Saturday, March 03, 2012

Insane Government Becomes More Immoral And Illegitimate Every Day

Iowa's Undercover Livestock Filming Bill Approved

"DES MOINES, Iowa (AP) — Animal welfare groups reacted with outrage Wednesday after the Iowa Legislature made the state the first to approve a bill making it a crime to surreptitiously get into a farming operation to record video of animal abuse.

The groups have urged Gov. Terry Branstad to veto the measure that was overwhelmingly approved Tuesday by the Iowa House and Senate, arguing that the measure would prevent people from publicizing animal abuse.

"The intent behind the legislation is to put a chilling effect on whistleblowers on factory farms," said Matthew Dominguez, a spokesman for the Humane Society of the United States. "It begs the question of, what exactly does animal agriculture have to hide?"

Legislatures in seven states — Illinois, Indiana, Minnesota, Missouri, Nebraska, New York and Utah— have considered laws that would enhance penalties against those who secretly record video of livestock, though the efforts have stalled in some states.

The Iowa measure would establish a new penalty for lying on a job application to get access to a farm facility, making it a serious misdemeanor. A second conviction would be an aggravated misdemeanor.

A serious misdemeanor carries a fine of up to $1,500 and imprisonment up to one year. An aggravated misdemeanor can be punished by a fine of up to $5,000 and imprisonment of up to two years."

Candidate for the presidency of the US runs on a platform of fascist warmongering

"sraeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu is set to meet with President Obama next week and Iran will mostly likely “dominate the conversation” as the New York Times noted. While the President made a strong case for diplomacy in dealing with Iran’s nuclear program during an recent interview with the Atlantic’s Jeffery Goldberg, Netanyahu warned against talks.

On Fox News, Greta Van Susteren asked GOP presidential hopeful Newt Gingrich how he’d handle the meeting with the Israeli prime minister. While Gingrich said he would brief Netanyahu on all the “non-military means” he would employ to prevent Iran from getting nuclear weapons, he added that Israel “would receive support from the United States” if it decided to attack Iran. But the former House Speaker didn’t stop there:

GINGRICH: I would also point out that a Gingrich presidency would communicate publicly to the Iranians that if they continue to do what they’re doing, they should expect to get hit, and it will be their fault."

Pissing on Article I, Section 8 of the constitution

"Pentagon officials today confirmed that a “security team” of US forces came under attack from Ansar al-Sharia loyalists in the southern Yemeni city of Aden, but denied any injuries as a result of the attack. Ansar al-Sharia claimed one “CIA officer” killed in the exchange.

The difference in versions from the two sides actually misses the much more serious revelation of the report, that US ground troops are operating inside Yemen at all. There has certainly been no announcement to that effect, and indeed, several times the Obama Administration has “ruled out” sending ground troops to Yemen."

Wisconsin GOP Leader Proposes Legislation To Blame Single Parents For Child Abuse And Neglect

"Wisconsin State Senator Glenn Grothman, the Assistant Majority Leader and a close ally of GOP Governor Scott Walker in the effort to destroy collective bargaining in the Badger State, is taking crazy to new levels.

Grothman has introduced a bill that would require the State of Wisconsin to officially deem single parenthood to be a “contributor” to child abuse and neglect and to put the same into statutory laws of the state.

Seriously… no kidding… really."


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