is a slow, steady progression from ancient, dull witted proto humans to our exalted, high state of brainpower. So, you can say that the farther one travels back in time the cruder and less sophisticated human culture you'll find. This thinking permeates scientific, social, historical studies to the degree that anybody who ventures out of this box is discredited and ridiculed. One could portray advances in civilization with that way of thinking like this:

How we're supposed to view human progression, and any anomalous findings or data that doesn't fit this model is ignored and rejected. Humans have only been in the new world for 12,000 years, culture can be neatly divided into ages - bronze, iron etc, human settlement only began seven or eight thousand years ago and large bodies of water were impediments to travel until only recently. Well.

On Crete, New Evidence of Very Ancient Mariners

"Early humans, possibly even prehuman ancestors, appear to have been going to sea much longer than anyone had ever suspected. That is the startling implication of discoveries made the last two summers on the Greek island of Crete. Stone tools found there, archaeologists say, are at least 130,000 years old, which is considered strong evidence for the earliest known seafaring in the Mediterranean and cause for rethinking the maritime capabilities of prehuman cultures."

"Even more intriguing, the archaeologists who found the tools on Crete noted that the style of the hand axes suggested that they could be up to 700,000 years old. That may be a stretch, they conceded, but the tools resemble artifacts from the stone technology known as Acheulean, which originated with prehuman populations in Africa."

This is actually a really huge subject, way bigger and more complex than I could possibly get into here. We're going to have to get used to scientific paradigms being shattered left and right becaus the preponderance of evidence is too large to ignore. For way too long dogmatic approaches prevented serious study and contemplation of findings outside the box. Our history is far more involved and far more interesting than our gatekeepers would have us believe. Read Graham Hancock's "Fingerprints of the Gods" or "Underworld". Try Michael Cremo's "Forbidden Archeology".

Finding artifacts that disprove long believed assumptions about human history isn't news, the real news is that something like what's been discovered on Crete actually entered mainstream thought. To me, entertaining the ideas that Neanderthals rode horses or proto humans could build watercraft and could possibly navigate hundreds of miles are exhilarating thoughts. It would validate Hancock's contention that the vast oceans of this planet were never barriers to travel - they were highways.

It Was Always Iran

Iran was always the biggest obstacle to zionist hegemony in the middle east. And Iran is the last, biggest stepping stone to a successful effort against China and Russia to establish world control, according to the ziofascist agenda.
The Persians are our biggest hope on the world stage against this monstrous garbage.

Why Even Bother Paying Taxes?

When hardly anything goes toward our common welfare?

Tracy Residents Now Have To Pay For 911 Calls

"Tracy, CA - Tracy residents will now have to pay every time they call 9-1-1 for a medical emergency.
But there are a couple of options. Residents can pay a $48 voluntary fee for the year which allows them to call 9-1-1 as many times as necessary.Or, there's the option of not signing up for the annual fee. Instead, they will be charged $300 if they make a call for help."A $300 fee and you don't even want to be thinking about that when somebody is in need of assistance," said Tracy resident Greg Bidlack. Residents will soon receive the form in the mail where they'll be able to make their selection. No date has been set for when the charges will go into effect."

Children at top hospital had to wash in buckets

"Sick children at a leading hospital were forced to wash in buckets for almost a month after bosses failed to fix the hot water supply.
More than 100 youngsters, some of them seriously ill, were left without hot running water.
Parents were forced to carry hot water in buckets from a single working tap in a sluice room so their children could wash. Youngsters suffering from brain tumours and cystic fibrosis were among those affected.

Despite complaints from patients and staff, management at King's College Hospital, South London, failed to fix a broken pump - and left half the children's wards without hot water for weeks.
One mother said she saw infants standing in buckets to be washed while parents carried hot water to patients' bedsides in 'sick bowls'"

Friday, February 19, 2010

Bank Failure Tsunami Dead Ahead

FDIC Opens A Massive New Office Near Chicago Just To Handle The Coming Tidal Wave Of Midwest Bank Closings They Are Expecting

"Is the Midwest about to see a massive wave of bank closings? That is apparently what the FDIC is expecting. The FDIC is opening up a massive new satellite office in the Chicago area that will be dedicated to managing receiverships and liquidating assets from failed Midwest banks. This new facility will occupy 7 floors in an 11 floor building. The office space that the FDIC is leasing is well over 100,000 square feet and will employ approximately 500 temporary employees and contractors. This is a huge expenditure by the FDIC. So will there really be so many bank failures over the next couple of years in the Midwest that a 100,000 square foot facility is required to deal with it?
Apparently someone at the FDIC thinks so.
But this is not the first time the FDIC has done something like this.
The FDIC has already opened similar offices in Irvine, California and Jacksonville, Florida. Each time, the number of bank failures in those states
increased dramatically after the FDIC opened those facilities.
So what is going to cause such a massive wave of bank failures that the FDIC will need hundreds of new employees just to deal with it?
Well, as we have reported previously, the financial powers in the U.S. are now moving to reduce the money supply, hoard cash and tighten credit. All of those things cause a slowdown in economic growth.
At the same time, a gigantic "second wave" of adjustable mortgages is scheduled to reset starting this year. This could push the U.S. economy into "part 2" of the housing crisis."
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