Wednesday, February 24, 2010

Nakba - Commemoration Forbidden By Law, Holocaust - Mandatory Commemoration

"The Nakba law is coming up again for consideration in the Knesset Constitution, Law and Justice Committee, in a more moderate version than before but with the same motivation: to frighten everyone who wishes to commemorate the human and political tragedy that occurred in 1948, in which the Zionists expelled most of the Palestinian inhabitants of the country and the state of Israel destroyed most of the localities in which they lived. Those proposing the law hope to mobilize Zionist patriotism by threatening to forbid commemorating Independence Day as a day of mourning. They are blind, of course, to the historical context, and the development of that tradition among the displaced Palestinians who remained in Israeli territory. Let us not forget that Arab localities in Israel were ruled by a military government until 1966. Palestinian citizens were forbidden to travel “beyond the pale” without a permit from the military governor. On Independence Day all the residents had a vacation, even the Arabs! The most important place for them to visit was the one where they had lived, to which they were forbidden to return. As the years went by, and they understood that the Jewish state would never allow them to return home, this event took on a national-political aspect, and in recent years it is celebrated with a “March home” to the remains of one of the localities captured during the nakba. “Their independence; our Nakba,” became the main slogan of these events."

"Thou shalt not question the holocaust"

"Holocaust denier Ernst Zundel is to be freed from prison on March 1, after serving out his five-year sentence, according to an Internet message from his wife.
Zundel, 69, was jailed in Germany for five years in 2007 for inciting racial hatred. He was extradited in 2005 from Canada, where he had lived for decades.
Two years spent behind bars before his trial were counted as part of his sentence."


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