Wednesday, August 31, 2011

Coming Down The Stretch

U.S. "Feral Reserve Boink" Reels Into The Jubilee Year

"Oh, did I misspell U.S. Federal Reserve Bank? You'll have to excuse me. I'm feeling a little dizzy this afternoon, because it is all unraveling so fast now. The world of high finance is cracking apart, outright falling apart. The U.S. Federal Reserve Bank is failing, mostly because the U.S. Federal Reserve Note is rapidly losing value, mostly due to the U.S. Federal Reserve Bank's own criminally stupid, criminally inept and criminally corrupt policies, and since the Federal Reserve Note is essentially its one and only product, its bread and butter, the whole criminal cabal is destined for the ash heap of history, and soon. Consequently, by Christmastime the USA and most of the rest of the world are likely to be in a chaotic uproar, much more so than now. We'll be lucky if these monsters-pretending-to-be-humans do not stage a notorious "false flag" terrorist attack in Paris or Montreal or Chicago or …. you name the place, and use that as a trumped up casus belli to go after Iran and initiate a general, global war, likely nuclear, in a desperate, Strangelovian bid to fight their way out of terminal, imperial collapse.

There are a lot of reasons for why this financial collapse is happening, but the most important is that we are rapidly approaching the dramatic conclusion of a grand, multi-thousand year cycle, the End of the Age. Swedish analyst and commentator Carl Calleman has written about this from the perspective of his interpretation of the Mayan Calendar. His calculations indicate that events will build to a crescendo and climax on 28 October, as the Mayan calendar ends, just a little over two months from now, with continued economic turmoil in the interim period."

I've felt this coming for years and I suspect most other people have had inklings of some sort for a long time too. Party's over for the Great Sickness, and none too soon. We're all about to get real small, in many ways, paying close attention to things we previously took for granted. Back to the old Use it Up, Wear it Out, Make it Do, or Do Without days.

Get Set For The Massive Fear And Myth Innoculation

Establishment Prepares 9/11 Official Story Onslaught

"One look at your TV guide over the next 10 days will tell you everything you need to know about how petrified the establishment is over the flimsy credibility of the official 9/11 fable.

Naturally, the 10-year anniversary of the attacks would be expected to merit a deluge of media coverage, but what sticks out is the overbearing emphasis on countering so-called “conspiracy theories” about the events of that day, or in other words, reinforcing the official “conspiracy theory” that 19 poorly trained Arab hijackers were able to cripple America’s air defenses and make three giant steel-framed structures crumble to the ground at near free fall speed.

The BBC couldn’t even wait until the month of September itself to air their latest 9/11 truth hit piece earlier this week, and another is planned for next weekend.

The damage done by the Building 7 fiasco, where BBC reporter Jane Standley is seen reporting the collapse of WTC 7 before it happens, a clip seen by millions, prompted the public broadcaster to launch a sustained dogmatic assault on anyone who dared question either 9/11 or 7/7.

the lying whores get their bullshit timelines wrong

Unfortunately for the BBC, the endless stream of smear attacks against so-called “conspiracy theorists” have largely backfired. Doctor Rory Ridley-Duff of Sheffield Hallam University conducted a study of the BBC’s “Conspiracy Files” documentary on 7/7 in comparison with the “conspiracy” documentary 7/7 Ripple Effect. His conclusion – the “conspiracy” documentary was more “coherent with available evidence”.

But conspiracy hit pieces are not about evidence, they’re about strawman attacks, character assassination, and emotional manipulation. This only works as a tool of persuasion on people who have little or no capacity for critical thinking, or on those who are already fully invested in a belief system.

Such individuals are of no consequence in the “infowar,” as Hillary Clinton herself termed it, that continues to be won by the “conspiracy theorists” no matter how many hit pieces are produced and endlessly repeated by television networks that have lost a great deal of credibility.

Despite the establishment backlash, polls have consistently shown that the majority of people suspect a cover-up regarding 9/11, which is not surprising given the fact that the majority of 9/11 Commissioners tasked with investigating the events by the U.S. government itself also believe the same thing.

For those who doubt the impact left by the legacy of the 9/11 truth movement, just flip through your cable listings for the next week or two for a visual record of how desperate the establishment is to reinforce its official 9/11 fable.

What are they so scared of? The fact that the public may entertain the subject long enough to discover for themselves the fact that countless highly credible people question the official 9/11 story and have gone on record to express such doubts."

A graphic coloring NOVEL, her words:

Monday, August 29, 2011

Some Dungheap Scumbag Projects His Own Ideology, Your Government Applauds

Irene Apocalypse That Never Was

Perfect Storm of Hype

"For the television reporter, clad in his red cagoule emblazoned with the CNN logo, it was a dramatic on-air moment, broadcasting live from Long Island, New York during a hurricane that threatened Manhattan.
"We are in, right, now...the right eye wall, no doubt about that...there you see the surf," he said breathlessly. "That tells a story right there."

Stumbling and apparently buffeted by ferocious gusts winds, he took shelter next to a building. "This is our protection from the wind," he explained. 'It's been truly remarkable to watch the power of the ocean here."

The surf may have told a story but so too did the sight behind the reporter of people chatting and ambling along the sea front. There was a man in a t-shirt, a woman waving her arms and then walking backwards. Then a bicycle glided past.

Across the screen, the "Break News: Irene Batters Long Island" caption was replaced by an order from the Federal Emergency Management Agency: "Stay inside, stay safe."

The image summed up Hurricane Irene - the media and the United States federal government trying to live up to their own doom-laden warnings and predictions while a sizeable number of ordinary Americans just carried on as normal."

I grew up on Long Island and with my family weathered a number of storms. I'd say right now that the worst of them were the winter nor'easters that dumped a truly unreal amount of snow on us. As a young kid I always had to dig the driveway out and cut through the big plow throw mounds off from the street. Storms like Irene happened occasionally and the rain was intense and the wind blew. Big yawn here. A huge buildup of catastrophic anticipation sort of surprised me about this storm. There's some kind of political juice to be had by hyping something like this, maybe when the predicted disaster didn't happen the lords of the universe can claim their preparations were oh so successful, but who the hell knows. Weather is so easily manipulated and modified these days. So is the reportage, as this breaking news confirms:

How Bad Is It?

Thieves Steal 175,000 Feet Of Copper Wire From Overhead Lights On I-95

"Rising copper prices and a bad economy are giving thieves reason to rob Interstate-95 of its copper wiring, used in overhead lights.

According to CBS Miami, the larceny of over 175,000 feet of copper wire has rendered useless the lighting over a 33-mile stretch of Palm Beach County. The thievery has taken place over the last six months in 18 separate locations.

"Obviously, the economy has driven this," Florida Highway Patrol spokesman Tim Frith said, referring to the recent increase in this criminal activity. "It does present itself as a kind of crime of convenience."

