Sunday, August 28, 2011

CIA/Mossad Still Doing What They Do Best

Mass murder.

Suicide bomber attacks Iraq mosque; 29 dead

"BAGHDAD — Iraqi police and hospital officials say 29 worshippers have been killed by a suicide bomber who blew himself up inside Baghdad's largest Sunni mosque during prayers.

Officials say 38 more people were injured in the 9:40 p.m. Sunday strike on the Um al-Qura mosque during prayers in the western Baghdad neighborhood of Al-Jamiaah.

They said parliament lawmaker Khalid al-Fahdawi, a Sunni, was among the dead.

The mosque attack is reminiscent of a 2006 attack on a Shiite shrine in the Sunni city of Samarra that fueled widespread sectarian violence and nearly ignited a nationwide civil war."

Again, it's a win-win for ziofascists to wantonly slaughter like this. For one thing we have to wrap our minds around the fact that those reptiles can casually murder innocents for political gain, if not even for sport at this juncture. And they have many, many sick, dysfunctional and mind controlled patsies to carry out their dirty work.
Blowing up devout people in a mosque accomplishes many goals for those psychos, a hallmark of fascist operations to satisfy many agendas all at the same time. Since the invasion and occupation of Iraq in 2003 one of the principle aims was to divide and conquer Iraqi society which meant to trigger ethnic and religious conflict to the point where Iraqis would be at each others' throats rather than uniting in opposition to their conquerors. It's been proven again and again that these false flag ops take place.
These murderous, and to healthy rational people, senseless slaughters, are meant also to reinforce a carefully constructed anti Islamic sentiment. As in "those barbaric ragheads should just kill themselves off." And when US airstrikes blow a shitload of them sand niggers to bits, well, hoorah.

I'd ask skeptics two questions. Why would anyone think devout Muslims would destroy any place of worship of Allah, even if a different sect used it? It was inconceivable that that would happen before the occupation in 2003 when Israeli agents flooded the country, which was when all of a sudden mosque explosions and car bombs blowing up little children suddenly became all the rage. Of course that was where easy money was too. Also, why should we think they think killing innocents will achieve any political goals? Are they that stupid, and are we that stupid?
No, and yes.


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