Monday, February 22, 2010

You Can Surmise Much From A Little News

A breaking news story this morning in MSM:

Police say family of 8 killed in Iraq

"The Associated Press Monday, February 22, 2010; 7:18 AM
BAGHDAD -- Police say a terror group has killed eight members of a family in a village outside Baghdad, shooting some and beheading others.
In a statement Monday, Baghdad police said a gang using silencers attacked the victims in Wahda, a mixed Shiite-Sunni village 20 miles (30 kilometers) south of Baghdad. It was not known how many were beheaded and how many were shot.
A Baghdad police officer and witnesses said the family was Shiite. They all spoke on condition of anonymity due to the sensitivity of the incident.
The statement did not indicate who might be behind the incident. But such attacks on civilians - especially those involving beheadings - are often the work of insurgents seeking to re-ignite sectarian killings.

The attack comes as Iraq prepares for elections March 7."

The one above is from the Washington Post but a number of slightly different versions are other places.
We can assume since a family was targeted that there were children, or at least by claiming "family" the news wants us to think that.
Seemingly random slaughter in Iraq has been exposed enough times as false flag terror that one should immediately suspect it, and the giveaway here is the beheading aspect. This was a Mossad invention soon after the invasion and occupation in 2003, when spooks and agents flooded the country, and we were given the Boffo Nick Berg Beheading. Nothing like visions of severed necks, eh?
Some versions claim this is hallmark work of "Al Qaeda", which would actually make sense when you consider AQ is a CIA/Mossad/Mi6 front and seemingly everybody except american mouthbreathers know this.
Just like when archeologists find some artifact they can't explain and the default description is it's a religious object, so too the MSM immediately describes random violence in terms of upcoming elections of some sort. As if savagery like this is ho hum standard Arab behavior.

Even before empire invaded and occupied Iraq the propaganda wars began. The battlefield is our minds. Reality and our preconceptions needed to be replaced with a constructed fantasy that would allow our psychotic would-be masters to get away with their criminal rape and murder. They constantly have overlapping intentions so their job was to make us believe certain things.
9/11 gave us the Al Qaeda Brand so they needed to convince enough trusting idiots of the bogeyman/Iraq connection. Since the effort was aimed at slow minds they came up with this inventively named group - "Al Qaeda In Iraq".
Divide and conquer has worked for ages. Pitting Sunni vs Shiite served several purposes, namely keeping Iraqis at each others' throats instead of the occupiers, giving justification for continued occupation and convincing american dullards that muslims are savage wogs addicted to random slaughter.
People should as themselves this - what "insurgent" group would want to be seen as enemies of the Iraqi people by killing them?

Fascists have never been shy about mass murder. Open pages and gaze in wonder at their handiwork every single day. Before 2003 car bombings, indiscriminate butchery and mosque destruction were unheard of. When the true axis of filth showed up it became all too commonplace. They use fear as a political weapon, always. The brutish sadism in the story above fits them like a glove.


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