Palm Beach County isn't the only stretch of I-95 where this is a problem. The South Carolina legislature recently enacted the "Copper Theft Bill", which looks to curb copper theft and make it easier to track scrap metal transactions."

My gut feeling is that copper will eventually rival silver as a precious metal, for lots of reasons.

A Blank Check Means Never Having To Give A Rat's Ass

Pentagon pays $720M in late fees for storage containers

"The Pentagon has spent more than $720 million since 2001 on fees for shipping containers that it fails to return on time, according to data and contracts obtained by USA TODAY.

The containers — large metal boxes stowed on ships and moved from port on trucks — are familiar sights on bases in Iraq and Afghanistan where troops use them for storage, shelter and building material. Yet each 20-foot container returned late can rack up more than $2,200 in late fees. Shipping companies charge the government daily "container detention fees" after the grace period ends for the box to be returned.

The $720million represents a thin slice of the Pentagon's $553billion budget. Yet military spending is under intense scrutiny as the Defense Department has been ordered to trim $350billion in spending over the next 10 years and could face steeper reductions from budget cutters.

The cost stems from the mistaken belief that the wars in Afghanistan and Iraq would be brief and late fees would be minimal, said John Pike executive director of, a defense policy group.

"This is real money," Pike said. "And we've spent a lot of it on what amounts to fines for overdue library books."

Late fees peaked in 2004 at $128million. That dropped to $17million in 2008 but has risen with a surge of troops and gear to Afghanistan. In 2010, the Pentagon paid shippers $30million for overdue containers."

Three glaring lies in this USA Today piece - the pentagon's budget is well over a trillion dollars a year and there was never any "mistaken belief" that empire's wars of choice would be brief. These cost overruns are an integral part of the war scam; don't allow lying shills to make you think they're anomalous or there's a rush to fix them any time soon.

Be A Responsible Citizen And Be Branded A Suspect

Congressmen Put Constituents Who Asked Tough Questions On A ‘Watch List’

"In recent weeks GOP congressmen have resorted to all sorts of underhanded schemes to avoid interacting with their angry constituents back home over August recess. Now two Republican freshmen, Reps. Daniel Webster (R-FL) and Tim Griffin (R-AR), are taking this trend one step further, using disturbing intimidation tactics and “watch lists” to discourage constituents from asking them questions:
Rep. Webster’s Winter Garden, Florida district office gave out a “Watch List” of six Floridians who had asked questions at Webster’s previous town halls. The list, with the header “For the Media,” included names, photographs, and questions that members of the media should ask them.

The Watch List itself doesn’t contain any information on who wrote it or where it comes from.The memos surfaced in Arkansas in connection to the office of Rep. Tim Griffin, and were traced back to Rep. Webster’s office.

With black and white photos that resemble police surveillance, some of them pulled from the individuals’ Facebook profiles, the memo is clearly meant to intimidate these six people and anyone else who might stand up and ask a question of their elected representative. At a Griffin town hall, staffers were handing out the Watch List to attendees, calling it their “homework.” Griffin staffers were also spotted taking photos and shooting video of attendees, creating an extra layer of intimidation.While Webster and Griffin are ostensibly making these lists to screen out paid activists, the people they are targeting are regular constituents who have simply spoken up and expressed their disagreement about important policy decisions. Nevertheless, Webster staffers clearly went out of their way to investigate the backgrounds of these individuals and insinuate people like them are not welcome at future town halls."

BP Only Capped The Bad Publicity

The sea floor is ruptured and the situation could get really critical.

Fresh oil slicks forming over Deepwater Horizon spill site

"Despite assurances from British oil company BP that no oil was present at the Deepwater Horizon site in the Gulf of Mexico, two Louisiana State University men have returned with video evidence of large blooms of crude oil swelling up to the water’s surface where the doomed oil rig once hovered.

Tests on the oil were inconclusive as far as linking it to the now-plugged oil well, but if it is from the Deepwater Horizon spill it could indicate the formation of fissures on the seabed, seeping oil into the ecosystem anew.

If so, that would mean the worst accidental release of oil in human history — a spill so bad, it took five months just to stop crude from flowing — isn’t quite over."

Match made between slick and Macondo oil

"A Louisiana university professor says oil brought in from a slick in the Gulf of Mexico “matches” that from the Macondo well that exploded in April 2010, killing 11 people and leading to the biggest-ever accidental offshore oil spill.

“They were a very, very close match,” said Edward Overton, professor emeritus in the Department of Environmental Sciences at Louisiana State University.

“If the composition in a sample and the spill are almost identical, we say that’s a match,” he said. “This is like looking across the room and picking out identical twins.”


The Never Ending Terrorism Hoax

It makes some people very rich while it destroys our society.

The decade's biggest scam

"The Los Angeles Times examines the staggering sums of money expended on patently absurd domestic "homeland security" projects: $75 billion per year for things such as a Zodiac boat with side-scan sonar to respond to a potential attack on a lake in tiny Keith County, Nebraska, and hundreds of "9-ton BearCat armored vehicles, complete with turret" to guard against things like an attack on DreamWorks in Los Angeles. All of that -- which is independent of the exponentially greater sums spent on foreign wars, occupations, bombings, and the vast array of weaponry and private contractors to support it all -- is in response to this mammoth, existential, the-single-greatest-challenge-of-our-generation threat:

"The number of people worldwide who are killed by Muslim-type terrorists, Al Qaeda wannabes, is maybe a few hundred outside of war zones. It's basically the same number of people who die drowning in the bathtub each year," said John Mueller, an Ohio State University professor who has written extensively about the balance between threat and expenditures in fighting terrorism.

Last year, McClatchy characterized this threat in similar terms: "undoubtedly more American citizens died overseas from traffic accidents or intestinal illnesses than from terrorism." The March, 2011, Harper's Index expressed the point this way: "Number of American civilians who died worldwide in terrorist attacks last year: 8 -- Minimum number who died after being struck by lightning: 29." That's the threat in the name of which a vast domestic Security State is constructed, wars and other attacks are and continue to be launched, and trillions of dollars are transferred to the private security and defense contracting industry at exactly the time that Americans -- even as they face massive wealth inequality -- are told that they must sacrifice basic economic security because of budgetary constraints."

The beauty of this crock of shit is that it's morphing from a phantom external menace into domestic threat to the fascists, as the stressed and beleaguered american public wakes up to what's been done to them. Voila, it goes on forever.

AI vs AI

Two chatbots converse with each other.

Welcome To The Art Police

An artist's incendiary painting is his bank statement

"Standing before an easel on a Van Nuys sidewalk, Alex Schaefer dabbed paint onto a canvas.

"There you have it," he said. "Inflammatory art."

The 22-by-28-inch en plein air oil painting is certainly hot enough to inflame Los Angeles police.

Twice they've come to investigate why the 41-year-old Eagle Rock artist is painting an image of a bank building going up in flames.

Schaefer had barely added the orange-and-yellow depiction of fire shooting from the roof of a Chase Bank branch when police rolled up to the corner of Van Nuys Boulevard and Sylvan Street on July 30.

