Thursday, August 25, 2011

Brain Damaged, Psychopathic Senator Calls For Revolution In China, Russia

This is how miserable a situation we've gotten ourselves into. That this coddled creature can continually mouth such stupid idiocy and walk away unscathed, let alone run for president, means the entire system is completely broken and totally corrupted at all levels. By virtue of his undeserved stature he probably sits in on meetings where the reptiles bandy such stuff about and he decided to blurt out to the media what he heard.

"US Senator and former presidential candidate John McCain has lashed out at Russia, saying it could be the next country to experience a Libya-style uprising.

­But Senator McCain has a very far-fetched outlook, believes RT's Washington correspondent Gayane Chichikyan.

McCain is sure that the Arab Spring will rage on and will make it to countries like China and Russia, which according to him “need democracy” just as Libya does.

At some point he even said that Libya has already achieved democracy, which is far from reality according to the situation on the ground.

Even as the National Transitional Council takes over in Tripoli, it is not the government chosen by the Libyan people. And many Libyans are outraged by the fact that foreign powers have essentially made this choice for them.

And looking back to Egypt, people there too do not seem to have achieved what they were fighting for.

As far as democracy is concerned in these countries, there are still a lot of questions, but according to McCain “It is all great and the fire of uprisings should move on to other countries.”

And according to him the “next stop” is Syria. “After Gaddafi it is Bashar Assad who is next to fall,” McCain said.

With his statements, Gayane says, McCain is seen as a mouthpiece for those forces in Washington who would want to see some countries, especially rich and strategically important ones, go upside down.

It is quite interesting that Senator McCain is pointing at some of the world’s richest countries and basically calling for revolutions in those countries, presuming that their “livelihood is so bad, that they need to rebel immediately.”

By the way, McCain is just another conscious less fascist whore, doing whatever suits empire's agenda at the moment, mouthing bullshit on command, a la the bomb bomb bomb, bomb bomb Iran profundity several years ago. There really is no way to adequately describe entities like this sick, whoring swine. Mr war hardon was even in Tripoli exactly two years ago shmoozing Ghadaffi as a fine old friend.

But of course that was before empire decided to go after Libyan oil and water. So now, naturally, Ghadaffi is a tyrant and must be replaced by a more compliant puppet government that will sell off Libyan resources to western corporate interests, McCain's string pullers.
What an utterly disgusting tool.


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