Sunday, February 26, 2012

Actress Hired To Justify Empire's Siege Of Syria

Angelina Jolie Conscripted To Sell Genocidal ‘Humanitarian Intervention’ War Doctrine

"Angelina Jolie, Goodwill Ambassador to the UN and member of CFR, is now using her profile to promote NATO’s genocidal ‘humanitarian intervention’ war doctrine. In an interview with the Balkans branch of Al Jazeera (NATO’s ‘Ministry of Truth’), Jolie (whose father has been a staunch defender of George W. Bush and who also visited Israel to celebrate the 60th anniversary of the Nakba) promotes her new film ‘In the Land of Blood and Honey’, a pro-war propaganda set-piece centred around the ‘humanitarian intervention’.

Set in Sarajevo, Jolie’s directorial debut aims to justify NATO’s brutal butchery in Bosnia during the 1990s, and Jolie even specifically refers to Syria in her Al Jazeera interview. She puts forth a string of utterly hollow gripes about the inactivity of the ‘international community’ as civilians suffer and die. Jolie’s selective morality means she doesn’t once mention Libya – a nation now butchered, fractured, and transformed into a torture state by NATO’s genocidal ‘humanitarian intervention’; an estimated 100,000 innocent people slaughtered by the very same ‘international community’.

Most likely reading from her pre-defined talking points, Jolie even calls out Russia and China for using their veto powers against the ever benevolent ‘international community’ vis-à-vis Syria.

“I think Syria has gotten to a point, sadly, where some form of, certainly, where some sort of intervention is absolutely necessary."

As a movie watcher I've never really liked pillow lips. She's a passable actress but there's always been a sort of irritating aloofness in her performances, and she laughably jumped the shark as Colin Farrell's mother in "Alexander". A glamor puss who apparently knows how to suck up to the PTB to enhance her career.


Anonymous Phyto said...

but there's always been a sort of irritating aloofness in her performances

The artists I'm most drawn to know how to share. Doubtful Angelina Jolie could even portray vulnerability, much less warmth. She reminds me a lot of another wounded control freak with ice water tinkling through her sinewy veins: Madonna.

But, hey, The Empire works pretty well for those two. World Peace!

27/2/12 11:01 AM  

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