"They told me that somebody had called and said they felt threatened by my painting," Schaefer said.

"They said they had to find out my intention. They asked if I was a terrorist and was I going to follow through and do what I was painting."

No, Schaefer said. He explained that the artwork was intended to be a visual metaphor for the havoc that banking practices have caused to the economy.

A terrorist certainly would not spend hours on a public sidewalk creating an oil painting of his intended target, he told the officers.

The police took down his name, address and telephone number on a form — Schaefer declined to provide his Social Security number — and departed.

"They were friendly. They weren't intimidating," he said. "I figured that when they left, they probably decided the episode was stupid and they'd just wad up the form and throw it away."

Wrong. On Tuesday, two more officers showed up at Schaefer's home. This time they were plainclothes detectives.

"One of them asked me, 'Do you hate banks? Do you plan to do that to the bank?' " Schaefer again explained what his painting symbolizes.

He is actually doing a series of paintings depicting banks ablaze, he said. His first one two months ago featured a Burbank Chase branch, and he has a Bank of America painting in progress, he said. He will feature other large banks' branches as well; he does his own banking at a small community bank, Schaefer said.

"The flames symbolize bringing the system down," he said. "Some might say that the banks are the terrorists."

Although police elsewhere have occasionally challenged photographers taking pictures of things like refineries and governmental buildings in the wake of the 9/11 attacks, questioning an artist slowly creating an oil painting "is a horribly Orwellian act," said Andrew McGregor, a photographer who sometimes displays his work alongside Schaefer's."

Wussy nation marches on.

Giant candy bar causes scare on Tacoma Narrows Bridge


Sunday, August 28, 2011

Libya - Foreigners Receive NATO Style Liberation

Rebels settle scores in Libyan capital

"The killings were pitiless.

They had taken place at a makeshift hospital, in a tent marked clearly with the symbols of the Islamic Crescent. Some of the dead were on stretchers, attached to intravenous drips. Some were on the back of an ambulance that had been shot at. A few were on the ground, seemingly attempting to crawl to safety when the bullets came.

Around 30 men lay decomposing in the heat. Many of them had their hands tied behind their back, either with plastic handcuffs or ropes. One had a scarf stuffed into his mouth. Almost all of the victims were black men. Their bodies had been dumped near the scene of two of the fierce battles between rebel and regime forces in Tripoli."

Mr Hopey Changey Instructs Us Not To Think Impure Thoughts

As the fascists gear up for their 10th anniversary fear inoculation.

"Destroying The Village In Order To Save It"

Wogs are complaining about our "liberation methods" again.

Libya: on brink of humanitarian disaster

"With Tripoli almost completely under rebel control the threat of a humanitarian crisis in the Libyan capital city is growing. There are widespread shortages of fuel, water and electricity, and humanitarian aid supplies are yet to reach the country.

­The situation on the ground is very close to a catastrophe. Tripoli is now facing severe shortages of running water, electricity, gasoline and medicine. People are using public taps throughout the city to get water; many have plastic containers with them. Local residents say they also use electric generators to produce some electricity.

The city’s municipal services are paralyzed, the streets are full of garbage, and people are trying to clean it themselves. Since Ramadan is still underway, life here usually starts in the evening. Today people are coming to the streets with brooms and trash bags.

According to The Washington Post, officials are hoping to resume operations at the large refinery in Zawiyah, 50 kilometers west of Tripoli, by Monday and believe the water supply in the capital will be restored by then. The rebels had shut off water supplies because of rumors Gaddafi had poisoned the water, and tests are still underway to ensure this is not the case.

At Tripoli central hospital there are many injured soldiers of the Gaddafi regime and the more are still coming in. Doctors in the hospital have dealt with more than a thousand patients in the past week and medical supplies are running short.

Dr. Moharmed Drah, trainee doctor from Tripoli central hospital said that he was not sure how long their medical supplies could last for, AP reports. There is concern medical centers are operating at maximum capacity and some severely injured people cannot leave the city for treatment because of the fighting.

The UN is also said to be worried that there could be outbreaks of water-borne diseases."

CIA/Mossad Still Doing What They Do Best

Mass murder.

Suicide bomber attacks Iraq mosque; 29 dead

"BAGHDAD — Iraqi police and hospital officials say 29 worshippers have been killed by a suicide bomber who blew himself up inside Baghdad's largest Sunni mosque during prayers.

Officials say 38 more people were injured in the 9:40 p.m. Sunday strike on the Um al-Qura mosque during prayers in the western Baghdad neighborhood of Al-Jamiaah.

They said parliament lawmaker Khalid al-Fahdawi, a Sunni, was among the dead.

The mosque attack is reminiscent of a 2006 attack on a Shiite shrine in the Sunni city of Samarra that fueled widespread sectarian violence and nearly ignited a nationwide civil war."

Again, it's a win-win for ziofascists to wantonly slaughter like this. For one thing we have to wrap our minds around the fact that those reptiles can casually murder innocents for political gain, if not even for sport at this juncture. And they have many, many sick, dysfunctional and mind controlled patsies to carry out their dirty work.
Blowing up devout people in a mosque accomplishes many goals for those psychos, a hallmark of fascist operations to satisfy many agendas all at the same time. Since the invasion and occupation of Iraq in 2003 one of the principle aims was to divide and conquer Iraqi society which meant to trigger ethnic and religious conflict to the point where Iraqis would be at each others' throats rather than uniting in opposition to their conquerors. It's been proven again and again that these false flag ops take place.
These murderous, and to healthy rational people, senseless slaughters, are meant also to reinforce a carefully constructed anti Islamic sentiment. As in "those barbaric ragheads should just kill themselves off." And when US airstrikes blow a shitload of them sand niggers to bits, well, hoorah.

I'd ask skeptics two questions. Why would anyone think devout Muslims would destroy any place of worship of Allah, even if a different sect used it? It was inconceivable that that would happen before the occupation in 2003 when Israeli agents flooded the country, which was when all of a sudden mosque explosions and car bombs blowing up little children suddenly became all the rage. Of course that was where easy money was too. Also, why should we think they think killing innocents will achieve any political goals? Are they that stupid, and are we that stupid?
No, and yes.

Saturday, August 27, 2011

News In The Passive Tense

Tripoli Faces Shortages of Fuel, Water

Gosh darn, I wonder why.

NATO bombed "Great Man Made River"factory

"A NATO terrorist attack has hit a water pipes factory in al-Brega, murdering six guards, this being the factory which makes pipes for the great man-made irrigation system across the desert which brings water to seventy per cent of Libyan homes, according to sources in Libya. The factory was hit after the water supply network was destroyed on Friday."

NATO has bombed power stations, destroying electrical power for many places

Big Sis Reads A Prepared Statement

As a goon with SS on his lapels glares from behind.

