Monday, February 27, 2012

Chemtrail Whistle Blower Speaks

By far the most chilling reason for chemtrails I've come across. If true than we're in far more trouble than previously supposed.

Chemtrail Whistle Blower Speaks


"This is a part of the puzzle that I hear very few talking about. It’s the hardest to conclude and most average system people would never buy it, but it remains extremely important.

He told me that what he called morgellons are polymer fibers which are found in chemtrail samples.

Besides heavy metals, people find these fibers in samples when looking at them under microscopes. Some are microscopic, some can be seen with the naked eye.

These fibers are found in countless people around the world so itʻs been theorized that everyone has them inside their body.The fibers are nano tech strands that grow and form a network inside our bodies.

When a person has morgellons disease itʻs because their bodies are rejecting this stuff and it grows out of their skin. Some people’s bodies don’t take to it and they have this kind of reaction. These poor victims are written off as nuts and hypochondriacs by the mainstream doctors.

The fibers combine in our bodies and form an antenna to HAARP and other machines. Morgellons form a network from our brains, down our spine, to our reproductive organs. It makes us one big antenna. Basically they cover all of our chakra points. This program is all about mind control and dumbing us down, I believe.

How this connects to HAARP and chemtrails:

They spray down the metals and fibers. We inhale or ingest them. HAARP is pulsing itʻs energy into the upper atmosphere and shooting back down into smaller antennas and transmitters like T.V. towers, cell phone towers, G.W.E.N. towers etc.

Then, this energy is re-directed into smaller devices such as computers, cell phones, smart meters, wireless internet, HDTV boxes and even ipods. (all these things run off of the same elf energy)

These devices are close to our bodies so they conduct with the charged fibers in us, in turn that helps the fibers build their self-replicating network.

Robert said another thing that feeds the “wire” (his other word for morgellons) is refined sugars. Notice how everywhere you go in this world thereʻs so much sugar in the food and everybody’s on their portable devices that constantly feed the morgellons.

Right now the effect this has on humans is more subtle but when they turn HAARP up we will get the full effect. Robert said they incrementally turn it up a little higher each time."


Anonymous Shirlene's sister Brandi said...

Interesting. The only thing I know for sure is that many people who are concerned about chemtrails are unaware of the existence of contrails and exhibit an amazing level of ignorance of earth sciences in general.

There's some serious suckers and whackos out there. You ain't one of 'em are ya?

27/2/12 1:53 PM  

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