Sunday, August 21, 2011

The Bullshit "War"

What's happening in Libya is completely a propaganda campaign. I've never seen such a push by empire's mouthpieces to deceive american dullards as this effort to prop up the murderous, mercenary rabble sent in to create mayhem in Libya. It's a war for our perceptions because what they're doing is genocidal savagery to further imperialistic agendas.
So we get Gadaffi handing out rape pills, Libyan jets strafing Libyan civilans, Gadaffi fleeing the country, no, he's dead, an obvious plant hysterically screaming at journalists about rape, total crap about how empire's thugs are winning the day and complete fabrications pulled out of propagandists' asses like this from Faux, implying again that the Libyan government is a cruel cancer:

Evacuation Ship Comes Under Fire in Libyan Capital

"Poland's Foreign Ministry says a Maltese ship on a mission to evacuate foreigners from Libya's capital came under fire and couldn't enter the harbor.

The PAP news agency cited ministry spokeswoman Paulina Kapuscinska as saying the ship came under fire amid fighting between Muammar al-Qaddafi's forces and Libyan rebels. She said the ship was unable to enter Tripoli's harbor.

She said the ship was to have evacuated a Polish mother with three children Sunday morning. Maltese citizens were also to have been evacuated."

It seems to be an organized effort by all the corrupt MSM outlets to be on the same page for empire's takeover of Libya. Sad to say, since Egypt erupted several months ago, Al Jezeera has also proved over and over again to be a news source not to be trusted.
The fact of the matter is that the Libyan government has wide support among the Libyan people as would be expected when a society is being assaulted by external forces. The constant reports of "rebel" successes are made up and their only so called achievements are deadly NATO air strike war crimes on infrastructure and civilian centers. This is truly a nightmare of epic proportions as NATO is now slaughtering anyone opposed to empire's mercenaries.

Also, what Libya exposes to anyone with the eyes to see is that "Al Qaeda" has always been a manufactured product of american and ziofascist spook agencies, available to do the dirty whenever empire needs justification to advance it's agendas. Or in this case be foot soldiers to help topple Ghaddafi and install a more corporate friendly puppet regime.

Head of Libyan Security Services calls out NATO for supporting al Qaeda


Anonymous Anonymous said...

I was curious, it sounded like she said "sound bombs", is she refering to those sonic wave blaster weapons?

21/8/11 2:05 PM  
Blogger michael tew said...

Looks like the brutal rearrangement in leadership of Libyan rebel forces achieved the result the CIA was looking for. I wonder how long it will take for the new regime to fall out of favor with the general population. The post Ghadaffi era, with its Rothschild central bank and its inevitable influx of global corporate hyenas might suit the NATO overlords for a while, but the social programs (free health care, education and interest free loans) will soon be replaced by “austerity”, warring tribes and political deadlock.

Nonetheless Obama’s re-election campaign just got a huge boost and Asaad is probably packing his bags.

21/8/11 5:10 PM  

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