Sunday, March 04, 2012

Paying For Israel's Hegemony At The Gas Pump

War Tax at the Gas Pump

"It’s hard to miss the higher cost of gas every time we fill up our cars these days, but the News Media doesn’t do a very good job of explaining why. There isn’t any mystery, though, if you read the financial press and oil industry sources: We’re paying extra for gas because of rising tensions in the Middle East and especially the scare over a possible US or Israeli attack on Iran. In effect, we’re paying a “war tax” at the gas pump, and the cost will only get higher unless we put aside the talk of war and get down to serious diplomacy to settle the differences in the region."

Fat chance. The zionist controlled government in this country will continue a hot WW3 at the shitty little terrorist state's behest because this whoring country is owned by Israel. It's time to wake up to reality.
I have a grandson who's damaged for the rest of his life.
Wanna send yours?

Israel delivers ultimatum to Barack Obama on Iran's nuclear plans


Anonymous greencrow said...

Hi Nolo:

This is something I've been watching for a while...the ping pong game of: "let's attack an oil country!" Answer: ``No!`` ...and then the inevitable heist in oil prices...until "NATO" caves and attacks the oil country. It is stomach wrenching to be involved in it.

How do you know someone`s got you by the short and when you drive by the pump and see a ten cent per km increase in a matter of hourss...sooner or later the public will get fed up... I say sooner.


4/3/12 7:00 PM  
Blogger nolocontendere said...

Yes gc it's really something how the cost of gasoline already in the underground storage tanks magically increases because of political manipulation rather than markets.

5/3/12 5:40 PM  

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