Monday, August 22, 2011

Expect Organizing On Social Networks, Internet To Become Illegal

Cleveland rapper Machine Gun Kelly's attempt at flash mob in Strongsville ends with handcuffs

"STRONGSVILLE, Ohio -- Rising Cleveland rapper Machine Gun Kelly was handcuffed and led away from SouthPark mall in Strongsville this evening amid a flash mob he organized.

Earlier in the week, Machine Gun Kelly -- whose real name is Colson Baker -- used social media to poll his fans, asking them which suburban Cleveland mall they wanted to gather at.

The rapper ultimately settled on Strongsville, Saturday at 5 p.m.

About that time, someone calling himself machinegunkelly on Twitter posted: "They're kicking out (people with) costumes ... Be normal, I guess? No harm here, we just like fun!"

Not long after that, someone posted a picture of the shirtless rapper -- revealing a huge MGK tattoo across his shoulder blades -- in handcuffs on Twitter. Fans soon posted videos on YouTube showing hundreds of people -- mostly white teens and young adults -- gathered in the mall's food court watching police wrestle with the rapper and chanting "MGK" as officers led him away.

By 6 p.m., fans were posting messages on Machine Gun Kelly's Facebook page seeking his release. Within hours, the rapper posted a message on Twitter saying he and the others were free.

Strongsville police later released a statement saying Machine Gun Kelly and members of his group were charged with midemeanor disorderly conduct.

The handwriting is on the wall. After the Brit riots there was a lot of condemnation about social networks being instrumental, and two guys even got stiff jail time for talking up some action and they weren't even present. A little over a week ago BART in SF shut off subterranean cell service to stifle protests, and that should show the extent of authoritarian paranoia that's only going to grow. I would bet it's all being monitored and the cops will be waiting to bust heads and take names, a la the Memorial Day dance at the Jefferson Memorial, until finally the push will be on to criminalize any call to organize in public places.


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