I tried to find an embed code, even from page source, but failed. Someone please tell me what the prominent SS lapel insignias on that grim faced stooge designate.

added - Apparently that vid was removed so here's a different view but the SS lapels on the thug behind Napolitano aren't as discernible.

flashback - 5/85 -Reagan Joins Kohl in Brief Memorial at Bitburg Graves

"BITBURG, West Germany, May 5 — President Reagan presided over a wreath-laying today at the base of a brick cemetery tower looming over the graves of nearly 2,000 German soldiers, including 49 SS troops."

Crazy Eyes Is Down With Slave Labor

Bachmann says she'd consider minimum wage changes

"JACKSONVILLE BEACH, Fla. – Republican presidential candidate Michele Bachmann said Friday she wouldn't rule out changes to the federal minimum wage as a way to lower the cost of doing business and lure corporations back to the United States.

The Minnesota congresswoman told supporters at a packed sandwich shop that the corporate income tax needs to be reduced because companies are moving to other countries to save money. She was later asked by a reporter whether changes to the minimum wage should also be considered to balance the cost of labor here and overseas.

"I'm not married to anything. I'm not saying that's where I'm going to go," she said.

She did say she wants to look at all aspects of doing business, from regulations to tax codes, and will consider anything that will help create jobs. The federal minimum wage is $7.25 an hour."

"We will be back here many, many, many, many, many times in Jacksonville, and we're going to be old friends and neighbors by the time this is all done," she said.

Though at one point, she forgot she was in a local sub shop while talking about helping businesses.

"Can you imagine if good businesses like Subway," she began before the crowd drowned her out shouting, "Angie's!"

I wonder what the minimum wage counter workers at that sub shop thought of what this insane bag mouthed, but I'm sure no one thought to ask them.

Libyan Takeover Planned 30 Years Ago


"Gaddafi was being demonised by the Reagan-Father Bush administration (the Rothschilds) in the 1980s when the CIA and Mossad led a campaign to destabilise Libya that mirrors what has happened in 2011. Newsweek reported on August 3rd, 1981:

‘The details of the plan were sketchy, but it seemed to be a classic CIA destabilization campaign. One element was a “disinformation” program designed to embarrass Kaddafi and his government. Another was the creation of a “counter government” to challenge his claim to national leadership. A third — potentially the most risky — was an escalating paramilitary campaign, probably by disaffected Libyan nationals, to blow up bridges, conduct small-scale guerrilla operations and demonstrate that Kaddafi was opposed by an indigenous political force.’

Sound familiar? That was 30 years ago."

"NATO planes pepper-bombed Tripoli in support of the ‘rebels’ on the ground. Thousands of the very civilians that the UN resolution said should be protected were killed in the process. But we hear nothing of this in the mainstream media and precious little of the murder and executions of Gaddafi supporters by the ‘rebels’ throughout the conflict and after they entered Tripoli.

The emphasis is always on alleged executions and killings of rebel supporters by Gaddafi’s forces. No doubt some of these claims are true, but where is the balance? There is none, and Syria is now being demonised to go through the same process of demonise, invade, conquer, control. Richard Haas, president of the Illuminati Council on Foreign Relations which directs US foreign policy, has admitted that the NATO bombing of Libya was not about protecting civilians, but removing Gaddafi. He also called for an ‘international force’ to occupy the country and ‘maintain order’.

It is the same rhetoric, the same blueprint, which we have seen in every other country ‘liberated’ by the architects of tyranny. It really is goodbye Libya: rest in peace. The United States and its conscripted NATO allies are not going to walk away and leave Libya to the Libyans. It is an occupation force to pillage the oil resources and the banking system, and it was always going to be."

Here We Go Again

U.S., Israel Monitor Syria's Suspected Cache of Weapons of Mass Destruction - caution, FAUX noise

"The U.S. and Israel are closely monitoring Syria's suspected cache of weapons of mass destruction (WMD), fearing that terror groups could take advantage of the revolt against President Bashar al Assad to obtain blistering agents, nerve gas and long-range missiles, according to officials from both countries.

U.S. intelligence services believe Syria's non-conventional weapons programs include significant stockpiles of mustard gas, VX and Sarin gas and the missile and artillery systems to deliver them, The Wall Street Journal reported Saturday.

United Nations investigators also recently concluded that Damascus had been secretly constructing a nuclear reactor with North Korean help before Israeli jets destroyed the site in late 2007. U.S. and U.N. nonproliferation officials continue to worry that Pyongyang may have provided Syria with additional nuclear-related equipment.

"We are very concerned about the status of Syria's WMD, including chemical weapons," Israel's ambassador to the U.S., Michael Oren, said in an interview. "Together with the U.S. administration, we are watching this situation very carefully."

Friday, August 26, 2011

Woman Shows Cops Innovative Driving Techniques

In a mommy van.

You Don't Bomb A "Captured" City

The globalist conquest of Libya has been a lie from the very start. CIA's Al Qaeda mercenaries aren't liberating the Libyan people, they're enslaving them to a bleak future of drastically lowered quality of life in a shattered country if corporate interests and the IMF bloodsuckers have their way with the country's resources.
The "rebels" can't do anything without NATO carpet bombing a path for them.

Libya: NATO Humiliation Increasing per Airstrike

"Each NATO warplane that passes over Libya's coast and releases its ordnance upon the city of Tripoli is a glaring reminder that not only have the NATO-backed rebels failed to take the city, but the fighting there is beyond their ability to face without constant air support. As each bomb tears through Tripoli's already NATO-battered infrastructure - most recently destroying a fire station in the Abu Salim district - the world is given daily affirmations of just how duplicitous and premature NATO's desperate claims of "victory" were, made now nearly a week ago. To add injury to insult, UK's Foreign Secretary William Hague was imploring South Africa to release funding to NATO's proxies in Benghazi and suggested that failing to do so would be "risking a humanitarian disaster." Hague has not yet explained how the persistent aerial bombardment of a heavily populated city isn't already causing a verified humanitarian disaster.

Photo: The rebels, led on ground by NATO special forces and protected by NATO planes in the air have still failed to take Tripoli after a week of fighting. Attempts to seize other cities still under Libyan government control are also significant tactical failures. The media, unable to point to a victorious rebel government seated in Tripoli is now attempting to sell the "chaos" angle - that combat is degenerating into genocide, in hopes the world will beg for a stabilization force. The only problem is that "genocidal" rebels are led, armed, trained, and organized by NATO officers on the ground.

There are now reports that NATO's Al Qaeda brigades have been stalled before entering the coastal cities of Sirte and Bin Jawad, both lying between Benghazi and Misrata. In fact, by reading between the rhetoric, we see that the rebels have not only failed to achieve anything beyond the most symbolic of victories amidst immense chaos sown throughout Tripoli, they are in fact in a more tenuous position than ever before, with their forces stretched in multiple locations facing an entrenched Libyan army on multiple fronts.

