Friday, February 24, 2012

Americans' Least Favored State?


"Don't hate us because we're beautiful. Or do.

It turns out the left-most state is also America's most-hated, according to a recent survey by Public Policy Polling. And California's left-leaning politics seem to have a lot to do with it.

The Golden State is the most-disliked in the union, and Hawaii is the most-liked. In fact, ours was one of only five states that received majority-negative views by our fellow Americans, according to PPP:

Americans generally have a favorable view of most states. Only five are in negative territory, led by California (27% favorable and 44% unfavorable), Illinois (19-29), New Jersey (25-32), Mississippi (22-28), and Utah (24-27).

Barack Obama's home state of Hawaii was the most-loved, with 54 percent of us viewing it positively. (Of course -- it's America's vacation state).

Other liked states among the 1,200 Americans surveyed:

-Colorado (44 percent positive to 9 percent negative)
-Tennessee (48-14)
-South Dakota (42-8)
-Virginia (45-13)
-Montana (39-7)
-Alaska (46-17)
-Oregon (43-14).
-North Carolina and Pennsylvania (each 40-11).

Eh, whatever. Hawaii is cool but Tennessee??"

After some disagreeable experiences in the state I would tend to resonate with this assessment, but my criteria is probably different than most. California national parks like Yosemite and Death Valley are incomparable so I'll refrain from saying that everything south of Sacramento can fall into the sea as far as I care, although I'd be close to saying that.
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