Wednesday, February 29, 2012

Wussy Nation Headlines

Suspicious device causes hotel evacuation

GREENWOOD VILLAGE, CO - "A suspicious device discovered at a LaQuinta in Greenwood Village caused the hotel to be completely evacuated Tuesday morning.

PHOTOS: Hotel evacuated, bomb squad called

The hotel, located in the 9000 block of East Arapahoe Road, was evacuated just after 10 a.m Tuesday, according to South Metro Fire.

According to John Jackson, police chief of Greenwood Village, someone called the police department and reported something suspicious in a room on the third floor of the hotel.

The suspicious device was a medium-sized bottle that had a liquid in it."

Toy tiger causes chaos near Houston

School evacuated after chlorine-like smell found near pool

A box of tea forces White House into lockdown

Decorative egg found, thousands evacuated


Blogger retank said...

And I remember when Toy robot detours traffic near Coors Field

29/2/12 8:27 PM  

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