By claiming victory while conducting daily air strikes upon a "captured city," for those that are able to put the pieces together, NATO exposes a tenuous grip on a bungled drawn out campaign. Of course there is no possible way NATO believed Libya could be taken over within days, not weeks, and must be acutely aware that even if Tripoli fell tomorrow - which it most likely won't - there will still be entire cities under Libyan government control along with Libya's vast southern interior. Occupation was NATO's true endgame from the beginning, waiting only for the proper pretext to begin landing troops on the ground. Getting that pretext has proven to be difficult."

Thursday, August 25, 2011

BBC Pretends Video Of Indians Shows Jubilant Libyan Rebels In Tripoli

slight problem, those are India flags and those are Indians, not Libyans:

here's the fascist National Transitional Council flag with a black middle:

here's a news blurb reporting that flag being waved by a mercenary:

Brain Damaged, Psychopathic Senator Calls For Revolution In China, Russia

This is how miserable a situation we've gotten ourselves into. That this coddled creature can continually mouth such stupid idiocy and walk away unscathed, let alone run for president, means the entire system is completely broken and totally corrupted at all levels. By virtue of his undeserved stature he probably sits in on meetings where the reptiles bandy such stuff about and he decided to blurt out to the media what he heard.

"US Senator and former presidential candidate John McCain has lashed out at Russia, saying it could be the next country to experience a Libya-style uprising.

­But Senator McCain has a very far-fetched outlook, believes RT's Washington correspondent Gayane Chichikyan.

McCain is sure that the Arab Spring will rage on and will make it to countries like China and Russia, which according to him “need democracy” just as Libya does.

At some point he even said that Libya has already achieved democracy, which is far from reality according to the situation on the ground.

Even as the National Transitional Council takes over in Tripoli, it is not the government chosen by the Libyan people. And many Libyans are outraged by the fact that foreign powers have essentially made this choice for them.

And looking back to Egypt, people there too do not seem to have achieved what they were fighting for.

As far as democracy is concerned in these countries, there are still a lot of questions, but according to McCain “It is all great and the fire of uprisings should move on to other countries.”

And according to him the “next stop” is Syria. “After Gaddafi it is Bashar Assad who is next to fall,” McCain said.

With his statements, Gayane says, McCain is seen as a mouthpiece for those forces in Washington who would want to see some countries, especially rich and strategically important ones, go upside down.

It is quite interesting that Senator McCain is pointing at some of the world’s richest countries and basically calling for revolutions in those countries, presuming that their “livelihood is so bad, that they need to rebel immediately.”

By the way, McCain is just another conscious less fascist whore, doing whatever suits empire's agenda at the moment, mouthing bullshit on command, a la the bomb bomb bomb, bomb bomb Iran profundity several years ago. There really is no way to adequately describe entities like this sick, whoring swine. Mr war hardon was even in Tripoli exactly two years ago shmoozing Ghadaffi as a fine old friend.

But of course that was before empire decided to go after Libyan oil and water. So now, naturally, Ghadaffi is a tyrant and must be replaced by a more compliant puppet government that will sell off Libyan resources to western corporate interests, McCain's string pullers.
What an utterly disgusting tool.

Wednesday, August 24, 2011

Endless Subsidized Enemies

War is america's business. And business is good.
Like how the CIA's frontmen "Al Qaeda" were groomed to create havoc in Libya.

U.S. Has Provided $360 Million To Taliban To Fight U.S.

"WASHINGTON — After examining hundreds of combat support and reconstruction contracts in Afghanistan, the U.S military estimates $360 million in U.S. tax dollars has ended up in the hands of people the American-led coalition has spent nearly a decade battling: the Taliban, criminals, and power brokers with ties to both.

The losses underscore the challenges the U.S. and its international partners face in overcoming corruption in Afghanistan. A central part of the Obama administration’s strategy has been to award U.S.-financed contracts to Afghan businesses to help improve quality of life and stoke the country’s economy.

But until a special task force assembled by Gen. David Petraeus began its investigation last year, the coalition had little visibility into the connections many Afghan companies and their vast network of subcontractors had with insurgents and criminals — groups military officials call “malign actors.”

In a murky process known as “reverse money laundering,” payments from the U.S. pass through companies hired by the military for transportation, construction, power projects, fuel and other services to businesses and individuals with ties to the insurgency or criminal networks, according to interviews and task force documents obtained by the AP."

Little Ricky

"George Bush defended us from freedom"

Oil's Well That Ends Well

Sweet and Lowdown: A Crude Analysis of the Libyan Liberation

"Another war for oil? Surely not! But just to be on the safe side, the world's oil barons are already moving in to seal some sweetheart deals on that sweet, sweet crude with the new, NATO-installed masters of Libya.

And guess what? It turns out that companies from the Western countries that eagerly rained tons of death-metal on the Libyan people are being given the inside track to the post-Gadafy gusher. Meanwhile, countries that had urged caution in humanely intervening with thousands upon thousands of bombs, drones and missiles to, er, protect human life now face relegation to the outer darkness.

As the New York Times reports, Libya's old colonial masters, Italy, are leading the way in the new scramble, even ere the Green Pimpernel has been found. They, along with other Western oil behemoths, are being welcomed with open arms by the peace-loving democratic rebels, who, er, murdered their own chief military commander just a few weeks ago. But for intervention skeptics like Russia, China and Brazil, there may be "some political issues" in renewing old deals and inking new ones, say the new regime's oil honchos. NATO si, BRIC no.

But remember. This is not a war for oil. Oil has nothing to do with it. Of course, you can find cranks and crackpots like, say, Patrick Cockburn, who has only been doing frontline reporting in the region for decades, coming out with nonsense like this, in a recent piece about the "murderous rebels in Libya":

"The enthusiasm in some 30 foreign capitals to recognise the mysterious self-appointed group in Benghazi as the leaders of Libya is at this stage probably motivated primarily by expectations of commercial concessions and a carve-up of oilfields."

But what does he know? Especially compared to progressive, peace-loving, war-hating supporters of the, er, war like Professor Juan Cole. As the professor himself tells us, he is someone "who has actually heard briefings in Europe from foreign ministries and officers of NATO members." I'll bet you haven't done that! (Although Patrick Cockburn probably has -- for decades. But never mind.) Anyway, Cole assures us that the very idea of oil playing any part in this noble endeavor is "daft," because Libya was "already integrated with the international oil markets."

Well, loath as one is to quibble with a man who has actually heard briefings from NATO officers and all, even the New York Times notes that:

Colonel Qaddafi proved to be a problematic partner for international oil companies, frequently raising fees and taxes and making other demands. A new government with close ties to NATO may be an easier partner for Western nations to deal with. Some experts say that given a free hand, oil companies could find considerably more oil in Libya than they were able to locate under the restrictions placed by the Qaddafi government.

