Wednesday, February 24, 2010

The Quilted Northern Bathroom Tissue Conspiracy

Northern on left, Costco's Kirkland brand handful on the right

Marketing's not so secret secret gimmick. Quietly and slowly reduce the size/quantity of what the assholes buy but keep the price the same. Hope the rubes don't notice and reap the benefits of eliminating excess outlay.
All of a sudden what I used to think was a fairly good deal - the large package of Northern buttwipe in double thickness - is now a cheap gimmick that disintegrates in comparison to what Costco has to offer. A backdoor cost cutting consumer squeeze that's a stain on the company.

Similar to, but not directly related to the Perplexing Diminished Cat Food Bag Phenomena

4 pounds
some indecipherable metric number
3.5 pounds


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