Wednesday, February 29, 2012

Latin America Threatens Empire's Drug War Scam

Expect immense pressure to force the hemisphere to keep drugs illegal.
Hundreds of billions in profits are at stake by maintaining illegality a with policies of flooding the streets with them. The entire corrupt system from banks to corporations to the prison industry to police state apparatus depends on creating criminality and raking in immense profit.

Guatemala, Colombia, and Mexico are considering the regional legalization of the drug trade

"Last week, the president of Guatemala joined former and current presidents of Colombia and Mexico in expressing interest in considering the regional legalization of the drug trade. The U.S. State Department immediately expressed its disfavor, but the question is out in the open now. The issue of whether to legalize drugs -- and thus reject the U.S. model of "war" against drugs -- threatens to consume the next Summit of the Americas, an April meeting of Western Hemisphere Heads of State in Colombia.

It is easy to see why. The drug war has been a disaster for the Latin American countries fighting it, especially Mexico, and Central Americans' suspicion that legalization could be less painful and costly is reasonable. Whether or not legalization would in fact be a good thing for Central America, the situation is desperate enough that they must at least consider their options."

Wall Street utterly depends on Afghan heroin

Act surprised: Production of Afghan heroin jumps by 61%


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