Less regulation, fewer restrictions, sweeter deals, more oil, higher profits -- no, there's nothing there to interest the oil companies. Or the governments they "influence" so persuasively -- and pervasively. So it must be true, as Cole asserts, that this noble endeavor was no more and no less than a humanitarian intervention designed to safeguard human lives (with those thousands of bombs and missiles), protect the right of free assembly (or at least the right to mill around in one of those wired, barricaded, kettled, corralled "free speech zones" now so prevalent in the freedom-loving, liberating lands of the West), and uphold "a lawful world order."

Cole now looks forward to seeing Gadafy and sons in the dock for war crimes, for, as he rightly notes: "deploying the military against non-combatants was a war crime, and doing so in a widespread and systematic way was a crime against humanity." Unless, of course, you quote "just war" theologians as you, say, conduct a widespread and systematic terror bombing campaign of defenseless villages in an allied nation with drone missiles, as Barack Obama has been doing in Pakistan from the moment he took office. But Cole "agree[s] with President Obama and his citation of Reinhold Niebuhr. You can't protect all victims of mass murder everywhere all the time. But where you can do some good, you should do it."

If only Gadafy had thought to quote a man whose "influence has been acknowledged by such recent leaders of American foreign policy as Jimmy Carter, Madeleine Albright, Hillary Clinton, [and] John McCain"! Perhaps that would have absolved him from the other crimes Cole lays at his door: "bankrolling brutal dictators and helping foment ruinous wars." Certainly none of our Niebuhr-quoting leaders have ever done anything like that!

In any case, the deed is done and now, as the Times headline says, "The Scramble for Access to Libya's Oil Wealth Begins." But the latter is just incidental, of course -- a spandrel, a happy accident, an unintentional by-product of a noble deed done by noble men for noble purposes. Oily business aside, the deed itself is something that should be celebrated by everyone -- including anti-war dissidents like Cole, or even rock-ribbed "anarchists" like Crispin Sartwell (whose call for "exhilaration" at Libya's NATO-bomb liberation receives an answer here from Arthur Silber). Only the dead -- the uncounted, forgotten dead, mangled and buried under tons of liberating metal -- might demur."

All Over Except For The Circle Jerk On Wall Street

Surviving Financial Collapse and the Reversion to the Local

"Read the daily news, even in a relatively mainstream newspaper, and you cannot fail to notice that an unprecedented event is unfolding in front of our very eyes; the simultaneous collapse of two of the World's largest economies: the US and European Union.

Both appear to be teetering at the edge of a financial precipice and the great politico-bureaucratic machines that run the show – on both sides of the Atlantic – seem incapable of agreeing what economic medicine might keep this beast on the rails.

They, and we, are now learning that in a finite world no resource is infinite, least of all institutionalized financial wealth whose very existence is dependent upon interest payments made on capital lent to those who cannot sustain the levels of repayments demanded of them. In a 'debt based' economy (which ours is) all participants will ultimately end up losers.

We cannot know the exact timing surrounding the unhinging of a large sector of the global market place, but that some form of large scale collapse is imminent, there can be little doubt.

With this collapse will also ultimately go the entire foundation of modern day capitalism, and particularly the 'perpetual growth' based economic formulae that have driven this planet to the edge of ecocide and the mad growth machine perilously close to its own ultimate demise.

The vast debt-based financial manipulations of the past decade already signaled that a global crisis was in the making. And attempts to solve this crisis by applying an ever tighter squeeze on the already minimal assets of the working man and woman has now reached a 'back against the wall' point of no return, provoking the first waves of citizen based 'non compliance' uprisings. We are likely to see more of these as the elite bankers and corporate despots who hold the reins of power, try to hang onto this power by exerting their repressive authority on an increasingly disenchanted populous.

The entire edifice which we were led to believe constituted the secure foundation of a modern civilization, is now falling on its knees and the centuries old profligate 'top down' theft of both people and the planet is now rebounding on its perpetrators, dragging all and sundry in its turbulent wake. As a result, we are, in the next half decade, going to pass through the vortex of a huge change to our customary ways of life. A change for the better, if you don't like the 'take-all' consumerist package at the helm of modern neo-liberal capitalism. A change for the worse if you do.

Desperate rescue attempts will of course take place in which billions of dollars, Euros, pounds, yen and roubles will be thrown at the sinking banks, financial institutions and corporate marketing machines, in a vain attempt to resuscitate - one more time - the dying machine. But it won't rise again because there is no crane big enough to lift it out of the grave it has dug for itself."

Alternative Earthquake Explanations

No getting around the fact that these two temblors were anomalous indeed.

Russia Reports Nuclear Explosions Hit Vast US Military Tunnel Network

"A frightening foreign military intelligence directorate (GRU) report circulating in the Kremlin today states that over the past nearly 36 hours the vast intercontinental military tunnel complex constructed by the United States Air force over the past nearly 45 years was hit with two powerful nuclear explosions at its main terminuses in Colorado and Virginia used nearly exclusively by the Central Intelligence Agency (CIA).

According to this report, this unprecedented nuclear attack began on the evening of 22 August when one of the main air pressure relief tunnels for this CIA tunnel, located at MacDill Air Force Base in Tampa Florida, was forced open allowing millions of cubic feet of air to rush suddenly into the atmosphere. The unique sound of this event was captured by video during a baseball game being played at Tropicana Field near MacDill, though US officials blamed the “mystery noise” on a faulty sound system.

This GRU report, however, points out that Russian engineers are well acquainted with this unique sound as they work feverishly to prepare an additional 5,000 bomb shelters ordered by Prime Minister Putin this past spring to be completed by the end of 2012.

Russian engineers were, also, able to duplicate this unique sound this past March when they were called into the Ukraine to vent a number of deep underground tunnels from poison gas that had killed three people near Kiev and which was, likewise, captured by video.

Within a few hours of the venting of this vast tunnel complex, this report continues, a nuclear device was detonated at its western terminus located near Trinidad Colorado with the second blast occurring nearly 12 hours later at the eastern terminus near Culpepper Virginia, and both causing powerful earthquakes felt by tens of millions of Americans.

Unbeknownst to the vast majority of the American people is that the vast military tunnel network constructed since the early 1960’s under their country has cost an estimated $40 trillion and with the exception of this attack shows no sign of abating.

The only known photo of one of the massive US Air Force boring machines used to construct this vast tunnel complex was taken by Little Skull Mountain in Nevada in December 1982 and is similar in design to those used to construct the Chunnel between England and France.

Maps of these tunnels, and the underground bases associated with them, have been compiled over the years by many independent researchers along with lists of their probable locations.

The specific tunnel attacked by these nuclear devices, this GRU report says, was being used by the CIA during their moving of their headquarters and all of their assets out of their Langley Virginia location to their new base located in Denver Colorado that was begun in 2005 for reasons still not fully explained.

The GRU speculates that the timing of this attack in hitting the western terminus first, then the eastern one, was more than likely meant to “trap and destroy” whatever the CIA was currently moving through this tunnel from Langley to Denver.

Most interesting to note is that this attack comes nearly a decade to the day after the 11 September 2011 internal war between the CIA and the US military establishment that rained destruction upon America, and then the world, but whose final battle has yet to be fought, or won, by either side."

