Thursday, March 01, 2012

Agaian And Again, Real Public Support For Corporate GOP Candidates Is Non Existent

A subdued Mitt Romney talks jobs in Ohio, a day after big primary wins

"TOLEDO, Ohio--After winning key primaries in Michigan and Arizona, Mitt Romney was back on the road again Wednesday, holding what his campaign described as a "grassroots rally" at a fence manufacturing plant.

But with a little less than 150 people on site, the event didn't quite have the feel of a rally--and indeed, the candidate, who warned Tuesday night that the nomination fight is far from over, seemed subdued."

This is a turnout for the supposed "frontrunner" for the repug nomination?
I'll bet there were just as many campaign workers in attendance as hoi polloi.
As this happens time after time for all of them except Ron Paul it really begs the question - is the entire process just a complete and massive lie?


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