Friday, March 02, 2012

Genocidal Criminal's World War Tour 2012

Netanyahu in Canada: Iran a Grave Threat

"Prime Minister Binyamin Netanyahu said on Friday that Israel has the right to defend itself against a country that wants to destroy it, referring to Iran.

Netanyahu made the comments as he began a meeting with Canada’s Prime Minister Stephen Harper in Ottawa, according to a CBC report."

Canada grovels before mighty Israel

Obama the houseboy knows what's coming in the days ahead so he wants his master to be pleased when Bibi shows up.

U.S. Talking Tougher About Iran as Netanyahu Visit Approaches

"Obama administration officials are escalating warnings that the U.S. could join Israel in attacking Iran if the Islamic republic doesn't dispel concerns that its nuclear-research program is aimed at producing weapons.

Four days before Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu is scheduled to arrive in Washington, Air Force Chief of Staff General Norton Schwartz told reporters that the Joint Chiefs of Staff have prepared military options to strike Iranian nuclear sites in the event of a conflict.

"What we can do, you wouldn't want to be in the area," Schwartz told reporters in Washington yesterday."

I wonder why I feel like puking every time I read the headlines.


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