You know, I love sites like What Does it Mean, not because I automatically believe everything I read there, but because it sometimes is pretty intriguing stuff. I'm well aware that it is purported to be a bogus site hosted by a guy named David Booth. I'm no stranger to the fact that we all need to nurture our bullshit antennae while we ply the internets. But don't you remember that the Men in Black touted the National Enquirer as a great source for finding out what illegal extraterrestrials were doing?

The one thing about internet fiction is that it has to have a smattering of factual information to make it believable if the manufacturers want to profit from it. In the case of the above story the author does a good job building on credible facts to make his/her case. It's been known for a long time that the US government has constructed a gigantic system of bases, installations and tunnels throughout the continental US. Also it's been known for a long time that the center of operations for perpetuating federal power was to be moved from Washington to Denver for reasons unknown, but probably because of earth changes or black ops/false flag terror. So the above tale does a good job seeding believable info into a possibly fertile soil of imagination.

But here's the big thing. We've been handed a crock of shit so long from authorities, our would be masters, that alternative explanations for most everything sound cleaner and more plausible than the droning idiocy we're forced to swallow - 9/11, Saddam's nukes, Katrina response. If the above article has any plausibility, expect to see and hear increasingly strange stuff in the next several months as more and more of the iceberg shows itself above the waterline.

The Epidemic Of Lemonade Stand Terrorism This Summer

This startling map is almost a month old, so the problem could actually be much worse.

A red marker indicates a town that has shut down kid-run terrorist stands.

A yellow marker indicates a town whose officials say that kid-run terrorist stands are illegal unless the kids obtain at least one city permit.

A green marker indicates a town that formally announced that kid-run terrorist stands are legal.


added - Of course, McDonald's and Wendy's and probably other corporations have nothing whatsoever to do with this. (thanks to my good friend michael for the heads up)

14 Conspiracy Theories That The Media Now Admits Are Conspiracy Facts

related - How hot has it been down here in the SW?
You wake up with a salt outline of your body on the bottom sheet, and it was so hot the sun melted window blinds.

Tuesday, August 23, 2011

The Entire Financial System Is Collapsing

Corrupt Swine Continue Their Disconnect From The American People

Congress Has an Answer for Public Wrath: Eliminate Town Halls

"Congress' approval rating—currently 13 percent, according to Gallup—is at a historic low, and its disapproval rating, at 84 percent, is at a historic high. Many Americans eagerly awaited Congress' August recess so they could use town hall meetings and other public appearances to give their elected officials a piece of their mind. There's just one problem: most of Congress isn't scheduling any town halls. None. Zilch. The think tank No Labels called the offices of all 430 active members of Congress and found that 60 percent of them weren't scheduling town hall meetings. According to No Labels' analysis, more Democrats than Republicans are shutting themselves off from their constituents: 68 percent of Dems and 51 percent of Republicans hadn't planned a town hall during Congress' weeks-long summer break."

Yet they pledge allegiance to the ziofascists


William Wallace executed

"Sir William Wallace (Medieval Gaelic: Uilliam Uallas; modern Scottish Gaelic: Uilleam Uallas; died 23 August 1305) was a Scottish knight and landowner who became one of the main leaders during the Wars of Scottish Independence.

Along with Andrew Moray, Wallace defeated an English army at the Battle of Stirling Bridge in 1297, and was Guardian of Scotland, serving until his defeat at the Battle of Falkirk. In 1305, Wallace was captured in Robroyston near Glasgow and handed over to King Edward I of England, who had him hanged, drawn, and quartered for high treason.

Since his death, Wallace has obtained an iconic status far beyond his homeland. He is the protagonist of the 15th century epic poem The Acts and Deeds of Sir William Wallace, Knight of Elderslie, by Blind Harry. Wallace is also the subject of literary works by Sir Walter Scott and Jane Porter. The best known depiction of Wallace is in the Academy Award winning epic film Braveheart, which was directed by Mel Gibson and based upon a screenplay by Randall Wallace."

EU Lines Up To Rape Libya


Monday, August 22, 2011

Oh That, Heh Heh, Never Mind

Just One Week Into His Campaign, Rick Perry Disavows His Nine-Month-Old Book

"Last November, Texas Gov. Rick Perry (R) published Fed Up, a 240-page ode to tentherism, which argues that everything from child labor laws to the Clean Air Act to Medicare violates the Constitution. As it turns out, however, claiming that America’s entire social safety net is unconstitutional isn’t a very popular position — so Perry’s now trying to take it all back just one week into his presidential campaign:

[Perry's] communications director, Ray Sullivan, said Thursday that he had “never heard” the governor suggest [Social Security] was unconstitutional. Not only that, Mr. Sullivan said, but “Fed Up!” is not meant to reflect the governor’s current views on how to fix the program. [...]

In an interview, Mr. Sullivan acknowledged that many passages in Mr. Perry’s “Fed Up!” could dog his presidential campaign. The book, Mr. Sullivan said, “is a look back, not a path forward.” It was written “as a review and critique of 50 years of federal excesses, not in any way as a 2012 campaign blueprint or manifesto,” Mr. Sullivan said.

The campaign’s disavowal of “Fed Up!” is itself very new. On Sunday evening, at Mr. Perry’s first campaign stop in Iowa, a questioner asked the governor to talk about how he would fix the country’s rickety entitlement programs. Mr. Perry shot back: “Have you read my book, ‘Fed Up!’ Get a copy and read it.”

Fed Up is not some 20-year-old graduate school thesis that Perry wrote before he served in elected office. It is a substantial, nationally published manifesto that Perry was proudly signing at book tours just a few months ago. Indeed, as recently as last Monday, Perry was on the campaign trail citing Fed Up for the unusual proposition that “I don’t think the federal government has a role in your children’s education.” Watch it:

I have no idea what the fuck this jackass just said.
Crazy Eyes dodges direct questions about past statements:


Cattle Prod News

Tazed From Above (caution - pro police state sentiment)

"Forget the idea that weaponized unmanned aerial vehicles (UAVs) are only for military operations in wars fought in far off lands. Soon they’ll begin setting their sights on criminals within our borders. And they’ll be packing heat, not the long-range missiles of the X-47B, but with up close and personal stun guns, 12-gauge shotguns and, believe it or not, grenade launchers.

The ShadowHawk is the seven-foot, 50-lb copter that is the toy-sized dealer of destruction from Texas-based Vanguard Defense Industries. The copter is the result of three years of development.

If being tased from above sounds frightening to you, I suggest you cease all criminal activities now (simply staying indoors is an option). There’s a good chance ShadowHawk’s spine tingling buzz could be heard approaching a city near you. As a sign of new law enforcement tactics to come, the Sheriff’s Office of Montgomery County, Texas was recently awarded a grant by the Department of Homeland Security for a squadron of ShadowHawks. Montgomery County’s Chief Deputy Randy McDaniel is psyched. “We are very excited about the funding and looking forward to placing the equipment into the field. Both my narcotics and SWAT units have been looking at numerous ways to deploy it and I absolutely believe it will become a critical component on all SWAT callouts and narcotics raids and emergency management operations.”

