Thursday, February 25, 2010

Hebron Protest Sparks Clashes

from Al Jazeera

"Clashes have erupted in the West Bank city of Hebron where Palestinian protesters gathered to mark the sixteenth anniversary of a mosque attack in which 29 people were killed."

So why are the palestinins in Hebron upset, aside from the fact that sxteen years ago a zionist fanatic slaughtered muslims at prayer?
Maybe it's the callous disregard Netanyahu shows by wanting to designate the place a national jewish heritage site:

"On 21 February 2010, Israeli Prime Minister Binyamin Netanyahu announced the Israeli government's intention to designate as Jewish heritage sites Rachel's Tomb in Bethlehem and the Ibrahimi Mosque in Al-Khalil (Hebron). Netanyahu’s statement has led to considerable concern and outrage in the Palestinian community. The Ibrahimi Mosque is one of the most important Muslim sites, and is the one most accessible to West Bank Palestinians. The prospect of these sites becoming closed to Muslim worshippers has aroused special fear and anger in Al-Khalil (Hebron) where the Ibrahimi Mosque because it draws large numbers of Muslim worshippers and because it was the site of the 25 February 1994 massacre of twenty-nine Muslim worshippers by Israeli settler Baruch Goldstein."

from Wikipedia:

"On February 25, 1994, that year's Purim day, Goldstein entered a room in the Cave of the Patriarchs serving as a mosque, wearing "his army uniform with the insignia of rank, creating the image of a reserve officer on active duty" (Shamgar report). He then opened fire, killing 29 people and wounding 150."
"Mosque guard Mohammad Suleiman Abu Saleh said he thought that Goldstein was trying to kill as many people as possible and described how there were "bodies and blood everywhere."

from the Boca Raton News March 4, 1994

It follows a despicable, snitty pattern of provocative and insulting behavior.

Tormenting the dead

"As if all the persecution and brutalisation meted out to the Palestinians were not enough, Israeli authorities are finalising preparations for the construction of a museum on top of an ancient Muslim cemetery in West Jerusalem.
The cemetery, known as Maamanullah (Sanctuary of God), contains the remains of over 70,000 Muslims."


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