The Department of Homeland Security grant is just the latest indication that the US is taking the military’s lead – with over 7,000 drones in the skies of Iraq and Afghanistan – and using drones as a key tactical tool. In 2009 a surveillance drone called the Wasp was used during a SWAT raid in Austin, Texas. The Wasp climbed to 400 feet and beamed realtime video of a house in which an armed drug dealer was hiding. After the team had confirmed that there were no unforeseen dangers lurking in the backyard, they stormed the house and arrested the suspect. Drones are also helping the US to secure its borders against illegal immigration and drug trafficking. Just a few months ago the Obama administration began sending drones to Mexico to gather intelligence and help in the country’s war on drugs."

They don't quite understand that these toys will be great skeet practice. And even if the fascists succeed in disarming americans, which is highly doubtful, a person with skill can use a slingshot to great effect.

Australian 60 Minutes Confronts The Truth

Fukushima Now Radiating Everyone: 'Unspeakable' Reality 'Will Impact All Of Humanity'

Excellent Farrakhan Rant

Farrakhan Blasts Obama On Libya Bombing

Qatari Hollywood

And The Mercenary Invasion of Tripoli

"It’s no longer a surprise that a media war is being waged against Gaddafi and Libya. In March, all news were breaking and highly contradictive towards each other. A month passed until Libyans finally learned to disprove the lies, but while the news themselves grew relatively neutral, a new wave of misinformation was being prepared. It arose in global media approximately on 15th of August, when a Saudi Arabia newspaper Asharq Alawsat told that Gaddafi is allegedly ill and ready to leave the country. Saudis, mortal enemies of Muammar Gaddafi, were, of course, such a reliable source, that all other papers followed.

In the same time news channels were choking with new victories of the insurgency. It looked like it took rebels a couple of hours to occupy a city, making poor Moussa Ibrahim steam from his ears, proving to journalists that it is virtually impossible. All this show was a careful preparation for the main course – the taking of Tripoli. But in spite of mercenaries parachuted from Misurata to the south, despite attempts to cut the road from Tunisia, despite the insurgents’ zerg rush on all fronts, much of the rebel success remained on the screen. And cities cannot be taken by illusion. Therefore, NATO decided to pursue the most risky way: beginning the ground operation.

To cover it up and in the same time spread chaos and panic among Libyans, a set of Tripoli’s Green Square, Bab al-Azizya and several streets was constructed in Doha, Qatar, and videos of successful uprising in Tripoli and its takeover by the rebels were being made. The directors used the same stratagem that their civilian counterparts in Vietnam War movies: to draw their supposed victories. On the 20th of August, Twitter, the major supplier of nonexistent witnesses came to life, like a shelled hornet nest. Rebels reported about fights in the city center – with smartphones in the free hand, no doubt. Some have gone further and managed alone to fully capture the west of the city. With the blessings of the almighty Photoshop pictures of rebels against Tripoli and Zawya were shown.

Making sure that the February script goes according to plan, and the audience does not seem to mind, the forces of democracy gave a sign to the “moles”, long located in the capital and waiting for this day.
The saboteurs ran recorded sounds of battle through speakers of the mosques, to mislead the citizens and give reporters the reason to write about the “audible gunfights and explosions”. Simultaneously, dozens of armed people from Algeria, Tunisia and Egypt leaked to several areas of the city, shooting and threatening Libyans. Several Apaches flew in and bombed. The premier of the Qatari film failed at the box office, and the saboteurs were quickly dealt with, but they turned out to be a distraction. NATO marines and mercenaries were arriving from the sea in small fast boats.

The slaughter began. Within 11 hours, 1300 innocent civilians were killed in Tripoli, and 5000 injured, as French Foreign Legion and AL-CIA-DA cut their way through. All this time, the bombings continued non-stop. Three Apaches flew over the city, firing their miniguns. The gangs of AL-CIA-DA were burning houses, looting shops and assaulting every woman in sight. Any prominent supporter of Gaddafi was targeted and their houses attacked first. The number of gangs is still increasing right now, coming in from the sea in the small NATO crafts, and directed by the Special Forces of all the aggressor nations. Right now, the situation is unclear due to power cuts and informational blockade."

Flashback - the Saddam statue toppling hoax

Listen to the fake crowd noise and the gushing from media whores as the US pretends this staged photo op was a joyous Iraqi celebration including giant crowds exuberantly and spontaneously demonstrating:

The corrupt media unhesitatingly went along with this lie.
Here's a wide shot of that "immense crowd":


Make-believe civil war

"There is no battle between "rebel forces" and the Libyan military.

NATO bombs a Libyan position, the Libyan military evacuates - temporarily - and then a rag tag bunch of poseurs flood in, get their pictures taken pretending to be soldiers by a bunch of idiot journalists and/or CIA media people and then run off when the Libyan military comes back."

Expect Organizing On Social Networks, Internet To Become Illegal

Cleveland rapper Machine Gun Kelly's attempt at flash mob in Strongsville ends with handcuffs

"STRONGSVILLE, Ohio -- Rising Cleveland rapper Machine Gun Kelly was handcuffed and led away from SouthPark mall in Strongsville this evening amid a flash mob he organized.

Earlier in the week, Machine Gun Kelly -- whose real name is Colson Baker -- used social media to poll his fans, asking them which suburban Cleveland mall they wanted to gather at.

The rapper ultimately settled on Strongsville, Saturday at 5 p.m.

About that time, someone calling himself machinegunkelly on Twitter posted: "They're kicking out (people with) costumes ... Be normal, I guess? No harm here, we just like fun!"

Not long after that, someone posted a picture of the shirtless rapper -- revealing a huge MGK tattoo across his shoulder blades -- in handcuffs on Twitter. Fans soon posted videos on YouTube showing hundreds of people -- mostly white teens and young adults -- gathered in the mall's food court watching police wrestle with the rapper and chanting "MGK" as officers led him away.

By 6 p.m., fans were posting messages on Machine Gun Kelly's Facebook page seeking his release. Within hours, the rapper posted a message on Twitter saying he and the others were free.

Strongsville police later released a statement saying Machine Gun Kelly and members of his group were charged with midemeanor disorderly conduct.

The handwriting is on the wall. After the Brit riots there was a lot of condemnation about social networks being instrumental, and two guys even got stiff jail time for talking up some action and they weren't even present. A little over a week ago BART in SF shut off subterranean cell service to stifle protests, and that should show the extent of authoritarian paranoia that's only going to grow. I would bet it's all being monitored and the cops will be waiting to bust heads and take names, a la the Memorial Day dance at the Jefferson Memorial, until finally the push will be on to criminalize any call to organize in public places.
Cost of the War in Iraq
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